Bishop Bronescombe C of E School


Mac and Mrs Freight

Mrs Mac is the class teacher in Angels and Mrs Freight is the HLTA

Homework this week is
Maths- to learn the 8 times table
English- to watch a Newsround report, looking mainly at the formal language used.
This week we have enjoyed learning all about money in Maths.  On Thursday we had a lot of fun using role play to go shopping, we had a variety of items for sale, some children were customers and some were checkout assistants. We used this fun learning experience to learn how to use the counting on method in subtraction.
During English we watched a short video clip and became news reporters.  The children were encouraged to think about interviewing witnesses using open ended questions.  The children have been working in groups and we will be recording their presentations next week.
In Art we have made some beautiful shells using clay, we will be investigating the colours of shells next week and painting them.  On Friday we joined the year 5 children in Faith and enjoyed challenges set by Mrs Freight including a scavenger hunt, building a bridge and the Countdown challenge.
Have a wonderful weekend.
We are enjoying our topic and have made some amazing automata's.  The children had to very carefully make holes for the straws, these had to be very precise so when the cogs were attached they would turn, making a movable mechanism.  The class then decorated them using an ocean theme.
During Maths we have been looking at multiplication of three/four numbers by one/two numbers.  We have looked at different methods such as grid and column.
We have enjoyed writing poetry this week based on the ocean.  We are so pleased with them.
Have a great weekend.
We have had a fantastic week, we have managed to cram so much in!  We have enjoyed 'Investigation Maths' week where we all became detectives and solved a variety of clues to find the culprit! The problems included fractions, Roman Numerals and division. 
English has involved innovating our story and focusing on powerful adjectives and fronted adverbials.
We have finished our Water Cycle diaramas and they look amazing!
We hope you have a wonderful break and make many special memories with your children.
This week we have enjoyed spending time looking at our new topic, we are focusing on the ocean .  The children enjoyed making dioramas and we are looking forward to showing off the finished items.  We have also been writing our own stories, 'Destroying the Monster'.  In Maths we have been finding information using a variety of tables including a line graph, cinema timetable and a milkman's sale record. 
Now the sun is here we would like to use our outside area more often, especially for PE.  Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school everyday, thank you.
Wow, what a show!!  We hope you are as proud of your children as we are.  As always, our children were impeccable, both in their behaviour and in their performance.  As always Bishop Bronescombe shone.  One of the comments I had was, ' Mrs Freight, I felt so proud'.  That is a feeling we want all our wonderful children to have, one of pride in themselves and in their friends.
As well as our very full and busy week of lessons, we enjoyed a visit from the RNLI.  It was full of brilliant tips of how to stay healthy in the sun and in the sea.  Please have a chat with your child and remind them of how important this talk was, thank you.
Please can you ensure you read with your child at least three times a week and record this in the reading diary your child has, thank you.  PE kits need to be in school everyday, we will be taking advantage of the beautiful weather to get outside for PE and enjoy our fresh air.
We have a great first week back at school.  We have been busy preparing for our Hall for Cornwall performance next week.  The children have worked so hard and it really shows. 
We enjoyed a visit to Charlestown Beach.  As always the children's behaviour was impeccable, they are a credit to us and to you.  On the beach the children enjoyed sketching the area around us.  They also enjoyed a beach art competition.  Their ideas were amazing.  Mes Berry read  us our new class story, 'Finding Nemo'.   
During Maths we have begun to look at co-ordinates, how to place them onto a grid and how to write their own co-ordinates.  In English the children have written their cold tasks entitled 'An Adventure'.
We hope the weather continues to be beautiful and that you have a lovely weekend.
After what has been a rather wet and dull week weather wise, it has been hot with the speed of learning inside!  During Maths we have been learning about metric and imperial measurements.  Can you work out grams into kilograms and litres into millilitres?  Angels can!  In English we have been busy writing all about catching a pet like a...dragon!  How would you look after such a pet?  What are the pros and cons? We have been looking at conjunctions , fronted adverbials and punctuation such as semi colons, brackets and colons.  As a class we have enjoyed creating clay fish and chalk Koi.
Thank you to those who managed to pop in and see us during our open afternoon last week.  Immersive learning is fairly new to us all so it was lovely that you could see how it is aiding in your child's learning.
If and of you have a spare hour or two and would like to hear readers , please pop in and speak to Mrs Mac or Mrs Freight, many thanks.
We are still waiting for some permission slips to be returned concerning the Hall for Cornwall performance, please could we ask you return them as soon as possible.
So much has been happening it is hard to keep up!  As a class we thoroughly enjoyed our Pancake Race.  So many children joined in and there a lot of laughter...there was also a lot of pancake eating! Thank you for supporting our sport event, we really enjoyed it.  World Book Day saw our class in pyjamas, luckily no one fell asleep and we had a fun day!  We read our reading books to Rainbows and in turn they read their books to us. 
This week in Maths we have been learning all about the different angles and learning how to use a protractor.  During English we have been innovating and writing our own version of our class story.  During our Topic time we have been researching Tsunamis and have written a story as though we were in a Tsunami.  The children have loved learning how to do Manga Art, the work they have produced is very impressive.  
Homework is due in on a Tuesday and is sent home on a Thursday.  Lately some homework has been coming in later and later.  This homework may not get marked until the following week.
If you are able to spare any time to hear readers please let either Mrs Mac or Mrs Freight know, any help would be hugely appreciated.
Great excitement has been building this week as the children have been preparing for our Japan Day.  The children have had some great ideas and it is so lovely to see them so excited and so many smiles. 
In English we have been learning our new text, 'The Kimono maker of Osaka and Smok the Dragon of Mount Fuji'. We will be performing this on Monday and know that the children will do really well.  In Maths we have been looking at division and using the 'bus stop' method.  Our bread is moulding nicely in our Science experiment and the children enjoy checking it everyday.
Please remember next week on Thursday we have a visit from an Olympian and all children need to be in their PE kits.  On Friday we have World Book Day and are asking children to wear pyjamas.
Thank you so much to everyone that came and made our Japan Day such a success.
Our last week of this half term has arrived.  Over the last seven weeks we have covered so much including how to write a story, a myth and an argument to name a few. In Maths we have covered so many topics, column subtraction and addition, using a decimal point, multiplication , division, fractions and data amongst many others.
This week we have enjoyed talking about things that are special to us and why they are special.  From this we moved onto learning about Holy Communion and how special this is to Christians, the children enjoyed creating their own altars with all the items needed to perform Holy Communion.
We have begun our Science experiment by placing bread in different places around our classroom.  The children had to predict which bread would become mouldy first and why.  Watch this space!! 
Mrs Mac and Mrs Freight would like to thank you for your support over the last half term and look forward to all our adventures and learning to come.  Have a super half term break, we look forward to seeing your lovely children refreshed and ready to learn even more after half term.
The days seem to be flying by, we are almost at half term but the children have accomplished so much.  This week in English, we have been looking at how to write an a debate text.  Picking a topic and writing two opposing views with a conclusion.  Be careful parents, one topic was, 'Should children choose when they go to bed?' There were some good points put forward!  Maths saw the children looking at how to record data.  The children were asked to think of how they could portray data.  There were some great answers including, tally chart, bar chart, pictograph and pie chart.  Over the week we have looked at some of these and the children even collected their own data and showed how to present it in their books.  We have enjoyed researching micro-organisms, this lesson got lots of comments such as 'gross!', 'ewww that is disgusting!'.  However we all certainly learnt lots about which ones were helpful and which were harmful.
During our week we have been focusing on discussion and persuasive text during English.  What is the difference between these types of writing?  In Maths we have been securing our knowledge of column subtraction and using this method in word problems. 
We really enjoying RE and our freeze frame photos, which we used to re-enact the feelings of those around Jesus and His feelings at The Last Supper.  We even had some bearded disciples(- check the photos to see exactly what I mean!).
Just a reminder that Tuesday 31st January we are having a crazy hair day to highlight the importance of checking your child's hair regularly to avoid finding hair lice.
It feels as though this week has flown by, we have been so busy.  Our focus in Maths has been area and perimeter.  This week the children have been finding the missing number by using the facts they know about the shape.  For example, if the perimeter of a rectangle is 28 cm and we  now the length is 7cm, what is the width?  We have used those facts to work out the area. 
In English our focus has been re-writing our class myth and editing our work in order to up level it.  In Science we have been looking at how animals and plants have to adapt to their habitats.
In the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on our multiplication.  We will also be holding class competitions to find our BB Maths Masters.
Have a super weekend.
In Maths this week the children have enjoyed drawing, measuring, using addition and multiplication to work out the area and perimeter of shapes and making comparisons on those facts.  How can different shapes have the same area but not the same perimeter?
Angels shone in our storytelling this week.  It was a very long text to learn, with some tricky language, but as always they rose to the occasion and made us proud.  In our Guided Reading sessions we have been looking at inference.
We have enjoyed learning how to read maps and locate key places.  During ICT this week the children enjoyed using the internet to find out a variety of facts about Japan.  The topics included sports, fashion, schools and food. 
Please read with your children daily and record this in their reading diary.  We are having a reading challenge in our class with prizes for how often they read at home.
We are back!! What a fantastic first week back we have had.  Our focus in Maths has been ordering decimal numbers, looking at tenths and hundredths.  We have looked at using these parts of numbers to work out which numbers are bigger and where they would be on a number line.  In English we have been learning our new text, 'The Two Frog Myth'.
We have enjoyed looking at our new topic, 'What is special about Japan?'  We have made some origami frogs and butterflies as well as using watercolours to create a picture in the style of the Japanese artist Hokusai.
What an amazing performance from upper key stage 2.  Thank you for the costumes, the children looked amazing, all lines were recited perfectly and the singing was world class.  The children worked so hard to perform this to an outstanding quality and I'm sure you will agree when I say they did!
Not long to go now till the end of term.  There will be some changes to our class as we welcome Mrs Mac to the BB team.  She has some wonderful ideas for the children and these will be in place for when we come back in January.  Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to Mr Perkin.  We have all enjoyed having him as a teacher but wish him well in all he does.
Ooohh excitement is building as the school buzzes with Nativity practices. Just a quick reminder that we really need the outfits here by Monday, if you are having any concerns with outfits please pop in and let us know, we may be able to help.
We have the privilege of singing at the Christingle in Truro Cathedral on Tuesday 6th December, we are still waiting for some consent forms to come back.  If your child has lost the letter please pop in for another one.  On Wednesday 7th December we are off to the cinema for our Christmas trip, Angels would like to say  a BIG thank you to the Friends for arranging this week.
Fractions and percentages of amounts has been our main focus in Maths this week.  It has proved to be a challenge but as always, your super children have done their best and given it a really good go.  By the end of the week everyone was wanting more as they understood this aspect of Maths.  During English we have been focusing on using conjunctions and apostrophes in our story writing. 
We are all very excited about the upcoming Christmas performance, please remember to go online to book your tickets.  There are two tickets available per child.
We have really enjoyed reading the children's innovated class stories, there are definitely some budding authors in Angels.  The work on fractions has been tricky but the class have really got it!  Children that felt unable on Monday were shooting their hands up, eager to answer questions on making equivalent fractions.  Fantastic!  It is a very special moment when you look at a child and their eyes light up when the moment of understanding hits.  During RE we have been looking at belief and the different things people believe in.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Judaism.
As always everyone put in a huge effort for Children in Need day, thank you for the donations...especially the yummy cakes.
We have had such a busy week this week.  During Maths we have been looking at fractions, how to simplify and use them in word problems.  We performed our class story at the start of the week and have innovated the text for our own stories.  Mr Perkin is really looking forward to reading them.  The children are really enjoying our topic and finding out lots of facts about the 1950 era.
We were particularly proud of how our children spoke about Remembrance Day and why it is so important to recognise this day every year.  The entire school and staff met in the hall to pay our respect and stand for a minutes silence and the children were able to discuss it in a very mature way.
On the 18.11.16 we will be dressing up as who we want to be when we grow up, to raise money for Children In Need. 
We are still missing some consent forms, we really need them so that we can put more photos onto our class page.  If you are unable to find it please contact us and we can send another one home. 
We hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Welcome back, we hope you have all had a lovely half term break, we are rested and raring to go.  We have a new topic this half term, 'What was life like in the 1950's?'  Our class now looks like a diner and we are looking forward to learning all we can about the lifestyle, music and fashion.
Please try to listen to your child read at home everyday and write a comment in their diaries.  The children need their PE kit in school everyday.
We look forward to an exciting half term.
Thank you for your amazing efforts to help us launch our new topic.  We really enjoyed our day.
General Information

  • Please listen to your child read every day and complete their reading record. Please also ensure that they have their reading book and record book in school EVERY day. Thank you
  • Homework is sent out on a Thursday and is expected back the following Tuesday. Thank you for helping your child with this
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thank you.
  • We are swimming every Thursday, please ensure your child has their swimming costume and a towel, thank you.
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Always putting in 100% effort, thank you