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  • Please send your child in with a coat and wellies, we are outside no matter what the weather!!
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05/09/2016 - First Day Back (8.55am)
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WEEK ENDING 09.02.18

What a fantastic and busy week!

A lovely time was had at Heligan gardens on Monday!

On the woodland walk, we were excited and enchanted to see, the Mud Maid and The Giant, from the story books we know.

We are really looking forward to visiting again, in the summer.

We have been learning about igloos, the different types and purposes, and how they are built.

We talked about 2D and 3D shapes and have made igloos with blocks, sugar cubes and even marshmallows!

We have shared our learning of different polar animals and have been naming and matching the shadows to the animals.

We have being looking at, and studying repeating patterns too!

We have also made a block graph of different polar animals!

Our performance, to showcase our learning on Thursday, was a great success.

We sang and signed, some songs that we had made up to old rhymes.

We told the story of ‘Lost and Found’ with actions loudly and clearly.

The children were outstanding and made us extremely proud!

A huge thank you to all the parents for attending and taking part!

The Penguin Dance was great fun!

Have a great half term everyone!



WEEK ENDING 02.02.18

This week we have been learning the letter and sound ’o,’ we think of an orange and say ‘all around the orange’ as we write it. We noticed it is just like a circle and a bit like the number 0.

We are getting good at retelling our class story ‘Lost and Found,’ the story map and Makaton actions really help us remember. We have also been learning a new rhyme about a Polar Bear, we are looking forward to showcasing our learning to parents next week, Thursday 8th February @9.20am in the school hall.

This week we have looked at some photographs and discussed the different kinds of footprints and marks that animals have left in the snow. We noticed that the soles of our shoes and boots were all different and we wondered what kind of footprints they may leave.

Outside, we decided to walk in some flour and look at the marks we made. We noticed lots of different shapes, circles, oblongs, straight lines, curvy lines, wavy lines, flowers and even a rabbit!

We have been practising number recognition and ordering numbers with our homemade penguin skittles.

Outside we have really enjoyed going on an Artic Expedition, we have been conservationists, on the lookout for hidden artic animals in our garden.  We have dressed up in warm clothes, packed our bags with food and equipment and gone off in search of endangered species. We have been busy making dens and shelters and igloos to keep us warm on the way! We have loved building igloos with sugar cubes too!

We are really looking forward to our trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan on Monday, please ensure your child is wearing warm waterproof clothing and sensible footwear.

WEEK ENDING 26.01.18

This week we have shared the story of ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. This is a lovely story about a boy who finds a penguin at his door, he thinks the penguin is lost and decides to take him to the South Pole. After he has left him there, the boy realises that the penguin was not lost, he was lonely. Luckily the friends end up reunited and live together happily and after!

We have discussed how the characters felt throughout the story and asked the questions; have you ever felt lonely? What can we do to help others who are feeling lonely?

We are learning to retell the story with Makaton actions and have created a story map to help us remember- we even have role play masks of the characters too.

Outside we have been looking at maps of the Artic and Antarctica and talking about what we might see on a journey around the different poles. We know that you would not find penguins in the North Pole.

We have been learning to recognise numbers and have been finding that number of penguins to match the numerals. We have been practising writing numbers on the IWB too. We have also enjoyed playing a matching polar animals pairs game- check it out at home:

We have also been learning about shapes, we have been practising naming and describing them; and noticing them in our environment.

We have talked about how people travel over snow and ice, for example on ice skates or ski’s, snow mobiles and sledges, we have had great fun moving in these different ways to represent the different methods of travel. We have also been practising hand eye co-ordination and scissor skills and made some amazing igloos and shape pictures.


WEEK ENDING 19.01.18

This week we have been looking at a world map and a globe and talking about where the Polar Regions are. We have even learnt to sign the ‘Artic’ and ‘Antarctica!’

We have really enjoyed being adventurers and explorers in our Journey to the North Pole role play, we have been playing a hide and seek game where children will hide around the garden with our polar animal masks. Children take turns to be the explorer and hunt and find the different polar animals ticking them off on their spotting sheet.

We have also enjoyed playing ‘Arctic Animals What’s in the Box?‘ where children pick an animal photo and describe it to the rest of the group.  The children have learnt lots about the different Arctic animals as well as identify their initial letter sounds.

This week we have been learning all about penguins, where they live, how they move and what they eat. We have identified all their different parts too by labelling a penguin.

The children were really good at playing Kim’s game too- we placed a number of small world polar animal toys on a tray and covered it with a blanket. The children had to guess how many there were and then we double-checked by counting. We then removed one of the objects -they then had to say which one had been removed.

On rainy days we have managed to go into the school hall where we have challenged children to move like different polar animals. Can you waddle like a penguin, fly like a snowy owl, swim like a whale, trot like a reindeer, jump like an Artic hare and prowl like a polar bear?

We have made some Sparkly Snow Cloud Play Dough and used this to make snowman, igloos or polar animal models.

We have made some amazing artwork too this week, check out our cute penguins pictures made using our footprints and our polar animals collage using a variety of materials and techniques.

This week we have been introduced to the letter and sound ‘g,’ we imagine a little girl with glasses when we form it, we say ’round her face, down her hair, give it a curl.’

WEEK ENDING 12.01.18


This week we have learnt lots more about the Polar Regions. We are really enjoying our Expedition Centre outside, we have been busy animal spotting and making shelters to keep warm.

We have been learning the letter ‘p’ this week. We imagine a pirate, with a long plait, we say, ‘down the pirates plait and over his face.’ We have loved playing a Polar Regions Bingo game where we found lots of the letter ‘p’ in words.

On Wednesday afternoon we went on a Polar Bear Hunt around BB Park and Open Space, it was such a beautiful day, we’re not scared! ’

Not even of, our huge bear shadows, which we noticed that we made with the sun behind us!

We have enjoyed exploring and describing ice. We rescued a baby snow leopard who had been frozen in an iceberg by warming him up.

In maths we are getting really good at recognising and naming 2D shapes, which we spotted in some shape penguins! We have been practising counting and recording how many animals we have counted too.

We have been amazed to learn about the Inuit people, and how they can survive in one the harshest environments in the world.

On Thursday Brighter Smiles visited the nursery to speak to children and parents about the importance of dental hygiene. She showed the children how to brush their teeth properly, not forgetting your gums and tongue and how we should do it every morning and every night for 2 minutes.

We learnt about good and bad foods and how sugary foods can rot your teeth and should only be eaten after a meal and not as a snack.

At nursery, we are setting up a tooth brushing club, where at 1pm every day, children will be supervised brushing their teeth. Brighter smiles supplied each child with their own toothbrush and tooth brush bus!

Please speak to a member of staff if you require more information.

WEEK ENDING 05.01.18

Welcome back and happy New Year everyone! We have loved hearing all about the children’s wonderful experiences, of Christmas and the holidays.

This half term, we will be learning about the North and South Poles and what we may see there. We have set up an expedition centre outside, where the children can be scientists and explorers.

We know that lots of animals live in the Arctic and it very cold there, some live in water and some on land.

We have also been learning a snowflake poem,

‘Snowflake, snowflake, beautiful and white,

And just like us no two are alike.

We talked how everyone is unique, special, and different - just like snowflakes!

We made some amazing snowman pictures too!


WEEK ENDING 15.12.17

On Monday we performed with the reception classes ‘A Wriggling Nativity’ which told the story of Christmas with songs and acting. The children were totally amazing in both performances which were a huge success. They sang loudly and clearly and remembered all of the actions which made us extremely proud.

Many thanks to all of the wonderful parents for your support in providing the costumes and being such a captivated audience.

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed watching the older children’s nativity performances too. We have also enjoyed making Christingles with some of our year 6 children, these were taken and lit during the Christingle Service at our church.

We have been very busy with festive activities, making cards, calendars and decorations galore. We hope you like them!


We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and we look forward to hearing all about it in the New Year

WEEK ENDING 08.12.17

This week we having been busy preparing for Christmas.  We have put up and decorated our Christmas tree in the home corner. We have added garlands to our fireplace and placed baubles and tinsel everywhere!  We talked about how we decorate our homes and shared our own experiences of preparations for Christmas. We have also been learning the story of the first Christmas, we know all about the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to Christians. Our dress rehearsal for the EYFS Nativity Performance was outstanding, the children huge success.

We have been busy partaking in lots of Christmas activities and crafts, practising pencil control and cutting and sticking skills. We have been doing some Christmas symmetry too and lots of Christmas counting. We have made some magic reindeer food parcels which we can sprinkle on our lawns or paths on Christmas Eve!


Thank you to all the parents for our fantastic angel and star costumes! We are looking forward to the Nativity Performance next week and are sure you will be blown away in amazement!

WEEK ENDING 01.12.17

Happy Advent!

Today the countdown to Christmas begins in BBeebies!

The children were very excited to open day 1 of our Advent Calendar, we have been discussing what we would like for Christmas and have been making lists and writing letters to Santa!

Outside we have turned our supermarket role play into Santa’s workshop. The elves in training can help Santa in making and building toys and wrapping presents ready for delivery.

This week we have been learning the letter and sound ‘n.’ we imagine a goal keeper stood next to his net and we say down Nobby and over his net.



WEEK ENDING 24.11.17

What a great week!

This week we have been learning all about animals that are nocturnal. This means they are most active at night. There are lots of different species, hedgehogs, bats, foxes, cats, owls and badgers are some. We have been talking about what they look like, what they are good at, what they like to eat and where they live. We have made some amazing hedgehog models using clay with sticks or pasta and pine cones, we made some amazing hedgehog pictures too.

We have been busy investigating what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar? The baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a base while the vinegar (acetic acid) is an acid. When they react together they form carbonic acid which is very unstable, it instantly breaks apart into water and carbon dioxide, which creates all the fizzing as it escapes the solution. The children loved to watch their mixtures fizz, bubble and foam!

This week the letter and sound we have been learning is ‘i’, we imagine a stick insect and say “down his body, dot for the head!” We even found a real life stick insect that we brought into nursery to say hello!

WEEK ENDING 17.11.17

PARTY ! PARTY! Let’s Celebrate!

This week we have loved our Birthday Party Role Play- we can remember and talk about our own significant events and experiences and describe special times with our families and friends.  We realise how the word ‘birth- day’ got its name and can discuss what season or month our special day is in. We know in England we usually have one candle on our cakes for each year that we have been born. How many candles would you have on your cake?

We have been busy written invitations, and posting them to all of our friends.  We have learnt how to sign and sing happy birthday to you in French!

Our sound of the week this week is ‘d’. We imagine a dinosaur and say to ourselves “around his bottom, up his tall neck and down to his toes“ when we form this letter.

Highlights of the week include singing and dancing to some old favourites, Agadoo, Superman, Hokey Cokey and The Birdy Song. We really enjoyed Doing the Conga too!

We have played party games such as musical statures, musical bumps, pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel and we even had a piñata which we took turns to whack with a stick just like they do at parties in Mexico!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, cards and chocolates!



WEEK ENDING 10.11.17

A super week at BBeebies!

It was great to hear all the children’s retelling of Bonfire night experiences, we made up a poem and dance using lots of onomatopoeia!  

This week we have been busy preparing for our class party next week. We have made bunting, blown up balloons and decorated the nursery with banners. We have writing shopping lists for party foods and lists for games we would like to play.

We have also been learning how people of other cultures celebrate birthdays. At birthday parties in Mexico there is usually a pinata, filled with sweets, coins and candles. Children are blindfolded and try to hit the pinata to get the goodies out! We thought we would like to play this game next week! In Israel, when it is a child’s birthday, they wear a crown made of leaves or flowers. Guests dance and sing around the chair and the parents lift the chair up- we thought we might like to do this too!

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. We talked about why people wear poppies? The 11th of November is a special day. On that day we remember all of the people who have died in wars.

This week the letter and sound we have been learning is ‘t.’ It is easy peasy lemon squeezy to write it- we imagine a tall tower and say “down the tower, across the tower!”


WEEK ENDING 03.11.17

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you had a safe and restful half term holidays!

This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night.  As well as knowing how to stay safe and enjoy this night, we also made up a song with actions describing the sounds and movement of fireworks.

 We have also learnt a song which tells the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot

Down under parliament where nobody goes,

Guy Fawkes and his gang are laying their load,

36 Barrels to blow up the King!

Boom! Boom!

Bang! Bang!

Goodbye King!

King James and his soldiers came along,

King James and his soldiers were mighty strong,

They put Guy Fawkes and his friend in jail.

Clunk, clunk,

Clink, clink

Guy was in chains!

Now every year on the 5th of November,

We light fireworks so we can remember,

Guy Fawkes plot to blow up the King!

Whizz! Fizz!

Zoom! Whoosh!

Crackle and Pop!

This week we have been learning the letter and sound ‘s.’ We say “ssss slither down the snake“ when we write it. We discovered that there is lots of children in our class who have this letter as their initial and we could think of lots of other words too!

Thanks to all the parents who attended parents evenings this week. It is always great to share how well the children are doing, if you were unable to attend I am always available after school at your convenience.


What a busy week in BBeebies!

This week we have been learning about harvest, a time when farmers gather in all their crops and there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables. We talked about Harvest Festival which was celebrated in school and in church and we gave thanks that we have all the food we need.

In our school hall we saw lots of baskets of food, in packets and tinned, that had been donated by parents to be distributed, by the Foodbank, to the elderly or poorer members of the community. Thank you all for your kind donations.

This week we have been learning the letter and sound 'm', we have been practising forming this letter and say ‘Maisie, mountain, mountain’ as we write it. We can name lots of objects and a few children that begin with this sound too!

We have been learning a story called ‘Finding a friend.’ We have created a story map to help us remember it and retell it, and we love acting it out with puppets.

A favourite book this week was 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo'

The children are not best pleased with this bad, boy, bunny’s behaviour, he keeps bopping his animal friends on the head! Luckily a good fairy comes along to save the day.

We enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather and as the weather is turning colder please ensure your child comes to nursery with a warm and waterproof coat.

Thank you to all those who have brought in some beautiful family photographs for our family tree display, the children have been really eager to share them with their friends and they have provided us with lots of interesting discussions. Please remember to bring one in if you haven’t already.

Our Autumn display is looking amazing don’t forget if you’re out and about this weekend please collect any acorns, husks, conkers, large leaves and twigs etc. for us!


This week we have learning all about the season of autumn. We have noticed all the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees and that the weather is getting colder and wetter. We have been on an autumn walk around our school grounds and collected lots of autumnal objects for discussion and display.  Our resident squirrels will be happy! Please do look out for interesting objects in the environment and bring them in to add to our discovery table.

We have learnt how to say and sign everybody’s name and are forming good relationships, we are also very good at naming and recognising different feelings.

We have been learning to recognise and form numerals, we say a little rhyme when write them. Please point out numbers that you see when you’re out and about and practise saying the rhymes with your child as in the information we have sent home.

We have also been exploring our sense of touch. We have learnt that it allows us to tell if something is hot or cold, dull or sharp, rough or smooth, wet or dry. Our sense of touch can be felt all over our bodies but some parts of our body are more sensitive than others- try lightly tickling your lips!


This week we have been learning about our senses. In particular we have focused on our sense of sight and our sense of hearing. We loved the books ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ and ‘Walking through the Jungle.’ We have been as quiet as mice when we went on a listening walk and when playing some listening games!

We have also learnt lots of new nursery rhymes and songs with actions, we enjoyed teaching them to the younger children at Mother and Toddler group on Wednesday.

We have studied some old famous paintings and some modern photographs of families and have made our own family portraits complete with frames!  



Another great week in BBeebies Nursery!

The children have continued to settle amazingly well and have confidently enjoyed exploring the different activities we have on offer. They are already familiar with nursery routines and have been meticulous in organising all of our resources; working as a team at tidy up time.

This week the children have been busy plotting the features on their faces and have created some amazing self-portraits using paint which we have proudly displayed in the nursery. We discussed what we look like individually and what differences and similarities we have with other people. We know each one of is unique and have talked about what makes us special.

We have been talking lots about our families at home and who lives with us. If you haven’t already given us a photograph of your family, please do as soon as possible so that we can put up on our ‘Family Tree’ in Nursery!


What a fantastic start to the year! It has been lovely to see all our old children back and we are amazed at how well our new children have settled in and are becoming familiar with the nursery rules and routines.
This term our topic is 'Ourselves'.  We shall be learning all about ourselves with a particular focus on our families, please bring in a photograph of yours' for discussion and display. We will also be learning about our bodies and how we grow, our senses and how we use them to explore the world around us.
This week we have great fun exploring our environment and singing lots of different nursery rhymes.