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  • Please send your child in with a coat and wellies, we are outside no matter what the weather!!
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05/09/2016 - First Day Back (8.55am)
Gallery Archive

Week ending 23.06.17

Another great week.

This week we have been learning the letter and sound 'y' and have thought of lots of things that begin with this sound. We imagine a yak when we write it and say ' down a horn, up a horn under his his chin.'

We have continued to add to our special number books and are really good at counting.

Outside we have become really engrossed in making some 'everlasting sandcastles' using junk modelling ,glue and coloured sand. Our fine motor and cutting skills are greatly improving.

We have also been learning about the plants and have grown our very own cress seeds which we have taken home to concoct some delicious sandwiches to share with our parents!

Next week on Thursday we are going on our rescheduled trip to Mevagissey lighthouse, aquarium and museum. Please remember to wear appropriate clothing and don't forget a waterproof jacket just in case it rains. Thank you to all are parent volunteers who have offered their help on that day.

Week ending 16.06.17

Welcome back everyone, we hope you all had a relaxing break.

We have a had a very busy first week back. We have enjoyed telling our friends all about our holiday news  and the things we have done.

We were amazed to discover how much our peas have grown over the last 2 weeks and are herb garden is doing really well too!

This week we reinvented our class story of the lighthouse keepers lunch, instead of Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper our main character is now Aaron the painter and decorator! It's not seagulls that steal the lunch but pesky pigeons! Don't worry because Katy the cook has an ingenious plan and concocts some cheesy feet soup which the pigeons don't like! Problem solved!

We have been busy creating our very own number books and have collected different numbers of objects to stick or photograph in them.

Happy Fathers Day to all our wonderful Dads! We hope you loved the cards we made!

Week ending 26.05.17

Happy Holidays Everyone!

What a lovely end to the half term.

We have been busy creating an enormous lighthouse using some old cardboard boxes outside. We thought about how we might construct it and what colours we would use. We decided to go for an alternating red and white stripy lighthouse, it even has a door and windows!

This week we have innovated the story of the Lighthouse keepers lunch and improved it by adding some interesting vocabulary, expanded sentences and more detail.

The letter and sound we have been learning is 'w.' We think of a wriggling worm when we write and say, down, up, down, up!

On Tuesday afternoon we held an open day for prospective parents and children, it was really great to meet them and show off our fantastic provision. thank you to all those who attended.

 Unfortunately our trip to Mevagissey had to be cancelled due to problems with our minibus. We have rearranged the trip for Thursday 29th June. If the parents that agreed to help on that day could still help out in June that would be fantastic. Please let a member of the team know.


Week ending 19.05.17

This week we have learnt about some of the types of birds you may spot at the coast. In particular we have been looking at different types of gulls and discussed their similarities and differences. We have been learning to use, and experiment with, watercolours and have painted some amazing gulls for our coastal classroom.

We know our class story really well now and have enjoyed acting it out in our Lighthouse Keeper’s role play area with puppets and props. We have also shared writing the story with the children Using pictures from the story and speech bubbles we have added some speech to the pictures – what do you think the cheeky seagulls might be saying?


We have talked about things that we like to eat for our lunch, where it comes from and if it has to travel! What lunch would you make to keep the greedy seagulls away?

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is ’v.’ It’s easy peasy to write, we just say ‘down a wing, up a wing’ when we write it!

Week ending 12.05.17

This week we have been learning to retell our own version of the story of the lighthouse keepers lunch using key story language. We have created a story map to help us remember it and we love to tell it to ourselves and our friends using a pointing stick.

We have been very creative with cutting and collage and have made a variety of birds to hang in the inside and outside areas to enhance our seaside theme.

In mathematics we have been counting and ordering a series of lighthouses and have been using comparative language like ‘tall’ ‘taller’ ‘tallest.’

We really enjoyed a listening and attention game ‘I went to the market’ to buy food for Mr Grinling’s lunch. Each child added a new food item each time and we wrote up the list on the board using initial letters as a cue for remembering.

The children then went on to create some of their own shopping lists for Mrs Grinling. Fantastic!

We have also had some great fun with musical instruments and have explored making the sounds of the waves and of the seagulls.

Week ending 05.05.17

We have been learning all about the history of lighthouses and how they have evolved over the years. We have also learnt about the life of a famous heroine, Grace Darling, a ten year old girl who saved the lives of 9 sailors who were shipwrecked near her father’s lighthouse in Northumberland in 1883.

What a brave girl!

We are loving the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and have created a role play area which has a pulley system to send a basket across the nursery from Mrs Grinling’s cottage to the lighthouse on the rocks.

We have also been looking at the shapes and patterns in different lighthouses and have painted some amazing ones using alternating colours.

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is ’j.’ We have learnt a song about a Jack in the Box too!

Week ending 28.04.17

What am amazing week!

This week we have been learning all about lighthouses and where they are found. We have learnt some lighthouse songs and poems and have become immersed in the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.'

We have made some 3D model lighthouses too!

This week the letter and sound we have been learning is 'r' to make this sound we imagine we are dogs who won't let go of a bone and say 'r,r,r,r,r,r,r,r!' To write it we imagine a robot and say, 'down the robot's back and curl over his arm! We can make that shape with our bodies.

Week ending 21.04.17

Welcome back everyone!

What a fabulous start to the summer term!

This week we have been exploring our new topic and answering the question, what can you see at the sea?

We have come up with lots of ideas and have been busy transforming our nursery into a seaside environment.

We have really enjoyed reading the story of "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and have painted some fantastic lighthouse pictures.

The letter and sound we have been learning is 'h' we have been practising recognising and writing this letter and can even make this letter shape using our bodies! 

We have been playing some fun games to show a good understanding of prepositions such as on top, under, next to, in front of and behind.



Week ending 31.03.17

What a busy week!

On Tuesday we held a Careers Fair in the school hall for the year 6 students. We set up areas so they could explore some of the different careers we have been learning about over the term and offered them advice and inspiration in relation to their own career prospects. There were various games and activities for them to engage in, as well as lots of information about the RNLI, Recycling, The Fire Service, The Police, Doctor's and Nurses and Dentistry. The afternoon turned out to be a fantastic learning experience for all and we are looking forward to building and strengthening the relationships we made next term as our topics are covering the same theme.

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is 'l' it's easy peezy lemon squeezy to write it. We say down the long leg! We noticed your tongue starts on the roof of your mouth to pronounce it.

We have also learnt about The Easter Story and how it is a celebration of new life. We have made yummy chocolate nest cakes with eggs and baby chicks. We had our own easter egg hunt in the garden which was great fun and we took part in 'Bishop Bronescombe School's Great Egg Roll!' All 370 pupils lined up on the banks of our playing field and rolled an egg down the embankment, we had to chase after it tumbling down the hill! What a lovely week to end the term!

Next term our key question is "What do you see at the sea?" We shall be learning all about our coastal environment, it's key features and wildlife and have lots of exciting stories and activities planned.

Happy holidays everyone! Please remember to stay safe!



Week ending 24.03.17

 What a super week!

This week we have learning about some of the people who take care of our environment and the important roles they do. We visited Bodmin Recycling Visitors Centre and learnt all about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle. We went on a tour of the site and saw all of the lorries, forklifts and workers in action it was fantastic to watch. We also made pictures using recycled materials and brought them home. Huge thanks to our minibus drivers and parent helpers which enabled us to go! Back at nursery we made our own recycling centre and are able to sort some materials according to their properties!

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is 'e' we imagine an egg and when we scribe it, saying "lift of the top, scoop out the egg!" Lots of us have an 'e' in our names, we are getting really good at spotting the letters and sounds we have learnt.


Week ending 17.03.17

This week has been great fun!  On Monday it was the Hindu festival Holi. This festival of colour celebrates the start of spring and the triumph of good over evil. People go out into the streets and throw coloured powders over everyone, the children are even allowed to do it to their teachers! We wish we could!

On Friday we learnt all about St Patricks Day, did you know that the water in the fountain at the Whitehouse is turned green on this day each year? We watched some celebrations, listened to some Irish music and all had a go at Irish dancing too!

In the school hall we have been exploring different ways of moving and have been mastering our very own dance sequences. We have also been very creative in forming our own artwork Jackson Pollack style, we have been mixing colours and then using our brushes to splatter paint across our large outdoor whiteboard for a spectacular effect. 

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is 'f', we know you have to put your teeth on your lips when you make this soft sound. We imagine a flower like a daffodil with it's head pointing to the sun and say "down the stem, draw the leaves" when we write it.

Don't forget next week on Monday afternoon you are all invited into the nursery to see how we teach an immersive curriculum, please see the school newsletter for more details. On Wednesday afternoon we will be visiting Bodmin Recycling Centre to learn about the important jobs they do there, if you child does not normally attend that day you are welcome to meet us there to join in the experience.




Week ending 10.03.17

Another fantastic week at BBeebies!

This week we have been learning all about building. Our building challenge is to:

1. Make a plan!

2. Decide what materials you need!

3. Build!

We have learnt all about the different equipment builders use and the materials they construct with, we have made some amazing structures too!

This week we have been learning the story of the three little pigs, we created a story map to help us retell it and we have come up with some fabulous actions.

In phonics we have been practising all the letters we have learnt so far, we have even had a go at  segmenting and blending them to read some simple cvc words. Well done!

We have also been exploring the art of dance and how it has changed over the years.  This week we have been looking at English ballroom dancing in the 1900s. We have been learning a dance called a quadrille. Popular throughout the 19th century, quadrilles were formal dances involving four couples in a square moving in set formations. We have also been learning to waltz - a slow and elegant dance with a partner which involves twirling and gliding around the room in time.


Week ending 03.03.17

The builders are in!

On Monday Richard the owner of RG Kellow Buiding Services came to tell us all about his company and what they do. We learnt that building sites can be very dangerous places so it is important to follow strict safety rules.

Builders must wear a high visibility jacket so they can be seen easily, they must wear a helmet and steel toe capped boots to protect their heads and feet, ear defenders protect their ears, and gloves protect their hands- we got to try on all the gear too!

He showed us the different building materials he needs and explained how some of the tools in his tool bag are really useful.  He brought along one of his best builders, a lady who told us all about how she makes a plan, gathers equipment and builds! She really loves her job!

We have created our own role play construction areas, and are ready to plan, design and build!

This week we having learning the letter and sound 'b'. It's a bit tricky to write it. We imagine a boot and say 'down the laces to the hell and around the toe'.

On Shrove Tuesday we took part in the schools annual pancake race. Each class took it in turns to race across the school playground flipping their pancakes, it was great fun!



Week ending 24.02.17

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a great half term!

This week we have been learning all about the RNLI and the coastguard service. Mr Daysh our very own year 2 teacher is also a member of St Agnes Lifeboat Crew.

He came to talk to us about his other role and showed us photographs of the crew in action rescuing people aboard the lifeboat named Excalibur. He came dressed in his dry suit complete with lifejacket and helmet.

We all had a go at squirting water at him with our garden hose, it was great fun! Amazingly, underneath his suit he remained warm and dry!

We know all about how to stay safe at the beach and in the sea now thank you!

The letter and sound we have learning this week is 'k' we have been practising recognising numerals too!



Week ending 10.02.17

What a busy week of learning we have had.

On Monday after the heavy rain we discovered our sandpit cover had let lots of water in and the sandpit had been flooded! We learnt all about floods and how the emergency services can help people who have been trapped and get them to safety. We managed to save our sandpit by building a dam to hold back the water and we then made riverbanks for the water to flow down to a lake! Great fun was had by all and such great team work! We also wondered about where the water went to on Tuesday!

This week we have been learning the letter and sound 'u', we imagine drawing an umbrella when we form the letter. We noticed that if you turn the letter u upside down it becomes the letter n!

Happy half term holidays everyone, remember to keep safe!

Week ending 03.02.17

Another brilliant week at BBeebies!

On Monday we went to visit the local library. The librarian told us all about her role and what the library service has to offer. There are lots of different types of books available to borrow, the librarian told us where to find them and then we went on a book hunt to collect them. Did you know that you can borrow 18 books at one time free of charge! We borrowed lots of information books about people who help us for our book shelf in the nursery.

This week we have been learning the letter 'c'. We say curl around the caterpillar as we write it.

We have really enjoyed the story Dr Dog, we know all about personal hygiene and how to stay healthy and safe.

Week ending 27.01.17

999! What's your emergency?

Another exciting week at BBeebies! We have been learning all about the Police force, how they help us, what they  wear, the equipment they carry, the different jobs they do and different modes of transport they use. We love acting out scenarios in our very own Police station where you can dress up in different disguises and even have your fingerprints taken!

On Tuesday BBeebies were visited by the police, four officers came, three men and a lady in a police car and van; it even had a holding cell for criminals! The highlight of the visit was the police dog handler with his springer spaniel called Jack and his German shepherd called Bess. He demonstrated how Jack is trained to sniff out items such as stolen money and guns by hiding items around our playground and instructing him to find them. Bess is trained to find dangerous criminals and missing people. We all were really impressed! Thank you Mr Hill for organising the visit for us!

Next week we are looking forward to visiting the library, come along on Monday morning if you can!

Week ending 20.01.17

This week we have been extremely busy learning all about the different emergencies that the fire service may deal with. We know all about keeping safe and what do if there was a fire, get out, stay out, get the fire brigade out!

 We learnt about smoke alarms and the importance of making a fire plan and also about hot and cold, good and bad fires and matches and lighters. We learnt some cool songs to help us remember fire safety too!

On Tuesday afternoon, we went to visit St Austell Community Fire Station. The firefighters told us all about their roles and the special clothing they have to wear to protect themselves and keep them safe. Some of our mums had to dress in their protective clothing against the clock! Well done ladies you managed it in 8 and 11 seconds! We got to look around and sit in a fire engine and even had a go at using a fire hose to spray water!  It was a fabulous experience, big thanks to all that helped and attended.

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is ‘o’. We say ‘All around the orange’ as we write it. We noticed that it can also look like a number zero 0 too!

Next week we are really looking forward to a visit from the police, come along on Tuesday afternoon if you can!




Week ending 13.01.17

Another great week at BBeebies.

This week we have been learning the story 'When I'm Big' and talking about all the different jobs people do. We have been thinking about what we would like to do when we are big too! We also talked about the different stages in the human life cycle and identified family members or people we know from each stage!

We have learnt about some of the different roles of doctors and nurses, the places they work, and the equipment they use. We love acting out scenarios with our friends taking x-rays and bandaging up our patients.

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is g. We imagine a little girl and say 'Around her face, down her hair, give her a curl when we write it,



Week ending 06.01.17

Happy New Year Everybody!

Welcome back, we hope you all had a good Christmas and a well rested break.

What an amazing first week back.

This half term we are learning about people who help us and their different roles and responsibilities.  This week we have thought about how our parents help us and keep us safe and how people at our school help us in different ways. We have been on a tour of the school and interviewed the school secretaries, head teacher and school chef to find out about what their careers  entail. 

The children are thoroughly enjoying our new role play areas, they have been fascinated and intrigued by all the equipment in the doctors surgery and baby clinic and eagerly take on roles from the medical professions.

The fire station has also proved to be really popular, children are taking emergency calls and deploying the fire engines to assist. We are really looking forward to visiting the local fire station in 2 weeks, come along and join us if you can!


Week ending 16.12.16

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This week has been a perfect end to the autumn term. We have watched nativity performance from  children in Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. The nursery children were totally wowed and enthralled with the shows. Thank you and well done everybody.

On Wednesday we had a very special Christmas treat; we were visited by Billy Whizz who put on an amazing magic show for us, one of our children even became a funny magician's assistant! Great fun was had by all!

We also had a very special visit from Father Christmas who came into our nursery and gave each child a present!

Many thanks for all the cards chocolates and gifts form the children, we would like to wish you all a very merry christmas and joyous new year from the BBeebies Team!






Another amazing week at BBeebies!


This week we have been busy getting into the festive spirit. We have been very creative and made the nursery look extremely seasonal! We have made Christmas cards, tree decorations using clay, and hanging oranges decorated with cloves which make our room smell lovely!


We have been quite lucky with the exceptionally mild weather and have spent lots of time outdoors in our role play Christmas house.


The highlight of the week was our spectacular nativity performance on Tuesday. The children from Rainbows class did an impressive job of telling the story about the birth of Jesus and the children from BBeebies provided a magical chorus with their beautiful singing and actions!


Well done everybody and thanks to all the parents for the fantastic costumes!

Remember there is no afternoon session on Friday 16th December. 


Happy December everyone!

We have been extremely busy decorating our nursery for the festive season. We discussed how we celebrate Christmas and the children made a list of ideas for decorations which we purchased. Everyone got stuck in, threading, hanging, organising resources and we are looking truly magical.

This week we have been learning about the real meaning of Christmas. This has tied in nicely with the Early Years Nativity Performance which we have been practising for next week. Don’t forget to bring your costumes if you haven’t already. The choices are pyjamas, a stable animal, or an Angel! We are really looking forward to the grand performances on Tuesday at 10am and 2.30pm.

The letter we have been learning is ‘p’. We imagine a pirate with a long plait and say ‘down his plait and around his face’ when we form it.

We have noticed a drastic change in the weather, on Wednesday there was lots of frost on the ground and the water in our messy tray had turned to ice! Please remember to wear a warm coat to school; you may need a hat, scarf and mittens too!


This week we have been busy preparing for our class party. We have baked cakes and decorated biscuits; we have written and received invitations, blew up balloons and let them go! We have had great fun taking part in some traditional party games too, pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey went down a storm!

The letter and sound we have been learning this week is ‘n.’ We noticed that lots of us have that in our names.

We went on a lovely autumn walk and collected lots of different leaves. We noticed the beautiful colours and various shades of red, yellow, orange, magenta, russet, gold, bronze and brown. It was fun kicking huge piles of leaves and watching them dance in the air. We used the leaves to make some clever rubbings back at school.

We are looking forward to taking part in the Early Years Nativity Performance on Tuesday 6th December don’t forget to book your tickets! 



What a great week!

Our exciting topic for this half term is ‘Celebrations.’

We have been talking about special days and how we celebrate them.

Last week people all over the world celebrated Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. People remember the story of Rama and Sita and celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

We have been learning the story in lots of ways, we have read some books and watched a short cartoon, and we were a captive audience for Miss Burr’s class who presented their version to us. We have performed a shadow puppet show, acting it with our friends. To help us retell the story we have even made up a song to the tune of the ‘wheels on the bus!’

‘Rama and Sita got married one day, married one, day, married one day, Rama and Sita got married one day, on the Isle of Lanka!’

Ask your children to sing the next verses so you can learn the story too!

We have enjoyed making little candle holders called 'diva’s' from clay are looking forward to painting them next week when they are dry. Outside we decorated our path with rangoli patterns using big, bright chalks.

We have turned our home corner into a party zone! Everyone came up with lots of ideas of how we may decorate it and we are looking forward to having a real party soon!

We learnt all about Poppy Day and why people wear them, we even made our own poppies to wear and we hung a wreath in our classroom to remember. 

Thanks to all the parents who attended parents evenings this week. It is always great to share how well the children are doing, if you were unable to attend I am always available after school at your convenience.


This weeks RWI letter is t. We have leant the letter and sound quickly.
We have had fun looking for the letter t in our room and have enjoyed writing it down, saying "down the tower, across the tower" as we write. 

Our memory game, using pictures of things beginning with t, has really helped the children identify the t sound. Look out for things at home too!

The history of Bonfire Night has been the topic this week; the pictures of fireworks the children have created are amazing and the words they used to describe their artwork were very exciting...... lots of WHIZZES, BANGS and POPS.  Rocket models were built and used as props to act out our fireworks songs, along with a very clear safety message on fireworks, the children were great at offering their ideas on how to stay safe. 

Climbing, sliding and balancing skills have been on the list of fun things to do, with the arrival of our brand new multi-play unit. Many thanks to all who contributed in fundraising events which helped the school purchase this - we love it!

Another creative week in BBeebies.


Happy Half Term Everyone!

We have had a fabulous week of lovely weather and had some great learning experiences!

Our letter and sound this week is ‘d’ we imagine a brontosaurus and say ‘around his bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet’ when we form it. We are starting to hear this sound in words too!

In the sandpit we have been practising counting and fetching different objects. For maths indoors we played a board game based on the brown bear story. You have to roll the dice, move that number of squares on the board and answer a question about the story to win a card!

This week we have discovered that blue and yellow make green! A real highlight was using lots of different shaped sponge rollers and scrapers on our large outdoor whiteboard to create some amazing effects.

On Wednesday we ran around the football pitch with the Mother and Toddler group to raise money for new playground equipment in the KS1 playground. We noticed the changes in our bodies after some physical exercise, our hearts were beating wildly and we felt hot!

We have been learning the story Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? We are really good at naming some of these unusual animals and great at making their noises! We learnt a new song too ‘I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor!

Have a great holiday everyone!


Another great week of outdoor learning!

This week we have made the most out of the great outdoors again, our homemade transport vehicles have continued to be a popular resource and great fun has been had by all! Many children have visited the passport office where they have given in their details and been issued with their very own passports for their foreign travels.

We have enjoyed experimenting mixing colours in the water tray this week, we know that if we mix together red and blue a new colour is formed! We are really good at remembering to roll up our sleeves when playing and wearing an apron to keep our clothes dry.

We have made ramps and tracks of varying lengths and gradients and enjoyed sending down our diggers and tractors from the barked area to the sandpit.

This week we made up our own story of Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? We saw a tall giraffe, a spotted cow, a fluffy sheep, a green alligator, a pink pig, a white duck and a stripy tiger looking at us!

Next week we are going to investigate a different story, Polar bear, polar bear what do you hear? We will be focusing on our sense of hearing and identifying different animals by the sounds they make.

We are improving our counting skills all the time, we discovered when there was 12 children in on Friday there were 24 feet in total and 120 fingers!

We are still looking for signs of autumn all around us and we delight in exploring the school grounds. If you find any autumnal objects out and about please bring them in for discussion. We love being active and have been keen to take part in running races on our huge football pitch!

Although we have been extremely lucky with plenty of sunshine this week, the temperature has dropped considerably so please ensure your child come to nursery with a warm jacket. Thank you.

What a fabulous week!


What amazing weather we have had this week! We have been making the most of the dry conditions and sunshine and have done lots of outdoor activities. Inspired by our travel and tourism theme the children have been busy designing and making vehicles from old cardboard boxes. We have painted them, made cars, buses, tractors, submarines and trains. We then added wheels, headlights, reflective strips amongst other finer details. We have attached string to pull them along and have really enjoyed taking our teddies for a ride once they have purchased a ticket from the Travel Shop!

We know our class story really well now; we have even taken a video of us retelling it with actions and sound effects which we will try to upload to the website. Next week we will innovate the story and make up our own with new characters


In phonics this week we have been learning the letter and sound  's.' As we write it we say ‘s-s-s-slither down snake.’ We are learning to listen for that sound at the beginning of words and have been sorting objects according to their initial sound, we have also spotted ‘s’ in the middle of other words too! 

We are really good at counting both forwards and backwards, we like to roll our big dice and count the dots. We have also been playing some matching games and have been learning to describe objects using colour, shape and size.

The school photographer will be in the school hall next Tuesday for individual photographs. The nursery children will be the first to get their pictures taken. If your child is not normally in that day and you would them to have their picture taken please bring them in through reception at 8.45am.



This week we have been learning the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We know all our colours and have even been able to show them in sign language. We can sign and sing a rainbow too! We love acting out this story with puppets and are great at making the animal noises and antics!

In phonics we have been learning the letter and sound ‘a.’ We picture an apple and when we form the letter we say to ourselves, ‘a-a-a apple, around the apple down the leaf.’ We have spotted lots of words around the nursery with an ‘a’ in and found lots of objects too!

We have had great fun outdoors, we really like the game ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’ which we have played in the infant playground, and we are getting good at counting our steps although many of us are too eager to meet the wolf at dinnertime to count properly! We love to get the parachute out too and play ‘five little animals jumping on the bed!’ We have also been using our senses to explore the world around us. This week we have focusing on our sense of sight and have learnt how important it is for us to function in our everyday lives.


Another great week of learning!

This week we have been very busy bees. Our self portrait gallery is coming along nicely, check out our amazing paintings, Picasso eat your heart out! Thank you for all the beautiful family photographs for our family tree display, the children have been really eager to share them with their friends and they have provided us with lots of interesting discussions.

This week we have been learning the letter and sound 'm', we have been practising forming this letter everywhere we can think of and we have tried hard to think of lots of objects begin with this sound. We have even made a 'm' box to store all these things in!

A favourite story this week was 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' The children are not best pleased with his bad, boy, bunny behaviour, he keeps bopping his animal friends on the head! Luckily a good fairy comes to save the day.

Outside has been really popular this week. In the travel agents you may purchase a ticket to Disneyland for just £1,000,000! Bargain! If that is out of your price range, don't worry we can construct a bus or train using our large wooden blocks and take you to Camel Creek or Dairyland for a fraction of the cost!

As the weather is turning colder please ensure your child comes to nursery with a warm and waterproof coat.



What a fabulous week! 16.09.16

The children have enjoyed a fabulous week of learning, we have played lots of name games and have learnt all of our friends names. We have been practising recognising emotions too, we can make lots of different faces to show how we feel and we know what makes a caring friend.

We are amazing at following  the 'Rules for Life' which are:

Show good manners at all times.

Be honest and tell the truth

Be kind and helpful

Follow instructions with thought and care.

Listen and don’t interrupt others.

Do work hard to reach your full potential.

Care for everyone and everything.

Be gentle

Look after your own, each other’s and the school’s property

Well done everyone!

In Mathematics we have done lots of counting this week to find out how many children are here each day. We also made a tally chart to find out which was the most popular eye colour- blue was the winner!

We have been looking at some old and new famous artists work and we have learnt how to plot the features on our faces to create our own self portraits. They look fabulous!

Please remember to bring in a family photograph for discussion and we will put it on our family tree  display.

Our favourite story this week has been So Much by Trish Cooke, it is a story about a family surprise party, we even completed a quiz and won a certificate to show how well we know the story.

Welcome to the new academic year 2016-2017!


A warm welcome to all our new children and parents, they have settled into nursery life amazingly well! They are becoming familiar with our rules and routines and are forming caring relationships with their adult key workers and making new friends. It’s great to see our old children back too, we can’t believe how much they have grown over the summer holidays and we are super impressed with their enthusiasm for learning. What a great start to the year!

Our topic this half term is Ourselves. We are going to find out all about our lives, our families, likes and dislikes, our interests and what we would like to learn. We also plan to learn about our bodies and how we use our senses to explore the world around us. We are also going to investigate the family unit. We will be looking at some family portraits from different era’s and looking at differences and similarities between them. We hope to create our own family portraits too!