Bishop Bronescombe C of E School

Little Doves

Class Teacher: Miss Hadida 
Class TA's: Miss Chubb and Mrs Wade
 Star of the week and our Christian value this half term - Courage
General Information

  • Please could you make sure you check your child/children for head lice regularly as we have received notice that several children have reported having nits.
  • Please can children keep their P.E. kits in school during the week as we often change our P.E. time depending on the weather!
  • If at any time you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to come in and see us.
  • In the morning, if you need your book changed could you please pop it into the red box inside the door along with your reading record.
  • Homework is set on a Thursday and due in on a Wednesday - this can also be placed in the red box.
  • Spellings are given out on a Thursday and the test is the following Wednesday - these books can be placed in the red box.
Our School Council Members

Little Doves school council representatives.


This week in Little Doves, we have innovated our stories of Tarzan. We have included similes, exciting adjectives, fronted adverbials and even exclamation sentences. We look forward to continuing our fabulous reading next week. 

In maths, we have been reviewing place value - looking at tens and ones from numbers 0-99. We have also been explaining how we know what a number is by its place value. 

Lots of amazing art has been created this week - we have drawn rainforest animals and made sculptures using clay. Yesterday, we started painting our creations by exploring colour mixing. 


On Monday, we had an amazing trip to the Eden Project - we built shelters for 'Amazon Action man and Brazilian Barbie. The whole of KS1 were so respectful and sensible. We are all very proud.

This week in Little Doves, we have had a great week in maths learning all about weight. We have used scales to weigh items in the classroom and estimated the number of cubes each item weighed - our predictions were very accurate! Today we learnt more about measure; we learnt about capacity and how to make comparisons. 

In literacy, we learnt about adverbs and adjectives which we will include in our Tarzan story next week. We also looked at healthy and unhealthy foods, deciding which we should eat more and less of. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 




welcome back everyone! We had an amazing week back. The sun has been out shining and we've ended the week with a special visitor; a scientist from SINNG. She taught us about native and invasive species then we went pond dipping. To her surprise, we found lots of tadpoles and 3 newts! We were then able to identify that they were native to our country. 

In literacy we started learning our new class story; Tarzan. In maths we were reviewing what we had learnt last term, including number bonds and weight.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday - remember we're off to the Eden Project and the forecast looks like it'll be very warm, so bring sun cream!


Week 6?!This term has flown by and what a busy term it has been. This week in Little Doves we have completed dazzle writing and explored more instruction writing, which includes 'imperative verbs' and 'time connectives'.

In maths, measure has been our focus. We have learnt about accurate estimating, for instance, estimating the length of our playground using metre sticks. We have also investigated which resources are appropriate when measuring a variety of objects.

We were excited to History this week, where we learnt about Christopher Columbus and why he was a famous explorer. During Geography, we pretended to be 'Rainforest Explorers', deciding on which plants/animals are from the rainforest or the North/South poles and why.

Have an amazing couple of weeks off!


Little Doves have had a very busy week this week; we have introduced 'Instruction Writing' as our new text type in Literacy. We explored different features of this text. Maths has been super this week; the children have reviewed sharing and what an amazing job they have done. We have found that resources are great tools when solving division sums.


This week has been a very busy week! In Literacy, we have practiced writing in our Dazzle Books, thinking of fantastic adjectives to make our stories more exciting. In maths we were looking at how to tell the time, drawing hands on clocks and matching analogue clocks to digital clocks.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Science lessons, learning about plants and why they are SO important. We labelled parts to a plant which were then stuck in our topic books.

Well done Little Doves for another fantastic week!



Welcome back everyone! We've started the summer term already! This 4 day week has been very busy, diving straight into our new immersive curriculum topic; Rainforests. Our class question is, 'Why is the rainforest so special?'.

Little Doves have started planting seeds of their own and in the outdoor KS1 area during our launch day, we also went hunting for plants as 'plant detectives'. With this beautiful weather, we were really able to enjoy this activity. During literacy, we have started our new story 'The Jungle Book' and thoroughly enjoyed learning the story with our storymap. In maths, we have been reviewing addition and subtraction using a number line and next week we will review doubling. Enjoy your weekend everybody!



What a busy week we have had! Most afternoons, we have been practicing hard on our Space performance, ready for next week! In Literacy, we have completed our newspaper reports, all about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. In Maths, we have reviewed measure by using our hand span to measure objects.

Monday was so much fun, showing off our classroom and hard work to the parents who visited! We thoroughly enjoyed making flying saucers - and thank you to some adults who managed to join us with the fun!

We are so excited about our space performance next week and the Easter holidays!



What another lovely week in Little Doves. The children have worked super hard this week in maths - we reviewed fractions. We found fractions of objects and of amounts. We enjoyed using concrete objects to show 1/2 or 1/4. In Literacy, we used our 'storytelling chest' to make up some exciting narratives; a prince, a dragon, a dark cave, a gingerbread man and a golden egg?! - some amazing ideas were put together!

In R.E, we read the Easter story and spoke about colours - which colours make us happy and why and which colours make us sad and why. Somebody said, "Pink makes me sad because people pick pretty pink flowers when they shouldn't." and someone else said, " Yellow makes me so happy because I think of the sun and how hot it is!".



In Little Doves this week, we have finished our stories in Literacy and look forward to learning a new text next week. In maths, we learnt mathematical language for position and direction, we also reviewed previous learning looking at numbers from 0-100 and putting them in order.

We are so looking forward to our space performance in a few weeks, and have been practicing hard each afternoon - learning songs/dance routines.



Pancake race! World book day! Olympic visitor...just a few amazing things that have happened this week at school. Everyone in Little Doves did such a great job in the pancake race and luckily the sunshine was out to let it happen. Yesterday, Antony James - Olympic swimmer and a member of team GB came to school and shared his amazing experiences with the school, we then had a talk about future goals and aspirations. We also had great fun completing a circuit with Antony in the hall.

Today was world book day where we dressed up in our comfy Pjs and even had the opportunity to read with the children from Hope class. With such a busy week, we still learnt about Neil Armstrong in History and the space race - a dog and monkey have been to space! In maths we started to accurately tell the time to the hour and in literacy we began innovating our Space stories.



In our first week back after half term, Little Doves have enjoyed continuing our space topic - We spent a couple of lessons designing and labelling our space buggies before starting to make them. They're almost finished already - amazing!

In maths we revisited multiplication, focussing on the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We were all able to work out number sentences using arrays with various concrete objects - from finger painting to play-do! In literacy we have started to learn our new story called 'How to catch a star'. We have a story map to guide us through the story, ready for the storytelling competition next week.




It's the end of term already and what a great term it has been! We are looking forward to continuing our space topic when we return - we will be looking at Neil Armstrong in History.

This week, we have had so much fun in P.E where we practiced throwing and catching balls and balancing with our bodies. Literacy has been exciting where we have written our information texts all about Jupiter! In maths we have reviewed money for a 2nd week and explored ways of making different amounts.


Well, yet another great week in Little Doves. We have moved on to a new text type in Literacy - an information text. Our text is all about the planet Mars and we have been learning actions along with our text map. Maths this week, we have looked at money where we have been recognising and discussing coins and how we know which coins are which.

In art, we have made the most amazing pastel drawings of space, inspired by the artist Ludek Pesek. These drawings are on display in our classroom along with our rockets from last week.


Little Doves have had a very busy week this week - in Maths we learnt about 3D shapes and some of their properties, where we also used our outdoor environment to see which 3D shapes we could find. In Literacy we wrote our exciting new stories; we innovated our versions from the class story called The Magic Pebble. During science, we investigated which materials would be suitable for a space suit, it's fun working together and testing different materials with water. Art was also related to our space topic, where we made rockets by sticking different coloured paper in mosaics - they are going to be displayed in our classroom! We ended our week doing some fun athletics with Mr Bone on Friday afternoon.



This week in Little Doves, we have focussed lots on Science; we have learnt about the seasons and why we have them, we have learnt about materials and decided on how to group them - we look forward to deciding which materials will be best for designing a space suit!

In literacy we continued to innovate our story maps and still enjoy reading the stories to our partners, especially as we did so well performing our story to Mrs Berry and other year 6's last week. During maths lessons, we all reviewed subtraction and enjoyed using resources to help us find the answers to our number sentences.



Happy 2017!

So far this week we have enjoyed our launch day for KS1's new topic - Space. We trained like astronauts, ate space food and used our skills to complete fun filled tasks. In maths we reviewed place value and learnt how to make 2 digit numbers with tens and ones. We have begun learning about the 4 seasons and have our lovely work displayed in the classroom.

We have also been practicing our new class story - The Magic Pebble, ready for the storytelling competition next week.


Wow! What an amazing first term we have had in Little Doves. This week has been so much fun; visit from the talented magician, Billy Whizz and a very special visit from Father Christmas - we all feel so lucky that he took time from his busy schedule to come and see us... we got presents too. Father Christmas knows how hard Little Doves have worked this term and felt that a visit was well earned by everyone!

We are sad to see the wonderful Miss Eastwood leave us for her exciting new career - we would all like to thank her for all her support and hard work in our first term in year 1. We'll miss you but wish you so much luck!

Merry Christmas and a happy healthy 2017 everyone!!



This week we have been learning to subtract using a number line. We have also investigated subtracting using multi-link cubes, beads and animals to help. In English we have completed our Aladdin story.

We have been extremely busy rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity and have practised in the hall. It is coming together nicely and we are really good at the songs already!

Only one month until Christmas! 



This week in Maths we have been introduced to fractions. We have been looking at fractions of a shape and also how to write fractions as a number.

In English we have started to write our own story of Aladdin, changing key parts of the story such as the setting and characters.

We have now started to practise singing songs from our Christmas Nativity. Only four weeks to go!



We have had an exciting and busy first week back in Little Doves. On Monday the whole of key stage 1 went into Little Lambs class where we took part in our hook - in. Our new class story was introduced to us; Aladdin. We have spent the week learning the story and making up actions ready to perform to the school next week. In maths we have been learning the 2 times tables and how to use arrays. Little Doves would like to congratulate our year 1 spelling bee champion - You did so well!



What an amazing week! In Maths we have been using a number line to solve subtraction sums. In English we have finished writing our information text on our chosen animals.

We ended a busy week with a fantastic morning spent on the beach. This linked in with our topic/science work where we have been learning all about Living things and their habitats. We had great fun exploring the rock pools! We managed to find fish, shrimp, crabs and a beautiful starfish. We even had time to play on the sand, where we worked in small groups and made pictures in the sand with the natural resources we collected.



What a busy week we have had! In Maths this week we have been solving subtraction word problems, we have used a range of resources to help us.

In English we have learnt all about the features of an information text and have started to plan our own information text on our chosen animal. In PE we have been learning to work in groups and in science we learnt about parts of the human body. 


26.9.16 - 30.9.16

This week in Little Doves, we have been focussing on addition to 10 and 20 in Maths. Number lines have been the main resource helping us solve our number sentences.
In English we have been introduced to our new text type; an information text. We will be writing our own information text on an animal of our choice. This week, we have also revisited our story in R.E entitled, Daniel and the Lions' Den. We cannot believe that we are at the end of week 4 in Year 1. It has been a wonderful and exciting month!