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Photos from Little Fish!
General Information

  • Please endeavour to read with your child every day. When their book requires changing they can place it in the clear box next to the book bag boxes at the back of the room. 

  • Spellings are sent home on a Thursday and tested on the following Wednesday.
  • Homework is sent home on a Thursday, with Maths and English being set on alternate weeks. Homework is to be handed in on a Tuesday.
Our School Council Members
"Little fishes" school council representatives.
Welcome to the summer term! Our new immersive topic is the rainforest and our question is 'why is the rainforest so special?' We will be learning about plants, animals, how explorers first visited the rainforest and we will be creating some lovely paintings and clay sculptures.
We started the week with a fantastic gardening day where the children spent time learning about weeding, looking after the soil, digging holes and planting seeds. The children all planted their own sunflower seed to take home and see if it grows!
In literacy, we have begun to learn our class story of the Jungle Book and in maths we have had a revision week; practicing all the methods we know to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations.
Have a lovely weekend!
What a busy week! We have started practicing for our Space Assembly at the end of term and the children's singing has been amazing. We have also learnt how to enter coding on a computer programme and we have been thinking of the Easter story in R.E.
In literacy, we have been busy innovating our class story and we have written about trying to catch a sea creature. We have tried to include adjectives, verbs, contracted spellings and fronted adverbials. In maths, we have been learning about position and direction and thinking about how to describe where an object is placed.
We hope you have a great weekend, see you next week!
The children have had a great start to this half term. They all came back into school excited and ready to learn, well done to them!
In maths, we have been looking at multiplication and division, how these two types of calculation link and word problems involving them. In literacy, we have started learning our new class story - How to catch a star.
In DT we have designed and made our own space buggies and the children had a lot of fun attaching the axles and wheels. We have gone on a Spring walk looking for signs that the seasons are changing and new life is beginning to show.
Have a lovely weekend!
Wow, it's half term already! The children have been working so hard in Little Fish and they should all be very proud of the work they have produced in these few weeks.
In our space topic we have conducted a science investigation into materials and created space art based on the work of artist Ludek Pesek. After half term we will be learning about Neil Armstrong and the first landing on the moon and we will be designing and making our own space buggies. If anyone has any cereal boxes or plastic milk bottles we would appreciate it if the children could bring them in on the first Monday back.
In maths we have been learning about data handling and in literacy we have innovated our own information texts, writing all about the planet Jupiter. In PE this week we have practised static and dynamic balances and we have worked on throwing and catching balls. 
Have a lovely half term everyone!
The children have worked really hard this week and we have continued to enjoy learning about space. The children have started their own investigation where we are asking what material would be the most waterproof. We have made predictions about four different types of materials and next week we will begin testing them. This in relation to thinking about what material would be best for a space suit. We have also been looking at the art work of a famous artist, Ludek Pesek and we have created our own space art pictures using oil pastels.
In maths, we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. We have looked at vertices, edges, faces and comparing the shapes. In literacy, we have been finishing writing our innovated stories based on the magic pebble. The children have been concentrating on adjectives and handwriting.
Have a lovely weekend!
We have had a busy week in Little Fish! The children have been continuing their learning about our immersive topic of Space. We have been thinking about materials and we had a material hunt on the playground looking for wood, plastic, metal, glass and rubber. The children loved identifying what our school is made of and we thought about why each material was used. This will relate to our science next week when we think about what material will be best for a space suit.
In maths, we have been looking at addition. Some children have used number lines, some have used 100 squares and some have been drawing their own pictures to represent tens and ones and how to add these together to find the answer. In literacy, we have continued to learn the story of the Magic Pebble. The children have practiced their story telling, participated in a quiz in teams and next week we will begin to change the story.
Have a lovely weekend!
What an amazing first week back! The children had a fantastic first day and enjoyed our Astronaut Training Camp. Thanks to all the parents and children for making their wonderful costumes.
We thought about all the qualities that astronauts need and we completed activities to help us become better astronauts. The children completed a physical obstacle course challenge, they thought about healthy eating and designed their own meal and they tested their logic skills playing puzzle games.
During the rest of the week we looked at place value in maths, where we were identifying tens and ones in 2-digit numbers and in literacy we began to learn our new class story - The Magic Pebble.
We have started our new immersive curriculum and in KS1 we will be learning about SPACE. We have begun to look at the seasons and next week we will learn why we have seasons and how day and night works.
We look forward to seeing you next week!
Wow! We have had such an amazing and busy term. Well done to all the children for working hard and being so enthusiastic about their learning. We have had a really enjoyable week at school, including watching our Christmas treat Billy Whizz the magician, having a visit from Father Christmas, playing games during our class party, watching the nativities from other classes and to finish off the week we also watched BB's Got Talent in the hall.
After Christmas we will be starting our new immersive topic of SPACE! On the first day back we will be dressing up in space costumes and having an astronaut training day.
Have a lovely Christmas!
Another fantastic week. On Wednesday we performed our Christmas nativity (Busy, Busy Bethlehem) to an audience of parents. The children were absolutely amazing and enjoyed performing. Again, a massive well done to the children taking part and a huge thank you to the parents for being a fantastic audience and for providing children with the costumes.
In maths we have been working on capacity and time. In Literacy we have been writing innovated instructions on how to fly a magical object like a scooter, motor bike or even a house! In geography this week we have been looking at the seven continents of the world and naming some of the main oceans.
Please join us at the Christmas Fair on Saturday 10th December at Bishop Bronescombe School between 2-4.
We look forward to a Christmas filled week next week and lots of fun activities. Have a lovely weekend.
We have had a very busy week! In maths we have been looking at measures and have been learning how to accurately measure length using a ruler. Over the next couple of weeks we will also look at mass, capacity and reading scales.
We have now finished our innovated stories and have begun our non-fiction unit on instructions. As part of our hook the children took part in a treasure hunt around the school grounds, they had an aerial map and had to find letters that had been hidden. Once they had collected all the letters they had to rearrange the letters to make the secret word that was part of our new text. The children have been learning a text about how to fly a magic carpet and next week we will begin to innovate this text to write our own instructions. 
In RE, we learnt about the festival of light, Hanukkah and why this is an important festival to Jewish people and we have looked at how they celebrate it. The children have also been practising hard with their nativity play and are very excited to perform it next week on Wednesday. 
This week we have been looking at subtraction in maths and revising our work on number lines. We have looked at calculations such as, 34 - 23 and tried to hop backwards in tens and ones. In literacy we have continued writing our innovated stories based on Aladdin and we have tried to include lots of adjectives, speech and fronted adverbials. 
We have continued to practice our nativity songs and we have begun to learn the story and act it out together. 
We hope you have a nice weekend. 
In Little Fish this week we have been learning lots of new things. In maths we have been working on fractions, finding halves and quarters of an amount. We will continue this next week. In literacy we have written our own story about a ragged girl/boy wondering to the hills with magic doors, the children have then used their own ideas to write about what she/he finds and does next. In RE we have been looking at the 'Star of David' which is used as a Jewish and Israeli symbol. We have even drawn our own pictures of the 'Star of David.'
We have also started to learn our songs for the Christmas nativity this year. Little Fish, Little Doves and Little Lambs have joined together to learn the songs together. We are all very excited to learn the actions and words.
On Friday we have all had the chance to dress up as what we want to be when we are older, from teachers to superheroes. Every one looked fantastic in their outfits and we, as a class, are delighted to raise money for a great charity - Children In Need.
See you on Monday for more maths, literacy and practising our nativity!
In maths we have been working on division and using cubes to help us divide them in to groups. Some children have even been doing some division sums with remainders. In literacy, we were able to perform our story "Aladdin" to a panel of judges, Little Doves and Little Lambs. Well done to everyone for working really hard in Literacy and practising the story with actions. We have now finished our scientific report and written it in neat in the Dazzle books. In RE we have looked at the features of a synagogue, one of them being a Torah.
Another lovely week at school. See you all on Monday.  
Another fantastic week in Little Fish.
In maths last week Little Fish worked on doubling numbers using cubes and numicon. We have also looked at multiplication arrays. In Literacy we have been working on a new story based on 'Aladdin.' The children have been thinking of actions to match the story. As well as this, we have been doing some role play in groups and acting the story out. In our dazzle writing we have been writing a scientific report which we will continue to write up in neat next week.
In history we started our new topic, 'flying high.' Little Fish have started to look at the history of flight. We went outside to act as if we were flying around the world. We went to different countries showing our passports and thinking about what we would have to pack to different places.
On Thursday we were able to go in to the hall to watch two children from each year group perform in the spelling bee. A massive well done to Ryan and Grace for taking part and an extra well done to Ryan for becoming the Year 1 Spelling Bee champion.
We look forward to seeing you next week and beginning our Christmas nativity.
We have had an amazing week in Little Fish. We started the week with our first class trip, we went on the minibuses to Porthpean beach. Everyone had a fantastic time rock pooling and we found crabs, fish, shrimp, sea snails and even a star fish. All the children were amazing representatives of the school and deserve a massive well done. We also had our fun run on Wednesday afternoon and the children really enjoyed taking part. 
In literacy, we looked at acrostic and senses poems and the children enjoyed choosing their own animals to write about. In maths we looked at 2D shapes; we investigated what shapes we could find in the environment and we looked at their properties. After half term we will be starting new exciting topics. 
We hope you have an enjoyable half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you at the Parents' Meetings in the first week back. 
We have had a busy week in Little Fish and have been learning about lots of different things. In maths we have been learning to use number lines when solving subtraction sums. We have discussed how the 'frog' hops backwards towards zero when solving sums like 7 - 3 and 18 - 6. Some children have also been solving take away sums using hundred squares and have been practising 2-digit - 2-digit numbers, e.g. 48 - 22. 
In literacy we finished writing our information texts about animals and the children have been working hard to improve their writing. They have learnt lots of facts about their chosen animal. This has linked to our science work on habitats and the different diets animals have. Children have discussed what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores are and sorted a variety of animals into these groups. We also looked at labelling our external body parts, like ears, toes and shoulders. 
We would like to remind you that it is Little Fish's trip to Porthpean beach on Monday afternoon. Please make sure you send your child in with a raincoat, their wellies in a bag and please wear suitable shoes for the morning in school. Children should be wearing a school jumper and suitable trousers, such as jeans or jogging bottoms. Children may bring a net, spade and bucket if they wish. We are all very excited for our trip. See you on Monday!
In Literacy this week we have been researching our own animals to find facts for our information text we will write next week. These animals included sharks, lions and penguins. In Maths we have been subtracting using different apparatus and looked at solving number problems using subtraction. In PE we were practicing lunges, hops, strides and follow my leader which the children enjoyed. 
In Science we looked at the different types of animals, such as; reptiles, mammals, amphibians, insects, birds and fish. We then re-arranged some pictures of different animals into the categories which they fall under. On Monday in RE Little Fish went to the Harvest Communion which was great! In RE lessons we have been learning about the Festival of Harvest and wrote our own prayers. 
We hope you have a lovely weekend and are ready to come back on Monday for a very busy week in Fish!
In Maths this week we have been trying to use a number line to solve addition sums including 1 digit and 2 digit numbers. We have also been investigating word problems, which we will do some more of next week! In Literacy we have started a new topic, which is non-fiction. We looked at information texts about wolves and looked at different animals online, like a coyote.
In PE we did some more on throwing, catching and we even had time to do some skipping. Children are understanding that they need to keep their eyes on the ball to catch and that throwing underarm will be more accurate. In RE we have learnt about 'Jonah and the fish.' The children were then able to write the story independently, only looking at pictures of the story! Finally, in Geography, we looked at maps and aerial photos of The Eden Project. The children were then asked to create and make up our own symbols.
Have a lovely weekend and we will see you back here on Monday!
Another lovely week in Little Fish! 
In Literacy we have now finished innovating our story based on 'The Three Fluffy White Sheep.' This included changing the character of the wolf to another animal, such as lions or cheetahs. Throughout writing the story we have tried to include fullstops, capital letter and lots of interesting adjectives.
In Maths we have been practicing addition using different apparatus to support us. Some of us have been adding under 10, under 20 and some under 100. 
In PE this week, we have practiced throwing and catching skills with some netballs. 
During circle time we have discussed what we have enjoyed doing in school so far and how the children felt moving class. Each child in Little Fish had the chance to speak when holding the class bear and thought of something to say.
We celebrated all of our hard work so far at the end of the week by having golden time at the end of the day. We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you back in school on Monday morning!
16.9.16 (16/09/2016)
We have has a lovely week in Little Fish. All the children have worked hard and enjoyed learning new things. 
In maths we have been looking at number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100. We are trying to practice them daily so that we all can recall them quickly and use the facts to support our mental maths. We have also continued to look at place value and we have been adding 2-digit numbers on a variety of number lines. Next week we move onto learning about addition!
In literacy the children have been making changes to our text, 'The Three Fluffy white Sheep,' and they have chosen to change the wolf  to their own choice of character. We have lions, tigers, cheetahs and a snake! We have shared our ideas, participated in shared writing and then the children have written their own beginnings. We will continue with shared and independent writing with the rest of the story over the coming week. In the afternoons we have had music lessons which relate to our literacy story. We have added music and sound effects to the story, the children making choices about which sound works best for each part of the story.
In RE we all drew a picture of what we think God looks like and in PE we have practised our throwing and catching skills.
We wish you a lovely relaxing weekend.  
09.9.16 (09/09/2016)
Welcome to Little Fish! 
I would like to say well done to all the children in Little Fish. We have had a busy first week back and everyone has settled in really well. 
On Tuesday, all of KS1 joined together to listen to our new literacy story, 'The Three Fluffy White Sheep'. It was a very exciting morning due to the fact that a 'wolf' was spotted in the school grounds. All the children enjoyed searching for the wolf but he had mysteriously disappeared before we could find him! We have learnt actions to help us retell the story and discussed our favourite parts of the story. During our DT lessons we have designed and created our own wolf masks that we are going to use when creating a dance in the next few weeks. In maths we have been learning about place value and the ordering of 2-digit numbers. 
We also held a class vote this week to choose our school council members. After each child talked to the class about why they wanted to be a school council member we had a secret vote. The votes were counted and we have two new Little Fish school council members. Congratulations!