Bishop Bronescombe C of E School


Welcome to Peacocks Class!
Teacher: Miss Burr
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Davy
General Information
  • Please can P.E. kits be in school all week. We currently have Tag Rugby on Mondays but may have additional P.E. lessons on other days of the week.

  • Homework this year will alternate between Maths and English activities and will go out every Thursday with the children's new spellings. Homework is expected back on a Tuesday and we have our weekly spelling tests on Wednesdays.
This page is updated weekly on a Friday afternoon!
Hope everyone had a great time at camp Kernow, we had loads of interesting stories from the children!
Thinking our topic about 'The Future', we have been looking at classrooms through the ages, especially the Victorian era. We designed our own future classroom thinking about what technology we would have and who would do the teaching?
This week in Maths we have been continuing working with fractions but have started to learn how to link them with decimals. Everyone has been working so hard!!
In Literacy we have continued to innovate our class story and have been forming brilliant ideas to create suspense.
Today has been filled with talk of the Royal Wedding and we have celebrated as well as formulating some good advice for the newlyweds.
A reminder to everyone that Sports Day is next Friday 25th June.
On Monday we had a fantastic trip to Wheal Martyn clay museum where we had a guided tour around the museum which gave us lots of information about the processes used to extract the clay, the kind of things that it has (and might still be) been used for and the life of the workers, their families and the communities.
In English we have been using all the knowledge we have to write a recount of our trip.
In maths we have been continuing our fraction work and are now becoming more skilled with fractions and how to answer word problems.
For our topic has turn to the Vikings and we have been collecting facts about the Vikings settlements and animals, Vikings as warriors and how life is for Viking children.
Don't forget it's a long weekend! See you on Tuesday.
To continue our topic we have been learning about life as an Anglo Saxon child and have written a diary entry about a typical day.
We have continued our fraction work  in Maths by learning non unit fractions and fraction word problems. It has been  tricky work but we have worked really hard. We are becoming really good at our Star Wars story now and have lots of actions to accompany it.
We attended a Bible exploration workshop, looking at different stories from the Bible as well as having an author visit.
As we were the class with the best attendance last week, we enjoyed our popcorn party as a treat.
Have a good weekend.
Welcome back everyone, hope you had a fantastic Easter break. 
We launched our new topic `What does the future hold?' at the start of this week start to this week with the children as future inventions.  Each group designed an  invention, designed their own branding, worked out the cost and then presented them in the style of the  Dragon's Den. There were some very imaginative designs indeed. 
In Maths this week we have begun our work on fractions which we are becoming more confident in. Our new class story is 'Star Wars' which we have started learning the text to and hopefully we will have lots of actions by next week.
Our topic is leading us through history and we have been having some confectionary fun too! We have learnt about the stone age, how Historians believe Stongehenge was built and for what purpose. We spent the afternoon making  our own version of Stonhenge using biscuits and chocolate icing.
Have a good weekend.



This week in Maths we have been learning about perimeters and have been calculating the perimeters of regular and irregular shapes.

We have have been doing a dazzle write in English using some of the well known stories that we already know. We chose to rewrite The three little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks using different characters and settings. We have also been looking at and identifying the different elements of poetry in English.

For Science week we have started an experiment to see which kind of music plants like the best. We will be playing different types of music to plants and measuring them to see which ones grow the most!




We have had an exciting past 2 weeks! Last Monday we went to Newquay Zoo for our school trip. It was a very chilly day but after seeing the animals we had the opportunity to warm up in the learning centre. Here we heard lots of facts about different animals and had the chance to see and feel some animal skins and skeletons.

We then had some fun in the snow as school was closed for the remainder of the  week due to weather. We all told our snow fun stories and even showed some of the photos of the snowmen that we had made!
This week we finished our animal fact pages and are really excited to see how they will look as a book!
We have been learning measurement in Maths and how to convert mm and cm.
Thank you to everyone who took part in World book day, the children all look fantastic and it is worth all the effort that is put in.
Have a great weekend.




Welcome back, hope you had a great half term break.

This week in Maths we have been learning about different charts. We have been making our own charts, answering questions about the data in charts and even writing some of our own questions.

We have started to gather information to write our animal fact files. We have been looking at non fiction text books to identifying the important features and then using laptops to research our chosen animals.

We have talked about the Stone Age this week, the tools that were used and about what charcoal is. We then used this to create some fantastic cave paintings.

Reminder: The rescheduled trip to Newquay Zoo is Monday 26th February

Have a good weekend.






This week in Maths we have been investigating the class' favourite animals. We collected the data and learned how to create tally charts, drew our own bar charts and then created them on laptops.

In English we have been creating our own dazzle stories and the children have chosen their own characters and  storylines.

We have learned about internet safety and created posters explaining the rules around behaviour online.

We have talked lots about environmental issues and especially the problem of 'plastic pollution'. We used the information that we have learned to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Carmicheal asking for her help with educating people on the plight of sea life.

Have a lovely half term break everyone.




The Peacocks have had a great week this week although there have been a few temporary staff changes so apologies for this website not being updated.

This week in Maths the children have been learning about money! They are learning how to add and subtract money, continuing this next week.

In English we have been writing our own story based on our class story 'small tricks'. We will continue with this next week.

We have been looking at animal skeletons this week and have produced some great drawing of the skeletons of different animals.

Some of the children do not have a P.E kit in school and we do not have spare kits to give them. Please can you ensure that your child has a P.E kit in school with them? Thanks.

Have a great weekend!




Happy New Year to you all! Welcome back to all the children, we hope that you have had a fantastic Christmas break and are feeling rested!

We are beginning our first day with the launch of our new topic 'Why are animals important?' and have discussed any ideas we have. We have sketched animals and given peer critiques which consider proportion. We have enjoyed a visit from Bella, the therapy dog and discovered how she can help children at Penrice school.

We have lots of exciting animal related events coming up and we are sure that the children will share them with you. over the term.




What an amazing week we have had this week. We measured and prepared the playground for our 'Race like a Hero' and what a fantastic experience it was for the children. Thank you to everyone who came to support, donated to the just giving page or brought money into school for Shelterbox. The response has been amazing and the target has nearly been reached. If you still want to donate then the link for the just giving page is

We have been continuing our persuasive writing in English as we tried to persuade our readers to donate to our Shelterbox cause.

We are also practising our Nativity so please help your children to learn their lines and songs at home.



This week we have practiced our nativity play 'Lights Camel Action' lots and the children are getting to know all their lines and the songs really well.

We have been learning about Persuasive writing in English and how to use rhetorical questions to tug at the heart strings of the reader,

In Maths we have been doing multiplication and some of use have been learning that division is the inverse.

Have a great weekend.



 We had our school trip on Tuesday, with a visit to Shelterbox and Truro Cathedral.  Shelterbox showed us how they help people who have lost their homes.  We helped to pack some boxes with all the things that Shelterbox provide.  we later had a visit to Truro Cathedral and dressed up in the different outfits that are worn by the Bishop and choir. 


We began rehearsing for our Christmas performance and will soon be walking around at home singing all the songs.


In English we have been writing character descriptions for out superheroes using great adjectives to describe their appearance and personality.


In Maths this week we have been continuing with our work on subtraction and using inverse to check our answers.



What a brilliant week, we hope you enjoy the weekend.





We hope you all had a great half term.   We began this week with a fun bug busting day on Tuesday, lots of children came in with crazy hair styles and were given lots of information about head lice and a handy comb to use.


In maths we have been looking at column subtraction and how to exchange. In Literacy we began creating character descriptions of our superheroes.


Lots of parents came in for our open morning to watch our classes.  Thank you for coming in, we hope you enjoyed the experience!


We also had our school Spelling Bee competition. Lots of children worked very hard to practice the spellings, well done!





This week in Maths we have been learning about column addition, using exchanges if necessary. We have found this challenging but have been working very hard.


We have continued with our newspaper reports and they are looking fantastic!


This week is black history week and we have used this to learn about some real life superheroes such as Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, and the the impact that they have had on the lives of people all over the world.


Hope you all enjoy the half term break.

We have had another brilliant week this week beginning with our Harvest festival celebrations. Thank you for all the food donations! Children from the school council took it all to the local food bank who were extremely grateful.
Mr Daysh gave an informative talk about the RNLI as he is a volunteer. He gave us a demonstration of the equipment used and told us about some of the rescue missions that he has been involved in. After this we all did some research into our nearest RNLI stations.
We have started to write a newspaper report in English which we will be continuing with next week.
We have also planned a science experiment, we plan to help to melt that our super heroes are trapped in to save the day!
Have a great weekend.
We have had a great week this week continuing our work on place value in maths.
We had visits from Cornwall Air Ambulance and Cornwall Children's Hospice where we learned lots about the fantastic services that they provide and the hard work that the staff and volunteers do there.
We carried on with our class story of 'The Incredible's' and have continued to use it to write our own superhero stories.
We have been learning how to do blanket stitch and have started cutting and sewing our superhero logo's using felt. we will be continuing this and sewing them onto capes next week.
There was a great turnout of smart looking children for the school photographs this week!
18 /09/07
Another brilliant  week in Peacocks everyone has worked really hard and has shown how settled they are into their new class.
Our writing is progressing with another part of our class story of the Incredibles and our own innovated ones.  We have some fantastic characters and cunning plots!
In science we did experiments looking at solids, liquids and gases which was great fun!
Friday ended  with a Zumbathon challenge which all of the children and staff really enjoyed.
Have a great weekend!
We have had a great second week in class this week.
In Maths we have continued learning about place value. We have learnt how to partition 2 and 3 digit numbers in different ways and how to represent them on a bar model.
In English we have continued to learn our story of the incredibles and started to plan how we will write our stories next week.
The children have also designed a superhero logo which they will be sewing onto felt for their superhero capes. Today we have been writing a recipe for how to be a good superhero!
Have a great weekend everyone.
Welcome to Peacocks!
A huge hello to all the children who have just joined the Peacock class, we have had a fantastic first week!
Our topic for this term is 'What makes a superhero super?' and we began this with a launch day on Tuesday which was such fun as the children filled out superhero application forms and took part in a superhero training day. Thank you for all the help with the costumes, the children looked amazing! We will be doing lots of work about heroes and are working towards our end product which is a superhero race to raise money for charity.
Our class story for this term is the Incredibles and we will be learning the story as well as using it to write lots of our own action stories.
In Maths this week we have been learning about place value and will continue with this next week.
Homework and spellings will be given out to all children on Thursday. Homework is to be given in on Tuesday and there will be a spelling test every Wednesday.
We have P.E every Friday so please could you make sure that your children have kits in school for then, preferably kept in school all the time.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
The children had a fantastic time at Camp Kernow where they did archery, wall climbing, cooking, camp fires and forest walking. We are sure that the children told you all about it! Children who didn't go to camp had lots of fun too, studying minibeast and making treasure chests.
In English we have written our own myth stories and chose friends to help act them out. We have also been learning our class story 'Thesus and the Minotaur'.
Have a fantastic half term everyone, lets hope the sun keeps shining!
This week in Maths we have been doing division and the children have tried really hard, well done everybody. We have been continuing with our myth story in English and have nearly completed it. Have you been hearing the fantastic ideas at home?
Our Science this week has been learning about sound. We went for a walk around the school to learn about different sounds. We have also been learning about how to the change pitch and volume of a drum and a recorder.
Swimming continued this week and everyone seems to be enjoying it.
In Maths this week we have been doing multiplication using the grid method and everyone worked so hard! Our new class story is 'Thesus and the Minator' which we have been practising as part of our topic on The Greeks. We have also began writing our myth story is Literacy which have made fantastic reading so far!
We have also been learning about different types of theatre, discussing the differences between the Hall for Cornwall and The Minack theatre.
We began swimming last week at Polkyth which everyone enjoyed. Swimming will be every Tuesday for this half term.
This week in Maths we have been collecting data. We began by asking each other our favourite Caribbean animal and have learned how to do tally charts and pictograms to show the results. In English we are continuing our discovery stories, finding many different ways to make it interesting!
After designing our habitat boxes last week we finally got to make the real thing. There have been some brilliant habitats with fun facts from everybody. Thank you to all for bringing in the empty boxes.
On Thursday we had a fantastic morning at Carclaze school doing a 'Stone Age Workshop'. The staff and pupils welcomed us to a fact finding discovery session as well as making our own clay necklace and cave paintings. It was a brilliant morning!!
This week we have been learning about angles in Maths. We have been using our 'Angle Eater' to find 90 degree angles and are learning that other angles are called obtuse and acute angles. In English we have been planning our new discovery story and will be using all the skills we have been learning to make it really exciting.
We have been very artistic and have been improving our sketches of Caribbean wildlife and adding colour with pastels. We have also been designing our habitat boxes which we will be creating next week. If you have any spare boxes then could you please bring them in please?
We have also been learning the Easter story and its importance in RE this week.
This week in Maths we have been learning about time. Some of us may have found it tricky but we have tried really hard! In English we have been continuing with our class stories and have been adding in lots of ideas to make it really exciting, A true pirate adventure!
We had our fantastic school trip to Newquay Aquarium which we enjoyed a lot. We had a chance to look around finding lots of information about the marine life and using it to write a fact  file. We also enjoyed a rock pool experience where we got to learn about and touch some creatures that live in our rock pools. We also learned about lots of different animals and how they adapt to their environments.
We worked super hard in athletics this week with a circuit of different activities to keep us all fit and active.
Have a great weekend everyone.
We have had such a busy exciting week this week! On Monday we performed our class story for the story telling competition. We have also used this to begin our own adventure stories in English.
We had brilliant fun in the pancake race, although it was very windy! Well done for everyone who joined in especially those that could bring a pancake with them.
We had World Math Day on Wednesday and did lots of maths activities and tasks on the computer. Olympic Champion Antony James came into school for some Olympic activities in the hall which we really enjoyed.
To give us a rest after such a busy week, Friday was World Book Day. We all dressed in our pyjamas, read lots of books, had stories read to us and even found time to read to the younger children in Rainbows.
Have a great weekend.
We hope everyone had a great half term week. The children have come back to school ready to learn all the new and  exciting things that have been planned for them.
We began our first day back with a pirate launch day where everyone dressed up and  played pirate games. A walk to BB park led to the discovery of real treasure and the children came back to school and wrote a story about it! We have been learning a new Pirates Of the Caribbean story with actions ready for our story telling completion on Monday.
In Maths we have revisited some complex addition and the children have been doing really well. Keep up the good work.
Keeping with our Caribbean topic we have been sketching different sea creatures in Art this week, the result have been fantastic.
This week in Maths we have been learning which instruments we can use to measure. We then began to estimate the lengths of items and then measure the items to see how accurate we were. We measured lines to the nearest cm and mm and some of us even converted our cm to mm!
In English we used the information we learned about newspaper reports last week to write our own  newspaper report about volcanoes.
We have been designing a fruit salad which we will be making after the half term. We have sorted fruits into their  country of origin, which was either Caribbean/British or both. We then drew them into a Venn Diagram. Today we have been looking at the fruits, talking about how they are prepared for a fruit salad, tasting them and describing why we do or don't like them. We hope all the children are looking forward to making a delicious salad when we get back.
Have a great half term everyone, looking forward to hearing what everyone has done!
Peacocks have been working so hard this week and now we are all amazing at fractions! All children should be congratulated on their efforts in Maths.
We have continued our work on plants in Science and have looked at plants from the Caribbean and learned lots about the life cycles of plants.
We have begun to learn about newspaper reports in English and are beginning to identify different features of reports such as facts, opinions, quotes, columns and captions.
We have also been working hard in athletics this week. Ask the children to tell you which athletic activities they have been doing.
This week we have been finishing our fables and have written some brilliant pieces of work with great characters and interesting morals.
Our Science this week has been looking closely at plants and how they are important to humans. We have learned about the different features of flowering plant and what their functions are.
On Tuesday we had a lovely walk to Charlestown to learn all about the church there. We did a variety of activities which included sketching, quiet reading in the Lady Chapel and learning all the names for different parts of the church and how they are used.
We have work so hard in Maths continuing our work on fractions. Although we have sometimes found this tricky we have put in a fantastic effort!
This week our adventure has taken us to the New World as we started to learn about Christopher Columbus and his discoveries. We will be learning more interesting facts about Columbus and his journeys next week!
We have been continuing our work in Geography and this week we had a fantastic time with the Phoenix and Pelican classes erupting the volcanoes that we made last week.
We have worked so hard in Maths to learn division using number lines and our knowledge of times tables to help us. In Literacy we have been writing our own fables, thinking about our characters and a moral for the story. We are using our class story about the journey of Anansi to help us.
This week we have been learning our new story about Anansi the spider and how he got his eight skinny legs through laziness and greed. We performed our story in the hall for another class and did a fantastic job! We have also begun planning our own moral story with our own characters. 
We have also began writing  non chronological reports about volcanoes and have made and painted paper mache volcanoe models.
We began the maths week investigating division using sticks and have spent the week learning to divide with number and word sentences. What a great week!
Is the Caribbean the world's paradise? (2. 01.17)
This week we have embarked on an amazing adventure to the Caribbean! On Tuesday we collected our flight tickets and had the experience of taking off in an aeroplane and landing in the Caribbean.
We enjoyed tasting fantastic new foods such as pineapple, mangoes and a Caribbean rice dish. We talked about musical instruments such as the steel drums, learned about Bob Marley and had a fantastic time playing Bob's famous song 'One Love'. We also looked on the Map of the World to find out where the Caribbean islands are and are discovering different physical geographical features. What an amazing week!
Nativity! (8.12.16)
This week has been full of festive cheer! We started the week by making Christingles for the service at Truro Cathedral on Tuesday morning.  The children performed our Christingle song, Top of the World, fantastically and we are so proud of them all! Thank you to all of the parents that came along to support the children.   On Wednesday the children came to school with sweets and popcorn in hand all ready for our Christmas treat to the cinema. We gave a huge thank you to BB friends for arranging and funding this trip. The children loved it! We finished the week on a humongous high with our year 3 and 4 nativity! Thank you so much for everyone who came to watch the children perform. Weren't they fantastic!?
This week we have started innovating our own non-chronological reports, all about dragons! We have had some fantastic descriptions of the children's dragons and some brilliant ideas of what they are known for, ranging from dancing to playing football!
The budding mathematicians have been continuing with their subtraction work in maths and are becoming fantastic at it. Well done everyone!
In Science this week we have been looking at shadows and the children designed an experiment exploring how the size of shadows can change depending on the light's distance.
This week we have been learning a non-chronological text about the Manchester Ridgeback Dragon ready to write about our own exciting creatures next week.
We are feeling very festive as we begin practicing the songs for our nativity play in a few weeks. You will hopefully have heard these performed at home. We can't wait to see the production in full swing.
We have been focusing on subtraction in Maths this week and have practised using the expanded column method to help us understand exchanging!
Children in Need (18.11.16)
This week we have started to look at our Nativity! We practised with Pelican class, learning the songs and thinking about who will be playing each part. Tickets will be on sale from next week. Also it has been anti-bullying week and the children have produced a superhero who can stop bullying.  We had a special assembly to talk about bullying. 
We finished our innovated Rama and Sita stories in literacy this week and created very suspenseful endings! We have learnt how to add 3-digit numbers together in maths! We now how to regroup numbers now using the column method.
We also did P.E with Gary this week and learnt how to bounce basketballs properly.
At the end of this week it was Children in Need! The children looked fantastic dressed up as what they want to be when they're older! Thank you all for your donations and cakes. They were yummy :)
Bonfire night (10.11.16)
This week we have been looking at the celebration, Bonfire night!  The children were all keen to tell us about all the different fireworks they saw on bonfire night.  The skies above St Austell were lit up with a rainbow of colours. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 and created dazzling firework pictures in art! We also tried to compose our own firework music, thinking about dynamics and tempo!
We also performed our class story to an audience this week and were fantastic. So fantastic that the Nursery children and staff asked us to perform it again to BBeebies! We are now innovating our Rama and Sita story by changing the setting and characters.  We are focusing on different openers for our sentences as well as lots of description. This week we have been learning even more about fractions! We can now add and subtract fractions, find equivalent fractions and convert tenths to decimals! We are becoming fraction experts!
Diwali (4/11/16)
Welcome back to our run up to Christmas and our new Immersive topic! This half term Peacocks class will be trying to answer the question 'What is a celebration?'. We started this by looking at Diwali, which is a celebration of light for Hindus and Sikhs. Our story in English is about Rama and Sita and the 10 headed monster, Ravanna!  We were lucky to watch a performance of the story, acted out by our teachers.  This is the Hindu story and the reason they celebrate Diwali.
In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We are getting really good at finding fractions of numbers.   Also this week we have produced our own fireworks safety posters and have started learning about Light and Dark in Science.
Enjoy Bonfire night and stay safe.
What a week to end a fantastic half term! We would like to thank everyone for their support on Wednesday, whereby the children took part in a fun run.  We were hopping, jumping and running around the field in the sunshine.
Chartwells came in to demonstrate how to make bread and we were lucky to have a go and made our own rolls!
We have completed our instructions in English on how to make our own version of George's Marvellous Medicine.  In Maths we have been learning all about shape! We thought about the properties of 2d and 3d shapes and also how to reflect shapes.
And we have ended our first half term as juniors with fun and dancing at the school disco with DJ Deadman!
We hope you all have a fantastic half term break.
Instructions (14.10.16)
How to write instructions has been our target this week in English.  We have focused on the different components required and are now beginning to plan our own.
Time is ticking by in Maths! We have been learning how to tell the time on analogue clocks. 
We also looked at food chains in Science, and showed off what we know with assessment week. The children have all done brilliantly and we are proud of the progress everyone is making.
We also got outside this week to play some tag rugby games with Gary! We had great fun trying to steal other children's tags and learning how to properly throw and catch a rugby ball.
Have a sunny weekend. 
Dream a Peacock dream (7.10.16)
It has been national poetry week this week and we have been budding poets in Peacocks.  We made our own dream jars to generate some ideas and then wrote our own poems, which featured candy lands, marshmallow clouds, singing sunflowers and racing stars! We used lots of poetic features in our writing and looked at similes, onomatopoeia, personification and imagery!
In maths this week we have been doubling and halving numbers. We are getting really good at it and can even double and half some huge numbers after realising we can partition them into hundreds, tens and ones!
We have also created some wonderful drawings based on the artist Arcimboldo.  He was an Italian artist who created pictures using fruits and vegetables.
Super Scientists (29.9.16)
Our superstar children have had a fantastic week again this week.  We have been keen Scientists, investigating how different liquids effect our teeth.  Of course we didn't use our teeth but have used eggs instead.  After leaving the eggs in liquid for a week we looked at how they smelt, looked and felt.  We then noted our findings.  The conclusion was that orange juice did the most damage, making the egg smell horrible and grow mould!  The children were fascinated how the eggs were effected.
We finished innovating our Class story and have produced some amazing stories, which we really enjoyed reading.
Our focus in Maths has been multiplication! We have been looking at the 3 and 4 times table as well as revising our 2s, 5s and 10s.
Everyone has settled in really well to Peacocks class and we are surprised that it is week 4 already.
Have a good weekend.
Marvellous Medicine! (22.9.16)
This week, we continued to innovate our Class story, George's Marvellous Medicine.  Our stories are really coming along brilliantly and we are enjoying reading them.
In Maths our focus has been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers, using our knowledge of place value, and we have continued in Science to look at teeth and what might cause tooth decay.
This week has flown by as we have been so busy, it was nice to finish with a non uniform day on Friday.
We hope you have a lovely weekend.
Welcome Peacocks!
We have had an exciting first two weeks back at school! The children are all settling into their new, Junior class well and are enjoying the learning that is coming with it! We have got stuck straight in and have started learning and innovating our new class story, George's Marvellous Medicine! The children have really been showing off their creativity when developing their own ideas for their own stories! The children have also been very enthusiastic with our Topic 'What journey does our food take?' and have been engaged when discussing the different types of teeth animals and humans have, as well as all of the different parts inside our body which help us to digest our food.