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Welcome to Pelicans!
General Information

  • Please listen to your child read every day and complete their reading record. Thank you
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thankyou.
  • Homework is sent out on a Thursday and is expected back the following Tuesday. Thank you for helping your child with this.
  • TBC for this week
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Welcome back, goodness didn't the Easter break fly by!
Our topic question for this term is 'What does the future hold?'
We enjoyed the launch day, the children designed their own inventions for the future.  We saw some great ideas including a 3D TV where you could press a button, reach in and take the item!  Another group made a pair of Destination Boots, rocker powered boots that would take you wherever you need to go in record time.  The children then had a great time creating their inventions using...well junk!!  Thank you so much for all the boxes, tubes and bottles, the children loved it.  We then had our very own Dragons Den so the children could promote their invention.
We have also been enjoying learning our new class story 'Star Wars'.
During Maths we have continued looking at the use of a decimal point, adding and dividing to come to the answer.
Thank you for the responses for the Wheal Martyn trip and swimming, however we are still missing a few.  Please could you return them as soon as possible. 
Many thanks.
We had an amazing time on our school trip to the Three Counties Showground, as always the children's behaviour was impeccable and we were very proud.  We saw a variety of things including farming equipment, animals, how pasties are made and the importance of fruit, vegetables and meat.  All in all a brilliant day.
This week we have done a litter hunt around the school grounds, highlighting the importance of using gloves and a picker, not our bare hands.  We talked about the things that are recyclable and bio degradable.  The children then wrote letters to the leading companies to express their concern over the amount of litter from their company and to offer ideas on how to improve this situation.
During Maths we have continued to look at fractions and decimals.
We hope you have a wonderful Easter break.
We have been looking at different styles of poetry this week including. Haiku, Kenning, Free Verse and Limericks.  The children have compared them looking for different and similar language features, syllable counts and rhyme.  We have enjoyed performances from the children and staff...Mr Daysh!
In Maths we have continued to look at fractions, adding, subtracting and converting denominators.
Please don't forget we have out trip next week, we are missing quite a few permission slips.  Please could you return them or dojo your permission to Mr Daysh.
Have a super weekend.
We have been looking at learning and innovating our class story, the theme is from rags to riches.  During Maths we have looked at answering a variety of word problems, some of them have been two step problems.  During Science we have been looking at food chains.  What is a producer?  What is a consumer?  Ask your child to draw and label a food chain to see how much they remembered.
We have enjoyed a lot of PE this week.  Unfortunately some children have not had their kits this week which is a shame.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit every day.
It has been business as usual here in Pelicans with a week packed with fun filled learning.
In Science this week we have looked at healthy eating.  The children began by discussing healthy and unhealthy foods and we were shocked by a few.  We then looked at some shopping basics using the red, amber, green breakdown on the packets.  This was a very interesting lesson and certainly gave the children food for thought ( sorry I just couldn't resist!)
Outside for rugby practice with a coach called Sam.  He took us through the basics of rugby and we enjoyed 45 minutes of energetic play.  This will be continuing for the next few weeks so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school at all times as we also have Gary that comes in and does PE every Friday.
We hope you have a wonderful weekend, make the most of it.
We would like to say a huge thank you to you all for our lovely
Christmas cards and gifts.  We hope you all had a lovely break and have made many special memories with your children.
Today we have launched our new topic, 'Why are animals important?'  This morning a lovely lady called Alison came win to our class with her pug Ella.  Ella is a therapy dog and helps people in a variety of places.  We have already learnt how animals can help us.  The children have enjoyed a morning of questioning our topic and what they would like to learn.  We have also been very busy sketching a variety of animals in order to do watercolour paintings of them later.
4.2.17 Christmas is coming!
The children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed a panto this week 'Cinderella' kindly paid for by The Friends of BB team.  Pelicans would like to say a huge thank you to all involved.  It was absolutely brilliant , lots of singing, clapping and laughter.  We also enjoyed Secret Santa but shhhhhhhhhhhh can't tell you anymore!
Please support the children's Superhero race this Wednesday 29.11.17.  If you are unable to come but wish to  donate to this very worthy cause there are some options.  You can give via the link above or send the money into school.  The children get so excited every time they see the amount raised go up.
24.11.17 Christmas Performance!
By now your child should know the part they have for our Christmas performance and the outfit they need.  If you have any questions please contact us by Dojo messages.
We have packed so much in this week.  During Maths we are learning about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and even 1000.  In English the children are learning about using persuasive texts.  During RE we have been learning about the Sikh faith and the similarities between Christianity and Sikhism. 
Such Fun!
We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Shelterbox and Truro Cathedral and the children were, as always, wonderful.  The Shelterbox trip was so interesting and highlighted the different needs all around the world.  The children were split into groups and had to pack a Shelterbox according to the country they had been assigned.  We visited an area where all the different tents had been erected and even a school unit that could be sent over.  It was quite a moving experience and made us realise how lucky we are.  Next we went to the Cathedral, the sense of awe and wonder from the children was just beautiful.  They were so respectful of the other people as well as the building itself.  They thoroughly enjoyed dressing up ( even Mr Daysh) and  performed a parade through the Cathedral.  We learnt so many interesting facts about the history of the Cathedral and the different bishops that have been involved.
Visitors and more visitors!
The weeks seem to be flying by at a very rapid pace.  We have really enjoyed having some Superhero visitors including the police, firefighters and helpers from The Hospice and Air Ambulance.  It is wonderful that the children realise we all have a Superhero inside ourselves.
Thank you to all the parents that came in for our open morning, it was wonderful to have you with us and for you to see how school 'works'.
This week in Maths we have been looking at rounding numbers to estimate our answers and being able to check if the actual answer is near our rounded estimate.  The children are also learning to use the inverse to check their answers.
During English we have been focusing on key language features in a text.  The children have also been working on descriptive language.
We hope you enjoyed the parents evening and found the time helpful.  If you couldn't make any of the slots and would like to see Mr Daysh, please phone the office for an appointment.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Harvest Festival (5.10.17)
We celebrated Harvest Communion on Monday and would like to thank everyone that kindly donated food.
Our own BB superhero, did a presentation to the children on Tuesday.  Mr Daysh is a RNLI volunteer and spoke to the children about the RNLI and the amazing work they do in rescuing people, out at sea.  We then learnt about Grace Darling who received a RNLI silver medal for her bravery in 1830.
In Science we looked at the water cycle and found out about condensation and evaporation and in English we are now focusing on newspaper reports and the main elements of them.
We finally finished a busy week playing netball with Gary.
Have a wonderful weekend.
During the week we have been looking at accurately placing number four digit numbers on a number line, temperature and Roman Numerals and that is just Maths!  In English we have continued to write our innovated class story, the adventures our Superheroes are having are quite amazing. 
Our Superhero motifs are looking great and we have begun to sew them.  The children can begin to put them on their capes soon, we are all very excited about the end product!
Wow the days are simply flying by!  We have been so busy again this week and the children are really enjoying showing us how eager they are to learn and all they can do.  In Maths we have been looking at partitioning numbers as well as placing them on a number line and rounding them to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.  We are enjoying learning our class story and have written our own recipe for a Superhero.  The children have finished designing their own Superhero capes and we are getting very excited about making them.
We are still missing some data sheets and consent forms, please return  them ASAP many thanks.
Have a great weekend!
Welcome back to school everyone!  We are so excited to be working with your children.  We have had a fab first week including our dress up day, working on place value in Maths and working on amazing sentences in English.  Mr Daysh is very impressed with the manners and work ethic shown this week.