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Welcome to Pelicans!
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  • Please listen to your child read every day and complete their reading record. Thank you
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thankyou.
  • Homework is sent out on a Thursday and is expected back the following Tuesday. Thank you for helping your child with this.
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4.2.17 Christmas is coming!
The children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed a panto this week 'Cinderella' kindly paid for by The Friends of BB team.  Pelicans would like to say a huge thank you to all involved.  It was absolutely brilliant , lots of singing, clapping and laughter.  We also enjoyed Secret Santa but shhhhhhhhhhhh can't tell you anymore!
Please support the children's Superhero race this Wednesday 29.11.17.  If you are unable to come but wish to  donate to this very worthy cause there are some options.  You can give via the link above or send the money into school.  The children get so excited every time they see the amount raised go up.
24.11.17 Christmas Performance!
By now your child should know the part they have for our Christmas performance and the outfit they need.  If you have any questions please contact us by Dojo messages.
We have packed so much in this week.  During Maths we are learning about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and even 1000.  In English the children are learning about using persuasive texts.  During RE we have been learning about the Sikh faith and the similarities between Christianity and Sikhism. 
Such Fun!
We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Shelterbox and Truro Cathedral and the children were, as always, wonderful.  The Shelterbox trip was so interesting and highlighted the different needs all around the world.  The children were split into groups and had to pack a Shelterbox according to the country they had been assigned.  We visited an area where all the different tents had been erected and even a school unit that could be sent over.  It was quite a moving experience and made us realise how lucky we are.  Next we went to the Cathedral, the sense of awe and wonder from the children was just beautiful.  They were so respectful of the other people as well as the building itself.  They thoroughly enjoyed dressing up ( even Mr Daysh) and  performed a parade through the Cathedral.  We learnt so many interesting facts about the history of the Cathedral and the different bishops that have been involved.
Visitors and more visitors!
The weeks seem to be flying by at a very rapid pace.  We have really enjoyed having some Superhero visitors including the police, firefighters and helpers from The Hospice and Air Ambulance.  It is wonderful that the children realise we all have a Superhero inside ourselves.
Thank you to all the parents that came in for our open morning, it was wonderful to have you with us and for you to see how school 'works'.
This week in Maths we have been looking at rounding numbers to estimate our answers and being able to check if the actual answer is near our rounded estimate.  The children are also learning to use the inverse to check their answers.
During English we have been focusing on key language features in a text.  The children have also been working on descriptive language.
We hope you enjoyed the parents evening and found the time helpful.  If you couldn't make any of the slots and would like to see Mr Daysh, please phone the office for an appointment.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Harvest Festival (5.10.17)
We celebrated Harvest Communion on Monday and would like to thank everyone that kindly donated food.
Our own BB superhero, did a presentation to the children on Tuesday.  Mr Daysh is a RNLI volunteer and spoke to the children about the RNLI and the amazing work they do in rescuing people, out at sea.  We then learnt about Grace Darling who received a RNLI silver medal for her bravery in 1830.
In Science we looked at the water cycle and found out about condensation and evaporation and in English we are now focusing on newspaper reports and the main elements of them.
We finally finished a busy week playing netball with Gary.
Have a wonderful weekend.
During the week we have been looking at accurately placing number four digit numbers on a number line, temperature and Roman Numerals and that is just Maths!  In English we have continued to write our innovated class story, the adventures our Superheroes are having are quite amazing. 
Our Superhero motifs are looking great and we have begun to sew them.  The children can begin to put them on their capes soon, we are all very excited about the end product!
Wow the days are simply flying by!  We have been so busy again this week and the children are really enjoying showing us how eager they are to learn and all they can do.  In Maths we have been looking at partitioning numbers as well as placing them on a number line and rounding them to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.  We are enjoying learning our class story and have written our own recipe for a Superhero.  The children have finished designing their own Superhero capes and we are getting very excited about making them.
We are still missing some data sheets and consent forms, please return  them ASAP many thanks.
Have a great weekend!
Welcome back to school everyone!  We are so excited to be working with your children.  We have had a fab first week including our dress up day, working on place value in Maths and working on amazing sentences in English.  Mr Daysh is very impressed with the manners and work ethic shown this week. 
Week beginning (17.7.17)
In our penultimate week as Pelicans, we 'kicked off' on Monday with a football tournament in our year group, 60 children had a great time out on the field and everyone tried their hardest!
Week beginning (26.6.17)
This week in Pelican class we have begun to look at Poetry in our English and learn about all of the poetic features that we can use, along with Decimal Notation in Maths.
We have also spent time practicing our Athletics, with one eye on Sport Day towards the end of term!
Week beginning (19.6.17)
The highlight of this week was performing Pandora's Box at the Minack Theatre on Friday! The children were brilliant and produced some quality theatrical moments. The weather stayed true for us and all of the children enjoyed the change to perform in such a special location.
Week beginning (12.6.17)
In Pelican class we've had a great first week back, the children have been raring to learn and shared with their class mates all about their jam-packed half terms.
We have been looking at the bus stop method in our Maths, the easiest way to tackle division! Alongside this we have continued to polish our performance ready for the Minack Theatre next week. The quality of acting in our class is so impressive!
This week in Pelicans we investigated with Roman Numerals, which the children loved! Our Maths consisted of creating code breakers and learning what each numeral means in our number system.
We had a great day on Friday celebrating national Science week, we measured our shadows (even though the clouds played games with us) and explored Penguin Watch, considering what impact climate change is having on our habitats worldwide.
Week 9 (10.11.16)
This week we have been looking at the celebration, Bonfire night!  The children were all keen to tell us about all the different fireworks they saw on bonfire night.  The skies above St Austell were lit up with a rainbow of colours. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 and created dazzling firework pictures in art!
We performed our class story to an audience this week and were fantastic. We are now innovating our Rama and Sita story by changing the setting and characters.  We are focusing on different openers for our sentences as well as lots of description. 
Week 7 (20/10/2016)
This week in Maths, Pelicans have been working hard on data handling. The children have collected information, compiled tally charts and presented the data in the form of pictograms. They have also studied bar charts, interpreting the data in order to answer questions about it.
In English, the class has been coming up with their own instruction texts to make concoctions along the lines of George's Marvellous Medicine, so beware of any strange potions you may be offered! :)
The weather was good for the Fun Run on Wednesday and the children all did well.
Today, Thursday, bread making was the focus of the morning, while in the afternoon the children spent a great deal of effort and concentration, producing their own animal sketches.
Tomorrow, Friday, the children may bring in board games from home to play with in the afternoon, before heading home for half-term. We wish you all a very happy holiday!
 Week 6 (14/10/2016)
As I'm sure your child has told you, Pelicans have been very busy demonstrating their knowledge and understanding, in English and Maths tests over the past week. The children have had the opportunity to show their skills in spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading and maths.
In DT, the children have designed the packaging for their own sandwich. This not only shows their artistic flair, but also includes attention to such details as 'Ingredients' and 'Allergy Advice'.
Following the food theme, the children have been asked to do some home baking with their family, with particular attention to precise measurement of ingredients, for their homework.
Week 5 (07/10/2016)
In Maths this week, we have been working with measure and engaging in a variety of practical activities to improve the accuracy of our measurements. We have also spent time converting our measurements, to record them in millimetres, centimetres and metres.
Poetry has been our focus in Literacy this week, with a particular emphasis on Performance Poetry and in recognition of National Poetry Week, we have the opportunity to write an acrostic poem for our homework.
 Week 4 (30/09/2016)
We have been working hard this week and showing great teamwork in accomplishing group tasks.
In Maths we have focussed our attention on Compact Addition and Written Subtraction, culminating in designing our own Maths based board games at the end of the week. Pelicans have produced some exciting ' defeating a 'monster' ' stories in English.
Charcoal was the medium the children used this week, whilst perfecting their drawings in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo in Art, - ask your child about fruity faces! :)
Week 3 (23/09/2016)
This has been an exciting week in Pelicans class, beginning with a visit from the bestselling author Megan Rix, who was able to talk to the children about her award-winning books featuring dogs. Many of the children seized this opportunity to purchase one of her books, which was then signed and personally dedicated. In Maths, our class has been solidifying understanding of the use of number bonds to multiples of 100 and using the grid method for multiplication. The children have also been working hard at editing their own versions of the class story, to include more exciting language features, such as dazzling adjectives, powerful verbs and similes, as well as some alliteration.
Week 2 (16/09/2016)
In Pelicans this week, we have been very busy, in Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of Place Value and learning additional ways to subtract, using the 'Frog' method of counting on. In English, we have been learning the class story of 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and writing our own versions of the story. Our Science this week, involved identifying the different types of teeth omnivores like ourselves have and how they help us to eat, as well as comparing the teeth needed by herbivores and carnivores. The children are enjoying learning the skills and techniques of Tag Rugby in P.E.
Week 11 (15/07/2016)

As we near the end of term, we have had another fun week in Pelican class. This week we have collaborated with Carclaze School, with them visiting us and us visiting them to learn about the Romans and The Rainforest. As well as this we have written our own 'rap style' poems in English, as well as stories involving a wish. In addition we have been learning to convert measures in Maths.

Week 9 (17/06/2016)

This week Pelicans have worked very hard. In Maths we have been learning about written methods for addition and subtraction, the children showed that they can use and apply their understanding of this through planning a meal on a budget, using the Asda website.
In English, the children have performed their wishing tale to Mrs Carmichael as well as beginning to think about what their own wishing tale will be like.
We have turned the classroom into a rainforest this week through making 3D rainforest displays.

Week 8 (10/06/2016)

Another great start to this half term in Pelicans, the children have started their new English work based on a wishing tale, the have started learning the story and thinking about character description.
In Maths we have focussed on developing our mental addition and subtraction.
Our new topic for this term is 'The Rainforest' we have started this topic with the children thinking about what they already know, and what they want to know about it.
In Science we are beginning to look at properties of solids, liquids and gasses.
Lastly, today we have had our History day, to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, the children look wonderful in their costumes and we have had a really exciting day.

Half Term (27/05/2016)

We would like to wish everyone an exciting and safe half term.

Week 7 (27/05/2016)

The last week of this half term has involved the children climbing to the highest point in Cornwall, a great achievement and something to be very proud of.
Also this week we have innovated and written our own explanation text, talking about why an animal of our choice is extinct.
Our African drumming lessons are continuing to go well and we look forward to showing off our new found skills.

Week 6 (20/05/2016)

What an exciting week it's been here in Pelicans. Most of our children have been to Camp Kernow, we had a wonderful time climbing trees, taking part in an archery competition, tracking animals and building shelters. The children were brilliantly behaved and Mr D and I were incredibly proud of both their behaviour and their attitude towards trying new things.
In addition to this, the children have started their new non-fiction text, "Why are Dragons Extinct." The children will now be innovating this and writing their own explanation text.
In Maths we have been learning about fractions, with a focus on simplifying fractions and finding equivalent fractions.

Week 4 (06/05/2016)

Although it has only been a four day week this week, in Pelicans we have packed a lot in. Our Maths focus for this week has been shape, we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes, including whether they have parallel or perpendicular lines, whether they are regular or irregular and how the shape and its angles could be classified.
In English we have written our own 'rags to riches' story, we have used 'Billionaire Boy' as inspiration for our stories. This week we have learnt how to include a variety of sentence types in our writing and we can use simple, compound and complex sentences.
We have continued our topic of 'Around the World in 20 days' by looking at properties of rocks in science, we have planned an investigation that we will carry out next week.

Week 3 (29/04/2016)

This week in English we have started to innovate the story of 'Billionaire Boy,' the children have used the class text as inspiration to write their own rags to riches story. So far the children have written the beginning and the build up and they are sounding fantastic. Our writing focus has been to include a variety of sentence types in our writing, including sentences containing a relative clause.
In Maths this week we have been learning about measure, and particularly how to calculate the perimeter and area of different shapes.
During topic this week we have been researching collage as a medium for art, the children found out about collage and then researched three different artists who use this.
In addition we have had two visitors this week, we have had another very successful African drumming session, as well as a visit from the RNLI who told us all about how to stay safe in the sea.

Week 2 (22/04/2016)

It has been another busy week in Pelicans this week, we have had Bible Studies where we learnt a story with the help of role play and visual aids and a 'Ready Steady Cook' competition where Mr D went up against Miss Brock to make a meal with Chartwells.
Also this week we have continued to learn the Billionaire Boy story and taken part in story telling to other classes in the school.
In Maths we have been practising our multiplication skills and using the inverse (division) to check our answers.
As part of our topic work the children have been researching and comparing Great Britain, The USA and France.

Week 1 Summer term (15/04/2016)

We have hit the ground running this term with a very productive week. This week we have started our new topic 'Around the World in 20 days.' The children began to think of what they would like to learn under this topic and compared our Country with a country of their choice.
Also this week we have started to expand our understanding of comparing and working with negative numbers.
In English we have started our new story 'Billionaire Boy' we launched this with a 'Dragon's Den' activity where the children tried to come up with their own invention to present to their peers and us. We are now learning the story in order to help us in our writing.

Week 11 (24/03/2016)

So here we are at the end of another busy term. This term seems to have flown by and we can not believe it is Easter already. This week the children have finished their suspense stories and we have seen real progress in their writing. We have also been learning about Roman Numerals which is part of the new expectations of our children.
In addition we had our very own Roman Battle this week to round off our topic 'What the Romans did for us.'
We hope you have an enjoyable and safe Easter.

Week 10 (18/03/2016)

As the count down to Easter continues, this week we have began writing our own innovation of the 'Nightmare Man,' the children's stories are fantastic and we have been focussing on our use of connectives along with different sentence types for effect on the reader.
In topic this week we have been getting creative. The children have made Roman Mosaics, as well as big Roman Shields. They have done a fantastic job and we are incredibly pleased.
RE this week was on the theme of Easter, relating symbols of Easter to their relevance to Jesus.

Week 9 (14/03/2016)

Another interesting week in Pelicans has seen us begin to innovate the story of the 'Nightmare Man' our own suspense stories seem to be very promising.
Also this week we have continued our topic of the Romans looking at Roman Mosaics as well as Roman Soldiers. We are looking forward to making shields next week.
Maths this week focussed on division which some of us found really tricky at the start of the week, but are now feeling much more confident about.

Week 8 (04/03/2016)

A busy start to the term in Pelicans has seen the children involved in all sorts of exciting activities. In Maths the children have been focussing on time, they have learnt to tell the time, and convert between digital and analogue, as well as finding intervals of time.
In English we have been learning the story of 'The Nightmare Man,' this is our suspense story, that will be our focus in writing for this half term. We will begin innovating the story next week.
Also this half term we have started focussing on the Romans, a topic that the children are thoroughly enjoying, particularly as they have been able to build their own Coliseums this week.
In addition to this, this week we have been celebrating St Piran's Day and World Book Day. As a school we attempted the Flora dance and had pasties for St Piran's Day and for World Book Day we dressed up as characters from our favourite books and then shared stories with other children from different Key Stages.

Week 6 (12/02/2016)

We have had a fun filled last week of the half term, in English we have written a diary entry, taking on the persona of another character.
In Maths we have looked at data handling, focussing on bar charts, in Science we have been carrying out an experiment looking at how plants grow in different conditions.
In addition we have taken part in celebrating the start of lent with a pancake race and our school communion.

Week 5 (05/02/2016)

This week in Pelicans we have been very busy, in Maths we have been learning about fractions. The children are now able to find fractions of whole numbers, simplify fractions and turn them into decimals. In English we have now finished our story based on the story of "Adventures at Sandy Cove," we have loved reading the children's innovated writing. Also this week we have started our Science experiment into factors that affect the way in which plants grow, we are varying the amount of light or water that the plants are given to see what happens. We have also taken part in the RSPB bird watch this week, ask your children what birds they saw!

Week 4 (29/01/2016)

Pelicans have been busy this week, in Maths they have been learning ladder and compact column methods of multiplication, in English they have been building suspense in their stories and in topic they have been making clay sculptures relating to nature.
Also this week some of our children have been to Newquay for an athletics competition in which they came second, qualifying them for the finals in Penzance, we are very proud of them.

Week 3 (22/01/2016)

This week we have had another good week in Pelicans, we have started to write our own stories in the style of 'The Adventures of Sandy Cove' as well as learning about angles and shape in Maths. In topic we have started designing our clay sculptures on the theme of 'Art on your Doorstep'.

Week 2 (15/01/2016)

This week in Pelicans we have been working hard. In English we have started our new story 'Adventures at Sandy Cove,' to begin this we went to Charlestown beach, Mr Deadman read us the story and then we acted out different parts of it on the beach. Within English we have then been learning the story to support the writing that we will start next week, and we have taken part in the story telling competition against the other classes. In Maths this week our focus has been on subtraction, we have all been learning to use a written method for subtraction and we have challenged ourselves to some very tricky questions. In topic we have continued to focus on 'Art on your doorstep,' whilst at the beach we used natural resources to create a piece of art work representing the parts of a plant. We have also been learning about our local area, creating a tourist map of St Austell using symbols of our choice.

Spring Term Week 1 (08/01/2016)

Welcome back to the spring term, we hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and we are looking forward to 2016.
This week we have been very busy starting new topics and areas of learning. In English we have started learning about instruction texts, our text is ‘What to do if you meet an alien.’ The children were introduced to the text at the beginning of the week when they met aliens for themselves, they are now innovating the text to write their own instruction text about meeting a character of their choice. In Maths this week we have been focussing on place value. We have begun our new topic, ‘Art on your doorstep’ and are excited to see what art work the children will produce. We started the topic by looking at the art in and around our school and learning about the history of art in Cornwall to give us an idea of local artwork.

Week 14 (18/12/2015)

This week we have had a fabulous week beginning to celebrate and get ready for Christmas. The children are very excited, and so are we, to see what the festive season and the new year will bring. We have had catwalk competitions where the children used materials to make a Christmas outfit, a KS2 screening of Nativity 3 and BBs Got Talent to kick start the Christmas fun. Lastly Miss Blayney and Mr Deadman would like to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and an excellent 2016!

Week 13 (11/12/2015)

What a week! This week has seen us perform our Christmas play to the rest of the school, as well as to parents, family and friends who came to watch us. The children did an amazing job and Miss Blayney and Mr Deadman would like to say a big well done to them all and to the parents for their support and the wonderful costumes that they provided. As well as that, this week we have been preparing for Christmas, carrying out a variety of Christmas activities, including our visit to Holy Trinity for our MAT christingle service.

Week 12 (10/12/2015)

Although this was a four day week we still managed to pack a lot in. On Monday we had our Advent Communion which was a very special occasion, and it was lovely to come together to celebrate the start of advent and praise God. Wednesday saw the highlight of our week, we visited the Eden project, organised by the friends as our Christmas surprise. We had a brilliant time looking round the biomes, making Christmas cards with Rainbows, seeing Santa's workshop and reindeer and even having a visit from Father Christmas himself.

Week 11 (10/12/2015)

Pelicans have been very busy this week practising for our Christmas performance, we have now decorated our tree at Eden and it looks fantastic! Also this week we have been working on measurement in Maths, we learnt how to convert from grams to kilograms. To finish the week and apply our understanding, we made biscuits in a Great British Bake Off style cook off, we were allowed to shape our biscuits however we wanted in order to create a show stopper, lots of us chose to base this around a Christmas theme.

Week 10 (01/12/2015)

This week in Pelicans we have finished off our Christmas decorations, all ready to go on our tree at Eden next week. In English, we have finished innovating our Jack and the Beanstalk style stories, they are brilliant. Our Christmas play is coming along really well, and we are really proud of how the children are getting on.