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Our School Council Members

This year's proud School Councillors.
Cricket  (22.6.18)
Well this week has flown by.  We have learnt all about the `Teacher please,' (a machine that provides a teacher with coffee and apples at the press of a button.  This is helping the children to write an explanation text in English.  In Maths we have been learning about lines of symmetry and properties of 2d shapes.
Artists both past and present has been our focus in Topic work and we have designed our own piece of Andy Warhol inspired work.
Finally finishing the week with cricket at Poltair School in the sunshine.
Have a great sunny weekend.
Minack Theatre  (15.6.18)
We have had an amazing first week back to school.  The sun has been shinning and we have been busy learning about angles in Maths, writing some `dazzle' writing in Literacy and making Fathers day cards.
The year 3 children have been extremely busy with their first swimming lesson on Tuesday followed by a brilliant trip to the Minack Theatre.  The sun shone for us while we watched an amazing performance of Dr Dolittle.  It was a long day but everyone enjoyed themselves.
We finished the week with Gary and athletics.
Have a wonderful Fathers day weekend.
Prayer week/Sports day (25.5.18)
Well that half term has flown by, we are amazed by how much progress the children have made, they have all worked really hard.
This last week has been our prayer week, starting with a special service on Monday.  The children then spent time in our secret garden to think about what we are thankful for and the World we live in.  We then wrote our own prayers on ribbon and tied them to the trees.
On Wednesday, we had `share a pencil'.  This lesson was to show children that in some countries, children have to share a pencil whilst at school as there are not enough for everyone.  It made the children appreciate how lucky they are in our school.
The sun shone for our sports day!  It was lovely too see so many of you come and watch the children and cheer them on.  Didn't they do well!  Everyone had a fantastic afternoon taking part in the different activities.  What a brilliant end to the half term.
Have a lovely half term break and we look forward to seeing everyone for their last half term in Phoenix.
Future classrooms  (17.5.18)
What will the classroom look like in 50 years time?  That was the question we put too the children this week as part of our topic work.  We looked at Victorian schools and how they were different from today's school.  We then used the internet to find ideas for our future class before designing our own.  There was some brilliant ideas including a robot teacher and an interactive 3d whiteboard 
We have continued learning about fractions in Maths and writing our own stories about something that we are afraid of.  On Thursday we enjoyed the sunshine by completing our Maths lesson outside looking and producing right angles.  Then finishing the week with cricket and Mr Bone.
Have a sunny weekend.
Victorians (10.5.18).  
What a short but busy week.  The year 4 children enjoyed their swimming lesson on Tuesday and all making brilliant progress.  We have learnt about the Islam faith and looked at the Qu'ran in RE and continued learning about fractions in Maths.  
Victorians has been our focus in Topic and we were lucky to be loaned a box of Victorian artefacts from the Royal Cornwall Museum.  The children were amazed that a quill and ink were used when writing.  We have also learnt about what it was like as a child growing up in this time period.
Year 3's have gone to Camp Kernow and we are sure they will have a fantastic time.  
Enjoy the weekend.
Wheal Martyn  (3.5.18)
What a brilliant start too the week.  We had an amazing trip to the Wheal Martyn Clay Museum, the sun was shining, (although it was a bit chilly).  The children got to dress up as Bal Maiden's and Kettle Boy's, try some of the tools that were used to dig out the china clay as well as find out what objects contain the china clay.  Did you know that it is found in toothpaste, medicine and make-up!
After lunch we had a long walk around the country park and up to a working clay pit.  It was very tiring but our guide was very informative and we learnt all about the different machinery used and the family who owned Wheal Martyn.  
In English we have written a recount of our day trip using lots of adjectives and verbs to make our writing more interesting.  Fractions has also been our focus this week, in Maths.  We can now add and subtract different fraction amounts.
We had a surprise visit on Friday from Steve Double,  our local MP.  He spoke to the children about plastic pollution and ways that Parliament are trying to cut down on the amount of plastic that is being used by MP's.
What an interesting week we have had.  Enjoy the sunny long weekend.
Stone Age - Anglo-Saxons  (26.4.18)
Well we had a whistle stop tour of history! Starting with the stone age and building Stonehenge with biscuits.  Next came the Roman's and we focused on the Roman army and designed our own shields.  We then looked at life of an Anglo-Saxon child and wrote a diary entry for them.
Fractions has been our focus in Maths which has been tricky but we have done really well and are now comparing different fractions.
We attended a Bible exploration workshop, looking at different stories from the Bible.  Which was really interesting.  Finally finishing the week with a game of cricket in PE.
Enjoy your weekend.
Summer term (19.4.18)
Welcome back to the Summer term and its great too see the sun finally making an appearance. 
Our new topic this term is `What does the future hold?' We had a brilliant start to this week with the children designing inventions for the future.  They worked in small teams, designed an invention and then got to make them (which was the exciting part).  We then made a powerpoint presentation of our invention, what it does and how much it would cost.  The teams then presented this and their models to the rest of the class.  They were amazing, we had robots, houses of the future and flying cars as well as a never ending ice cream machine and a robot operated restaurant.  The children had a brilliant time working in teams and inventing new machines etc. 
Also this week we have been learning fractions in Maths and writing a story in English.  We have also learnt about the stone age period and the building of Stonehenge.  The fun part was when we made our own version of Stonhenge using biscuits and chocolate icing.
Finishing a great week playing cricket with Mr Bone.
Have a sunny weekend.
Easter week  (29.3.19)
What a brilliant end to a fantastic term.  We have made Easter cards, learnt and written the Easter story and had an Easter Communion.  Finishing the week with our Easter egg roll.  
The children have all worked extremely hard this term and we are very proud of all the progress they have made.  Our topic, `Why are animals important?'  has been a fascinating project and we have learnt some amazing facts about different animals as well as visiting the zoo and a farm/country show.  
Spring term has been brilliant and we wish you all a lovely Easter break and look forward to welcoming the children back for their last term with us.
Mrs Cleaves and Mrs Manton
 Farm and country show (22.3.18)
We had an exciting beginning of the week with more snow, we couldn't believe how lovely everything looked in the snow, but unfortunately it all disappeared too quickly. 
What an amazing day we had yesterday at the Farm and country show at Wadebridge showground.  There was so much to see and do that the time just flew by.  We got to hold day old chicks, stroke some sheep, lambs and calves.  We also pretended to milk a cow, make Cornish pasties, butter and bread and sample some ice-cream.  There was farm machinery, bee keepers, butchers and we found out how different vegetables are grown.  Unfortunately we run out of time so could not see it all.
We finally finished our week with Mr Bone playing tag rugby.
Enjoy your weekend.
Where do animals come from? (15.3.18)
This was the question that was put to the children this week.  First the children learnt about the different continents around the World.  Then they looked at which animal lives where in the World before constructing their own maps showing the animals and their natural habitats.
It has been science week and we were very lucky to have a GP visitor who spoke to the children about her job and we were able to use some of her instruments to look at each others eyes, ears and listen to their heartbeat. 
We have written some amazing pieces of dazzle writing this week and are really proud of all the children's hard work.  Also this week we have been learning poetry and performed/rapped some poems as groups in front of the rest of the class.
Finally finishing the week with a sunny PE lesson with Mr Bone, which we always enjoy.
Have a nice weekend.
World book day (9.3.18)
What an amazing week, the children were so excited to talk about their snow adventures last week.  From their stories they all had a brilliant time.
We completed our animal facts in English ready for our books that we are producing.  The children have found some brilliant information on the different animals.
On Thursday we had a visit from an athlete and completed some circuit training.  He then gave an inspirational talk about being an athlete.  He was a high jumper and can jump over 2 metres.
World book day was finally held on Friday.  Thank you for dressing up your child, they looked fantastic, with characters from Mr Fox to a Star Wars trooper.  On the day we wrote a story, made our own books and read to Rainbows children.
We also made some special Mothers day cards and wish all the Mums a Happy Mothers day.
Have a great weekend.
Newquay Zoo and snow!   (1.3.18)
Wow what a week!  A great start on Monday with our delayed trip to Newquay Zoo.  With the weather being a bit chilly, we wrapped up warm and were able to see lots of different animals, (although some were hibernating) and we attended a workshop on the classification of animals.  The lions were very entertaining with the male playing football and the two females kept chasing him.  The penguins were enjoying the cold weather and the meerkats found a bit of sun and were all standing up and sunbathing!
On Wednesday morning we were invited to the opening of the new park area in Open Meadows, the children had their photos taken by the St Austell Voice and had a quick go on the equipment before heading back to the warm.  We then had to close the school due to the snow.  The children were really excited to be able to play in the snow and we hope they had lots of fun.
Enjoy a snowy weekend.
Back to school (21.2.18)
We hope you all enjoyed your half term holiday.  We had a bit of sunshine but the time flew by.
This week the children have been learning interesting facts about different animals in English.  Did you know that sharks have lots of rows of teeth, so they are replaced if they lose one. Elephant brains are 4 times bigger than a humans!  These facts will be written up by the children to compile their own non-fiction book.
In Maths we are focusing on money - the different types and how to use different `mental' methods of addition to calculate amounts.
Finishing our exciting week with a PE lesson with Mr Bone in the sunshine.
We are looking forward to our trip to Newquay Zoo on Monday.
Have a great weekend.  
End of half term (8.2.18) 
This half term has flown by and the children have all worked extremely hard.  The highlight of this week has been the snow which we rushed out to enjoy on Tuesday.  Unfortunately this snow then caused us to cancel our trip to the zoo, (which we are hoping to reschedule next half term).
Perimeter has been our focus in Maths and how to calculate it.  We was working out the perimeter of all different shapes and sizes.
We have written our own stories in English and there was some very good adventure stories written.
The year 4 children enjoyed their final rugby lesson and we have learnt how to say different animal names in French.  We then drew some fabulous animal pictures and labelled them in French.
We won the attendance popcorn party on Friday and what a brilliant way to celebrate the end of half term.
We hope you all enjoy a great holiday.
Surfers against Sewage  (2.2.18)
This week we investigated surfers against sewage as part of our topic work.  Using the internet we was able to find information concerning this action group and how they are trying to protect our beautiful beaches and sea.  The latest campaign aims to reduce the amount of plastic used in Schools.  With an estimated 6 million pieces of plastic ending up in the sea/ocean around the World each day, we decided that we should help reduce this amount.  
We have innovated and written the class story, the children worked really hard on this and have come up with some great stories  We are beginning to learn about measurements in Maths, from cm to km's and learning how to work out the perimeter of an area.
Our artistic talents came out during the RE lesson, when we used oil pastels to draw Jesus's baptism and depicting God in the pictures in the form of the Holy Spirit.
Finally finishing a hectic week with year 4 children continuing with their Rugby lesson and we all took part in Athletics on Friday.
Have a great weekend.
Animals (25.1.18)
We have been investigating the different types of animals in Science this week.  We have learnt about the different types of skeleton and animals ie. mammal, bird, reptile, amphibians and fish.  Did you know that a dolphin is a mammal and not a fish!  
In English we have been writing our own versions of our class story, small talk and we are beginning to look at measuring in Maths.  Can you measure how tall you are in cm and mm?
The year 4 children have enjoyed their rugby coaching and we all had fun with Mr Bone practising our athletics.  We also had a surprise visitor on Friday, in the form of a very old tortoise.  He was 70 years old but very active across our carpet.
Enjoy your weekend.
Forgiveness (18.1.18)
Our Christian value for this half term is Forgiveness.  We talked about the bible story of `The Prodigal Son,' and how the father forgave his son.  We then discussed how important it is to forgive and came up with a word bank of words for forgiveness.
In Literacy we are learning the story of Small talk, about a chimpanzee called Charlie and innovating this story.
Maths has been very tricky with division, but we have been working really hard and getting on well.
Year 4's enjoyed rugby on Thursday.
Have a good weekend.
Cornish Pirates  (12.1.18)
What an amazing surprise for the year 4 children, over this half term Mr Daysh has organised for the Cornish Pirates to come in and teach the children rugby.  All the children really enjoyed the session and are looking forward to it next week.  We are also lucky on a Friday Mr Bone comes in and this half term he is teaching us athletics.  We are going to be super sporty!
Division has been our focus in Maths, it's always tricky starting a new Maths topic but we are getting the hang of it.  In English we have been doing some special 'dazzle' writing,  We have also written a cold task of a rags to riches story.
As part of our topic work, we have been looking at nutrition and healthy eating for humans and animals.  Did you know that we should be eating 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, to help us stay healthy.
We have all enjoyed our first full week of a new year.
Have a good weekend.
Happy New Year  (4.1.18)
Happy New Year everyone.  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a restful break.  This term our topic is Why are animals important?  For our first day back we had a pet therapy dog in and the owner explained that her dog is taken to different schools and organisations to help people.  He was a very cute pug dog!  In the afternoon we watched a video on the Blue Planet about animals around the World.   We have also produced our own watercolour pictures of different animals. 
Friday we are now learning different athletic sports with Mr Bone, which is always lots of fun.
What a short week.  Have a good weekend.