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  • Please encourage your child to read at home every day.
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thank you.
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Minack Theatre   (23.6.17)
Wow it has been so hot this week, so we have all been drinking lots of water and trying to stay a bit cool.  It has been nice seeing the sun shine though.
Why are dragons extinct, has been our explanation text that we have been working on in English.  As well as looking at line and bar graphs in Maths.
We have been busy practising for our performance at the Minack.  The children have been getting really excited about our trip and by Friday they couldn't wait to go.  It was a beautiful day, (not too hot), everyone was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  What a wonderful experience to both perform on the Minack stage and to watch a play, with the backdrop of a deep, blue sea.  Well worth a visit for everyone.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Welcome back (16.6.17)
The children were really excited to share all their news from their holidays.  We are glad that you all had a wonderful time.
Our first week has flown by.  We are looking at explanation texts this half term and why the Minotaur is extinct.  Subtraction has been the focus in Maths with some children doing 4 digit numbers.
We are getting excited by our Minack trip next week.  The children are acting a short play to the other classes at the Minack before we watch a performance ourselves, so we have been busy practising.
With Father's day on Sunday the children have made a lovely surprise for their special Dad's, which I'm sure they will like.  We finished the week playing cricket with Gary in the sunshine.  What could be better.
Wishing you all a lovely sunny weekend and Father's day.
Camp week (26.5.17)
Our final week of half term has seen the camps for year 3's and year 4's.  The children were very excited (and tired) upon their return to school.  From all their news they certainly had an amazing time at both camps. The children that stayed in school also had lots of fun from PE activities to pond dipping in our secret garden.
It has been lovely seeing the sun shines and we made the most of this in maths.  We surveyed the playground making a tally sheet of all the mini beast we could find.  On our return to class we compiled a bar chart of how many bugs we had found.  Ants came top as we found a big nest of them.
We hope you all have a wonderful half term holiday.
Prayer week/Assessment week (18.5.17)
It has been prayer week in school, with a special prayer room set up in the hall and a reflection area in our secret garden.  We have also written our own prayers and hung them up outside.
Also it has been a challenging week as the children have completed assessments.  We are extremely proud of all of them and how hard they have worked. 
We have managed some fun too, swimming for year 3's on Tuesday.  Due to camp next week the year 3's will be going swimming on Tuesday 13th June, to complete their distance badges.  Mr Bone came in on Friday to teach us cricket, which is always lots of fun.
As part of our topic work we looked at ancient Greek soldiers.  We then designed our own Greek shield and are beginning to make them.
It's been a bit of a wet week but hopefully the sun will shine for you all at the weekend.
Science (12.5.17)
This week has flown by in a flurry of activities and hard work.  Our focus in Maths has been column addition with up to 4 and 5 digit numbers.  We have continued to write our stories in English, with lots of suspense and intrigue.  We composed our own pieces of music for our topic as well as making our own flutes.
Year 3 swimmers were brilliant on Tuesday and all are making fantastic progress and are enjoying their lessons. 
We composed our own pieces of music for our topic as well as making our own flutes.  On Friday was Science day we looked at how sounds are made and then investigated what sounds we could hear outside.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Greek Pottery (5.5.17)
We visited St Austell College on Wednesday and had lots of messy fun.  The children really enjoyed making and decorating their Greek pots.  We then went on to make some wall hangings using two different types of clay.  The college is kindly going to fire and glaze them for us ready for us to take home.
It has been a sporty week with swimming for the year 3's, it's only their second week and they are already making progress.  We then did PE in the lovely sunshine and cricket with Mr Bone at the end of the week. 
In Literacy we have began to write our own Myth stories and have learnt about place value in Maths.  Greek Amphitheatres was our topic and we looked at how similar the Minack theatre is.  Did you know that plays put on at the theatre originated from the Ancient Greeks!
It was a short week but we continue to work hard.  Enjoy the weekend.
Hall for Cornwall (28.4.17)
Wow, what an amazing performance.  We are so proud of all the children that took part in the show, they are all superstars.  The steel pans were really tricky to learn, but how fantastic did they sound. 
Also this week we have designed our own monsters for our innovations, of the class story and thought of some good adjectives to describe them.
In Maths we learnt about weighing and using scales to see how many grams and kilograms different items weigh.  We have also designed our own piece of Greek pottery, which we will be making next week at St Austell College.  Finally we played netball in PE which was lots of fun.
Have s really lovely sunny, long weekend.
Summer Term (21.4.17)
Welcome back to Summer.
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break, the children were all excited to tell us what they had been doing over the holidays.
This term our immersive topic is the Ancient Greeks and how they changed the world.  We started by finding out what the children already know about them.  The Ancient greek alphabet was used to write our names and made bookmarks.  The story we are learning in English is Theasus and the Minotaur, so we paper mached Minotaur masks and then painted them.  Next week we are looking forward to visiting Cornwall college to make Greek pottery.
It was only 4 days this week but we have been extremely busy.
Enjoy a sunshine weekend.
Easter  (31.3.17)
What an amazing end of term, we can not believe that we have completed two terms already.  Everyone has enjoyed the immersive topic (The Caribbean), this term and are looking forward to the next one. 
We are so proud of all the children and the brilliant progress they are making and finished our week with our Easter egg roll on the pitch. 
We wish you all a happy and safe Easter break.
Design and Technology (24.3.17)
This week has been making, making, making.  We started with designing and building pirate ships with different materials.  Then we tested them to see if they floated or sunk (even in rough seas!!)
As it's a special day on Sunday, the children have made a lovely card for all their Mum's.  Also after designing our habitat boxes, we were busy cutting, drawing and sticky underwater scenes, forests and fields.  They were brilliant.
Year 3 children visited Carclaze school and made Stone Age cave pictures and necklaces.  Then on Friday year 4 children attended a Superheroes workshop at Carclaze.
Finally there was lots of red children for red nose day.  It really brightened the School.
We wish all the Mum's a Happy Mother's day on Sunday.
Under the sea (17.3.17)
We have explored under the Caribbean sea and looked at all the wonderful, colourful fish and sea creatures that live in the wam, turquoise sea.  Then we drew and painted our own under water, magical scene.
Thank you for all the empty boxes.  We have designed our `habitats' and are looking forward to creating them in the next couple of weeks.
Holy week has been our RE focus, with Easter approaching the children have been learning all about the Easter story.
We had an unexpected bonus on Friday with an additional athletics session with Mr Bone, which is always lots of fun.  Can you please ensure your childs PE kit is in school.  Thank you.
Have a good weekend, (let's hope for abit of sunshine!)
Newquay aquarium (10.3.17)
What an amazing day we all had at the aquarium.  The children were all fantastic and enjoyed seeing the different fish especially when they fed the blind turtle!  We also had a very informative session about rock pool creatures and were able to touch a real starfish, which was both spiky and slimy (felt very strange)  Did you know that when a starfish loses a leg, it grows another one.  We ended the day with some games on the beach.  It was tiring but a really good day.
Enjoy your weekend.
Olympic sports and World book day (2.3.17)
We have had such a busy week, but have had lots of fun too.  With World Maths day on Wednesday we entered a Maths challenge with the rest of the children in year 3's and 4's, some of the questions were tricky and we were up against the clock!
We performed our class story on Monday to an audience.  The children were brilliant and helped each other when they were a bit unsure.  We are now innovating the story and have written the opener.
The Olympic champion on Thursday certainly put us through our paces with lots of different exercise challenges.  We were feeling exhausted afterwards.
Finally we were able to rest of Friday by wearing our pyjamas to school.  We read to each other and other classes as well as enjoying squash and biscuits with our parents at the end of the day.
Have a great weekend.
Pirates of the Caribbean (22.2.17)
Aargh me hearties!!
What a brilliant start to the week.  They are looked amazing in their pirate costumes and we did pirate aerobics, went on a pirate treasure hunt in the local park and played some pirate games.  The children then wrote some fantastic stories about finding some pirate treasure.  We have also made our own `old' treasure maps!
Maths has been very tricky and has made us all think.  However, they have all worked really hard on expanded and column subtraction and have made brilliant progress.
Our new class story is based on Pirates of the Caribbean and we are currently practising it for the story competition on Monday.
Thursday 2nd March,  we will be competing in a sports challenge, please can you ensure your child has their PE clothes in school.
Friday 3rd March, it is World book day we are asking for the children to dress in their pyjamas.
Thank you for your continued support.  Have a good weekend.