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  • Please encourage your child to read at home every day.
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thank you.
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Summer Term (21.4.17)
Welcome back to Summer.
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break, the children were all excited to tell us what they had been doing over the holidays.
This term our immersive topic is the Ancient Greeks and how they changed the world.  We started by finding out what the children already know about them.  The Ancient greek alphabet was used to write our names and made bookmarks.  The story we are learning in English is Theasus and the Minotaur, so we paper mached Minotaur masks and then painted them.  Next week we are looking forward to visiting Cornwall college to make Greek pottery.
It was only 4 days this week but we have been extremely busy.
Enjoy a sunshine weekend.
Easter  (31.3.17)
What an amazing end of term, we can not believe that we have completed two terms already.  Everyone has enjoyed the immersive topic (The Caribbean), this term and are looking forward to the next one. 
We are so proud of all the children and the brilliant progress they are making and finished our week with our Easter egg roll on the pitch. 
We wish you all a happy and safe Easter break.
Design and Technology (24.3.17)
This week has been making, making, making.  We started with designing and building pirate ships with different materials.  Then we tested them to see if they floated or sunk (even in rough seas!!)
As it's a special day on Sunday, the children have made a lovely card for all their Mum's.  Also after designing our habitat boxes, we were busy cutting, drawing and sticky underwater scenes, forests and fields.  They were brilliant.
Year 3 children visited Carclaze school and made Stone Age cave pictures and necklaces.  Then on Friday year 4 children attended a Superheroes workshop at Carclaze.
Finally there was lots of red children for red nose day.  It really brightened the School.
We wish all the Mum's a Happy Mother's day on Sunday.
Under the sea (17.3.17)
We have explored under the Caribbean sea and looked at all the wonderful, colourful fish and sea creatures that live in the wam, turquoise sea.  Then we drew and painted our own under water, magical scene.
Thank you for all the empty boxes.  We have designed our `habitats' and are looking forward to creating them in the next couple of weeks.
Holy week has been our RE focus, with Easter approaching the children have been learning all about the Easter story.
We had an unexpected bonus on Friday with an additional athletics session with Mr Bone, which is always lots of fun.  Can you please ensure your childs PE kit is in school.  Thank you.
Have a good weekend, (let's hope for abit of sunshine!)
Newquay aquarium (10.3.17)
What an amazing day we all had at the aquarium.  The children were all fantastic and enjoyed seeing the different fish especially when they fed the blind turtle!  We also had a very informative session about rock pool creatures and were able to touch a real starfish, which was both spiky and slimy (felt very strange)  Did you know that when a starfish loses a leg, it grows another one.  We ended the day with some games on the beach.  It was tiring but a really good day.
Enjoy your weekend.
Olympic sports and World book day (2.3.17)
We have had such a busy week, but have had lots of fun too.  With World Maths day on Wednesday we entered a Maths challenge with the rest of the children in year 3's and 4's, some of the questions were tricky and we were up against the clock!
We performed our class story on Monday to an audience.  The children were brilliant and helped each other when they were a bit unsure.  We are now innovating the story and have written the opener.
The Olympic champion on Thursday certainly put us through our paces with lots of different exercise challenges.  We were feeling exhausted afterwards.
Finally we were able to rest of Friday by wearing our pyjamas to school.  We read to each other and other classes as well as enjoying squash and biscuits with our parents at the end of the day.
Have a great weekend.
Pirates of the Caribbean (22.2.17)
Aargh me hearties!!
What a brilliant start to the week.  They are looked amazing in their pirate costumes and we did pirate aerobics, went on a pirate treasure hunt in the local park and played some pirate games.  The children then wrote some fantastic stories about finding some pirate treasure.  We have also made our own `old' treasure maps!
Maths has been very tricky and has made us all think.  However, they have all worked really hard on expanded and column subtraction and have made brilliant progress.
Our new class story is based on Pirates of the Caribbean and we are currently practising it for the story competition on Monday.
Thursday 2nd March,  we will be competing in a sports challenge, please can you ensure your child has their PE clothes in school.
Friday 3rd March, it is World book day we are asking for the children to dress in their pyjamas.
Thank you for your continued support.  Have a good weekend.
Maths challenge  (9.2.17)
Well we have completed lots of assessments this week and the children have all been amazing stars.  They have worked really hard, so we had lots of golden time on Friday afternoon.
Also this week we have learnt how to calculate perimeters of a shape, written a newspaper report and found out about a slave that was captured in Africa when he was only 11 years old and taken to the Caribbean.
In Science we have continued with our planet investigation and also looked at the life cycle of a plant.
Two children represented our class in assembly for the Maths challenge and did fantastically.  It was abit daunting standing in front of the rest of the school and answer maths questions.
It has been an extremely busy week, but we do have some fun in between.
We hope you all have a wonderful break.
Bug busting day (2.1.17)
We took part in National bug busting day on Tuesday.  The children came in with some very strange hairdos!!   But all looked brilliant, thank you.  We spent the afternoon doing different activities with regards to head lice and your child should of brought home a comb.
In Maths we have focused on length and measuring accurately.  The children raced cars and then measured, using a tape measure, how far they had travelled.  We are also learning this week about plants in Science, the different parts and we will be conducting an experiment to see what they need to grow. 
Friday is always fun day with Mr Bone, competing different athletic activities.
A letter was sent home this week with regards the KS2 performance at the Hall for Cornwall.  Please can you complete this and return as soon as possible.
Enjoy a blustery weekend.
Charlestown Church (26.1.17)
On Tuesday we visited Charlestown church, to find out about the different parts that form the church inside.  It was a long walk but the children was really good and interested in looking around the old church.  In RE we compiled our own churches and drew the different parts and wrote what they are used for, ie, font, altar and pulpit.
In Science we are investigating plants and learnt about the different parts of a plant.  Column addition was our focus in Maths, with 2, 3 and 4 digits, (very tricky but we persevered).
We have now moved on with our story and are writing our own fable based on `The boy who called wolf.'
This has been a really busy week, but all the children have worked hard and making fantastic progress.
Enjoy your weekend.
Christopher Columbus (20.1.17)
We have learnt all about Christopher Columbus in History and how he was an explorer in the 1500's.  
Continuing with our volcanoes, we made our own paper mache ones and decorated them.  When dry we filled up the middle with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, fairy liquid and vinegar and watched them erupt.  It was amazing to.
Our Maths was very tricky as we were using the grid and ladder methods to work out some complicated multiplication questions.  All the children tried their best with this and made really good progress.  In English we are innovating our class story, some of us are writing a story on how the elephant got his long trunk. 
We thought about our own special place and how it makes us feel.  Then we visited different places around the school.  Our favourite was the secret garden, as we found it really relaxing and peaceful in the sunshine.
Athletics on Friday, with Mr Bone was amazing, especially as the sun was shinning.
Hope the sun continues to shine for you over the weekend.
Volcanoes   (12.1.17)
Our focus in topic work this week has been all about volcanoes.  We looked at how a volcano is formed, what the different types are and wrote a chronological report on volcanoes.  Did you know that the highest volcano is named Mauna Loa and is located in Hawaii, (it is also active!)
We have learnt about different fractions in Maths and began to innovate our class story of Anansi.  The children performed this story on Tuesday and were fantastic, remembering all the actions and words. 
Some of our year 4 children took part in an Athletic competition and did amazingly.  Whilst some children have had the chance to have a go at playing a steel drum, and will continue that over the next few weeks.
We have all had a brilliant week and continue to work hard. 
Have a super weekend.  I wonder if we will have snow?
Welcome Back to Spring Term (6.1.17)
We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.  Welcome to 2017 and the start of a new term.
Our topic will be the Caribbean and we started this by boarding a flight to the Caribbean.  It was really exciting and a smooth flight.  On arriving in the Caribbean we tasted local food and drinks, listened and played some music as well as finding out where the Islands are located in the World.  Our Classroom has also taken on an Island feel!  We have also studied the physical features of the UK and St Lucia and compared them.
The story of Anansi is what we are learning in English, (which is a fable). In Maths we have been focusing on place value.  Finishing the week with Mr Bone and PE, which is always lots of fun.
We have enjoyed a busy first week in Phoenix and definitely need to enjoy this weekend.
Christmas week (16.12.16)
Wow we have made it, its finally our last week of term and Christmas week.  The children (and staff), are so excited and can't wait for Christmas.  We have been working in between all the fun activities, with finishing our reports on a creature in English and learning about the different properties of a 3d shape in Maths.
We watched the other classes performances as well as showing the rest of the school our own play.  We had Secret Santa, with a great big thank you to all the PTA Elves that made this possible.  Everyone enjoyed picking out special gifts for you all.
A thank you also to Chartwells for cooking us a special Christmas dinner, which was delicious.  We then had a surprise visit from Santa.  Finishing the week with BB's got talent, which could give Britain's got talent a run for its money.
Thank you very much for all the kind cards and gifts.  We wish everyone an amazing Christmas and a very Happy New Year.                      Mrs Cleaves and Mrs Manton
Christingle (8.12.16)
What an amazing week we have had.  It has been really hectic, but full of exciting activities.  We started the week by making Christingles for our service at Truro Cathedral on Tuesday.  The children were brilliant and performed our song, Top of the World to a packed audience.  Wednesday, we were lucky to have a Christmas treat to the cinema.  A really big thank you to the PTA for funding this trip.  The year 4 children competed for their swimming badges and did amazingly.  All have made brilliant progress with their swimming.  We finally finished the week with our performances.  It was lovely seeing so many of you in the audience.  How brilliant were the children, they looked fantastic in their costumes and performed really well.
Have a great weekend, only 2 more until Christmas.
Nativity (2.12.16)
Busy, busy , busy is what we have been this week.  The school and our classroom is looking very festive and we got very excited opening our advent calendar on the 1st.  There has also been lots of singing both for our performance and the Christingle service on Tuesday.   Our play is brilliant and we are so proud of all the children, especially those that have lines to learn.
Have you ever heard of the Cornish Frost Dragon, he likes to live in North Cornwall.  We have all made up our own creatures and have begun to write a report about them in English.
Enjoy your weekend, only 3 more until Christmas.
Basketball champions  (25.11.16)
It's a month to Christmas today and we have been busy practising for our performance.  The children should have all brought home what they will be in the play and any words they have to learn.  We would appreciate if your child can bring their costumes in by Monday 5th December. (Thank you).  If you wish to discuss this please pop in and see Mrs Cleaves or Mrs Manton.
Division has been our focus in Maths, looking at the inverse to division, (multiplication) and how to work out the answer using the number line method.  We are also now looking at report writing in English and learning about the Manchester Ridgeback!!  (Our own made up creature, they don't really exist, or do they?)
In Science we had fun with torches and how shadows are made.  We ended the lesson having a go at making hand shadow puppets on the board.  We really enjoyed basketball with Mr Bone, our control of the ball is improving and we had a go at throwing some baskets into the net, with some success.
Have a great weekend.
Pudsey Bear (17.11.16)
Yipee, our next celebration will be Christmas in 4 weeks time!!!!  We have started this celebration with our Christmas performance, Big, Bad, Ben of Bethlehem.  Tickets are on sale next week, so we look forward to seeing many of you in the audience, its only 3 weeks away.
Continuing our topic, we have looked at different celebrations throughout the World.  Did you know there is a lantern festival in Thailand every November, where thousands of lanterns are released into the night sky.
Our Maths has been a bit tricky this week, learning different methods to do subtractions, ie. column, line and expanded methods.  We continued our stories in Literacy and concentrated on the resolution and ending.
Also it has been anti-bullying week and the children have produced a superhero to tackle bullying.  We had a special assembly to talk about bullying.  In Science we have looked at light and dark and what makes shadows.
What a way to finish the week, celebrating children in need.  Everyone looked amazing in their costumes on what they want to be when they grow up.  Thank you also for all the cakes donated for our day.
Enjoy the weekend and the St Austell lantern parade.
Bonfire night (10.11.16)
This weeks celebration has been bonfire night.  The children were all keen to tell us about all the different fireworks they saw on bonfire night.  The skies above St Austell were lit up with a rainbow of colours. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.
We performed our class story to an audience and were fantastic.  We are now innovating our Rama and Sita story by changing the setting and characters.  We are focusing on different openers for our sentences as well as lots of description.  Also this week we have been learning addition using partitioning and column methods and why Maths is so important in everyday life. Composing dazzling fireworks pictures in Art and basketball in PE with Mr Bone.  Our year 4 children have also enjoyed their first swimming lesson.
Have a good weekend.
Diwali (4.11.16)
Welcome back to our run up to Christmas and our new topic.  This half term our question topic is What is a celebration?  We started this by looking at Diwali, which is the festival of lights.  Our story in English is about Rama and Sita and the 10 headed demon Ravanna.  We were lucky to watch a performance of the story, acted out by our teachers.  This is a Hindu story and why Diwali is celebrated.
In Maths we have been learning about different fractions.  Also this week we have learnt how to ask a persons name and reply in French as well as have a short conversation and produce our own fireworks safety poster.
Enjoy Bonfire night and stay safe.