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Please remember to apply your child's sun cream before they come to school if the weather is hot! If your child wishes to bring their own sun hat to school, please ensure this is labelled with their name.
Many thanks!

7th July 2017


We’ve really enjoyed practising for Sports Day this week! We’ve particularly enjoyed the spider race, the bean bag throw and the sprint race. May we please remind parents to ensure their child’s PE kit is labelled and in school each day next week so we can continue to support them to dress independently in preparation for next Friday’s Sports Day. Many thanks for your continued support.


In Maths this week, we have been ‘showing what we know’ using a number line to add and subtract independently. Miss Jane was impressed with how we applied our prior knowledge and skills in some quite challenging number problems. Some children even asked for some ‘trickier’ calculations and even began making up some problems for each other.


We also began sharing what we have learnt about Africa during the Summer term and have been filming our documentary. We reflected upon everything we had learnt about schools in Africa, jewellery, traditions and African song and dance.


We hope to see as many of our parents and carers at our reception graduation on Tuesday 18th July at 2pm. Have a lovely weekend!


23rd June 2017


We've had a fun-filled week painting our African pots we made from clay now they are dry. We thought really carefully about which patterns and colours we were going to use and it was interesting listening to the children talk about the spares and repeating patterns they were going to make. 


Thank you again to the parents and carers who supported their children in making their fantastic 3D African homes. We were amazed at the time and care which had clearly been invested into making the homework unique. We shared these throughout the week and the children were very proud. We've chosen to display them across the classroom.


A small group of children investigated money by setting up a small shop in the garden this week. It was interesting to watch them weighing items and exchanging money with their peers through engaging role play. 


Yesterday, another large group of children decided to design and make an obstacle course. They used large pieces of paper and listed the materials they'd need and even wrote how they'd make their obstacle course. This interest continued throughout the day and we have decided that today, we will return to the secret garden to make these obstacle courses in our small groups if we wish to. 


16th June 2017


What a busy first week back we have had! On Monday, we settled back into school after two weeks off and were set the challenge of writing about our holiday news. We worked really carefully on checking our sentences for finger spaces, capital letters and full stops too and Miss Jane has been really impressed about how independent we have become at using the sound charts to check our work.


Our fine motor skills challenge this week was to complete a game of jenga with a small group of friends. Each time we had to carefully pull out one of the blocks, we had to read the number sentence which was written on it and work out whether it was a subtraction or an addition problem. We then independently added our names to the leader board with the number problems we had solved using objects or a number line.


We’ve really enjoyed busy learning time in our newly decorated outdoor area this week. We have been busy helping to sweep the decking and have become familiar with the expectations in each area. During Plan, Learn, Review this week, we have talked quite a lot about our learning dinosaurs; Tryatops, Thinkasaurus, Explorator and Prideasaurus. We’ve worked hard to think about how each dinosaur learns, explores new things and tries their very best during busy learning and have been really eager to be awarded with classroom dojo points for showing and talking about some of these characteristics of effective learning.


In RE this week, we discussed God’s wonderful world and made a list of idea about how we can respect and care for the things he made for us. We had some interesting discussions about littering and how to look after animals and talked about the importance of caring for each other as well as the things in God’s creation.  Miss Jane was really impressed with the way the children listened to each other’s contributions and responded to each other’s thoughts and ideas.



26th May 2017


What a brilliant week we have had enjoying the sunshine! On Wednesday, we went to Newquay zoo and the children were brilliantly behaved. We did an amazing African animal workshop and got the opportunity to learn about the habitats of African animals. We held a millipede, a cockroach and an African snail and learnt about how they survive in the desert and rainforest. Many thanks to the parents and carers who kindly offered to join us for the day to support us.


On Thursday and Friday we made the most of the beautiful weather and took our learning outside for the majority of the day. We went to the secret garden and did our ‘Big Write’ on clipboards and explored Aborigine art on giant pieces of card. We used bright colours and thought carefully about the colours and patterns we created to copy the work of some African artists. We also made clay masks on the trees and set off into teams to collect sticks, flowers and stones to add the features of our a face.


This week’s homework created by the children with the support of their families at home was yet again, extremely impressive. It was wonderful to see how much thought and care the children had put into designed their African masks and necklaces. Some used pasta and others used junk modelling. We took a lot of pride in sharing our work with our peers.



19th May 2017


This week our school celebrated prayer week and Rainbows had a lovely afternoon in the secret garden writing our own prayers to say thank you to God or ask for something to help others. We also thought about how special God’s Creation is and spent some time in the prayer area for Creation looking through books and photographs of the wonderful world.


In our immersive topic this week, we explored how some people carry water in Africa and the children were amazed at how different this is to how we get water so easily living here. We then thought of questions we wanted to ask the children in the video and labelled photographs of children in Mali collecting water from the well.


We’ve also had lots of fun inventing our own stories in Talk for Writing and have enjoyed listening to children tell stories about bat man, a beautiful princess called Belle and lots more. Some of us initiated telling stories in the reading corner using the story cape and also had a go at writing these story openers in our have-a-go books.


11th May 2017


Another busy week in Rainbows! We've been exploring African jewellery and looking closely at similarities and differences between traditional African art. After talking about the features of some traditional African jewellery, we had a go at planning, designing and painting our own in vibrant colours. They were really impressive and we can't wait to share them with you.


We've also been busy innovating our story 'Handa's Surprise' and have changed the characters and the special things our character put in his basket. We thought carefully about words to describe these characters, how they would look and what they would be like. On Friday, we'll be having a go at writing our own story using all of these ideas!


We're loving our new safari reading area and have spent some quiet time reading to each other. Meanwhile, a small group of us began creating obstacle courses and hurdles in the garden, which has been a theme which has continued throughout the week. We've been showing off our running and jumping skills and taking turns to organise our own relay races! This led on to an interesting discussion about our abilities and we even had a go at writing what we are particularly good at!


5th May 2017


This week we’ve been exploring how African animals survive and have learnt key vocabulary such as ‘predators’, ‘prey’ and ‘camouflage’. We looked closely at similarities and differences between the most common African animals, discussed our likes and dislikes and talked about and wrote key facts about those animals. On Thursday, we had an African animal quiz where we impressed our teachers with our knowledge. We were able to talk about the amazing eyesight of meerkats, the hunting routines of lionesses and how an elephant uses its trunk to survive.


 A huge group of us chose to take this learning further and work in small groups to write animal fact files. With minimal support, children chose who they worked with, which resources they needed and decided who was going to take on which role within the group. Our afternoons have been filled with finding photographs on the internet and then printing, cutting and sticking them. The children took turns to write captions and sentences about them with the use of their sound charts.


 On Friday we took our learning to Forest School where the story ‘Walking Through the Jungle’ came to life. The children had fun building homes and hiding the animals from the story in the secret garden. We also enjoyed eating snack there and talking about our weekend plans. Another busy week in Rainbows!


26th April 2017


Another very busy week in Rainbows! Thank you so much to parents and carers who supported their children in making the amazing 3D African animal models they brought in this week. We were amazed by how creative they were and how much time and effort had gone into creating them.


We’ve been exploring weight and capacity this week after showing an interest in measurement in the mud kitchen last week. We’ve talked about some of the terms used to describe capacity and have also had a go at making our own capacity measure. We’ve also had a go and making predictions about which containers would hold the most amount of liquid and which would hold the least. Some of us have then independently ordered two or more amounts by using the correct language to describe this.


We’ve been busy practising our story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ this week in preparation for performing it to the children in Key Stage Two. We’re becoming quite independent at retelling this story independently within minimal prompting from our teachers. It’s been a pleasure watching the children practise this in the reading corner with their friends too.



19th April 2017


This week, Rainbows class came to school dressed as safari explorers wearing binoculars, hats and camouflage. We spent the morning watching an African safari online and learnt some African playground games and songs. We were also lucky enough to welcome in a family from Tanzania, who taught us Swahili, showed us some African artefacts from their home and spoke about the similarities and differences between their home life and ours. We also had a go at looking at some traditional African art and tribal patterns! It was an extremely fun-filled day and a fantastic launch into our 'Amazing Africa' topic.


 24th March 2017


Another very busy week in Rainbows class this week! After finding a few worms in our garden last week, we decided to make our very own wormery. We helped each other collect sand, mud and gravel and created different layers so we could watch the worms travel as they would underground.


Some of us chose to make signs for our wormery with messages such as ‘Do not touch!’ and ‘Be careful with our worms.’ We had many questions we wanted to find out about them too, so write these down on post it notes and found out new information about what they eat and why they like the soil etc.


Asking questions and making comments about worms led to discussion about other minibeasts such as ladybirds and butterflies. So, in Maths we explored doubling and halving. Lots of us have had a go at recording our own number sentences by counting on in our heads to find the answer or by using a numberline.


On Monday afternoon, we welcomed many families into the classroom to observe our busy learning and look at our books and the progress we have made. Many thanks to those parents and carers who were able to join us – it was a wonderful afternoon.


Week beginning 6th March 2017


After a lovely end to the previous week with being dressed in our PJs and celebrating world book day, the children were enthusiastic to start a new week. It has been a very busy week although a bit wet!


We have been looking at what vegetables we could put in our mini allotment this week. The children were excited to have our own Mr Daysh came to visit us on Tuesday afternoon and talk about his allotment. He showed us some pictures of his enormous ground, his shed and his harvest. The children were fascinated to see all of the different vegetables and fruits that he harvests from the grounds, included are potatoes, onions, kale, beetroot, strawberries, pumpkins, cabbage and broccoli as well as his massive sunflower. Mr Daysh answered some super questions put to him by the children about his hobby.



The children have helped Mrs Prior get rid of all the weeds from our mini gardening area, using tools carefully and skilfully ready to plant some vegetables next week. They have also been filling some planters, filling with soil and making holes to place the runner bean seeds in to add to the gardening area. Our sunflowers are still growing at a super rate and next week we will transfer them out to the covered mobile greenhouse that Iszac and Miss Beckett made.


In RE, the children have been looking at pictures representing creation and what they think is amazing about our world. Miss Jane has been carefully questioning the children to think about what their ideas and opinions are and then the children have been sharing them with the other children learning to respect each other.


Mrs Prior and Miss Jane have the set up the dojo reward system in the class. The children get dojo points for tidying up quietly, helping one another, trying our hardest to work things out independently and for raising their hands. At the weekend, the dojos get counted up and added to their house total.


The teachers have shared looks of fiction and non-fiction books about plants this week. Favourites have been Supertato, Oliver’s Vegetables and We eat vegetables.


Week beginning 27th February 2017


What another busy week the Reception children have had!

The week began with the children retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, using different storytelling actions and expression. We have looked at words that describe the characters of Jack and the giant and had a go at writing them. The children have blown us away with their writing skills; they’ve had a go at writing speech bubbles, making signs for the giant’s castle and writing lists and labels for their models. We also had a visit from the big, bad giant and asked him lots of questions such as ‘Why did you chase Jack?’ and ‘How did you feel when Jack stole the gold?’


On Tuesday, the children participated in the whole school Pancake Race. The children found this hilarious and enjoyed cheering on all of the other children.


Wednesday was ‘World Maths Day’, so as a big class we explored some maths games and activities using the Topmarks website. The children demonstrated some fantastic maths skills; ordering numbers up to 20, counting beyond 20 and recognising numbers up to 100!! Well done Rainbows! This led onto the children using the learn pads during ‘busy learning’ to explore other maths programmes.


The children have explored using different media to draw pictures of daffodils. They have tried to remember the different parts of the plant and their jobs.


On Thursday we had the visit from the Great Britain Olympian, Anthony James. We took part in circuits with him!!!!


The children have been extremely busy helping the grown ups sort the area outside of our classroom. We are hoping they will continue this helpfulness and responsibility into the Spring Term.


23rd February 2017


What a brilliant start to this term we have had already this week! When we arrived at school on Monday, we discovered a giant, green beanstalk had taken over the classroom. We talked about where this may have come from and were told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We shared our own experiences of growing and added to our floor book about what we know already about growing. It was fantastic to hear that so many of us had already had experience of growing our own fruit with grandparents or in our own gardens.


Lots of us had a go at independently writing our ‘holiday news’ about what we had been doing during half term. Impressively, we independently used our sound charts and tricky red word list to help us and worked with our peers to use our ‘fred fingers’ if we got a little stuck!


In the building corner, we’ve been creating our own castles for the giant and have even written lists of materials we needed for our constructions! Some of us have used design sheets to in order to carefully plan our creations. We shared these during Plan, Learn, Review!


27th January 2017


What a busy week it has been in Rainbows! We have been very busy in the construction area this week designing and creating gingerbread houses with our peers. We had to design and label them before we got busy creating them and were encouraged to think carefully about which materials we would use and why.


Sensory play has been particularly popular this week. Lots of us have been busy acting out how to make bread as we were shown on our visit to Tesco last week. This led onto interesting discussion during circle time about the ingredients used to make bread, where wheat comes from and what other foods are made from wheat. Miss Jane and Miss Steele have noted some of the other questions we had about food and where it comes from and these questions will be used to explore the journey of food further next week!


We had a special letter delivered to us this week from the little old woman from the story of The Gingerbread Man. She explained that she needed our help working out the number of ingredients she will need to make gingerbread men by finding one less. Independently, we used our number lines to help us work out the problems she gave us and very impressively, had a go at recording this as a number sentence.


20th January 2017


Rainbows went to Tesco on Thursday to take part in their 'Farm to Fork' trail. We focused on 'ginger' throughout the trip which linked with our topic of 'Food' and our new story 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children were given a tour of the working bakery and watched how the machinery make bread dough. We all had a go at making our very own bread gingerbread man - the dough was really soft and the children loved kneading it to create gingerbread men. Our bread went into the big ovens to be cooked.


We also went to the dairy counter. We all tasted cheddar cheese which was really yummy. Claire-Louise, the leader of the 'Farm to Fork' trail also found us some cheese with ginger in. We had mixed opinions on the taste of that one!  At the end of the morning we went to the loading bays where the big lorries come in. Claire-Louise spoke to us about what produce comes in and where they have come from.


Miss Steele and Miss Jane would like to thank all the parents that helped on the trip, Claire-Louise from the 'Farm to Fork' trail and all of Rainbows children for their fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm throughout the day - the children really were a credit to our school!


13th January 2017


This week in Rainbows we performed the story of The Gingerbread Man in front of the juniors and Mrs Berry in the storytelling competition. Our teachers were really impressed with how we all participated in the storytelling with confidence and pride. We had lots of fun creating WANTED posters for the gingerbread man and we are now independently using sound charts and ‘fred fingers’ to help us sound out the words we want to write. We particularly focused on how we use finger spaces in our writing and some of us even had a go at adding full stops and capital letters to our writing.


In Maths, we explored addition using ingredients to make gingerbread men. We discussed how we can record addition problems through number sentences and once this had been modelled, we used concrete resources to have a go on our own.


We had a special class assembly this week focusing on forgiveness. Our class puppets retold us a story of the importance of forgiving others when they have upset you and we also spoke about how God forgives us for things we do in our lives. Some of our responses to what forgiveness means to us were ‘giving others second chances’ and ‘saying sorry to others’.


3rd January 2017


Firstly, a Happy New Year to you all! Rainbows have had a super first week back and it was lovely to hear what wonderful things the children have been doing over the festive period.


Our new story we are learning this term is The Gingerbread Man and on Wednesday, we all dressed up as little chefs to hook us into our new class story. We had a great time exploring all the different ingredients that make a Gingerbread man and the children particularly enjoyed having a go at cracking the eggs and squeezing the butter between their fingers! We described these ingredients using our senses and impressed our teachers and peers with the impressive descriptions we gave to describe the feel, look and smell of each ingredient.


Next week, we will take part in the ‘Bishop Bronescombe Storytelling Competition’ alongside the rest of the school. Already, the children are telling the story confidently with lots of actions – you may want to encourage us to tell this story at home to help us practise!


In Maths this week, we have been writing shopping lists with the number of each ingredient we need for our Gingerbread men. We have been trying particularly hard to make sure our numbers are formed correctly when we are recording too by using number lines to help us. You could help us recognise and write numbers at home too by looking for numbers when out and about!




 2nd December 2016


In Literacy this week, Rainbows have been learning about how we write a list. We had to write a list of things we would need to make vegetable soup. Miss Jane modelled sounding out and writing the names of some vegetables on the whiteboard first and then how to put these in a list. Next, we chose what vegetables we wanted to put in our soup and what other items we would need (‘a pan’, ‘a knife’, ‘a spoon’ etc.) and made our own lists. We thought about the letter sounds we have learned and our sound charts to support us in our writing


In Maths, we have had lots of fun learning about our 2D shapes and we talked about what was special about each of these. We had lots of fun spotting shapes in the outside environment and then drawing our own shapes or tracing around shapes with chalk in the playground. We even felt shapes that were hidden in ‘The Magic Bag’ and described them by talking about their corners and sides!



11th November 2016


Another extremely busy week in Rainbows! After learning the story of The Enormous Turnip so well, we decided to innovate it. We shared our favourite fruits and vegetables and talked about whether these are found in the ground or growing on trees. We then chose to change our story to The Enormous Carrot and set off imitating this story! We drew pictures of the vegetables we talked about and even attempted to label these using the sounds we have learnt so far.


We also began practising for our Christmas Nativity this week and have learnt five songs already! We look forward to telling you the important parts we are playing in the performance.


Our ‘Farm Shop’ has been very popular this week. We have loved using real money to purchase the real fruits and vegetables that are for sale in there and have impressed our teachers with how well we are developing our turn taking skills and cooperation with peers. We talked about how full or empty our baskets were, how much each items costs and next week we will attempt to write receipts for the purchases that are made!


4th November 2016


Whilst exploring the secret garden this week, we discovered a peculiar object in the ground. We spent a while making predictions and observations and sharing these with our peers, then Miss Jane told us the story of The Enormous Turnip. Some of us helped her retell the story by acting out the roles of the lazy dog, the lean cat and the timid mouse. We discovered it was the enormous turnip and had some interesting discussion about the other vegetables we know and eat.


In Maths, we used our story to explore the concept of finding one more than a given number. We were sent a letter from the old woman from the story who asked us to go to the farm shop and buy one more than the listed vegetables. Some of us were challenged to find two more than a given number. We then used our real money to purchase these items to help the old woman make her delicious vegetable soup.


As well as talking about why we celebrate firework night, we also began talking about our Christmas nativity this week which will take place on Tuesday 6th December this year at 10am and 2pm. Another extremely busy week!


21st October 2016


What a fun-filled and busy week we have had in Rainbows class. Following on from immersing into the story of the Three Little Pigs, we have been busy exploring the names and properties of different materials. We chose to design a new house suitable for the little pigs. We carefully and creatively designed our houses and some of us attempted to label the materials used to create the different parts of our houses. Miss Jane and Miss Steele were really impressed by the discussions we had amongst our peers about which materials we chose and why.


We were all very enthusiastic participating in this week’s fun run fundraiser. Thank you again to parents and carers who kindly donated money towards this.


In maths we have been exploring length and finding ways to order different lengths within our play. Some of us used some impressive mathematical language to describe the length and height of the materials they used when creating their houses for the little pigs and it was interesting to investigate our own heights in relation to our peers.


Finally, what a fantastic open morning we had this week when we welcomed our parents and families into school on Tuesday morning. We really enjoyed showing you our indoor and outdoor classroom and it was very exciting inviting you in to be involved in the learning which takes place in a typical morning. It was wonderful to see so many of you engaging in our learning alongside us and asking us questions about our learning too!


14th October 2016


This week in Rainbows we have continued to practise the skill of blending by being sent different challenges from the three little pigs. One of the challenges included completing a shopping list for mummy pig. We had to sound out the different items using Fred talk and most of us are now beginning to record these simple words independently! We’ve also been really proud of ourselves and the perseverance we have had with holding our pencils effectively.


We spent Friday afternoon outside acting out the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ creating sound effects and movements for the long, wavy grass and the thick, oozy mud. We also practised taking turns and being kind and patient with our friends by playing a few of our favourite circle time games – the game bug in a rug was our favourite!


In maths and through our playful learning we have explored the mathematical concept of patterns. We were really intrigued with how we can create and recognise patterns in our classroom using a range of resources and some of us created some quite complex repeating patterns! We then chose how we wished to take this learning forward; some of us painted repeating patterns in the creative corner and others used snap cubes!



30th September 2016


This week in Rainbows we have been busy learning our class story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We’ve been thinking about our storytelling actions and how these will help us to remember and retell the story and have also had lots of fun imitating the voices of the big, bad wolf.


We’ve also played lots of ‘Fred games’ this week. Our favourite has been ‘Fred says’, where Fred will say ‘Touch your ‘l-e-g’ or ‘P-a-t your head’. This is certainly helping us to blend words which will support our Fred talk for reading.

In the construction corner, we’ve been busy designing and building houses for the little pigs and acting out the part of the story where the wolf ‘huffs’ and ‘puffs’ to blow the house down. In Maths, we have been busy practising our number formation and recognition. Each morning, we have been taking our learning outside and chalking the numbers we have learnt on the playground using our number rhymes to help us.


In Collective Worship this week, we explored the meaning of ‘perseverance’ and what this means to us! We shared stories about times we’ve had to keep trying when things have got tricky and Miss Jane and Miss Steele talked about moments in the year so far where we have shown perseverance putting on a coat or holding a pencil correctly for example. A super week!


23rd September 2016


This week, we began phonics each morning! We practised holding our pencils and were really excited about writing in our new books. Already, we have the learnt the sounds ‘m’, ‘a’,‘s’,’d’ and ‘t’ and have been practising writing these new sounds outside using paintbrushes, chalking on large paper and painting our new sounds too! 


We also received a special letter on Friday from the big, bad wolf telling us to follow the clues and guess our new story. On our trail, we found bricks, sticks and wolf footprints which led us to the story map. We worked together to identify the story – we guessed correctly! Miss Jane told us the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and we began learning the actions to help us retell it. This led to interesting discussion about why the wolf was unable to blow down the house made of bricks, so next week we will use our ideas and questions to experiment with building structures. Another great week in Rainbows class!


16th September 2016


What a fantastic week we have had in Rainbows class! We have really enjoyed sharing special memories we have with our families and talking about the people who are important to us including brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and pets! This led to some interesting discussions about similarities and differences between ourselves and our peers and we spent time thinking about what makes us special. Our confidence talking in larger groups really impressed our teachers and we also established some important circle time expectations.

This week, we were introduced to Fred frog who we will be seeing more of next week when we begin our daily phonics sessions! Throughout the week, we have enjoyed the letters and sounds games we have played with him in preparation for this! We also attended our first Collective Worship assembly this week and Mrs Carmichael was particularly impressed with how we sat and engaged alongside children from Key Stage One and Two! A super second week!


9th September 2016


We warmly welcome you to Rainbows' Class page! What a fantastic first week of school it has been! We'd like to thank parents and carers for supporting us in this transition and have been really pleased with how well the children have settled into their new class. Our busy first week of school has involved creating our class expectations and becoming familiar with our new routines and the structure of the day. We've particularly enjoyed accessing our snack café throughout the day and are already developing independence with pouring our drinks, dressing into our waterproofs and wellington boots and choosing our delicious school dinners.

Next week, we begin focusing on our 'Who am I?' topic and will be continuing to talk about our homes and families and other people who are special to us. We will be talking to the children about our ‘Home Tree’ and we’d like to invite parents and carers to complete one of our ‘Hopes and Dreams leaves’ outlining what you wish for your children to achieve by the end of the year. We look forward to week two!