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General Information
If you would like your child's reading book changed please put it in the box on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning.
We collect homework books in on a Tuesday and give them back out again on a Thursday. 

Week beginning 5th February 2018


This week in Rainbows we have begun our planning meetings, where children meet with their key person to discuss what they have enjoyed learning, what they have been particularly interested in and what they would like to learn about next. This was extremely successful and we were really impressed with the questions the children formulated as a result of their reflection.


Mixing colours has been a predominant theme this week. The children have used a range of tools to mix gloop and different coloured paints to explore what happens as a result. We have also noted that a lot of the children have been interested in small world play with the dinosaurs. Some children have even taught their peers the names of the different dinosaurs! We decided to lead the children in these emerging interests, so enjoyed some guided art sessions on Friday morning. The children used watercolours to create their own interpretations of different types of dinosaurs.


We had the idea of writing letters to Goldilocks this week, after talking in depth about the feelings of the bears. It was great to see children using the ‘Help! I’m stuck!’ board to access finger spaces and sound charts independently to support their writing.


We hope you enjoy a wonderful half term.



Week beginning 29th January 2018


Another busy week in Rainbows! We decided to have a teddy bear’s picnic this week, so got busy writing invitations to our favourite toys by carefully sounding out words. On Thursday, we organised the picnic and invited our toys to enjoy some healthy snacks with us.


We’ve also really enjoyed transient art this week, using loose parts to create images of different things. It has been wonderful to see the children thinking so creatively and sharing their ideas about what to create and how with their peers.


You may wish to ask your child about ‘Rainbows Challenges’, which we introduced on Monday. Across the course of a week, your child will be set six challenges which they are encouraged to complete by Friday. Each challenge links to their next steps or a particular area of their learning. For example, this week’s purple challenge was to use a camera to take a picture of their model they had created in the construction corner. One each challenge has been achieved, they are awarded with a lollipop stick of the corresponding colour. By Friday, if your child has collected a rainbow stick of each colour, they will be awarded with a certificate on Friday!


Many thanks to the parents and carers who have very kindly volunteered to accompany us on our trip to the Eden Project on Tuesday 27th February. More information will follow regarding this.


Don’t forget – if you wish to share your children’s learning and achievements at home with us, you can use Tapestry to share observations. This is a really great way of allowing us to celebrate your child’s learning with them!


Week beginning 22nd January


What a fun-filled and busy week we have had in Rainbows class. Following on from immersing into the story of the Three Little Pigs, we have been busy exploring the names and properties of different materials. We chose to design a new house suitable for the little pigs. We carefully and creatively designed our houses and some of us attempted to label the materials used to create the different parts of our houses. Miss Jane and Miss Oliver were really impressed by the discussions we had amongst our peers about which materials we chose and why.


We used this opportunity to think about using language related to money. Once we had decided which tools and materials we needed to make our creations, we had to use real coins to buy the resources we needed before setting off to make our houses. It was interesting to look at the differences between the coins and thinking carefully about which coins we would need to use in order to make different amounts.


Just a reminder that Rainbows do PE on either a Monday or Tuesday afternoon and it is really important to ensure your child has their PE kit in school during the week for them to participate in the appropriate kit. We are very excited that some of our PE sessions this term are going to be led by Plymouth Argyle coaches!



Week beginning 15th January 2018


Yet another busy week in Rainbows. We have been continuing to make healthy fruit salad and discussing the importance of hygiene and using a knife carefully. We discussed the colours and textures of the fruits and really enjoyed taking our delicious fruit salad home to share with our families.


We’ve showed particular interest in storytelling this week, using a range of small world resources to create our own stories. We’ve shown enjoyment in sharing these stories with our peers and some of us have even had a go at writing them down! Others used whiteboards and pens to create their own story mountains.


We’ve continued to learn the story of the Three Little Pigs. Particularly the girls have enjoyed performing this story independently and challenging ourselves to retell a friend the story without using pictures or props to prompt us!


We decided it would be a good idea to stop the big, bad wolf from trying to blow the houses of the pigs down. We talked about the materials the little pigs could have used to prevent this and had a go at making some signs to display around the classroom to encourage the wolf to think twice about being so unkind!


Next week, we are following our interest in materials and homes, so will be making our own houses suitable for the pigs to live in. We would be really grateful if you could donate some recyclable materials such as yoghurt pots and cereal boxes. These will be handy to create our models and can be passed to either Miss Jane or Miss Oliver.


Have a fantastic weekend!



Week beginning 8th January 2018


What an exciting week it has been in Rainbows class!On Tuesday, Rainbows had their topic launch day. Across the next term, we will be exploring the question 'What makes a fairytale special?' The children came to school dressed as a character from their favourite traditional tale and we also shared our best fairytales too.


The children designed traps for the big, bad wolf, created a prop for their favourite fairytale character and had to solve the mysterious finding of a building site of bricks, sticks and straw. The children worked as a team to solve what had happened and recorded this on clipboards as inspectors. Many thanks to parents and carers who made such a fantastic effort with costumes and a special mention to Mrs Dodd, who came in and shared her favourite story with the class.


We have also been busy writing WANTED posters to help find the big, bad wolf this week. We have been working hard to use our fred fingers to sound out words and have impressed Miss Jane and Miss Oliver with how we have attempted to independently use resources around us, such as our tricky red word wall to support our writing.


In addition, we have enjoyed playing imaginatively in the cottage of the three little pigs, have created stories using the knights and castles in the small world corner and have been busy designing and making large vehicles in the outdoor area.


Week beginning 11th December 2017


The children in Rainbows were fantastic in their Christmas show ‘The Wriggly Nativity’. Both performances were a huge success and everyone was amazing. Many thanks to the wonderful support of the parents and carers this year in supporting the nativity with costumes and helping children learn their lines at home.


This week we have been enjoying watching everyone else’s nativity performances. We also enjoyed making our Christingles for the Christingle service on Wednesday. The children have been writing letters to Santa, making words in the reindeer food, designing our own toys in Santa’s workshop and using our Christmas role play area. The children have had the opportunity to audition for BB’s got talent and we have loved watching everyone’s performances.


We would like to wish everyone an amazing Christmas holiday and we look forward to hearing all about it in the New Year.



Week beginning 4th December 2017


The Christmas countdown has begun!


We have had a busy week practising our nativity, the children are really excited to share it their parents and loved performing for the rest of the school. We are really proud at how hard Rainbows and Nursery have been working to learn the songs and the actions.


This week the children have loved using our new Christmas role play area, they have been decorating the tree, writing Christmas card lists, making Christmas cards and wrapping presents. The children have especially loved using our Christmas themed fancy dress and pretending to be Santa delivering the presents. The children have been mixing and making reindeer food and we have even had snow on our train set!


Next week we are looking forward to our performance and starting lots of Christmas craft ready for the holidays.

Week beginning 20th November 2017


We are looking forward to our day at Wheal Martyn next Tuesday. Don’t forget your child will need waterproof clothing and wellies! Also if you could spare a plant pot to contribute to our bug hotel we would be very grateful.


Everyone has been working really hard to learn the words to the songs in our nativity. We have also started putting the whole thing together and learning what we will need to do during the performance.


This week we have been busy writing shopping lists and the children chose to write recipes for sand cakes. We then decorated the cakes using pompoms! The children are still loving using our school role play corner and have been taking in turns teaching each other sounds and practicing segmenting and blending simple words.


The children love our brand new mud kitchen and reading corner outside! We have been making vegetable soup and birthday cakes. The children have also been taking clip boards to the reading corner to have ago at writing their own stories.


Next Wednesday we will be taking part in the fun run organised to raise money for Shelter Box so each child will need their P.E kit on that day.


Week beginning 13th November 2017


This week we have been immersed in our new story of the Gruffalo. The children have been making log piles houses, learning the story with actions, making story maps and having ago at Gruffalo themed problem solving. For topic this week we have been thinking about why plants are important. Thank you for all the bottle donations we have received, the children enjoyed making rain shakers and wind instruments. The children decided to use some of the bottles in the water tray and others decided to make fairy houses.


On Fridays we are going to be taking some children up to the forest school whilst others have ago at cooking. We will rotate the groups each week so that all children get a turn. At the moment our recipe is Gruffalo crumble. The children really enjoyed mixing the oats and the butter and we had fantastic discussion about ingredients.


We have linked all parents to tapestry, please let us know if you are struggling to activate your account.


We are looking forward to our trip to Wheal Martyn for a day of forest school. As our topic outcome we are going to be making a big insect hotel in the secret garden. Please could each child bring a plant pot on the day of the trip. We will fill these on the day and then use them to contribute to our bug hotel back at school.

Week beginning 20th October 2017


As we come to our first half term of the year we would like to reflect on how well Rainbows have settled in. This week we have carried on with our topic question 'what mini beasts live in the enchanted forest?' and we now have our own bug hotel which the children will be helping to fill.


Please can we remind parents that if your child hasn't already got one, book bags can be purchased from reception.


We have also sent home a tapestry agreement for your child's learning journeys. When we have received these back we will be able to link you to tapestry and you will receive an email with an activation link.

Week beginning 13th October 2017


Please can we remind parents that if your child hasn’t already got one, book bags can be purchased from reception.


We have had a fantastic week in Rainbows. The children have loved finding out about minibeasts and thinking about the places the insects live. We are going to continue with this question next week and the children will be helping to build our own bug hotel.


Outdoor learning day was lots of fun. The morning was spent up in the secret garden where children had ago at making autumn poetry and looking for natural treasures to make a crown. The children also went on another bug hunt, again looking closely at the features of the insects. We even found a stick insect! We discussed how it is our job to look after animals and thought carefully about where we can put the minibeasts after we had looked at them to keep them safe. The afternoon was spent creating obstacle courses, practicing our ball skills and den building.


You will have been given a home learning pack this week which includes phonics activities, a reading record and a home learning book. Please try and complete these activities for a short amount of time, three times a week.


We have also sent home a tapestry agreement for your child’s learning journeys. When we have received these back we will be able to link you to tapestry and you will receive an email with an activation link.

Week beginning 6th October 2017


Our launch day was a huge success! The children loved meeting all the animals from Marks Ark and listened carefully as Mark talked about the animals habitats. Next we went exploring in the secret garden to discover what you might find in an enchanted forest. The children used magnifying glasses to go on a bug hunt and loved discovering more natural treasures. We were very impressed at what the children already knew about what lives in an enchanted forest and the children thought about what they would like to learn from the topic. Each week we will have a topic focus question which will be based around the children's ideas.


Next Thursday we are taking part in an outside learning day which means we will be taking the classroom outside for the whole day. We will be sending out a letter shortly to make sure everyone comes prepared.  Children will need waterproofs and wellies.


Next week we will be linking parents to our tapestry learning journals, keep an eye on your emails as you will all be sent activation links.

Week beginning 25th September 2017


This week the children have become story tellers! We have introduced story scribing in rainbows, the process where children have the opportunity to create their own stories, which are then recorded by an adult.  The children have loved telling us their stories and it is a fantastic way for us to model writing to the children as they learn their sounds.


The children have been fascinated with lots of natural objects, bringing in conkers, acorns and flowers to show their friends. We have been looking closer at these items on our discovery table which leads nicely into our topic launch next week ‘what lives in an enchanted forest?’


We have also started daily maths. The children have again impressed us with their focus and eagerness to learn. We have been exploring counting in different ways and starting to recognise numbers.


We would like to say thank you to all the parents who have connected with us on class dojo, the children have responded well to their new characters and love receiving points throughout the day.

Week beginning 18th September 2017


Rainbows 1 and 2 have had a flying start with their phonics, we are really impressed at their eagerness to learn and perseverance with practicing their sounds. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the sounds we have covered as we will be sending packs home next week!


This week the children have enjoyed using our new stage, creating dances and exploring the musical instruments. We have even had a band playing their air guitars! Our sensory garden is starting to grow as we have been planting the donations we have been given. We would like to say a huge thank you for all that we have received so far. With a few more plants our garden will be ready for mini beasts to move in ready for the start of our new topic.


The children had brilliant fun taking part in the ‘Zumbathon’ on Friday to raise funds for St Johns School in Tanzania. We would like to say a really big thank you for all the donations we received!

Week beginning 1st December 2017


What an incredible week!


A fun-filled day was had by the children in Rainbows class this week on our Badger Forest School day at Wheal Martyn. We created homes for mini beasts, made a bug hotel and learnt how to create a fire safely. The children particularly enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the fire too! We were really impressed with the children's engagement; they were a credit to the school in how they showed enthusiasm, curiosity and the skill of applying the knowledge and understanding they've gained through our woodland animals and habitats topic. A huge thank you to the parents who accompanied us on the day too! 


On Wednesday we took part in the fun run organised by Peacocks, Phoenix and Pelicans for the charity Shelter Box. The race was amazing, the children ran as fast as they could and loved having hot chocolates whilst we learnt about the charity.


Then to finish off the week rainbows thoroughly enjoyed watching Cinderella as our Christmas treat.