Bishop Bronescombe C of E School

School Council

~*~ BB School Council! ~*~
Welcome to Bishop Bronescombe's School Council.
The school council were voted for by their class peers to represent the pupil voice.  They ensure this happens by meeting every Monday.
The lead teacher in the council is Miss Burr.
To be a School Councillor the pupils must ensure they are always being the 3 R's:
Role Model
Your school councillors for this year are: 
Little Doves: Brooklyn and Ralph
Little Fish: Eve and Corey
Little Lambs: Ben and Olivia
Peacocks: Amber and Ollie
Phoenix: Kayley and Dylan
Pelicans: Aimee and Ross
Angels: Lily and Tyler
Faith: Isabelle, Mikey and Liam
Hope: Harrison and Henry 
Minutes from Meetings!
today was a short meeting. we talked about keeping track of the daily mile and sorting through food/playground surveys.
we have been looking through the surveys to decide what we should do and to see who enjoys school dinner and what they like and dislike about school dinners
we have decided who will talk to the smc we also made a new food survey and playground equipment survey.
we have decided we might invite sports leaders to our next meeting to discuss what the children would like to play with at breaks and invite the food ambassador for our food survey feedback.
We met Chair of Governors, Mr Hill. He asked us some questions about our learning and we fed back our views on the school and what other children talk to us about. 
We looked through our suggestion boxes and saw there were a few about having more things to do at playtime. We talked about having some equipment like balls, hulla hoops and chalk to use at playtimes. Miss Burr is going to feed back to Mrs Cleaves and liaise with the new Sports Leaders to see what we can do!
We made our new suggestion boxes which are now in each classroom. Students of BB, please place your suggestions in these boxes or talk to your class councillors about any ideas or feedback you have!
We voted for our Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the School Council. 
Congratulations to Isabelle who is our new Chairwoman, Liam who is our Vice-chair and Mikey who is our Secretary! 
We also decided who wanted to be in which school council sub-team... so we now have a 'website team', a 'display team' and a 'healthy food' team.