Bishop Bronescombe C of E School

Wraparound Care

General Information
  • Breakfast club 7.45 - 8.55am £4.00
  • Breakfast club 8.15 - 8.55am £2.50
  • Afterschool club 3.15 - 4.30pm £4.00
  • Afterschool club 3.15 - 6pm £6.50
These are our new prices for Autumn Term 2016/17.
There will be some significant changes in the way you book your child's wrap around care in October 2016.  Please see letter below detailing these changes.
Summer is almost here! (11/05/2016)

We really enjoy going outside to play at BB Kids and over the coming weeks will go outside everyday when it is dry. You may want your child/ren to bring a summer hat. Water and milk is always available to drink. We encourage the children to run around, have fun and interact with each other. There are plenty of outdoor toys to keep them amused as well as our fantastic play equipment and pitch. We are always open to new ideas so please pass any on. Thank you

BB Kids Menu (03/02/2016)

Every day we serve healthy snacks and drinks.
In Breakfast Club we serve water, milk or fruit juice to drink.
To eat we offer-
A variety of healthy cereals
Toast with a variety of toppings including butter (low fat), jam (low sugar) and marmite.
Bagels with the same toppings as above.
Fresh fruit is always available including apples, bananas, pears and oranges.

In After School Club we have menus on a three week cycle
Week 1
Monday- Beans (low salt and sugar) on wholemeal toast
Tuesday-Rolls with cheese and salad
Wednesday-Noodles and turkey
Thursday-Soup and a roll
Friday-Homemade savoury rice with sweetcorn, peas and peppers

Week 2
Monday- Crumpets with butter (low fat) and jam (low sugar)
Tuesday- Muffins, sauce (low sugar, low salt) and melted cheese (low fat) toasted
Wednesday-Homemade jacket wedges ( sprayed with Frylight)
Thursday- Wraps, salad and grated cheese (low fat)
Friday- Soup and roll

Week 3
Monday-Pasta, pasta sauce (low sugar, low salt) and grated cheese (low fat)
Tuesday- Pitta bread toasted, salad and cheese (low fat)
Wednesday- Boiled eggs and slices of wholemeal bread
Thursday- Homemade jacket wedges (sprayed with Frylight)
Friday- Soup and a roll
There is always a salad selection including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. Fresh fruit is always available and includes apples, bananas, oranges and pears. Occasionally we have strawberries and raspberries.
We sometimes have fruit loaf as well as jelly (low sugar).
If your child has any allergies to any of these foods please let us know, either via the office or tell us.
We encourage the children to be as independent as possible, for example spreading their own butter or choosing their own salad. We try to keep our menu as healthy as possible and we are open to any suggestions you or your child may have.

Spring is here. (03/02/2016)

The children are loving some of the new toys we have bought recently including K Nex, board games, more of the ever popular Lego, Girls World, Play Doh and some lovely new felt tips. We are going to be purchasing some new outdoor toys and the children have already written a wish list!
Our new snacks are very popular and it is really lovely to watch all the different age groups sitting at a table chatting, helping each other and using super manners.
A lot of fun at BB Kids.

Fun, fun and even more fun. (16/11/2015)

We are well into the new term and there have been some changes to BB Kids. We are following a very healthy menu including pasta, eggs, rice and wraps. We also have salad on offer everyday as well as a variety of fresh fruit. At the moment we are only serving water and milk to drink. The children are enjoying trying new things.
Due to the darker evenings we are asking parents/carers to go to reception after 4.30pm and ring the doorbell. A member of the team will come and once we are aware who you are picking up we will get them for you. Thank you for your co-operation with this. If for any reason someone is picking your child up that is not currently on your list then you must inform the school office. If we do not have this information we would need to call you to verify the person. Alternatively please ensure we have your password on our system and whoever picks up your child can use it with your permission.

End of Summer term (22/07/2015)

Well we are finally at the end of the Summer term. We finished after school club with a party and ice cream. The children also played lots of games outside and enjoyed the sunshine.
We would like to thank everyone for their support and wish you all an amazing Summer holiday.

week ending 8th May (08/05/2015)

Well it's been a short week in BBKids, but we have still managed to enjoy ourselves. It's great making lots of new friends and playing with the exciting new toys. Lego is particularly popular with both the girls and boys.
We were lucky to make some chocolate chip cookies, which were delicious.
In Breakfast club the children are enjoying the variety of food on offer and like sitting with their friends to eat. Some even have breakfast at home and then come to us for more, just so they can eat with their friends.

Week ending 27th March (26/03/2015)

Wow we have so much fun in Breakfast club and After School Club, especially this week where we have been celebrating Easter.
We have completed colouring charts, made Easter cards and yummy chocolate nests. As well as a treat, we enjoyed some delicious chocolate cake and hot cross buns.
We have also been really lucky too receive lots of new exciting games and toys to play with, whch makes our time in BBKids even more enjoyable.