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13/9/19  What a fantastic start to the new academic year!  Our Angels Class are certainly living up to their name.  We had a super launch day for our new topic 'Victorians' and we were very impressed with the array of Victorian costumes on display.  During the day, we took part in various Victorian themed activities.  We started by playing games that were played in the Victorian era such as marbles, skipping and hopscotch.  Did you know, hide and seek was a very popular Victorian game?  Then we progressed to cooking where we baked some Victorian biscuits which actually were like cakes but they tasted lovely.  After lunch, we really enjoyed a drama session where we sang a song from 'Oliver' about food.  It was a very memorable launch day.  Since then, we have really settled into our new routine and are enjoying being year 5's and 6's.  Next week, we will begin our swimming sessions and our year 6's will visit Poltair School so another busy week is already lined up for us!
24/7/19 - Wow, another year complete in the blink of an eye.  The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity including a leavers assembly, transition for our new classes, a prom and a leavers communion.  Our year 5's have been amazing and have accepted the changes to their routine with grace and goodwill fully aware that it will be their turn next year.  Our year 6's have shown us that they are ready to move on to their new school and we wish them all the very best for their next steps.  Miss Moore and myself would like to wish all of you a very happy, safe summer holiday and we look forward to welcoming our new Angels on 5th September.
5/7/19 - We have had an extremely busy week in Angels Class.  Our Year 6's very much enjoyed their residential trip to Skern Lodge and took part in some exciting activities including surfing, tunnelling and the zip wire.  Also this week, our Year 6's spent two days at their new secondary schools and have all returned happy and ready to face the challenges ahead.  In Angels Class, we welcomed our new Year 5's during our whole school transition morning and had a fun morning getting to know each other.  We played some fun games which really helped us break the ice!
This week we have very much enjoyed taking part in 'Science Week'.  We were lucky enough to have two interesting visitors - one from the world of medicine and one from the mining industry.  We found out so many amazing facts and did a really eye-opening experiment regarding bacteria.  We hope that this information helps us to reduce the number of bugs and colds we pass on to each other!  Also as part of our science week we have been studying the use of pulleys, gears and levers.  On Thursday, we were given resources to make our own pulley system and came up with a multitude of exciting inventions.  Have a look in our photo gallery to see our results!
We have all enjoyed our trips this week, which made a lovely end to this half term.  The children behaved well and made the most of the free time in the sun.  We wish you all a very restful break and look forward to returning on Monday 2nd June.
A massive well done to all our year 6's for their amazing efforts this week in completing their SATs!  Every single child applied themselves and we are sure their efforts will be rewarded. A huge 'thank you' to the Friends of BB for the lovely breakfast they provided, which ensured all children were in school on time and well fed.  Next week is also a busy week but for very different reasons.  Our year 5's will be enjoying their Polkerris Trip on Wednesday & Thursday - a letter with timings etc has already been sent home.  On Wednesday also, our year 6's will spend the day at Par Beach relaxing after SATs.   
Welcome back to summer term!  We have immersed ourselves in the history of cinema as we begin to look at 'Has Technology Improved Our Lives?'.  This first element of our topic is all things cinema related and we began by watching a Charlie Chaplin film to see just how much this experience has changed.  We then watched the timeless classic 'The Wizard of Oz' which most of us loved and, in our English lessons, we have written our own film reviews.  In Maths we are revisiting those areas which we find most challenging such as fractions, decimals and percentages.  This has proved very worthwhile as we have worked together to deepen our understanding.  We have also started looking at 'Forces' in Science.   
Easter already?!  The term has flown by and we have fitted in so much learning.  We have finished our Egypt work with the final step being the unwrapping of our 'mummified' tomatoes.  They were very wrinkly (and a bit smelly) but otherwise they were well preserved.  Our year 6's have completed a practice SATs week and all performed really well.  Our year 5's have enjoyed four mornings of fun with Miss Edney doing a variety of things including creating their own maths board game.  Next term we will be looking at 'Has technology improved our lives?' and covering everything from the beginning of television to all the apps and technology we have now.  We hope that everyone has a very safe and happy Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all on 23rd April.
We really enjoyed our visit to Truro Museum yesterday!  Whilst there we looked at the various exhibits on display and spent time carefully sketching rocks and crystals.  After lunch, we took part in an Egypt workshop.  During this time, we sketched Egyptian artefacts, saw a real mummy, dug in sand boxes to reveal treasures and re-enacted the passage of Egyptians to the afterlife!  Such a busy day!  In class we have continued our work and studied various sources of evidence relating to Tutankhamun and his life.  In English, we have begun writing our own myths and have had some very interesting ideas.  In maths, we have looked at what a factor is and learned, once again, how very important our times table knowledge is.
Wow those few weeks flew by!  We have continued with our Egypt work and have learnt lots about the River Nile and the various animals who have adapted to life in the Sahara desert.  We've produced some very impressive English work including writing an audio description for a video clip based on survival of animals in the Sahara.  In maths we have covered a variety of topics including area and perimeter, interpreting and drawing line graphs and time.  In amongst all of this we have also visited Penrice Academy (with year 6) and enjoyed their 'School of Rock' production, produced super artwork and looked at internet safety.  After such a packed few weeks, we are all ready for a short break but already have more exciting lessons ready for us to come back to.
Happy New Year!  We have burst into 2019 full of life and enthusiasm this week.  We have begun a new topic 'What does Egypt have to offer?' and have started to look at this interesting country.  We are looking at persuasive writing in English and, in particular, how to write a travel brochure for Egypt.  In maths we have spent the week looking at measurement including conversion and word problems - we have a real flair for this subject.  We have produced some amazing art work in both creating an Egyptian cartouche and a portrait of an Egyptian god, all of which are on display in our classroom.
Wow what a term!  We have worked so hard since September and now all deserve a good holiday.  Over the past few weeks we have written our own poems, non-chronological reports and been looking at various aspects of grammar.  In maths we have looked at fractions, percentages and begun to understand co-ordinates and translation of shapes.  Not forgetting, of course, our amazing nativity, Baboushka.  The children worked really hard and all performed their socks off!  We were really proud of all of them.
We would like to say a huge thank you for all our lovely cards and presents, we really do appreciate everything.  Miss Moore, Mrs Warne and Mrs Jones would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and we look forward to learning more with the children in 2019.
In maths this week we have taken a look at fractions, exploring improper fraction and mixed numbers also.  We have learned how to convert both of these and have again been amazed at how much our times tables help!  Our English focus has been writing our own portal stories and amazing setting descriptions.  Our topic work has been science based this week.  We have looked at the properties of materials as we begin to consider what materials could be used successfully in building an Anderson shelter.  
We have also begun work on our Christmas performance 'Baboushka', with all the roles being allocated.  The children have been advised regarding costumes - if any further information is required, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Moore or Mrs Warne .
We have come back from half term refreshed and raring to go in Angels!  This week we have delved into the world of short and long division in maths.  We have found out how important our times table knowledge is in dividing too.  We all now have a confident understanding of dividing and can answer word problems using this operation.  We have begun looking at portal stories in English like our class book, 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe' and will start writing our own stories next week.  Our topic continues on World War Two and this week we made our own propaganda posters.  We have really enjoyed exploring this subject through art having finished our silhouette artwork just before half term.
Another busy week in Angels Class.  We have had a very interesting discussion around the Ten Commandments and even created our own modern commandments.  Our ideas were varied ranging from not hurting others to only using electric vehicles!  The debate was very balanced and each person could clearly inform the class of why they felt their laws would be appropriate.  In English, we have written our own diary entries from an evacuee and we are very impressed with their writing.  Our topic this week in maths has been multiplication - both short and long.  We have all worked really hard with this and have all been able to move our learning on.
Our new class has really settled in well together and we have lots of new friendships blossoming.  The weeks have flown by and we are already in October!  Our year 6's have enjoyed a taster day at both Poltair and Penrice schools in readiness for their big step next year.  We have all begun swimming lessons and our new after school activities have started.  In class, we have revisited negative numbers in maths and looked at how to use 'frog jumps' to help us calculate questions.  In English, we have been understanding the emotions an evacuee would have felt from reading 'The Lion and The Unicorn'. We are now writing letters home from our 'war homes' based on this book.  Our recent topic work has been to create a guide entitled 'How to Prepare for an Evacuation' which has led to many in depth discussions. 
Welcome to Angels 2018-19!!
Our first week together has flown by and we have all settled really well into our new class.  Our new term began with the launch of our new topic 'How would you survive a war?' which is all about the second world war.   We have trained like soldiers, learned the 'Lindy Hop' dance and designed our own topic front covers.  On Monday of this week, we were joined by Sir Winston Churchill who showed us several clips of old news reels from the war.  We then built our own Spitfire planes and had a flying contest in the hall.  We are reading 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' in English as this is the story of the adventures of some evacuees.  In Maths, we have begun by refreshing our minds on place value and understanding larger numbers.  Phew!   
13th July 2018
Goodness, we're nearly at the end of a very busy and enjoyable year at BB.  Your child will have come home with their report today - we hope you enjoy reading about their success over the last year. If there are any queries please call in to school and see Mr Jones.
This week we have continued with our poetry in English, the children are beginning to become very confident poets and seem to be enjoying the freedom in English, that poetry allows. In Maths we have been looking at symmetry, angles, protractors, 3d shapes, 2d shapes, nets and drawn irregular hexagons in chalk on the playground, in order for us to measure the angle of a turn - we certainly cover it all in Angels!
29th June 2018
This week we have continued with our poetry theme in English and on Friday we performed the Jabbawocky poem to the class.  We were really good at this and showed great expression and  performing skills.   We have taken part in Athletics in PE, directed ourselves in French and translated, reflected and plotted in Maths!
As you will see from the newsletter we will sadly be losing our Mr. Jones in July. It will be a sad day for all of us Angels because we've had a fab and successful year with Mr. J, but we wish him well as he goes on to explore pastures new!
The children all seem very happy with their new class and we look forward to Monday morning when we will see them altogether with their new teachers and TA's.
22nd June 2018
Yet another busy week in Angels has flown by.  This week we were invited to go to St Austell Fire Station for a Fire Safety workshop.  It was really interesting and we learnt all about safety at sea, safety in the home, safety in the car, safety around electricity and most exciting of all...we sat in the fire engine! We walked there and back, then had lunch in the secret garden.
On Thursday, we had the pleasure of a visit from Pete and his Digeridoos.  It was great fun and very entertaining, he demonstrated lots of different sounds and ways to play them.  He also told us some stories about Aborigines.
On Friday, some children went to a cricket tournament with Mr Jones and Mr Jory...I don't know the results of this as yet as they haven't returned, so we will let you know next week.
Just a reminder -
Please ensure your child has a fresh drink of water, sun hat and sun cream  in school everyday, as the weather is looking particularly warm for the next two weeks.
15th June 2018
This week we have been learning about Imperial and metric units of measure, converting units of measure, reading scales, semi colons and colons, writing a non-chronological report, batting in cricket, talking about the weather in French, making Father's Day cards and finally....hedgehogs!  Ryan brought his pet hedgehog into school for us all to see.
Also this week, we managed, for the second week in a row, to win the attendance award and have a popcorn party and film! Well done Angels, excellent attendance!
June 2018
Goodness, where did that half term go?  In the last week we managed to successfully complete Sports Day without getting soaked!  The children really seem to enjoy the wide variety of events on offer and partake with great enthusiasm. 
We are enjoying the topic work at the moment, the children have learnt lots about Australia and its culture...We are looking forward to France, India and USA next. 
Have a safe and happy half term break and Inset week, see you all back on Monday 11th June.
11th May 2018
This week seems to have flown past, and it's with great sadness that we have had to say goodbye to Ines who is leaving us today for another school.  She has only been with us for 25 days (as she informed us) but has made a huge impact in Angels, even teaching us some Portuguese! We all wish her well as she continues her education closer to home.
This week we have been looking at sounds in Science and how a didgeridoo  works. Cody then turned up with one for us to see and have a go on....Mrs. Allen was fantastic at it!  In Maths we have been learning about time, timetables and Roman numerals.
8th May 2018
We hope you all had a lovely , sunny, restful, long  weekend.  Last week in Angels we had a go at Australian cave painting by lying under the tables with chalk and black paper which we blue- tacked to the underside of the tables.  The children found this quite tricky to do and lots of giggles were heard coming from under the tables!  They now realise how difficult it was for the Australian cave painters to create their amazing wall art, all those years ago.
Please ensure PE kits are in school everyday as we very often have PE if the weather is dry. Also a drinks bottle for water, we had quite a lot of children last week without one and we do not like them sharing cups as this spreads germs.
Thank you.
General Information
  • Please listen to your child read every day and complete their reading record. Please also ensure that they have their reading book and record book in school EVERY day. Thank you
  • Homework is sent out on a Thursday and is expected back the following Tuesday. Thank you for helping your child with this
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thank you.


Every week we have an Achievers Assembly where we celebrate successes with the children.
Congratulations to this week's achievers.... Issey and Ruby.


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