Bishop Bronescombe C of E School


Mrs Tracey Hawk-Vango

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Beth Harron

Nursery Assistant

Chloe Attis

Nursery Assistant

Summer term
week ending 5/07/19
This week at nursery we have been learning the letter X. 
Some of the children have been learning to write simple words such as box and fox. 
Many of the children have been visiting Rainbows and Stars classes in preparation for the move to ‘big school’ in September.
On Friday some children dug up potatoes from our vegetable garden. There were lots of them. The children counted 50! We washed them together. We are going to make a potato salad to enjoy at our Family Picnic Party. 
week ending 28/06/19
We started this week with Sports Day!
In the morning we joined the rest of the school for the race for life and ran around the field. Some of us ran round several times! In the afternoon we enjoyed our traditional sports day races. We were delighted to see so many nursery children join us. 
This week we have written our own version of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. We have used makaton signs and actions to help us remember it. We hope to show you our efforts at our end of year picnic. 
week ending 21/06/19
This week we have been learning the letter W. We practice going down, up, down, up the worm. 
We have enjoyed watermelon for snack. 
We are still enjoying the story of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. We have been looking at our own lunches and discussing what makes a healthy lunch. We have drawn pictures of lunches. 
On friday, we made a campfire and toasted marshmallows. We were reminded about the dangers of fire and how to keep safe while we did this.  We hope to do this again one day soon. 
Week ending 07/06/19
This week has been very exciting as we have been watching our caterpillars come out of their cocoons and become beautiful butterflies! We have followed the process of metamorphosis in our story of The Hungry Caterpillar. 
The letter of the week is y. We have been practicing our skills with yo-yos and have had yogurt for snack. 
Our new story for this term is The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by  David and Rhonda Armitage. 
The children have painted a lighthouse and we have made a pulley system so they can make a delicious mustard sandwich and send it along the rope to the lighthouse. 
week ending 10/05/19
This week we have been looking at the letter J. To help us learn this and for a treat, we all had jelly for snack on Tuesday!
We have planted peas in our garden. We are going to water them every day and watch them grow. Hopefully we shall be able to enjoy eating them before the summer holidays. 
We are still learning about the number 8. Some of us have been  practicing writing it. We say ‘write an s and do not wait. When you get back you’ve made an 8’
We have handbells in Nursery. We have been learning some simple rhymes. Move over Beethoven, here come the BBeebies orchestra!! 
We have 5 baby caterpillars in nursery this week. We are hoping to watch them transform into butterflies. We have been learning the story of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We tell the story using Makaton signs. We hope to share this with you soon. 
week ending 03/05/19
welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Easter.
This week we have been learning about growing plants. We have a potting shed outside. You can fill a pot with soil, choose which seed you would like to grow, then water it and wait and watch it grow!
Great news! Our tadpoles have turned into froglets. We have really enjoyed watching them change. We have taken them back to the pond so they can enjoy growing in their natural habitat. 
Our sound for this week is ‘r’. When we write this we imagine a robot and say ‘down his back and over his arm’
And our focus number is number 8. 
Spring Term
week ending 22/3/19
This week we have been learning the letter h.
To learn to write this we say
’Down the horse to the hooves and over his back’
We are still focussing on the number ten. We have talked about number bonds to ten and have found ten daisies on a walk yesterday. 
On Wednesday we went to visit St Austell Fire Station. We had a great time. We learned all about their uniform, how they keep safe whilst on duty and all the equipment they keep on their fire engines.
Then we all had a go at holding one of the hoses whilst spraying water. It was very heavy but great fun!
Week ending 15/3/19
This week we have been learning the letter L. 
The children found this relatively easy to write. We say ‘down the long leg’
We have also been focusing on number 10. 
This is week we have a new addition to nursery - tadpoles! We collected some frog spawn from the school pond and have watched them hatch into tadpoles. Every day when we have come in they seem bigger! Please come in and meet them when you drop your children off. 
We have continued to learn about fire safety this week. Tracey taught us what to do if our clothes catch fire. You have to STOP, DROP AND ROLL!
We learned a little song:
Stop, drop and roll,
Stop, drop and roll,
If your clothes catch fire
Stop, drop and roll. 
General Information
  • Morning Session - 8.45am - 11.45am
  • Lunch - 11.45am - 12.30pm
  • Afternoon Session - 12.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Please send your child in with a coat and wellies, we are outside no matter what the weather!!
Coming Events
 Our end of year picnic is on 10/07/19 
1.30 to 3pm


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