Bishop Bronescombe C of E School


Mrs Tracey Hawk-Vango

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Gemma Allen- Trevarton

Deputy Nursery Leader

Mrs Beth Harron

Nursery Assistant

Chloe Attis

Nursery Assistant

General Information
  • Morning Session - 8.45am - 11.45am
  • Lunch - 11.45am - 12.30pm
  • Afternoon Session - 12.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Please send your child in with a coat and wellies, we are outside no matter what the weather!!
Coming Events
05/09/2016 - First Day Back (8.55am)




What a busy week!

This week we have been learning the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? We created a story map with pictures to help us retell this tale. We have also had great fun learning to sing it and rap it and sign it too!


This book was written by Bill Martin Jnr and illustrated by Eric Carle who you may know created lots of picture books for young children; the most famous being The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


We really admired his illustrations and discovered that they were made from layers of hand painted tissue paper. We decided to make our very own collage pictures of the animals in the story, check them out in our nursery.


This week we have been learning the letter and sound ‘s,’ we noticed the shapes our mouths make when we say it. To write it, we imagine a snake and say ‘slither down the snake.’




This week at nursery we have been looking at different types of families. We have learnt to sign all the different family members, ask your children to show you- you shall be impressed!


We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, some families are big and some are small, some families might have lots of children or none at all, some families might have two mummies, or two daddies or just a single parent.


We really enjoyed looking at our family photographs and talking about our families and relations.

We have also learnt about growing up and the human life cycle, we talked about babies and toddlers and children, and discussed the things they can or cannot do and how they need help. We talked about teenagers and adults and how busy their lives can be. We also talked about the elderly too, and how their bodies can change and become tired- we know they may need to rest and relax more!


The letter and sound we have been learning this week is ‘a’. We imagine an apple and say ‘around the apple, down the leaf’ as we write it. We noticed lots of us have this letter in our names, do you have an ‘a’ in your name?


Our favourite book this week is ‘Ten Out Of Bed’ by Penny Dale.

The little boy and his soft toys decide they want to play at bedtime! One by one they tire out and eventually they all fall fast asleep!




This week the children have been busy plotting the features on their faces and have created some amazing self-portraits using paint which we have proudly displayed in the nursery.


We discussed what we look like individually and what differences and similarities we have with other people.


We know each one of is unique and have talked about what makes us special.


We have been talking lots about our families at home and who lives with us. If you haven’t already given us a photograph of your family, please do as soon as possible so that we can put up on our ‘Family Tree’ in Nursery!




A great week in BBeebies Nursery!

The children have continued to settle amazingly well and have confidently enjoyed exploring the different activities we have on offer.


They are already familiar with nursery routines and have been meticulous in organising all of our resources; working as a team at tidy up time.

This week we have busy getting to know each other, we have enjoyed playing lots of name games, ‘Bug in a Rug’ is a firm favourite.


We have also been talking about feelings, naming them and learning how to recognise them through facial expressions, and body language. We have really enjoyed the book Big Mum Plum which tells the story of her little piglets first day at school. They found out it wasn't scary at all and had such an amazing time they did not want to go home!


We have been practising what to do in an emergency and were super sensible at lining up in the school field when we practised fire drills.


We have loved exploring the school grounds and found lots of interesting things on our journey. We visited the secret garden and saw the school pond and we really liked the play equipment.


Please bring back your consent forms so we share some pictures of your children on the website.


Welcome to the new academic year 2018-2019!


 A warm welcome to all our new children and parents, they have settled into nursery life amazingly well!


They are becoming familiar with our rules and routines and are forming caring relationships with their adult key workers and making new friends.


 It’s great to see our old children back too, we can’t believe how much they have grown over the summer holidays and we are super impressed with their enthusiasm for learning.


What a great start to the year!


Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on ourselves. We are going to find out all about our lives, our families, our likes and dislikes, our interests and what we would like to learn.


Please can you provide a family photograph to be used as a talking point for discussion and to put up on our family tree display. Thank you!


We will be investigating the family unit and looking at some family portraits from different eras and identifying the differences and similarities between them. We hope to create our own family portraits too!


We also plan to learn about our bodies and how we use our senses to explore the world around us.