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Nursery Teacher

Ms Beth Herring

Nursery Assistant

Chloe Attis

Nursery Assistant

Daisy Middleton

Nursery assistant

Autumn Term 2020
Week Ending 20th November
This week we have been talking about  special days and celebrations. We learnt how birthdays are celebrated in different countries. Lots of children have birthdays this month and as it was Tracey's special birthday we decided to have a huge party. We played lots of party games and did lots of singing and dancing. We had some scrumptious party food and a delicious cake too! Thank you for all my cards and gifts of chocolates and flowers.
Week ending 13th November
This week we have been learning all about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. We have learned about how Hindus celebrate this special occasion and we read the story of Rama and Sita. The children loved this story , especially Ravanna the Demon King with ten heads! 
We made Divas out of salt dough and when they were dry we painted them and decorated them with glitter. They look great!
Week ending 6th November
This week we have continued talking about bonfire night. The children were very excited to tell us that they have seen fireworks out of their windows at home. 
This week we have learned a new phonic sound - A. When we write an A, we say 'Around the apple and down the leaf'.  The children have been thinking of lots of words that start with an A sound and several children have had a go at writing an A. 
Week ending 30th October
This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. The children were very interested in the story of how Guy Fawkes planned to blow up King James and the Houses of Parliament.
We have been talking about fireworks and the children have made some amazing pictures of fireworks. We have talked about the sounds fireworks make - Bang, fizzle, whizz, crackle! 
In Healthy Movers, we have learned a firework dance which we have danced to using ribbons and colourful scarves.
Outside, we have created a Builders Yard in our roleplay area. The children have become fab builders, hammering and fixing areas of the nursery garden. We have talked about using tools safely and many of the children have now decided they want to become builders when they grow up!
Week ending 23rd October
What a busy half term!
We have had lots of Autumn fun! We have been for autumn walks in the wind and sunshine and collected lots of interesting things.
A favourite game this week was autumn bingo, we have learnt lots of new vocabulary associated with autumn and were great at taking turns and following the game. 
We were curious to find out about animals that are getting ready to hibernate or migrate to warmer climates.
Look out for tracks and traces if you are out and about over half term.
Happy holidays everyone and stay safe.
Week ending 16th October
This week we have been learning about Autumn. We have been watching the tree in the nursery garden and noticing how the leaves have been changing colour and falling from the tree. 
We have been learning a story called 'Finding a friend' by Pie Corbett.  We have acted out the story and taking it in turns to be the various characters.  
Our sound of the week is the letter M. We remember how to write this by saying 'Maisie mountain, mountain.'
Week ending Oct 9th
This week we have been drawing pictures of our families. We have discovered that some of our families have lots of people in and some have just a few. We have been learning some lovely songs about families learning to sign words for family, mummy, daddy, brother and sister, auntie, uncle, cousin, grandma and grandad. 

We have been spending time outside, despite the rain! We have been enjoying the sandpit and making a swamp for the dinosaurs. 

Our favourite book this week is an information book all about different families.
Week ending Oct 2nd
This week we are continuing to look at families and finding differences and similarities in our families. 
We have been looking a photos of our own families on a slideshow with each child introducing their own family to us. 
This week we have been learning about our school rules and talking about having good manners and boundaries  in school to keep us happy and safe. 

Our favourite story this week is The Family Book by Todd Parr.
Week ending Sept 26th
This week we have been thinking about what we look like. We have look in the mirror and had a go at doing a self portrait. We are a good looking bunch!!
We have been making the most of the good weather and enjoyed playing with the water outside and making ramps for our boats to sail along.
 Our favourite book this week is Little Rabbit Foo Foo by Michael Rosen. 
Week ending Sept 18th
This week we have continued to settle in and talked about our feelings and emotions. We have played lots of name games to help us learn to recognise our names.
Our favourite book this week is Ssh! By Sally Grindley.
Week ending Sept 11th
Welcome to all our children starting Nursery this term!
We have had a lovely start to the year. Our children are settling in well and beginning to enjoy exploring our indoor and outdoor environments. 
The children have been bringing in photos of their family. If you haven't brought one in yet, please do so we can chat about our families and people who are important to us.
Our favourite book this week is Big Mum Plum by Daniel Postgate. It’s a lovely story about some little piglets who are feeling a little nervous about their first day at school but they have such an amazing day they don’t want to go home!


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