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15th November 2021
A week of celebrations! 
Thank you so much for sending in baby pictures, we have absolutely loved sharing them in nursery and talking about how everyone has changed and grown since they were little. The children hosted a lovely baby celebration for Chloe who will soon be leaving us and starting her maternity leave. We had a go at guessing if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, we made pictures of what we think the baby will look like, we spoke about what babies need and played a game where we had to think if the object is suitable for a baby or not. We also enjoyed making cakes and giving Chloe some baby name ideas! Our Makaton song of the week had to be Rock a Bye Baby. 
In phonics we have been learning to recognise the sound 'a'. The children have impressed us with having a go at writing 'a' during play and practising their mark making skills. 
We have continued exploring the number two for our maths and have been having a go at making some simple patterns during play and representing two in lots of different ways.
We have observed an emerging interest in animals this week and some of the children have been busy thinking about where different animals come from. 
Finally, we ended our week with Children in Need Day! Thank you for all of your donations, the children looked superb in their outfits and we have had lots of fun dancing and singing! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
8th November 2021
This week we started some daily phonics and our focus sound is 'm'. Check out my video above and see if you can think of anything else that starts with m! 
We have continued talking about different celebrations and have been thinking about the celebration of Diwali.
We have watched a few videos to learn about how families prepare their homes for celebration and thinking about why it is called the Fesitval of Lights. The children used salt dough to make Diva lamps, which will cook ready to paint next week. 
We have also been thinking about Rememberance Day. The children made poppies using paint and we thought about the fallen soilders. 
Our Makaton song of the week is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the children have been singing so beautifully!
In maths we have been thinking about the number two! The children have been practising subitising (seeing a group of objects and knowing how many without counting) and we have been exploring different representations of two in the nursery.
A warm welcome to a couple of new starters to have joined us this week! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs Prince
1st November 2021
Happy Firework Night everybody!

A great first week of Autumn 2. This week we have been learning all about bonfire night. We have had a small world bonfire that has led to many discussions around what fire is used for and how we can keep safe. We have also been roleplaying using the fire engines and talking about what to do in an emergency. We have been watching and listening to the different sounds that fireworks make and talking about the story behind bonfire night. We learnt the Makaton sign for 'Dangerous' and have been reminding ourselves how to stay safe around fire. We have been making firework pictures, learning new firework songs and making biscuits.

In healthy movers we have been practising moving different parts of our bodies without moving other parts, for example moving a bean bag with our arms without moving our feet.

This week our focus number is number 1! We have been practising recognising the numeral, Subitising it (recognising one object quickly) and counting one item.

I have attached our welcome days that are coming up, if you would like to come and have a look around the school ahead of school applications, please contact the school office.

Have a wonderful evening and weekend all, stay safe!

Mrs Prince
22nd October 2021
Well done BBeebies for a super half term at nursery!!

Here is a little snippet of some of the things we have been up to.

A couple of important bits for next term:
On the 2nd of November, our first Tuesday back, it's school photos. If your child is not in session with us that day, you are still welcome to come in and have their photo taken. If your child is not due in nursery, go to school reception at 8:45am where you will be greeted by a member of staff who will invite you into the hall. We will take the children who are booked in as normal through nursery.

Just a reminder, your child will receive a parent consultation after their 'focus week' in nursery. This is spread out across the term, not the dates indicated for the rest of the school. We will let you know when your child's focus week is due and will book an online parent consultation at a suitable time for you. Please see the letter about focus children posted recently for more details.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Wishing you all a restful and fun half term.

Mrs Prince
1st October 2021
This week we have officially headed into the season of Autumn! We have been enjoying crunching and crinkling the brown fallen leaves and starting our hunt for Autumn treasures! Your child will have brought home a little collection bag this week. If you find anything on your travels for example conkers, pine cones, interesting colourful leaves, bark, we would be very grateful if you could collect for us to share at nursery. 

This week we have been beginning to learn the story of the Little Red Hen. With our story map and actions we have been practising retelling. This has led to an interest in farm animal play and of course we had to make our very own batch of bread to taste, in fact it was so yummy we ended up making two batches! 

Our Makaton song of the week is Old Macdonald had a Farm, we have been focusing on the sign for a cow, pig and sheep. See if your child can show you!

In healthy movers we have been thinking about different types of transport whilst we move our bodies. We have practised soaring like aeroplanes, making circles like the propellers of a helicopter, swaying like a boat in the sea and blasting off to space in a rocket.

A fun filled week!

24th September 2021
This week we have embraced the emergent theme of insects and carried on with lots of bug hunting and learning the names of different insects. BBeebie’s worked together to make a wormery and after lots and lots of searching we found and counted 10 worms!

The Makaton song we have been learning this week is Incy Wincy Spider. In Healthy Movers we have been moving our bodies like different animals to the song ‘Down in the Jungle’, which then got adapted to ‘Down in the Garden’ so we could move like insects!
Alongside this we have observed lots of dinosaur play, we have buried bones in the sand tray to discover fossils, made dinosaur footprints in paint and pretended the volcano is erupting!

The story of The Little Red hen also seems to be a firm favourite at story time so next week we are going to learn the story and make some bread.
17th September
This week we harvested the potato’s we had growing in our nursery garden. The children helped to wash and prepare. We then made potato salad for snack time using the chives from our herb garden. It was delicious!

We have started our daily afternoon toothbrushing club! Together we brush to our tooth brushing song and talk about why it’s important to look after our teeth.
We have  started Healthy Movers! Each day we have been exploring moving our bodies in different ways. This week we used scarfs to make big and small movements, play peekaboo and floating games.

We seem to have lots and lots of spiders and insects in our nursery garden at the moment and we have loved going on bug hunts and researching bug facts in our insect book. A favourite find was watching three grasshoppers cross the stepping stone area! 

We welcomed some new little ones into our BBeebies family this week and again they have done amazingly well at settling into our nursery routine!
Well done everyone!


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