Geography at Bishop Bronescombe

Miss Sophie Edney

Class Teacher and Geography Lead

Geography subject leader at Bishop Bronescombe School.

Here at Bishop Bronescombe, through the teaching and learning of Geography across all Key Stages, we are hoping for the children to develop a true love and a sense of wonderment about the world around them, that will ignite their curiosity as they move through their lives in a way that is truly accessible to all. By the end of Key Stage 2, the children are expected to gain a sense of awareness and understanding of their world; from the area in which they live, to an understanding of physical and human environments, as well as how those environments change over time. We will spend time focusing on agriculture, land use and trade, as well as how natural features such as rivers and coastlines develop and change over time. Not only this, but we will spend time learning and revisiting key Geographical skills and knowledge basis, such as map skills, coordinates and the 7 continents that make up our world. Furthermore, we want them to grow into well-rounded, considerate and respectful individuals who relish and embrace the natural cultural diversity of our world. This will be achieved through quality-first teaching, from our teaching staff across all phases. They will use a combination of theory-based learning, as well as continuous provision activities across Key Stage 1, along with outdoor opportunities for research and exploration through both Key Stage 1 and 2. 

At Bishop Bronescombe, Geography will be implemented through teaching that provides children with the foundations of the theory of our world and its development, as well as opportunities for independent research and discovery. In KS1, the learning will be conducted through a predominantly skills-based curriculum, focusing on map exploration and the children’s independent interests, linking this to broad topic areas where possible. In KS2, the teaching will explore the subject through questioning that will encourage the children to think more deeply about the world in which they live. They will also be given opportunities through research and outdoor, collaborative learning to further increase their knowledge base and fascination of their world. The subject will be taught through a combination of explicit teaching, research and open-ended investigations as well as cross-curricular learning alongside other subjects, which will allow the children to recall and consolidate key areas of their learning.

What our children should experience by the end of Key Stage 2 
The purpose of our Geography curriculum is to encourage the children to develop a love of and a natural, passionate sense of enquiry about their environment. We want the children to experience a drive for increasing their own knowledge base through a combination of theory, practical and explorative learning opportunities, which will provide them with a sense of understanding about their world, and their place within the world.
Pupil Voice
What do you think about Geography? What do you enjoy about Geography? 
"I really like Geography because there are always videos played, with a question alongside to explore the key ideas of the video. My favourite thing to learn about is erosion, and it was interesting learning about the soft rock and the hard rock, learning how it erodes to make sand. It is also interesting because I live near a beach." 
"I really like Geography because I really like learning about the different biomes. I like the Eden Project biomes, so it was good to learn more about them."
What would make it even better?
"Moving forward, going on more school trips would make Geography even better. It would make it better to see the things we learn about in real-life."