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Little Fish

Meet the Team 
Miss Jane - Assistant Head/Class Teacher (Mon, Tues) 
Mrs Horwell - Class Teacher (Weds, Thurs, Fri)
Mrs Slade - Class TA
General Information

  • Please endeavour to read with your child every day. Every day we will check your child's reading record to see if they have read their book. 
  • If at any time you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us a message on class dojo.
  • Homework will be set on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday.
Well done to Joe for always working hard during independent work.
Well done to Rosie for showing great enthusiasm when discussing our Christian value of 'Trust' this week. We are very proud of you :-) 
Another busy week in Little Fish class! This week we launched our topic for Autumn 1, which is 'Food, glorious food!' We have looked at different types of food, discussed healthy and unhealthy foods, thought about what we need to grow and develop. We have also learnt about the human life cycle and have been naming body parts. 
In English we were 'hooked' into the story of 'The Tiger who came to tea' when Mrs Horwell found that someone/something had eaten all of her lunch on Wednesday morning! We then discussed stories where a character eats all of the food and the children named 'The tiger who came to tea', we have been telling the story using a story map, creating freeze-frames and written down conversations that characters in the story might have. 
In maths we are continuing to think about place value, looking for the tens and ones within 2-digit numbers and comparing numbers using the language 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to'. 
In R.E. we have continued to think about the creation story and in P.E. we merged shapes and balances together in gymnastics. 
We also had an online safety session in which we thought about the importance of knowing who we are interacting with when we are online and that we shouldn't give out personal details when we are playing games or working online. 
We also voted for our MPs, showing the British value of 'democracy'. Well done everyone, I think you've earned your weekend! 
Well done everyone, we've finished the second week. This week we have continued looking at the 'Here we are' book and thought about how to keep safe, healthy and clean and also about our place within the community. The children used the book to have a discussion about how to stay healthy and hygienic and then they used this to help them write rules to help others. We also use 'Here are we' as a stimulus to discuss our amazing world. We used our ideas on this to write descriptive phrases and sentences of the things that we think are amazing in the world.
This all linked in really nicely with our R.E., in which we're thinking about 'Creation' - the children listened to the creation story and started to re-tell the story themselves. 
In maths we have been continuing to work on place value, we have been comparing numbers, finding one more and one less and counting forwards and backwards.
We ended the week with P.E. on the field, the children were finding different balances that they could create with their bodies. 
Have a great weekend!
It's the end of our first week back! It has been so lovely to have the classroom full of children happy to be in school. I have been so impressed with how well the children have settled back. This week we focused a lot on settling back in to school and have been using the book 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers to do this. We have been thinking about the wonderful world and our place in the wonderful world and appreciating it too. 
The children have written 'All about me' paragraphs which means we know even more about them now and in maths we have started to think about 'number'. The children particularly enjoyed our P.E. session on Friday, where we made shapes with our bodies. 
Well done everyone for getting through the first week, go home and put your feet up and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday :-) 


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