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Meet the Team 
Mrs Horwell - Class Teacher (Mon, Tues, Wed) 
Miss Jane - Acting Assistant Head / Class Teacher (Thur, Fri)
Mrs Carnell - Class TA
General Information

  • Please endeavour to read with your child every day. Every day we will check your child's reading record to see if they have read their book. 
  • Please can children keep their P.E. kits in school during the week as we often change our P.E. time depending on the weather!
  • If at any time you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to come in and see us. We are available via class dojo during school hours or at the end of the day. 
  • Homework is set on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday.
  • Spellings are given out on a Thursday with homework and are tested every four weeks. 
Our week 13.3.20
This week we have had our assessment week. The children have taken 'quizzes' in maths, reading, phonics and SPaG to enable us to see if there are any gaps in their learning and to ensure these gaps are filled to propel their learning forward. The children showed a lot of resilience and perseverance this week and we're proud of how they've got on. 
We also had PSHCE in which we thought about what we would like to be when we grow up. We had two R.E. lessons in which we thought about the events of Holy Week and the emotions linked with the events of Holy Week. We had an art session in which the children used tissue paper behind a silhouette of black buildings to create a scene to depict the Great Fire of London and we had a P.E. session focusing on rolling and catching. 
We celebrated Sports relief on Friday, the children 'put their kit on' to raise money for the cause and they all took part in running the sports relief mile. 
Our week 6.3.2020
The children (and staff!) are thoroughly enjoying the 'Great Fire of London' topic. This week we went to St Austell fire station to think about how we fight fires now in comparison to how it was fought in 1666. The firefighters showed us all of the elements of the fire engine, they spoke to us about the importance of having a fire alarm and then we saw Mrs Austin and Mrs Horwell get dressed up in the firefighter's uniform! At the end of the trip we were all allowed to have a go at using the hose! The children must have enjoyed the trip because they produced some great writing the next day. 
In English this week we have been thinking about poetry linked in with the Great Fire of London. We have created sense poetry and then we created our own versions of 'London's burning', thinking about the syllables that would be needed on each line. 
In maths the Year 1s have been looking at measuring length using a ruler and solving length word problems. The Year 2s have also been thinking about measuring and have now started to think about shapes. 
On Thursday we had WORLD BOOK DAY! The children all looked brilliant in their costumes! They spent the day focusing on Little Red Riding Hood and created artwork and had a music session linked in with the story. It was great to be able to spend the day celebrating books!
Our week 7.2.20
This week the children have made us very proud by producing some brilliant instruction texts for 'How to trap...….' They have included questions about the problem, commas in list, time openers and bossy verbs. Myself and Miss Jane were extremely impressed by the quality of writing. Next week they will be using this format to write another set of instructions.
In maths, the Year 1s have been continuing to think about place value by comparing numbers, ordering numbers and thinking about how many tens and ones are in a 2digit number. The Year 2s have started a statistics block, thinking about pictograms, tally charts and bar charts.
We had our last session of dance with Miss Danks on Monday, we created our final dance piece, using sea creature shapes with movement in-between. In R.E. we thought about the Star of David and the fact that it is the symbol that Jewish people use. In computing the children learned to de-bug an algorithm using the purple mash programme and in geography we started to look at human and physical features.
On Wednesday we had an NSPCC assembly where we were encouraged to remember to talk to a trusted adult if we are uncomfortable about something. One more week before a break! :-) 
Our week 31.1.20
A highlight of this week was making tepees with Andy in the secret garden - we used our knowledge of materials (from our work in science) to discuss which materials would be best to make our tepee out of. Then we created the tepees and did a 'wind' and 'rain' experiment with each one to see if our predictions were correct. We wrote a recount of our outdoor learning experience in English. 
We also wrote a story in English this week, based on the stimulus of 'Mega city' which is an animated advert about dog food, the children really enjoyed discussing the meaning of the advert and we placed particular attention to describing the settings from the advert clip. 
In maths the Year 1s have finished focusing on addition and subtraction and are now consolidating their knowledge of place value. The Year 2s have been focusing on division, including dividing by 2, 5 and 10. 
In R.E. we learned about the synagogue, which is where Jewish people worship. In P.E. we continued to think about creating animal shapes with our bodies and following different pathways. In PSHCE we thought about having positive attitudes to our learning and making sure we have helpful thoughts. We also did a bit of computing this week, using the 'purple mash' programme, the children loved it! 
Our week 24.1.20
We kicked off this week with 'World religion day', as we have been focusing on Judaism, we took the opportunity to learn a bit more about how Jewish people live. The children learned a Jewish wedding dance with Mr D, made challah bread with Mrs Lowe and learned about Shabbat with me. We learned what Jewish people would do during the Shabbat meal and tried some challah bread. 
In maths this week the Year 1s have been using use tricky methods to subtract crossing the ten and have created fact families. The Year 2s have been focusing on division. 
In English the children have used the structure of the traditional tale to create their own stories, we have had little foxes, little kittens, little meerkats and baddies such as dragons, dinosaurs, skeletons and snakes to name a few. 
In P.E we focused on rolling and throwing a ball with control and accuracy, in PSHCE we thought about what a good listener would look like. In computing we have been thinking about following instructions - let's see if they put these listening skills in practise at the weekend! 
We hope you have a good weekend everyone :-) 
Our week 17.1.20
The school had a very exciting visitor today - Bishop Phillip came to announce who the Bishop of St. Germans is going to be. We felt very honoured to be chosen out of all of the church schools in Cornwall to have hosted the announcement. The children were impeccably behaved and we were very proud of our wonderful school.
This week we have continued with our story of 'The three little pigs' we innovated the story and changed the main characters and the 'baddie' in the story. Then we created character descriptions. The children should be very proud of themselves because the quality of some of the descriptions were brilliant, there was use of similes, alliteration and ambitious adjectives too.
In maths the Year 1s have been working through subtraction problems, some of them have been bridging the ten and have proved to be quite tricky! The Year 2s have been thinking about multiplication and division - using times tables rockstars will help with this!
In R.E. we have continued to think about Judaism and thought about the rules that they live by (Mitzvot). In P.E. we continued to think about making pathways with our body and using high and low levels whilst creating our pathways. In science the children performed an experiment linked with materials. Like true scientists, they predicted which material would last longest before breaking whilst drops of water were being dripped on to it, they then carried out a fair test and then wrote up their findings. 
Our week 10.1.2020
Welcome back everyone! We wasted no time in getting stuck back into our learning this week and we were very impressed with how well the children settled back in despite the cold, dark mornings and the miserable weather. The topic for this half term is 'We are innovators', so we are going to be thinking about how things change for the better, we are also going to be looking at materials in science, and using innovation to improve things in science experiments. We started thinking about materials this this week, thinking about the properties of materials, and this links in nicely with our focus story - 'The three little pigs', as the pigs choose different materials to build their houses out of. 
In maths Year 1s having been focusing on addition and Year 2s have started to think about multiplication and division.
In R.E. we have started to think about the Jewish faith and we learnt about how important the 'Torah' is to Jewish people. In P.E. we have started a unit on dance, thinking about different movements to create an under the sea themed dance by the end of the half-term. 
Our week 20.12.19
We made it!! It has been a very long half term and a very busy one too! Well done to Little Fish class for keeping your attendance so high in the last week of the term. 
This week we have really got into the Christmas spirit - we have done Christmas craft, carol singing to the residents of Trevarna care home, had our Christmas lunch, written letters to Father Christmas, had a visit from Father Christmas too! We finished off the week with 'BB's got talent' on Friday morning too. 
We hope you have a well earned break and have a very happy Christmas. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring term! 
Mrs H and Miss Jane :-) 
Our week 13.12.19
The highlight of this week has definitely been our Nativity! The children did such an incredible job, I have been teaching for 8 years now I think it has been my favourite nativity performance - so well done everyone!! 
Today has also been lots of fun, we have had Christmas jumper day and the children all looked very festive. 
Auditions for BB's got talent took place this week and the children enjoyed performing to their friends, the winner will be competing in the final on Friday 20th. 
In English we have been writing our own Nativity booklets. The children have been thinking about descriptive writing, interesting openers and conjunctions and have made a lovely final product. 
In maths the Year 1s have been focusing on place value - 1 more, 1 less and 10 more, 10 less. 
The Year 2s have continued to work on money. 
In D.T we evaluated the products that we made (which were used in the nativity) and we have also started practising our carols for our carol singing next week. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone. 
Our week 6.12.19
December is here and school is super busy! We have been practising our Nativity this week, and if you have your tickets ready then you are in for a treat on Tuesday! The children (and staff!) have been working so hard and it's set to be a fantastic performance. :-) 
In English this week we have been thinking about the features of a letter and then using these features to write our own letters to persuade people to come to our nativity, ensuring that we are using persuasion techniques to do this. 
In maths Year 2s have been thinking about money and the Year 1s have been thinking about the place value of numbers up to 100, making these numbers out of tens and ones and then comparing and ordering them. 
On Monday of this week, the Year 2s were fortunate enough to take part in the 'Christmas experience' that Emma and Grace (members of St Luke's church) organised for us - many thanks to Emma and Grace! 
On Wednesday the children brought in their coins to buy a secret santa present for loved ones (mine is currently wrapped and waiting to be opened on Christmas day, I wonder if he'll be able to keep it a secret!)
We hope you have a lovely weekend and a well earned rest, ready for another busy week next week!
Our week 29.11.19
Another busy week in Little Fish class! 
This week in English we looked at the story of 'The wall in the middle of a book'. The children enjoyed discussing the hidden meaning in the book and then they went on to write an independent piece of writing about the knight building the wall. Then the children created some poetry based on the Nativity story, some of the children's pieces were selected to be used at Holy Trinity church :-) 
In maths, the children did some 'quizzes' to show us what they know. The Year 1 children will be continuing to think about place value and Year 2s are thinking about money.
We are continuing to practise our Nativity, it's getting close now and we're super excited about performing it to you! If your child hasn't brought their costume in yet, could you please ensure that they do this by Monday? Many thanks. 
On Thursday the children had a special treat - a PANTO! The pantomime was Jack and the beanstalk, which was brilliant considering we have just been doing Jack and the beanstalk in English! We hope the children thoroughly enjoyed it! 
Our week 22.11.19 
Me and Miss Jane have been incredibly proud of the children's writing this week. They wrote their own versions of 'Jack and the beanstalk' and have been using brilliant adjectives to describe and have used adverbs like 'reluctantly' 'silently' and 'quickly'. So many of the children enjoyed writing these so much, that some of them asked if they could continue writing in their free choice time!
The Year 1s finished thinking about shape this week, we made patterns with shape, sorted shapes using Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams and we even learned about the line of symmetry for shapes. Towards the end of the week we started to think about place value again. Year 2s have started to focus on money.
In R.E. we thought about Jesus being more than just a baby and made our own versions of the 'Mystic Nativity', discussing what we could incorporate in our pictures to show how special he was. In PSHCE we thought about keeping safe whilst out and about. We have been practising our Nativity songs, the children are doing really well with picking up new songs and dance routines. 
Our week 8.11.19
This week our writing has been focused around Bonfire night. We wrote safety tips for how to stay safe on Bonfire night, ensuring we use 'because' to explain each safety tip. Then we performed Bonfire night themed poetry and then we wrote our own Firework poems. 
We have continued to work on addition and subtraction. Year 1s have been solving word problems and comparing addition and subtraction statements and Year 2s have been solving additions that bridge 10. 
In R.E. we ordered the events of the Nativity story and continued to think about the importance of Jesus at Christmas time. In P.E. the children continued to practice their dance routine for our Nativity performance and in music we have been thinking about different instruments, what they are called and how they are played. We have also been practising the songs for our Nativity - you are in for a treat!
The week ended with outdoor learning day today, the children enjoyed using the fire pit and toasting popcorn! They also created patterns with things used from the environment.
*Proud teacher alert* Me and Miss Jane were so so proud of class member Beth, who had a visit from the Bishop on Wednesday. She said that the star in her picture was to show that Jesus was the light of the world. We were incredibly proud of Beth, but we were also incredibly proud of the other class members; they were congratulating Beth and were genuinely really happy for her and her achievement. What a wonderful class we have!
Our week - 1.11.19
Welcome back! This week we launched our 'We are performers' topic. We will be focusing predominantly on music and DT this half term. 
In English we wrote our half term news and then we had a lesson in which we looked at the book 'Something else', the children enjoyed discussing this book and then today they wrote a recount from the point of view of 'Something else' and many enjoyed writing it so much that they wanted to continue after the writing session had finished!
We have been continuing to think about subtraction in maths, using a numberline to count back and creating fact families. 
In R.E. we have started to think about the importance of Jesus at Christmas, and why Christians celebrate Christmas. In music, we focused on the beat in a piece of music and we played instruments along to the beat. 
On Wednesday we had an afternoon focused on reading, some parents came in to share in the love of reading with us. 
On Thursday we were fortunate enough to have Alice come in from Studio4 dance. She did a dance workshop with us that we all loved! 
Our week - 18.10.19
A busy last week to a busy half-term! This week started off with 'Bible story day', the children learnt about Daniel and the lion's den, they acted the story out, they hot-seated Daniel, made story maps and then discussed why this story is in the bible. Then we had our Harvest communion in the afternoon.
Then on Tuesday we had a visit from Rev. Jules and Emma from St. Luke's church to answer our questions about the bible. 
In English we have been performing and creating our own poems based around minibeasts. We have focused on adjectives to describe and alliteration.
We've been thinking about addition and subtraction in maths and Year 2s have been partitioning a number. 
In topic we have been sorting and classifying, we sorted minibeasts depending on their features and then we sorted things that were 'alive' 'nonliving' and 'never alive'. 
In P.E. we had our final session with Miss Danks doing gymnastics, we thought about different ways of travelling and the shapes that we can make with our body. 
The week finished with the first disco of the year! We hope you have a restful half term. See you on Tuesday 29th October!
Our week - 11.10.19
This week we continued using Superworm as our inspiration for our writing and we wrote a letter to the Wizard to demand that he return Superworm and we then wrote our own superhero story. 
In maths we have been continuing with addition and subtraction, number bonds and fact families. 
In topic we have been thinking about what animals need to survive and went out to look at how minibeasts get these things from their habitat. During PSCHE we focused on keeping our bodies clean and how we can make healthy food choices. 
Well done for working so hard everyone!


Please can all children bring their school reading book AND reading record into school on Monday as we are changing to a new reading scheme.  A letter will be coming out next week to explain everything.

Our week - 4.10.19
We're so proud of the children's writing this week. Hooking the children into a book and then setting them challenges for their writing is proving to be a fantastic way of inspiring them to create some brilliant pieces of writing. This week we read the story of 'Superworm' and the children had to write a dairy entry as though they were Superworm. Earlier in the week we watched a video clip called 'Caterpillar shoes' and the children wrote the narrative as a story in their books. (You may have noticed a minibeast theme! We will continuing this over the next couple of weeks).
In maths we have been thinking about addition and subtraction, number bonds and partitioning. We have used part whole models to work out our answers. 
In topic we have been thinking about Habitats and the facts that animals get everything that they need from their habitat. 
In P.E. we performed different types of jumps to travel across mats. 
Our week - 27.9.19
This week we have based our writing on the story 'On the way home', this is a story in which a girl create imaginative stories about how she got a bad knee, this has proven to be a great stimulus for fantastic writing for character description and for the children writing their own stories. 
In maths we have started to think about the part-whole model and how 2 groups combine to make a total. 
In R.E. we thought about our Christian values and how Jesus demonstrated these Christian values. In our topic based learning we have thought about the importance of exercise and a balanced diet in order to have a healthy lifestyle. We looked at the different food groups and at which types of food we should eat more/less of. We also create our own exercise routines to keep fit and healthy.
Have a good weekend!
Our week - 20.9.19
This week we wrote our non-fiction reports about ourselves. We wrote paragraphs on 'All about me' 'My family' and 'My likes and dislikes' 
We continued with gymnastics with Miss Danks and with thinking about place value in maths; comparing numbers and finding more and less than a number. 
In R.E. we thought about questions that we would like to ask a visitor about the bible and in science we started to think about our senses and our body parts. 
Our week - 13.9.19
Wow! Our first full week in Little Fish and the children have settled incredibly well. We have started our 'We are investigators' topic of 'All about me' and the children discussed their families and created family portraits and family trees. Some children have shared their 'all about me' bags and we will gradually allow for each child to share theirs with the rest of the class. We have been focusing on number and place value in maths and have been thinking about the features of non-fiction texts in English. In R.E. we thought about the special book for Christians and had gymnastics for P.E. with Miss Danks on Monday. 
On Wednesday we had a visit from Mrs Austin, she came in and told us all about being a midwife. This linked in with our topic as it got us thinking about how we grow and develop from a baby.
What a busy week - we hope the children have a well deserved break this weekend!


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