Bishop Bronescombe C of E School

Little Lambs

General Information

  • Please encourage your child to read every night, it makes such a difference to their progress and confidence. If your child has finished their book, drop it into the box by the door and it will be changed.
  • PE will happen every week. Please make sure your child has a labelled kit in school at all times. 
  • We are now asking that your child brings in their own water bottle, which can come home every day to be washed.
  • Spellings and spelling homework are sent home on a Thursday.
  • Homework is sent home on a Thursday, with Maths and English being set on alternate weeks. Homework is to be handed in on a Tuesday.

Our week 8/11/19

In English we have been writing and performing poetry linked to fireworks.  We thought about what colours we could see and what noises we could hear whilst watching a clip of the New Year fireworks in London.  We came up with some super descriptive language!


We have continued our column addition and subtraction this week, but have stretched ourselves by carrying over and exchanging.  This has been tricky, but we are persevering and getting better every day.


We enjoyed our outdoor learning morning on Friday.  We created art by using natural resources we found on the field.  We also learned about fire safety with Mr D and he showed us how popcorn is made. 


Our week 1/11/19

Welcome back!  We're so pleased to hear that the children have enjoyed their half term break.

In English this week we have started learning about a new book 'Something Else'.  The children have been thinking about the feelings of the main character and how we treat other people.

We are continuing with addition and subtraction in Maths, but are now focusing on the traditional column method, which we will be continuing into next week.

EXCITING TIMES!  We have started work on our nativity.  We have two songs under our belts and even had a visiting choreographer teaching us some movement to one of our numbers.  IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING!

Have a fantastic weekend.


Our week 11/10/19

Another busy week.  In English we have been innovating the story of Superworm and have created our own characters.  We've especially been thinking about other ways to make our sentences more interesting by using subordinating conjunctions (if, because, until & unless).

In maths we have continued focussing on addition and subtraction.  We used our maths resources to help us consolidate our learning at the end of the week.

Well done to all Little Lambs for being at school this week, we WON the popcorn party, how exciting!


Our week 4/10/19

What a busy week! We have been writing diary entries for Superworm this week.  We have been focussing on extending our sentences using and, but & so.  We're getting pretty good at this now.  We have finished the week thinking about poetry linked to our senses.


In maths this week, we have finished our unit on place value and have moved on to addition and subtraction.  Lots of us have found this hard but we will be persevering and sticking with it for a few weeks, so don't panic!



Please can all children bring their school reading book AND reading record into school on Monday and we are changing to a new reading scheme.  A letter will be coming out next week to explain everything.


Our week 20/9/19

We have been writing information reports in English this week.  We have written about ourselves, our families and our hobbies.  It's been really interesting reading all about the children.

We have continued with number partitioning and place value.

We discussed the different parts of the body and labelled pictures.  We also went on a senses tour outside the building and wrote about what we saw, heard, smelt and touched.

Our week 13/9/19

In English we have been writing a recount about a special visitor who came in to see us this week.  Mrs Austin came to tell all about her job as a midwife.  She told us about taking a mum's blood pressure and measuring her tummy.  We were very lucky to be able to hear a real baby's heartbeat as Mrs Greenaway volunteered to have the midwife examine her!  


During maths this week we have been focusing out place value and partitioning numbers into 10's and 1's.


We hope your child has had a lovely first full week back. Enjoy the weekend sunshine!


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