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At Bishop Bronescombe we aim to deliver a rich, balanced and progressive maths curriculum that teaches children to reason, problem solve and develop fluent conceptual understanding in each area; this empowers children to understand core concepts as well as making links to real life.


At the heart of the delivery of our core resource ‘Power Maths’, is a clearly structured teaching and learning process that helps us make certain that every child masters each maths concept securely and deeply. For each year group, the curriculum is broken down into core concepts, taught in units. A unit divides into smaller learning steps – lessons. Step by step, strong foundations of cumulative knowledge and understanding are built. Where possible, it sees all children learning the same concept, each finding and mastering challenge at their own level within their year group.

One of the key underlying elements of Power Maths is its practical approach, allowing teachers to make maths real and relevant to the children, no matter their age. Manipulatives are essential resources for both key stages and Power Maths encourages children to use these at every opportunity; continuing the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach right through to Year 6.

This maths teaching is enhanced by daily arithmetic practice - 'Fluent in Five', providing children with the opportunity to develop their ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.

In instances where children have not understood a concept, we employ  a ‘Same Day Intervention’ model. This model is designed to enable pupils to “keep up” not “catch up”.  Teachers mark pupils' work during the lesson or soon after so that pupils who need extra support get it the same day, enabling them to keep up.  

For those children that have more significant gaps in their learning, we use the 'Hands On Maths' intervention materials in small, adult-led groups.  This approach utilises concrete resources and short, progressive sessions to enable children to understand key concepts.

TT Rockstars is used in Key Stage 2, providing the children with the opportunity to practise times tables and become fluent as soon as possible. 

We currently have a Y2 and a Y6 teacher working with the Cornwall Maths Mastery Hub and an SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) teacher in Y5.  

Please see the links below for our maths long-term plans.


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