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Meet our Reading Ambassadors

There is a large amount of research that demonstrates that children who read regularly at home perform much better at school and throughout their lives. In order to continue to encourage our students to be enthusiastic readers, we have selected some reading ambassadors whose main role is to share their enjoyment of reading and their knowledge about books with their peers. Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce them here and share the books they are currently reading in preparation to review them for their peers.

“I love reading because it gives you time to imagine things in your head. When there are no pictures you have to create them yourself in your imagination which I love doing. I find reading relaxing.”

Ella is currently reading Ariki and the Island of Wonders by Nicola Davies. She was attracted to the book by the front cover which is illustrated with a beautiful, tropical beach. The main character on the front cover and the tropical beach reminded Ella of the film, Moana. I wonder if the story is like Moana at all? Ella will tell us all about it when she’s finished reading it!

“I love reading because it gives me adventures.”

Seth is currently reading a recently published book called ‘Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure by Vashti Hardy. Fortunately, Seth said that he loved reading because it gives him adventures and this book is a fantasy adventure book. Its about two children who fear their father, who is an explorer, has gone missing whilst on an expedition to reach South Polaris; they go off in search for him…..We’ll leave Seth to let you know what happens without giving any plot spoilers !

“I love reading because it gives me adventures that I would really love to go on. In one of the stories I’m reading, they have to find three magic eggs which will make all the food that they eat taste like chocolate – I wish I could do that in real life!”

Ruby chose to read ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. Although this fabulous book has been around for a while, Ruby read the blurb and decided she wanted to find out what happens to Gran! She might be in for a surprise!


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