Parent Support Adviser

Mrs Terri-Anne Old

Parent Support Advisor


 What is a Parent Support Adviser?

As a Parent Support Adviser (PSA), I am here to help, support and advise parents and carers who have any worries or concerns about their children, school life or personal circumstances. I offer the promise of a listening ear, appropriate support and signposting for those in need. 


What could a PSA help me with?

  • Children moving to another school
  • Supporting parents in meetings at school
  • Providing advice and supporting parents with childrens’ behavioural/additional needs
  • Signposting and supporting parents engaging with external agencies
  • Liaising with parents and children to resolve attendance issues
  • Any other issue you may have that requires additional support


Why might you need to use the PSA?

My child is having difficulties settling in at school… My child is anxious about school… My child’s behaviour is difficult to control… I am worried about my child starting school… I just need someone I can talk to… I’m really worried about my son/daughter’s self-esteem… I would like to know who else I could talk to about my situation…



How do I contact the PSA?

  • Call the school to make an appointment- 01726 64322
  • Contact me directly on the PSA mobile phone- 07903613074