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Welcome to Peacocks Class!
Teacher: Miss Burr
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Davy
General Information
  • Please can P.E. kits be in school all week. We currently have Tag Rugby on Mondays but may have additional P.E. lessons on other days of the week.

  • Homework this year will alternate between Maths and English activities and will go out every Thursday with the children's new spellings. Homework is expected back on a Tuesday and we have our weekly spelling tests on Wednesdays.
This page is updated weekly on a Friday afternoon!
This week in Maths we have been learning about decimal numbers, comparing and rounding them. Everyone has worked really hard and it has shown in their Math knowledge!
 In Literacy we have been writing newpaper reports, we wrote one about the sinking of the Titanic and then used all the skills we learned to write one about a mysterious creature who washed up on beach in Cornwall. We have begun learning a new class story, with actions, this week about Grace Darling. We will be using this story lots in our literacy lessons.
Have a great weekend.
We have had a lovely week this week where we have enjoyed some fun and hard work.
In maths we have been learning how to convert fractions and decimals. We have been planning and writing our own newspaper report about what happened on the Titanic using all the information that we have been gathering in class and on our school trip.
WE had a fantastic day at the National Maritime Museum for our school trip. we had a chance to wander around the museum independently. We saw the amazing view of Falmouth from the lookout tower, went down below the water line and looked for fish as well as catching up with other dramatic sea rescue stories. We had a rope making workshop as well as an opportunity to use the remote control wind boats. Captain Smith joined us to tel lus all about the grand Titanic and it's final voyage.
Have a great weekend everyone, don't forget it is a bank holiday! see you on Tuesday
We hope you all enjoyed a fantastic Easter break!
We came back to our brand new topic and question 'Why do we remember the Titanic?'. On launch day the children were very excited to tell each other what they already know about this part of History. We designed our own boats and made them out of different materials. We then tested them in water to see how well they could float, take passengers and avoid the hazardous icebergs that had been put in their paths. We also made our own portholes and painted a picture of what we thought we would see out of them if we were sailing on the titanic. 
in literacy we have been doing 'Lets talk English' where we have looked at the story of 'The Boat', The class discussed lots of ideas around the short animation that they watched and shared opinions on what they believed the story to have been about. They then created their own story based on the events that they had seen.
In Maths the class have been looking at decimal numbers and have worked hard at multiplying and dividing them.
Have a great weekend.
Welcome back, hope you all had a lovely half term.
We began our week with a brilliant trip to the Eden project. We took part in a Chocology workshop where we learned where chocolate originated, how it can be used and how we can protect farmers with fair trade. We got the opportunity to do some fun activities and to have a look around the Eden too.
In literacy we have started to plan a piece of persuasive writing. Some of us are writing to Mrs Carmicheal to ask for 'Den making' areas in the school grounds or 'Gaming rooms' that can be used for educational benefits!
In Maths this week we have been looking at the area and perimeter of shapes, we have been working so hard and doing a fantastic job.
Another reminder to please give your child a P.E kit to bring into school. Hope you have a great weekend.
This week in Maths we have been learning to use the inverse to check our calculations are correct. We have been fabulous Mathematicians and some children have been doing this with 4 and 5 digit numbers.
In Literacy we have been finishing off own innovated class stories. As they are based on an invention,
that fakes illness for a day off school, parents should beware!
We had a visit from the' Kernow King' who talked to us about famous people who came from Cornwall such as Humphrey Davy and Rowenna Cade, the creator of the Minack Theatre. We also watched an exquisite performance.
In Science we have been learning about the digestive system as well as the functions of different types of teeth, such as the canines, incisors and molars.
Happy New Year! Welcolme back, we hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break.
The children returned to the launch of their new topic on 'Chocolate'  and 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory', with the new topic question "Is Chocolate really a treat?". To begin the topic the children designed their own chocolate bars deciding who the target market was going to be, what ingredients were going to be included and finally, which fantastic name they would call them. We then set about making the chocolate treats to be eaten laterten whilst watching a clip of the film.
Also did a chocolate taste testing where we examined 4 different chocolate brands looking at how they looked, their texture, smell and taste. Once we had done this then we ranked them out of  ten. You may be very pleased to hear that most children did not enjoy the expensive 'Green and Blacks' variety!
We have also been doing Maths and English this week. In maths we have been doing multiplication and division. We have worked really hard at doing either number lines or  the 'The bus stop' method.
In Literacy we have begun learning our class story of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and are really enjoying learning about some of the fascinating characters. We are also beginning to write our version of the story with our own character and exciting sweet.
Have a great weekend.
We have had a super busy week this week as we have been doing our Nativity rehearsals as well as our usual lessons. We have been learning all of our lines and cues as well as singing our  hearts out! we are sure you will be familiar with some of the songs already.
In Maths we have been learning about factors and factor pairs and whilst we found it tricky at first, we have preserved and learnt lots.
In English we have been looking at a new class story, 'The Mousehole Cat'. We have been creating our own wishing tale and have been exploring different sentence openers.
We have also learned things about the Celts housing traditions and lifestyles in topics.
Have a lovely weekend.



Breaking News...  We have had a 'Dinosaur Invasion'!

Please make sure that you ask your children all about what had happened when they arrived at school this morning.

This week  in English we have learning the features of a newspaper articles and how to write them. Today we were able to write the shocking facts about the dinosaur invasion after our hunt for the evidence and eye witness accounts.

This week in Maths we have been learning multiplication and division and have been working really hard.

 We had a fantastic day on Thursday when we had a visit from an artist from The Eden Project. We shared lots of Christmas stories with our partners and some people shared them with the whole class. In preparation for our afternoon visitors we devised some questions. In the afternoon we were joined by some parents and Grandparents visitors who told us about their Christmas Stories and memories.


Have a great weekend.




Welcome back, we hope you all had a really good half term.
This week in Maths we have been using inverse operations. It has been tricky but we have worked really well.
In literacy we did 'lets think English' where we looked at the story of 'The Giving Tree'. We then wrote a letter explaining the feelings and perspectives of the tree throughout the story.
We have been learning about smuggling in topic and how Cornwall was a good place for smugglers to use. We have also looked at soils in science.
Have a great weekend.
We have had a good week this week with a few different things happening. Parents had the opportunity to come into school on Tuesday and watch our Maths class. If you could attend then we hope you  enjoyed seeing all the children working so hard.
We had Bible story day on Monday where we looked at the story of 'The Prodigal Son'. We watched the story, acted it out as well as hot seating the characters.
In science we have been looking at rocks as part of our Cornwall topic.
Have a great half term.
We have had a very exciting week this week which included our school trip to Charlestown. We had a guided tour which included telling us the history of the original fishing village of Polmear. The children have learned lots of information which I am sure they will tell you next time you visit. After our tour we went to the beach to do some sketching of the landscapes and created some beach artwork.
In English this week we have written a recount of our school trip and have been learning about poetry. We have written our own poems which will be entered into a poetry competition.
In Maths we have been learning column subtraction and have been mastering the concept of exchanges, everyone has tried really hard as this is tricky work.
Have a great weekend, it may be a little windy!!
This week in Maths we have been learning about place values and continuing to column addition. Everyone has worked so hard and we have had some mathematicians who have shown lots of perseverance.
In English we put together everything we know about writing monster stories to create our very own masterpiece!
We were very creative and painted some lovely Cornish landscapes this week. You can take a look at some of the pictures on this web page.
Have a great weekend.
This week in English we have begun writing our own monster story using the story of 'Jack and the Giant Killer' to help us. There have been some very descriptive attempts so far.
In Maths we have been learning smaller and larger numbers, how to put them in ascending and descending order and how to round up or down in 10,100 and 1000! Everyone has worked so hard!
It may seem a little early but we have also designed Christmas cards which will be sent off to be made and purchased later.
Hope you all have a good weekend.
Another exciting and fun weekend in Peacocks.
We have started our new story 'Jack the Giant Killer', it began with a performance from Mrs Parry and Mr Daysh and continued with the children learning their own actions.
In Maths we have carried on with place value, thinking about Thousands, hundreds, tens and ones and the concepts of more than and less than.
In Geography we looked at Human and Physical features as well as looking at counties in the country. We have also been thinking about what we could write about our county to schools in another county.
Have a great weekend.
7/09/18                  Welcome back!!
Hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday and are feeling fully refreshed! A warm welcome to the new Peacocks, everyone seems to have settled into their new classes amazingly. What a great start!
Our topic this term is 'Cornwall' and our question is ' Why do we celebrate Cornwall's History?' Our first day was the launch of our topic and we discussed everything that we already knew about Cornwall as well as all the things that we would like to find out. We made our own Cornish Pasties which was such good fun to do. We also designed our own Kernow rocks and painted them.
We have also began to do some Maths work, beginning with place value and we can tell that we have some budding Mathematicians in Peacocks, everyone has worked so hard.
Have a fantastic weekend, see you next week.


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