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Welcome to Peacocks Class!
Class Teacher:  Miss V Nagy
Class HLTA : Miss A Freight
General Information
  • Please can P.E. kits be in school all week. 

  • Homework this year will alternate between Maths and English activities and will go out every Thursday and to be returned by Tuesday.


Election Day has arrived in Peacocks!  So many children were brave and stood in front of the whole class to give their speeches....and some wonderful promises,(but sadly no one offered chocolate days).  Our MPs will be announced on Dojo later, watch this space.

We have had such a busy week, in Maths we have been looking at more or less, using four digit numbers.  In English we focused on using adjectives within a sentence.  The children have enjoyed Music and PE, as well as some Topic work, including physical and human features of a Viking settlement.  Our RE this week was all about Creation.

We are so impressed at how well your children have settled and they are really impressing us with their attitude and effort in their learning.


Welcome back!  It's been a while but we're back and raring to go.  What a lovely class of hard working, eager children we have in Peacocks, it's going to be an exciting year. 

Things are a little different, but we will do all we can to keep things as enjoyable and beneficial as we can.  We have already enjoyed some fun lessons and we especially enjoy French and hearing the lovely accents they use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on class dojo and we will do all we can to help.


Last week  (20.3.20)

We have finished now for Easter.  Take good care of yourselves and we hope to see you all soon.

Miss Edney


Sports relief  (13.3.20)

For Friday 13th we are feeling extremely sporty.  Our class was full of footballers, gymnasts and ballerinas.  We limbered up ready to do our fun mile run to some inspiring music.  We was feeling a bit tired after, but it was lots of fun. 

Also this week we had a church leader in to talk about their role in their church and the children came up with some really good questions to ask.  In maths the children have been learning about decimal points and we are focusing on writing a newspaper report in English.  Finishing the week with making our own Roman mosaics.

Have a good weekend.



World book day (6.3.20)

A big thank you to everyone for the amazing World book day costumes.  The children (and adults) had a really good day.  Our class story was `The owl who was afraid of the dark,' about an owl who didn't like the dark.  We made our own story boxes.   First we painted the background before making the scenes complete with owls and props.   It was also nice too see some of our parents join us for story time at the end of the day.  

This week we have also been learning about fractions, finding some interesting facts about Roman's and continuing to investigate magnets. 

Enjoy your weekend.


Romans  (27.2.20)

We have had such an brilliant first week back.  On Monday we introduced the children to our new topic, `Would you rule in Rome?'  The children made Roman mosaic's, learnt Roman numerals and played some Roman games.  We have also looked at the Roman timeline and were amazed by how long they ruled and how many countries they conquered during their reign.  We can also convert numbers into Roman numerals.

Pancake races were great fun, especially when the seagulls came down to eat the pancakes left on the playground.  As part of Lent we are collecting for a foundation that are providing toilets for villages in Africa.  The children then decorated their money holders and are to return them at the end of this term.

Forces and magnets was our focus in Science and we had great fun seeing what in our classroom is magnetic.

Have a great weekend


Pop art (14.2.20)

Wow we were amazed with pop art.  We looked at different designs by the famous artist Andy Warhol, before producing our own art work.  Firstly as drawings and secondly as paintings using a stamping technique.  

We have also learnt about internet safety and how to keep ourselves safe online.  As well as looking at ways to be a good friend and helping each other.

In Maths year 4's have become fraction masters and year 3's measuring masters as well as producing some brilliant work.

Finishing this half term with the Valentine disco, (there was even some valentine gifts exchanged in class).



NSPCC (6.2.20)

NSPCC came into school to talk to the children about what they do.  They also taught us how to learn their number, 0800 1111. 

We have also been doing some persuasive writing, by composing a letter about climate change.  Maths has been tricky with year 4's learning about fractions, mixed, improper and equivalent.  Also in Topic we have looked at what it would be like to be a child miner.  We all agreed that we are glad that we go to school instead of a mine now.  Internet safety has been a focus this week and how we can stay safe when we are online.  

Enjoy your weekend. 


Tin miners (31.1.20)

We enjoyed a singing lesson in English (Puff the magic dragon).  Followed by a poem with rhyming couplets.  Also in topic we looked at different aspects of a tin miners life drew a posters about it.  A big thank you to one of our children for brining in an amazing collection of fossils for us to look at.  Next using clay we moulded and made our own fossils of our mythical creatures.

Area and perimeter has been our focus in Maths We also had some fun on the computers playing on purple mash!

Have a wonderful weekend.



Fossils  (22.1.20)

Our focus this week has been how fossils are formed.  It was really interesting to find out the different processes on how over millions of years fossils are formed from dead animals.  We also learnt about tin miners and the roles of me and children down the mines.

Monday was World Religion day.  We learnt about Buddhism, the ten commandments and the Muslim faith.  Did you know that Buddhism is one of the 5 largest religions in the World and the oldest.  We also wrote our own ten commandments for our class.

In English we are beginning to plan our own mythical story set in Cornwall and have been learning about area in year 4's and the year 3's have been learning about money.

Have a good weekend.


Bishop of Truro visit (17.1.20)

This week we have been looking at the differences between myths and legends.  We have been using the story, 'The Giants of St Michael's Mount' as our base story.  The children have enjoyed freeze framing, some drama and writing up a story box this week.

In Maths we have been using multiplication to help us with our division.  Some children are also working on arrays to help with multiplication and division.

We have conducted a Science experiment involving three different types of soil, which one would be most and least permeable? 

Friday saw a group of special visitors to our school, including the Bishop of Truro.

Enjoy the weekend.

New Year  (10.1.20)

Welcome to 2020, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Our new topic this half term is 'What is our most valuable asset in Cornwall?'  On our launch day the children completed different activities in Pelicans, Peacocks and our own class.  We learnt about dinosaurs and made our own fossils using salt dough.  We then found out what it would be like to be a tin miner and the through drama we took on the roles of miner.  Finally we made our own Cornish flags and then thought of questions we would like to find the answer to.  Also as part of our topic work we investigated different types of rocks and conducted an experiment to show how these rocks are formed.  In Geography we started to look at urban and rural environments.  We then looked at what can be found on a map, looked at our school environment and drew our own map of the school premises.

In English our story is `Not now Bernard' and the children have been writing character descriptions.

Enjoy your weekend


Christmas dinner  (19.12.19)

What a brilliant last week at school.  We are all feeling really festive.  This week we have had lots of Christmas activities, making crackers, decorations, and movable toys.  Also we designed and decorated biscuits to look like baubles.  They didn't last long though, before we ate them.  

A big thank you to the Kitchen staff for our delicious Christmas dinner.  

Thank you also for our lovely gifts.  We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2020.

See you in the new year.


Nativity (12.12.19)

Wow what a wonderful week we have had.  We hope you enjoyed our nativity performances, as much as the children enjoyed singing, dancing and performing for you all.  The children certainly `shinned' and we are all so very proud of them.  A big thank you to all of you for providing such brilliant costumes.  

We are certainly feeling very festive, with only a week to go.  In English we have written the Nativity story and watched the other years performances, which were all amazing.  With have such talented children in our school.  

Happy Christmas shopping.


Secret Santa  (6.12.19)

The children were so excited picking out surprise presents, to give on Christmas morning. They can not wait for you to open them.  Also this week we have had a dress rehearsal for the WHOLE school.  Everyone was amazing and the rest of the school were full of praise for them.  They are now really looking forward to performing in front of you all next week.

We have also started some Christmas activities as well as watching the Excitable Edgar advert and then writing our own story on Edgar's adventures.

This week has flown by.  Only two weeks to go!! 


Panto (28.11.19)

WOW panto was brilliant.  A huge thank you to the Friends of BB for organising our Christmas treat

for us to watch a fantastic performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Which was our Christmas treat this year.  We all had an amazing time, especially singing along to the songs.

Also this week we have been busy writing our own poetry in English.  Have you heard of a `haiku' poem or a limerick.  It has been really fun writing our own.

We have also continued with our topic work, looking at a Victorian Christmas and how it was different to our Christmas today.

Only 4 more weekends to Christmas!!

Have a good weekend


Author visit  (21.11.19)

We were really lucky in school this week to have a visit from an author of children's books.  Rory gave a really interesting talk to inspire us all to be better writers.  

Also this week, we have been busy practising for our Nativity performance, writing newspaper reports in English and learning some tricky Maths.  During our topic work we looked at how Christmas has changed, thanks to the Victorians who introduced us to Christmas trees, cards and crackers, to name but a few.  (We are starting to get really excited for Christmas.)

Have a great weekend.


Nativity performance (15.11.19)

The children were so excited this week as we gave out their parts in our Nativity performance and had our first run through of the play.  We were amazed how brilliant they all were and are looking forward to practising with them over the next few weeks.

We supported anti-bullying day on Wednesday by wearing odd socks and learnt how to stop bullying in our school.  We also enjoyed dressing up on Friday for children in need.  Everyone looked really `wacky!'

Also this week we started looking at newspaper reports in English, times tables in Maths and enjoyed PE in the hall due to rain again! 

Another busy week.  Have a good weekend.


Parent's evening/outdoor learning  (7.11.19)

It's been such a busy week!  It was lovely to meet so many of you at parent's evening and to discuss the progress your child has been making in our class.  The children also enjoyed looking at the new books in the book fair and some were lucky to buy one.  

We managed to dodge the rain showers during our outdoor learning/maths lesson, in which we produced the 3 times table using leaves, twigs etc.  PE was also fun (again dodging showers)  and learning some hockey skills.

We are innovating our class story of Aladdin, with new characters and settings.  They are coming on really well.  Finally we have began to learn our songs for the nativity play.  Over the next couple of weeks letters will be sent home regarding your child's role in the performance.

Enjoy the weekend


Parent reading afternoon (1.11.19)

Welcome back to Christmas half term (our favourite half term).  This week saw the start of our new topic, Christmases through time.  (yes we are starting celebrating early in Phoenix!)  We played different `parlour' games on our first day, including charades and pass the bauble.  We then had a go at line drawing, when we drew our own Christmas picture's.

Our class story is Aladdin, although our version doesn't have a Genie in it.  But its still a great story. We have also enjoyed tricky maths with addition and subtraction of 3 digit numbers.

It was lovely to see some parents in this week also to read with our children.   We also finished the afternoon with a story being read to us, which was great fun.

Hope the weekend isn't too wet.


Harvest Communion (17.10.19)

We started our week by having a Bible day, whereby the children learnt about the class story, the feeding of the 5000, (loaves and fishes).  We retold the story through drama, story maps and art work.  In the afternoon we attended our Harvest Communion.  Thank you for your kind food donations and it was lovely seeing so many attend our worship.

Geography was comparing Egypt and the UK looking into the climate, features of the land.  We also decided where we would like to live, the UK or Egypt.  We were excited in our English lesson as we investigated items in trays using our senses.  It was strange touching different things without looking!

Our last day of this half term was brilliant as we dressed as Egyptian's, the children looked amazing - thank you everyone.

Have a great half term holiday.


Truro Museum  (10.10.19)

We are getting very sporty.  With tag rugby on Tuesday's and PE on Thursday's.  We are really enjoying these lessons.

The end of last week we visited Truro museum, which we all found interesting.  We looked around the museum, carefully examined some Egyptian artefacts and then took part in an Egyptian ceremony.  It was lots of fun dressing up for this.

We have been busy writing a non-chronological report about different facts on Ancient Egypt.   We then published our work, complete with pictures and a did you know box.

Have a good weekend. 


Year 3 Bible presentation (3.10.19) 

The year 3 children enjoyed a special collective worship on Tuesday, lead by Rev Jules.  After a short service the children were presented with their own Bible's that they will keep in school until they leave in year 6.  

In Topic we investigated why and how Egyptians built Pyramid's.  Did you know it took between 2,000 and 100,000 people to build each one and there was approximately 100 built, over 4,000 years ago.  We then had an amazing visit to Truro museum to take part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop and to look at some artefacts including a real mummy!

We have also been looking at the features of a non-chronological report to prepare us for writing our own ones next week.  PE has also been lots of fun, with tag rugby and PE activities.

Enjoy the weekend, (hope is isn't too wet) 


Tutankhamun (26.9.19)

Following on with our Ancient Egyptian topic we have been looking at the life of Tutankhamun, who was only 10 years old when he became King and died 9 years later at only 19!  He was buried in a Pyramid with all his treasures.  We also have designed our own Egyptian coffin, based on Egyptian designs.

Maths has proved to be a little tricky especially for the year 3 children as we are learning to add a 1 digit number to a 3 digit number.  

We are super fit this week though, with rugby and a PE sessions, which were both lots of fun.  

Have a nice weekend, without too much rain.



Stop Climate Change (20.9.19)

A topic that is very close to everyone's mind at the moment is climate change. We looked at what climate change means and how we can help the environment.  We also made posters to display in our school.  

For our topic work, we looked at mummification and how the various parts of the body were preserved for the after life in caconic jars.  The children then painted their clay animal heads before making the jars for them to fit on top.  

We can now say hello to each other in French and my name is …. So we went around the classroom introducing ourselves.  

Also this week, the year 4 children enjoyed playing rugby on Tuesday, place value in Maths and started writing our own stories.

We also looked smart for our photos and look forward to seeing how them come out.

Have a great weekend. 



Ancient Egyptians  (12.9.19)

Wow we have completed our first full week in Peacocks.  The children have all settled in really well and making lots of new friends. 

We are partitioning 2 and 3 digit number in Maths and have written our first story based on a rabbit and wolf in English.  Bonjour is how we now say hello as we learn some French and the year 4's were lucky to have a go at playing Rugby.

As part of our Ancient Egyptian topic we looked at how the Egyptian's mummified the dead, (it was a bit gruesome). We have also made clay sculptures to go on top of our canopic jars, that we will make soon.

We are all excited by our school elections tomorrow to find out who will be our school councillors this year.

Have a sunny weekend. 


Welcome to Peacocks (5.9.19)

We hope you all had a wonderful Summer, it certainly flew by.  Welcome to Peacocks and we are looking forward to spending the year with your child.  

This terms topic is `Ancient Egypt,' and we have completed lots of fun activities to start the year with.  The children have painted and made Egyptian necklaces, learnt to dance like an Egyptian as well as constructing 3d pyramids using spaghetti and marshmallows (not an easy task).  Everyone has settled in really well.  If you wish to contact us at any time, please dojo us or pop in at the end of the day.  We look forward to teaching your child this year.

Enjoy the weekend.



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