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Welcome to Pelicans!
General Information

  • Please listen to your child read every day and complete their reading record. Thank you
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thankyou.
  • Homework is sent out on a Thursday and is expected back the following Tuesday. Thank you for helping your child with this.
  • TBC for this week
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We have had a great first full week.  In English, the children have learnt our text as well as innovated their own stories. We are super impressed with how hard they work and with their lovely handwriting. In Maths we have been learning how to partition numbers and then add them together using this method.  In RE we have begun to look at special things and what they mean to us.  We are comparing this to God's creation of our special world an how He feels we are treating it.

All in all it has been an excellent first full week.  Our class are kind and hard working.  We know it is going to be a wonderful year.

Please could you all ensure we have your consent forms and data sheets back as soon as possible.  Many thanks.


Welcome to Pelicans.  We have had an amazing day today full of Egyptian fun!  We began our first day by talking about our school holidays, the most fun day and something we will never forget. 

We discussed our topic for this term and enjoyed using hieroglyphs to draw our names. We then painted pieces of penne pasta to make beautiful necklaces.  The children enjoyed making 3D pyramids using dried spaghetti  and mini marshmallows.  Our winners made an amazing pyramid which was 26 cm tall!

Just a reminder that the children need to bring a drinks bottle everyday, this can be refilled using our water dispenser.  We also encourage the pupils to leave their PE kit here for half a term.

It would be wonderful if you could listen to your child read at least 4 times a week and write comments in their reading diary. We give homework out on a Thursday and it needs to be returned by the following Tuesday.

We are looking forward to teaching your child this year, it is going to be a great year. 



Thank you very much to all the lovely children from our super class last year.  My Daysh and I would like to say thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts.  We would like to say an even bigger thank you for a great year with your children.  Super effort from each on, super manners, super behaviour and really for just being super in general.  We will miss our year 4s as they go onto year 5 and look forward to another year with our year 3s , soon to be year 4.  It's going to be a great year!


Have you noticed a big, yellow ball in the sky recently?  Yes, finally, the sun has finally arrived.  The days are warm, warm, warm!  Please could you ensure your child has a large drink, (preferably water), a hat and sun cream if you feel it is needed.  Could you also make sure your child has their PE kit as we will be doing PE outside to make the most of the summer air.

During maths we are starting to look at clockwise and anti clockwise.  In English we are learning how to write a debate text.  The children have picked a topic, written an opening, an argument for and against as well as a conclusion.  They have done very well with this.









We had such a great time at our Race For Life event, thank you so much for your support and all the money raised.  The grand total will be announced.  This super event was followed by a super Sports Day.  The children supported each other and showed great skills as well as sportsmanship.  The event was great fun and we really appreciated your support.


We have had a very busy week again in Pelicans.  In Maths we have begun to look at time.  If you could encourage your child to tell you the time, especially o clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.  As the children progress, perhaps you could encourage them to use five minute blocks to tell the time.

In RE we have been looking at Pentecost, the children designed symbols to represent The Holy Spirit. 

On Monday we be doing the Race for Life in the morning.  Please could you collect your sponsor money as quickly as possible.  This is very exciting for the children and staff. All the children have received a letter about permission for face painting for our Race for Life event.  This must be back by Monday morning in order for your child to have their face painted.  It is also Sports Day on Monday afternoon which you are welcome to attend. Please ensure your child has a filled water bottle on Monday. Let's hope for a lovely day!



We had a really fun week becoming DJs with the help of Phil from Inclusive Music.  The children ( and Mr Daysh) thoroughly enjoyed using the laptops to create their own piece of music.  They chose their beats and melodies from a list of hundreds and layered them to make a piece of music.Letters have gone home this week to explain about our Race For Life event.  Please sponsor your child and spread the word so that we can raise as much as possible for this worthy charity.





Prayer week (6.6.19)

We hope you all had a wonderful half term week.  This week has been a short but busy week.

This was our prayer week and the children have enjoyed a reflection time up in the secret garden.  We also had a special collective worship on Monday.

Money has continued to be our focus in Maths.  Why not get your child to buy something next time you go shopping, so they can practise their new skills.

We have also completed our innovated story based on Grace Darling.   The children have worked really hard on their stories and there are some dramatic rescues.

Have a good long weekend.


Share a pencil (24.5.19)

We shared a pencil on Tuesday, when we learnt about why children in other countries do not have the same opportunities as ourselves.  Also how not all children are able to attend school due to various reasons including conflict and poverty.  Our outdoor learning day on Wednesday was a big bug hunt and nature walk around our playgrounds.  We worked in groups to find and identify different insects and plants.  It was lots of fun.Also the children are all making amazing progress in swimming, with some even going up a group. It’s been a short but busy half term and we wish everyone a great holiday.Some of the children that have been with Miss Freight have enjoyed creating their own crossword puzzles and asked me to post the web address so they could try it at home.  :

Our children are really enjoying swimming and for some conquering their fears has proven to build their confidence in other areas too.
We have has another busy week working on multiplying and dividing fractions.  In English we have looked at writing news reports.  The children wrote their own reports on The Sinking of The Titanic.
Some of our lovely year threes have gone on their   trip and are having a wonderful time.  They will sleep this weekend! 
We will be starting our swimming lessons next week, there will be a letter sent home today.  This needs to be filled in and returned for next week please.  Thank you.
During our Launch Day for our new topic we designed what we thought we could see through the cabin porthole. These are wonderful and are already in a display. We also had a try at Morse code, not only writing our own messages but also deciphering messages. 
In Maths this week we have started to look at using decimals,  how we can turn fractions into decimals and how we can divide them.
In English we had a Let's Think lesson about the adventures of a boat.  The children then used this to write their own story from the boats view.
A lovely first week back.
Welcome back to our Summer term.  We hope you all really enjoyed the break and from listening to your children this morning, many memories were made.  Our new topic is 'Why we remember the Titanic'.  The children have already enjoyed telling My Daysh what they know and what they want to know.
Now the weather is warming up, please could you ensure your child has a labelled drinks bottle with water.
We are hoping to go on our trip to Falmouth on the 1st May, please could  you return your slip.
We are looking forward to an exciting term with our lovely class.
This week we have enjoyed making some 3D models of an inventing room for Mr Wonka's factory.  The children really enjoyed using boxes, tubes, bottles, tissue paper and a lot of glue!  Please see our gallery for some photos.
In Science we tested how quickly different types of chocolate melted.  This was very exciting and the children made some excellent predictions.
In Maths we have been looking at fractions and then moved on to equivalent fractions.  Although some children found this a bit tricky to start, they persevered and now feel much more confident.Thank you for your continued support towards our Lent appeal.
We thoroughly enjoyed our dance off for Comic Relief , the children really enjoyed the day.
Please can every child bring their reading book and diary to school every day thank you.
This week we have been thinking a lot about Lent and how we can help others.  We were lucky to be able to make around 60 pasties for St Austell Foodbank. 
The children have been learning about persuasive text during English.  Each child decided on their own proposal and how to present it with a firstly, secondly, thirdly and finally point as well as a strong conclusion.  We were very impressed with their ideas and how they could come up with positive arguments.
In Maths we have been looking at division and a variety of methods we can use.
In RE the children broke into groups to make 3D pictures of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
Welcome back!  That half term week flew by but we hope you managed to spend some lovely time with your children creating memories.  
Our first day back saw us on a trip to Eden.  The weather was very kind and we had such a lovely day.  When we arrived we were introduced to a bit of Eden's history by Chris.  We then split into groups and did different workshops.  Our workshop was called 'The crazy chef challenge'.  We were given a list of ingredients in Latin and asked to collect all the items hidden in baskets in the biomes.  This was a great challenge, as well as finding our ingredients we had to record the name in English, draw a picture and write a fact we learnt from the signs.  When we returned to our workshop room , we enjoyed showing the crazy chef the ingredients we had found.  We then looked at globes to see where these items grew and discussed why.  Luckily the crazy chef had a crazy assistant who used our ingredients to bake a delicious cake, yum, yum!
In the afternoon we enjoyed finding facts and drawing the cocoa plant.
As always your children's behaviour was outstanding and made us very proud.
In Maths this week we have been looking at working out area of a variety of shapes.  During RE we have begun to look at why we have Easter.  We read the account of Easter in the Bible and the children wrote an emotive piece from Mary's view.
We have enjoyed another week of learning in Pelicans. During Maths we have learnt about perimeter and the children have proven they are keen and able to take on the challenges Mr Daysh sets. In English we watched a short film called 'The Present'.  We used this as a base as a Talk for English lesson discussing the different aspects of the film.  The children then wrote their own adaptation of the clip.  This produced some very emotive and thoughtful responses.  In Science we are looking at what makes a healthy diet and what each of the food groups mean.
Please remember we are off on our Eden trip the first day back so packed lunches and a drink are essential.
enjoy the half term break!
As part of our Topic we have an ongoing experiment in our classroom.  An egg in water and an egg in cola.  The egg represents our teeth and what happens to them due to the food and drinks we consume.  We have already noticed discolouration, can you guess which egg?
This week we had some visitors  from The Cornish Records.  We had fun investigating people from the past by looking at the information on the files.  We then enjoyed watching 'The Cornish Caretakers', a very funny performance highlighting the history of Cornwall.
This week in English we have written another chapter of our class story.  We have had focus on possessive apostrophes and contractions.
In Maths we have been looking at multiplying, 2,3 and 4 digit numbers as well as looking at word problems.  We have also been learning how to round numbers to estimate our answers to addition and subtraction calculations.
In RE we discussed different religions from around the world for World Religion Day.
We have had such a busy and fun week.  The children have finished writing their innovated chapter  of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  We have had some focus points  for each piece including fronted adverbials as well as speech.
During Maths we have continued to look at Division but within word problems.  Quite a challenge but as always the children rose to it.
In Topic this week we have enjoyed learning about teeth, the names and differences between our teeth and the jobs each group of teeth has.  We also enjoyed looking at teeth from a variety of animals and why they are different.  We even looked at dinosaur teeth!  The children have also been looking at the digestive system and we all thoroughly enjoyed a demonstration  by Mr to follow will explain all. 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Welcome back, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Thank you for all your very generous gifts.
We are back with a bang to our new topic, 'Is Chocolate really a treat?'  On our launch day we enjoyed chocolate tasting, as well as making chocolate crispies.  The children invented their own chocolate bar and designed the wrapper.  In the afternoon we watched the film, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
In English we have already learnt an 'extra' chapter from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  The children have come up with some great ideas for an innovated chapter of their own.
During Maths we have been learning to use formal methods of division including chunking and the bus stop method.
For our RE focus this month we are learning about Islam.
If any one has a spare hour and would be interested in coming in to hear children read please pop in and see Mr Daysh or Miss Freight.  Many thanks to our two mums that currently come in.
Oh my goodness what a few busy weeks we have had!  We have managed to fit in Nativity practices, Secret Santa, performances as well as all our usual lessons!
Thank you all so much for helping with lines at home, with providing fantastic outfits and for attending the Christmas Nativity performances 'Straw and Order'.  It was hard work but so worth it.  Your children gave their best and it really showed.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as they did.
During English we have planned and written our own story based on a story about a hungry village and an adventure to stop the hunger.
During Maths we have been looking at division within word problems and recipes.
We have been busy in Art making......well you will find out!
The children have had another wonderful week of learning in Pelicans.  By now all the children should know what character they are in our Christmas Nativity .  If you are unsure, or struggling with an outfit please pop in or send Mr Daysh a dojo message.  We will be learning lines in school but it would be even better if you could go over them with your child as often as possible. 
During the week we innovated pirate stories based on the book ' Stay away from the water, Shirley'.
In Maths we have been looking at division and multiplication using the 7 and 8 times table.  Practising multiplication at home is something the children would benefit from.
During RE we looked at what The Lord's prayer actually means and drew pictures to represent our thoughts. 
Have a wonderful weekend.
This week in Science we performed a fair test on three types of soil. We were testing to see which soil was the most absorbent.  We discussed what the different soils may contain and would this help the absorbency or stop it.  The children really enjoyed this and some of their predictions were correct.
Well what a week we have had, busy, busy, busy.
In English we have enjoyed understanding and writing about different emotions, using the story 'The Giving Tree' to help us.  The children them wrote an emotive letter as though they were the tree.  It was really good to hear the ideas from the children on the different emotions the story was trying to portray.
In Maths we have been learning about using the inverse. To start the children found this concept difficult to grasp, but by Wednesday they were asking for tougher challenges, which we were quite happy to give them!
On Thursday we enjoyed some outdoor learning, investigating shapes in the area around us as well as using leaves to produce some lovely artwork which we will be using in the future...!
In RE we are beginning to learn about the traditional church.  The children shared their experiences of church events as well as their knowledge of things used in a church.
All in all a really great week from Pelicans. 
Wow, how quickly has this first half term flown by?  We have managed to cram so much in and have been super impressed by how well your children have handled it all.  A special thank you to our mums that have come in to do reading every week with our children, it makes such a huge difference.  Thank you as well to our lovely mums that came on our school trip with us, we are very grateful.
In English this week we have been looking at poetry.  On Tuesday morning we had some parents in for our open morning.  During this time the children split into groups and learnt a poem to perform to the rest off the class.  We enjoyed all their expression and actions and hope the parents there did too!  The children have now moved onto writing their own poems in the style of 'In the oceans of dreams I saw...'
During Maths we have been looking at column subtraction and the children have revisited methods of subtraction that has helped them in the past and which they can use now.
During RE we have continued to look at Forgiveness which is one of our school values.  The children have contributed ideas with thought and care to those around them.
In Science we have continued to look at rocks and fossils.  The children have really enjoyed this topic and have been finding out facts at home to tell us in Science.
Have a wonderful half term, we hope you enjoy making special memories with your lovely children.
See you in a week.
We had such a lovely time on our school trip and the children's behaviour was excellent as we knew it would be.  Once we had arrived at Charlestown, we enjoyed sketching landscapes from our view on the beach.  The children used their knowledge from a previous art lesson to shade their pictures using a variety of styles.  We then enjoyed a talk about the history of Charlestown from Mrs Pears.  It was so interesting.  Did you know it hasn't always been called Charlestown?  Ask your child if they can remember what is was called previously.  Soon it was time for a well deserved break and some lunch.  After that we enjoyed using natural products to create some beach art.  We had such a lovely day.
As well as this we have been looking at column subtraction in Maths and writing our own inventive stories in English.
During Science we have been looking at the different varieties of rocks, from slate to sandstone and many more.  We have discussed their properties and recorded then in our books.
Thank you very much for your consent forms, we now have everyone's, hurrah!!
Woo , what a week!  As always we have managed to get so much into our week.  The Maths homework shows what we have been focusing on in Maths.  We have finished our stories in English with a focus on language and fronted adverbials.  During RE we have been discussing forgiveness.  how do we show we are really sorry and how do we forgive.  During Topic we have looked at rocks, their features and names.
On Monday we have our Harvest Festival.  If you could spare a tin of something, or some dried food we can add this to what we have and pass it on to an organisation there to help others.
Next Tuesday is our trip to Charlestown , we are still missing some letters, these must come back in order for your child to go on the trip.  We are also still missing some consent forms, these are very important and also need to come back.
This week has seemed non stop between English, Maths, dancing and singing with a whole lot of laughter thrown in as well. 
The children have finished writing their innovated stories in English.  We have been focusing on fronted adverbials and correct layout for speech.  During Maths we have been looking at positive and negative numbers.  We are continuing to discuss Creation in RE and how we look after the world God created.
We are still waiting for a few consent forms and letters for Charlestown so could they come back as soon as possible please, thank you.
Have a great weekend.
The days are so full and busy we can hardly believe we have been back for two and a half weeks!  The children in Pelicans are working so hard and certainly rising to the challenges in year 3 and 4.  We have now chosen our class MPs by voting in the school polling station.  They have already had a meeting where decisions are being made.
During English the children are writing their innovated version of our class story, 'Jack the giant killer'.  When we introduced our story Mr Daysh made an excellent giant and Mrs Parry an amazing Jack.  In Maths we have been super impressed with their understanding of greater than and less than.  RE is all about Creation and exploring what Christians believe about how we should look after our planet now.
Can I ask that you send your consent forms back as soon as possible.  We have quite a few missing.  If the letter has been lost please send a message to Mr Daysh via Dojo or just pop in and we will sort a new letter as soon as possible.
Many thanks and have a great weekend. 
Welcome to Pelicans!
The summer holidays seemed to fly by, we hope you enjoyed it and have made many special memories.  Here we are, raring to go and enjoy each day. 
Our topic this term is Cornwall and our question is 'Why should Cornwall's heritage be celebrated?'  On our launch day we painted rocks, made pasties and learn't some Cornish phrases. Please feel free to send in anything that may help us in this topic, especially for show and tell.
 All your children settled really well and we can already see their eagerness to learn.  We have given out reading books and would encourage you to listen to your child read at least three times a week.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school everyday.  Many thanks.


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