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  • Homework will be sent out on Thursday and collected in the following Tuesday.
  • Please encourage your child to read at home every day.
  • Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day thank you.
Our School Parliament Members

This year's proud Phoenix MP's
Last week of half term  (15.2.19)
Well that half term has flown by.  We have seen all types of weather from sunshine to snow and the days are finally getting longer.
We have all been working really hard this half term and enjoying our topic of `Is chocolate a treat?  Learning all about teeth and digestion to what foods are healthy for us.
Our writing is brilliant and we are all making amazing progress.
On our first day back after half term we will be visiting Eden project and completing a `chocolate' workshop!
Have a great half term holiday.
Bible Presentation (7.2.19)
The year 3 children received their Bible's this week, during a special assembly.  Thank you if you were able to come along and enjoy this occasion with us.  The Bible's will now stay with your child during their time in Bishop Bronescombe.
We designed a healthy meal as part of our Topic work and looked at the different types of food and how they help our bodies.  Did you iknow that Carbohydrates give us energy and we should be eating 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.
Our children are all poets now, as we have been looking at writing our own poems in English.  As well as looking at the different types of poetry there is.
Have a good weekend.
Cornish workshop (24.1.19)
It was World Religion week and we looked at the different religions around the World and the similarities and differences.  A few of us were lucky to try on some outfits ie a Sari, (which proved difficult as we was unsure how to wear it).
We was also lucky to attend a Cornish workshop, where we learnt about famous Cornish people.  For instance Bob Fitzsimmons who is still the Lightest Heavyweight Champion of the World.  Also Rowena Cade who constructed, with the help of her gardener, the Minack Theatre near Porthcurno.
We have also been estimating and the practising the inverse of different calculations in Maths.  Our digestive system in Topic, has been fascinating  to find out how our bodies digest food.
We hope you have a good weekend.
Teeth (17.1.19)
In Topic work this week we have been looking at teeth!
Do you know the names of all your teeth?  Well we found out their names and functions as well as how they help with the aid of our digestion. Did you know that our molars are used for chewing and grinding our food.
We have been focusing on word problems in Maths and how to solve them using division or multiplication.
Also this week we have been writing our own innovated stories, which have made some fantastic reading.
Have a great weekend.
New year (14.1.19)
Welcome back to a new year and new spring term.  We hope you all had an amazing Christmas.
So a new term means that we are now completing a new topic.  This term our topic question is 'Is chocolate really a treat?'  I think you will agree that it is a good topic as everyone loves chocolate.
We started the term with chocolate tasting and making our own chocolate creations.  Which we then got to eat in the afternoon whilst watching Charlie and the chocolate factory.  This book is also our class story for the half term and the children have been busy learning to re-tell the story.   We also received a extract from the original story that was not included in the book, about the invention of a spotty powder.  As a result we are now inventing our own factory and product.
Maths has been abit complicated as we have been learning to complete the bus stop method, when working out division.
It's Christmas  (20.12.18)
Happy Christmas everyone.
Thank you so much for all our lovely gifts and cards.  We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy new year.  
Best wishes
Mrs Horwell, Mrs Parry, Mrs Manton and Miss Dwan
Nativity play (13.12.18)
Well we made it to our performance and with all the weeks of rehearsal and preparation, we were finally able to perform in front of our Mum, Dad's, family and carers.  We were very excited and couldn't wait to get dressed up and onto the stage.  The performance of `Straw and Order' was amazing, we were all so very proud of the children and hope you enjoying watching them as much as we did.  How brilliant were they?
We have continued with our Maths and English lessons this week and have written our own stories based on the Mousehole Cat.
Finally we have finished this week with wearing our Christmas Jumpers, which made BB very colourful and festive.
Enjoy a Christmassy weekend.
Secret Santa  (7.12.18)
A very big thank you to all the parent helpers that played the role of elves on Wednesday and helped us choose and wrap our secret Santa gifts, which we hope you will enjoy opening on Christmas morning.
Also this week we have been busy practising for our performance, learning about factors in multiplication sums and finishing our stories.  We have also started to make Christmas decorations, which is exciting.
Have a great weekend, only 18 sleeps till Christmas.
Panto (29.11.18)
A really big thank you to our PTA team, who through their fundraising activities, were able to arrange for us all to have an early Christmas treat.  M&M Productions came in and performed Dick Whittington for the who school.  Everyone sang along to the songs and laughed at the jokes.  It was a really good show which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
We are learning a new story in English, called The Mousehole Cat.  Which is a really good children's story based in Mousehole, Cornwall.
Please can I remind you to bring in costumes at the beginning of next week, thank you.
Enjoy the long weekend.
Nativity performance (23.11.18)
Well it's that time of year again, when we are busy practising our nativity performance, `Straw and Order.'
The children are all excited about performing their roles and getting dressed up.  If you need any advise or help with costumes, please let us know.
We have also been busy with assessments this week and are very pleased with the progress the children have made so far in Phoenix.
Mining was our topic work and we found out that children as young as 7 were put down the mines to work up to 11 hours a day!
If your child has lines to learn for our performance, can you please help them, thank you.
Enjoy your weekend.
Anti-bullying week  (15.11.18)
We started this week wearing odd socks, to signify that we are all different, but are all equal.  This was the start of our anti-bullying week.  We had a special assembly and lesson to talk with the children about what bullying is and how to stop it.
Also this week we have written newspaper reports in English.  The reports featured monsters that caused fires or stole children's sweets.
We learnt about the Celts, who lived in Cornwall in 500bc, during our topic lessons.  We found out that the Celts were the first miners in Cornwall, mining for tin.  They then took them to Ictis (St Michael's mount) to sell to traders from Europe.  
Exciting times!  We held auditions for our nativity play, 'Straw and Order' on Wednesday and letters will be sent out about the part your child will play in the performance.
Finally we finished our week in our wacky hair and outfits for Children in Need.  We also enjoyed some yummy cakes in the bake sale.
Enjoy your weekend.
Outdoor Learning (2.11.18)
We hope you all had a wonderful half term week.  Wow, its the run up to Christmas, which is always an exciting time of the year.
This has been an especially busy week, with our special visitors on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The children made us all really proud by how hard they worked, (as they always do).  It was also nice too see so many of you at parents evenings and discuss how wornderful your children are.
We have enjoyed learning this week about smugglers in Cornwall, as part of our topic work, the inverse of calculations in Maths and letter writing in English.
On Thursday was outdoor learning day and as we have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine, we devised our own medicine recipe outside and then collected all the ingredients.  The medicines included lots of `yummy' things including moss, rocks and mud!
Have a good weekend.
Class Bible story day (18.10.18)
We started this week with a class Bible story day.  Our Bible story is the `Feeding of the 5000, (Loaves and Fishes).  We learnt our story and then got into groups and acted out parts of the story, to see what it would be like to be in the crowd, Philip, the boy or Jesus.  We thought about how the people would feel and what they would say.  In the afternoon we produced our own paintings from the Bible story.
Also this week we have been writing our own poetry which includes alliteration, about space, mountains or forests.  This has been tricky but we all persevered and have produced some brilliant poems.
In PE we continued to learn how to play hockey in the sunshine and we got to look at some fossils as part of our topic work and learnt how they are formed.
The children were very excited to finish the half term with the school disco.
We hope you all enjoy the half term holiday.
Charlestown  (10.10.18)
What a wonderful trip we had to Charlestown.  The sun shone for us, the sky was blue and we had an amazing time on the beach.  It was a bit of a trek to get there and once we arrived, we sat on the beach for a rest and snack.  Using litter pickers, we did a beach clean, although luckily there wasn't much litter.  However we did find a watch!!  After that we got our sketch books out and practised our sketching techniques that we had been learning in the classroom.  There was some brilliant landscape drawings.  We then got into groups and produced some beach art using stones, seaweed and shells.  The children made mermaids, turtle and even a shark with lots of white teeth.  Next came lunch, sitting in the sunshine, which was lovely.  Finally we had a talk by Mrs Pears (a former teacher), on the history of Charlestown and had a look at the gig boats used.   Did you know that Charlestown was formerly Polmear and only consisted of 5 families.  We was very tired on our walk home, but it was a fantastic day.  A big thank you to our parent helpers.
Have a good weekend
Adam and Eve (5.10.18)
This week in Phoenix, we have completed lots of writing.  We have written our own defeating the monster stories and then wrote a `dazzle' story.  They have all worked extremely hard and they are amazing, full of intrigue and suspense.
Maths has been a bit tricky as we have learnt how to do column addition with exchange up to 4 digit numbers.  It certainly challenged us!
We produced our own pieces of landscape art work, incorporating different drawing techniques, which enabled us to add texture to our pictures.
PE was fun, as we are beginning to learn how to play hockey, with our `banana' sticks, (as several children called them)!  Phoenix is also getting excited for our class trip on Tuesday next week and we are hoping for nice weather in Charlestown.
Have a great weekend.
Badminton  (28.9.18)
We are feeling very sporty this week.  On Monday we were lucky to have a coaching session to teach us how to play badminton, with lots of fun activities.  Then on Thursday we enjoyed a PE lesson outside in the sunshine.
There was lots of lovely smiles for the children's photos on Wednesday, which will be with you shortly.
We continued with our own stories, where we defeated the monster, there was lots of different endings, which made them really interesting to read.  Roman numerals has been a focus in Maths, including some tricky sums using them.  Do you know what number MCLI?
As part of our topic work, we have been learning different drawing techniques to add texture to a picture, like stippling, Linear and shading.
We have all enjoyed the sunshine this week and look forward to a sunny weekend.
Where is Conwall?   (21.9.18) 
As part of our topic work, the children have been learning where Cornwall is in the UK.  We then looked at the county of Sussex and compared is to Cornwall regarding physical and human features.   Next we wrote to a 'penpal,' in Sussex to tell them all about the amazing things we do in Cornwall and our lovely beaches.  Cornish ice-cream also played an important part in our letters!
We are now adapting our class story to write our own defeating the monster story in English, the children have brilliant imagination when it came to describing their monster/beast.
Also this week we have designed our own Christmas cards, ready for the printers to turn them into cards for you to purchase, (they look fantastic).  We also enjoyed PE outside (between the rain showers) and learning about different charities during our RE lesson.
A very busy week and the children have worked extremely hard.  
Enjoy the wet weekend.
Jack and the Giant  (13.9.18)
Our first full week in Phoenix has flown by.  The children have settled in well and have worked really hard.
For our topic work, we have been studying Geography and looking at where Cornwall is in the UK and which counties are near by.  We then learnt about physical and human features and similarities and differences between Cornwall and Cumbria.
Our focus in Maths has been partitioning numbers, which we are very good at and in English we are beginning to learn the story of Jack the Cornishman and the Giant.  Which was acted out by Mrs Parry and Mr Daysh, to everyone's delight.
We enjoyed our PE lesson on Thursday with Mrs Parry and have taken part in a vote to find out who our School Parliament representatives will be.
It was lovely to meet parents at our Meet the teacher event on Thursday after school.  Please do not hesitate to pop in or dojo us, if you would like to speak to Mrs Parry or Mrs Horwell.
By Friday we was all very tired.
Enjoy the weekend.
Phoenix 2018-19
Welcome to Phoenix
We hope you all had a wonderful Summer and welcome you all to Phoenix class.  The children have all settled in really well into their first week in their new class.  
Our topic this term is 'Why should Cornwall's heritage be celebrated?'  What a way for the children to start in their new class  than lots of fun activities to launch our new topic.  We started by making some Cornish pasties with lots of yummy ingredients.  Then we learnt some Cornish words before designing and painting out own Kernow rocks.  Also on our first day we completed a 3d map of Cornwall and researched different places to complete our map.
We spent our second day completing our normal lessons and everyone working really hard.
Although it was only a 3 day week, the children have all settled in well to their new class.
Have a good weekend and see everyone on Monday.


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