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This year's proud Phoenix MP's
Egg-tastic  (5.4.19)
We have had such an egg-cellent week, this week.  Starting with our Easter Communion, which the children sang beautifully.  Our egg team building activities, were so much fun, there were characters made from eggs and disco divas with lots of glitter.  The children have also made some lovely Easter cards and did lots of fun egg related activities.  Finally finishing our week with the brilliant egg roll, although the best bit was the eating of the eggs.
Unfortunately we have also had to say a sad goodbye to Mrs Parry and a big thank you to Mrs Horwell (who we will still be able to say hello too).
We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to welcoming our new teacher Mr G after the holidays.
Mother's day (29.3.19)
Our French has improved over the last week.  We can now say numbers and colours in French as well as some other simple phrases.
We have been writing our own stories this week based on the Billionaire Boy.  There are some lots of interesting inventions from the children, including a chocolate room and the most comfortable bed ever!  
Our Maths has been challenging, as we have continued with fractions however, the children have all made brilliant progress.
It was lots of fun creating our Mother's day cards and we hope that you enjoy opening them on Sunday, with your breakfast in bed!!
Wish you all a Happy Mother's day and good weekend
Billionaire Boy  (21.3.19)
Wow we are learning a new story, David Walliams Billionaire Boy!  It is about a man who works in a loo roll factory and lives with his son.   He invents something and becomes a Billionaire and they move to a huge mansion.  It's a really funny story that the children are enjoying.
We learnt how to say our colours and numbers to 10 in French and lots of tricky fractions in Maths.
This week has whizzed by.
Enjoy your weekend.
Willy Wonka chocolate room  (14.3.19)
We have been extremely creative this week.  Thank you for providing so many wonderful resources for us to use.  Firstly we designed, before making our own 3d models based on Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.   The children really enjoyed themselves creating their sweets and factories.
In English we wrote our own pieces of persuasive writing, using formal language to try and persuade the reader. Some of our ideas included a swimming pool, nature obstacle course and vegetable gardens in the BB school playground.
Fractions proved a little tricky, but by the end of the week we were comparing equal fractions.
Finally finishing the week with red nose day.  The school looked really bright with all the children wearing red.  It was also great fun starting the day with some dancing.
Enjoy the weekend.
World Book day  (7.3.19)
What a super week!  With pancake races at the beginning of the week, which is always lots of fun, especially trying to toss our pancakes in the air.
We then had World book day, which was a big strange coming to school in our PJ's, but extremely comfortable.  We shared our favourite books with each other and Rainbows came and read with us and made their own books.  In the afternoon it was nice to see so many parents come in and read with our children.
Also this week we have been designing our own yoghurt based snacks and celebrating St Piran's Day on Tuesday.  We learnt all about the amazing story of how St Piran landed in Cornwall and discovered tin.
Have a good weekend.
Eden Project  (28.2.19)
Wow what a brilliant start to the new half term, with a trip to Eden Project in the sun.  We started the day in the Rainforest Biome and as the sun was shining through the glass it looked like we were actually in the rainforest, complete with the heat!  
After a lovely lunch, we attended a chocology workshop.  We learnt about the history of chocolate and played some games, before going into the Rainforest Biome to find clues, dress up and answer a quiz.  Our prize at the end was to taste some delicious chocolate.  We all had a brilliant day.
Also this week we have been looking at persuasive text and what is included in the text.  In Maths we have concentrated on calculating the area of shapes.
As part of our topic work, we got to taste different yoghurts before designing our own.
Enjoy the weekend.
Last week of half term  (15.2.19)
Well that half term has flown by.  We have seen all types of weather from sunshine to snow and the days are finally getting longer.
We have all been working really hard this half term and enjoying our topic of `Is chocolate a treat?  Learning all about teeth and digestion to what foods are healthy for us.
Our writing is brilliant and we are all making amazing progress.
On our first day back after half term we will be visiting Eden project and completing a `chocolate' workshop!
Have a great half term holiday.
Bible Presentation (7.2.19)
The year 3 children received their Bible's this week, during a special assembly.  Thank you if you were able to come along and enjoy this occasion with us.  The Bible's will now stay with your child during their time in Bishop Bronescombe.
We designed a healthy meal as part of our Topic work and looked at the different types of food and how they help our bodies.  Did you iknow that Carbohydrates give us energy and we should be eating 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.
Our children are all poets now, as we have been looking at writing our own poems in English.  As well as looking at the different types of poetry there is.
Have a good weekend.
Cornish workshop (24.1.19)
It was World Religion week and we looked at the different religions around the World and the similarities and differences.  A few of us were lucky to try on some outfits ie a Sari, (which proved difficult as we was unsure how to wear it).
We was also lucky to attend a Cornish workshop, where we learnt about famous Cornish people.  For instance Bob Fitzsimmons who is still the Lightest Heavyweight Champion of the World.  Also Rowena Cade who constructed, with the help of her gardener, the Minack Theatre near Porthcurno.
We have also been estimating and the practising the inverse of different calculations in Maths.  Our digestive system in Topic, has been fascinating  to find out how our bodies digest food.
We hope you have a good weekend.
Teeth (17.1.19)
In Topic work this week we have been looking at teeth!
Do you know the names of all your teeth?  Well we found out their names and functions as well as how they help with the aid of our digestion. Did you know that our molars are used for chewing and grinding our food.
We have been focusing on word problems in Maths and how to solve them using division or multiplication.
Also this week we have been writing our own innovated stories, which have made some fantastic reading.
Have a great weekend.
New year (14.1.19)
Welcome back to a new year and new spring term.  We hope you all had an amazing Christmas.
So a new term means that we are now completing a new topic.  This term our topic question is 'Is chocolate really a treat?'  I think you will agree that it is a good topic as everyone loves chocolate.
We started the term with chocolate tasting and making our own chocolate creations.  Which we then got to eat in the afternoon whilst watching Charlie and the chocolate factory.  This book is also our class story for the half term and the children have been busy learning to re-tell the story.   We also received a extract from the original story that was not included in the book, about the invention of a spotty powder.  As a result we are now inventing our own factory and product.
Maths has been abit complicated as we have been learning to complete the bus stop method, when working out division.


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