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If you would like your child's reading book changed please put it in the box on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning.
We collect homework books in on a Tuesday and give them back out again on a Thursday. 
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21st June 2019


Another busy couple of weeks! The children were very excited to discover that a dragon had visited our school and loved watching the footage we had caught of it swooping across our outside area. We decided we needed to make a trap to work out if it is a friendly dragon and learnt the instructions ‘How to Trap a Dragon’ using a story map. 

On Thursday we had a fantastic science themed open morning. Thank you to all the parents that joined us and got stuck in with the science investigations set up. We explored mixing colour, investigating which items sink or float, observing what happens when items are dropped into water from a distance and the properties of gloop! We also had a think about different animal habitats and collected lots of natural resources to make mini habitats for our woodland animals. 

Some children have had their turn to go to Beach School! So far we have been hunting for pirates, playing throwing games, making building sites in the sand and of course making lots and lots of sandcastles.


Don’t forget Monday is sports day! Please ensure your child has their full P.E kit in school. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Oliver


6th May 2019

I can’t quite believe we are now in the final part of Summer Term, this year has flown by! We hope you all enjoyed your half term. 

What a busy week it has been! Thank you to everyone who brought in a plant or a seed to share, it has been wonderful to watch the children take ownership over their plants and they have already started making sure they have enough water and sunlight to stay alive. 

Rainbows 2 started the week with a bit of a shock in the home corner! After discovering a great big mess they recorded their ideas of what they think might have happened. 

After demonstrating a keen interest in dragons, knights, princesses and magic, Rainbows 1 have been writing letters to Merlin the Wizard. We have been collecting magical items around the school to make perfumes and potions including dragon scales, whiskers, unicorn tears, fairy parachutes and pixies walking sticks! The children have enjoyed listening to the story Zog by Julia Donaldson and have been helping to identify dragon eggs! 

A few weeks ago the children helped to plant a suitcase full of different plants donated by Heligan Gardens. This is to take part in St Austell Garden Festival. On the 22nd June, our suitcase will be part of a display in St Austell town centre. Details of the festival are on their website: The suitcase will be picked up in the next few weeks, ready to go on display. 

Don’t forget we will soon be starting beach school, the date your child will be invited to take part is on their consent form. Please return these forms to school as soon as possible.  


24th May 2019


On Thursday we celebrated Outdoor Learning Day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! The children in Rainbows spent the day making mud pies and exploring the wonderful wildlife found in the pond at the Secret Garden. The children were very excited to catch a newt!


Rainbows 2 have been exploring the story of The Scarecrows Wedding this week following on an interest in weddings. We have also been keeping a close eye on the chrysalis’s we have been growing and thinking about how they are going to change and transform into butterflies.


We are sending home P.E kits this week to be washed ready for next half term.


We hope you all have a fun filled break!



17th May 2019


Wow, what a busy couple of weeks we have had!


Last week, following an interest in buried treasure, we discovered a letter left by a pirate... the children investigated and put up WANTED posters around the school, only to find out it was Super Sid who had hid the treasure up at the secret garden. We then learnt the story about Pirate Pete and the children loved re-enacting parts of the story using the story map and engaging in imaginative role play. In maths, we focused on estimation and number calculations involving subtraction, we used buried treasure to help us work out the number problems.


This week we have followed the interest of Superheroes. The children brainstormed the superheroes that they love and thought about what they would be like if they had super powers. The children have loved reading the story Supertato, a story about a potato who saves the other vegetables from the cunning Evil Pea.. The children have made their own vegetable characters and on discovery that our shell pot had been taken, the children got to work making traps and contraptions to try and catch the villain. We finally decided to make a bowl of jelly to try and catch any Evil Pea’s lurking around Rainbows and it worked!


This week your child has got a letter a nature 'show and tell' that we are organising for after half term. We have also sent home a consent form and details about Beach School which will  also take place after half term. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Oliver


26th April 2019

This week it was lovely to welcome back the children to school after a long Easter break. We have enjoyed hearing about all of their Easter news and seeing the children settle back in to our daily school routine. This week we have been thinking about our similarities and differences to each other and how we are all unique and special. The children have had another go at drawing a self-portrait, it is amazing to see the added detail the children have used since they first did this activity in September!


This week, lots of the children have been talking about their travel experiences and the different places they have visited in the world, either in this country or abroad. We would be grateful if you could send your child to school on Monday with photographs from previous holidays and experiences so we can share these during next week's learning opportunities.


We are developing our tinkering station, if you have any spare springs, nuts and bolts, or broken electrical items, that the children can take apart, we would appreciate any donations.


Next week, we have Brighter Smiles visiting to give the children their second Fluoride Application, please remember to fill in the consent form, if you would like your child to take part.


Finally, your child has also taken home a new home learning grid for this term. We will collect home learning books on a Tuesday, ready to send back out on a Thursday.


Many thanks,

Rainbows EYFS Team



5th April 2019

Wow! It seems not long ago that Rainbows 1 and 2 started their school journey at Bishop Bronescombe, as we come to the end of our second term at school we have been reflecting on all of the amazing learning and progress each and every child has made. Thank you for coming to meet us at parent progress meetings this week, we hope you found it beneficial to get an overview of your child’s specific next steps. 

This week we have been busy getting ready for Easter. The children have enjoyed sharing their Easter holiday plans and we have been learning about the Easter story. Alongside making Easter cards and baking Easter nests we have had lots of fun with Easter themed activities this week. On Wednesday we joined in with a whole school Egg Decorating Competition and today we had lots of fun having a go at egg rolling. 

We have given each child a couple of reading books to enjoy throughout the Easter holidays. We have also sent home P.E kits to be washed ready for the Summer Term.

We hope everyone has a fun filled, fantastic, Easter Holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone at the start of the Summer Term!


22nd March 2019


After demonstrating lots of interest in different animals and a specific interest in the Amazon Rainforest, we have been learning about all the different animals you might find. This led to an investigation on animal habitats and thinking about the different types of animals you might see all over the world. As the week progressed more children were choosing to talk about animals that live in the sea. We read and acted out the story Commotion in the Ocean and the children have been busy making their own pages to go in the book. In maths we have been thinking about finding one more and one less than a given number, children have been exploring this using physical objects and writing number calculations.


The children seem to have misplaced quite a few items of uniform and parts of their P.E kit this term. As we understand how frustrating this can be, please can we ask all parents to check that their children haven't accidently picked up another child's clothing by mistake. If so, we would appreciate these items being returned as soon as possible. All items of clothing need to be clearly labelled to avoid confusion. Thank you for your continued support.


Have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS Team


8th March 2019


What a busy week we have had! We started the week thinking about St Piran’s Day and Shrove Tuesday. We had lots of fun taking part in the pancake races with the rest of the school, especially trying to toss our pancakes into the air!


On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed telling their peers about their favourite stories and coming to school dressed in pyjamas ready for a relaxed snuggle down day! We teamed up with Phoenix class to make our own stories, the children in Rainbows did some fantastic illustrations. In the afternoon it was lovely to see so many parents joining us to explore the stories and challenges around the room during busy learning.


This week we have been observing the changes of the frog spawn we collected from the secret garden. The children have been thinking about how the tadpoles are going to grow and recording the life cycle of a frog.


This week your child has been given this half terms home learning grid.  Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.



15th February 2019


Last Friday, the children in reception were visited by staff from the Fire Station. Following the children's interest in the emergency services, the children were really excited to be able to sit inside the fire engine, listen to the sirens and to practise using the hoses. I was really impressed with the children's engagement and curiosity and the way that lots of the children were able to confidently explain how to keep safe and how their equipment was used to manage risk. A huge thank you to Gemma for organising this visit and to Melanie from Mevagissey Fire Station for being so informative!



 On Thursday 7th Feb, children from Rainbows had the opportunity to engage in a ballet lesson. We welcomed Maureen Pascoe into school, who leads her own School of Dance in the St Austell area for children from 3 years and above. Maureen offers classes in tap, ballet and Modern Theatre Dance. Maureen kindly offered to deliver these sessions in order to follow on from some of the children’s recent interests in dance. The children particularly impressed us with their enthusiasm and focus during the session, especially when they were encouraged to act out stories through movement. It was a pleasure to see the children inspired to develop their posture and performance and moving in response to classical music. Whilst some children were able to showcase the dance skills they have been mastering outside of school, others were excited to try a new and exciting experience.

For more information about Maureen Pascoe's School of Dance, please call 01726 843043


This week, following a recent discovery of a large spider web in our garden, the children have been learning about different insects. This led into us retelling the well-loved story of The Hungry Caterpillar. On Tuesday, the children were amused to discover that the Hungry Caterpillar had visited Rainbows and ate through lots of their snack! We have been re-writing parts of the story and planning which fruits we needed to make a fruit salad.


On the lead up to half term, we have been particularly impressed with the children’s continued engagement and perseverance in their learning. In Rainbows 1 we have observed lots of discussion around the seeds inside fruit and the names of different types of flowers. After half term, we will be focusing on growing and developing our outside garden. If you have any spare seeds or plants that you are willing to donate, we would really appreciate it!  


We hope everyone has a wonderful half term!


18th January 2019


We are really impressed with how well the children have settled back into school after our Christmas break. We started the term with our new story, the Three Little Pigs. After discovering lots of clues around the classroom to suggest a wolf had visited, we made WANTED posters to display around the school and discussed the different materials used by the pigs to build their homes. This also led to an investigation of different homes from around the world.


On Tuesday, it was Rainbows 1 turn to visit St Blazey Church. We had a tour of the building, looking closely at the amazing features such as the stain glass windows, the font, the alters and the children particularly enjoyed standing at the pulpit and having a go on the piano. The children became immersed in the telling of a Bible story and we ended the day with some singing. Following the trip, the children demonstrated lots of interest in their journey on the school minibuses, so we finished our week with a theme of transportation. The children have been riding on trains in our outside area and on Wednesday the children made a large road, filling up the whole indoor classroom space. We have also been making road signs and discussing road safety.


We have now enhanced our self-service snack area to become a snack shop, the children are exploring real coins to pretend to purchase their fruit each day. If your child accidently comes home with any of these coins, please can they be returned as soon as possible so that we can continue to provide this valuable learning experience.



Friday 14th December 2018


Well done to every single Rainbow who gave an amazing performance on Thursday. We are very proud of all of the children, we hope you enjoyed our show! On the countdown to Christmas we have been enjoying lots of festive activities, this week we have been thinking about the story of the Nativity and the children have been retelling the birth of Jesus using our small world area.


Next week we have lots to look forward to including Pulse Ministries joining us on Monday where we will be making Christingles and thinking about God’s love for us.


We will be sending home all of the P.E kits in the next few days to be washed ready for Spring Term.


Don’t forget you are invited to join us on Tuesday afternoon to listen to your child read whilst enjoying a hot drink and mince pies.


Monday 3rd December 2018


It has been a super busy week in Rainbows this week! We have been busy preparing our nativity performances for you and can’t wait to share our version of the Christmas Story next Thursday! Just a reminder that performances are at 10am and 2:30pm; tickets were sent home with the children last week. We would really appreciate any final costumes for this to be brought into school as soon tomorrow.

Last week, the children were extremely interested in the musical The Greatest Showman and showed interest in performing songs and dances from this musical in front of their peers. To follow this emerging interest, we decided to host a Variety Performance. On Thursday afternoon, the children were invited to share with the class a hobby or talent they pursue outside of school. It was a pleasure to watch the children share their achievements in swimming, singing and gymnastics for example! Others played instruments they have been learning to play, whilst others told jokes or hosted their very own quiz show! We hope you enjoyed some of the videos and photographs which were added to Tapestry.

Finally, we would like to remind you of the importance of listening to your child read at least three or four times a week and recording this in their reading record. Children are encouraged to put their books in the book baskets in the cloakroom when they come into school each morning should they need changing. Providing a note has been written in your child’s reading record, their books will be changed. We thank you for your continued support with this.

29th November 2018


This week we have continued learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the children have been using the small world characters to retell the story and writing letters to Goldilocks and posting in our post box. We have had lots of challenges this week such as who can use tweezers to pick up the most marbles before the sand timer runs out and a game where the children can test a friend by hiding different numbers. We have been impressed with the super focus the children have demonstrated.


Thank you to everyone who has already brought in their nativity outfits. We have been practising lots and we cannot wait to share our performance with you in a couple of weeks.


Just a gentle reminder that as there are often lots of letters to give out, alongside reading records and home learning books, it is important that your child has a book bag so we can ensure you receive everything we send home. Book bags are available to purchase from reception and will make the end of day a lot easier for your child. Don’t forget that we change reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Home learning books are collected on a Tuesday and returned on a Thursday.


Thank you for your continued support!


22nd November 2018


Thank you for sending in baby pictures this week, we have been writing captions to go with the pictures and comparing ourselves now to what we looked like when we were babies. The children have been thinking about growth and how we change as we get older.

In Rainbows 1, this led to lots of talk about height, so our maths focus has been measurement. We have been measuring our heights, thinking about the weight of different objects and exploring capacity using water. Rainbows 2 have been investigating number sentences and having a go at finding one more than different numbers.


On Wednesday we had an intruder in the classroom who left a crime scene in the book corner. The children arrived to a mess of porridge oats, bowls and knocked over chairs. We decided to write a police report to document the crime scene and discovered that Goldilocks had been to visit. Through a little problem solving we decided that we needed to teach Goldilocks how to make porridge, so we have been writing instructions.

Today we tested our instructions and made some porridge to try at school, the children loved exploring the different toppings.

Nativity practise is now in full swing, the children have been fantastic at helping us to decide on actions to go with the different songs.

As the weather becomes colder, we would appreciate that all children have appropriate clothing in school. Ideally gloves and scarfs will be provided and a waterproof coat.

We appreciate that children sometimes have accidents at school, however lots of our spare items of clothing haven’t been returned. Please could you ensure that if your child may need a spare change of clothes, that they have these items in their school bags. We also request that if your child has borrowed an item of clothing from school, or accidently picked up another child’s piece of clothing, that it is returned as soon as possible.



9th November 2018


We would like to thank you for your patience with our new beginning and end of the day routine. The children are getting used to making sure they have everything they need for going home, thank you for supporting us to encourage their independence.  


This week we have been busy learning about different celebrations. This has included learning about bonfire night, the children loved sharing their experiences of watching the fireworks and thinking about the different noises they make.  We have then learnt about the celebration of Diwali. The children have been exploring how families get their houses ready for the celebration and learning the story of Rama and Sita.


As the children have been showing an interest in people who help us, on Tuesday we were very lucky to have Nurse Jane visit Rainbows. We found out about the different tools doctors and nurses use and transformed our role play corner into a doctor’s surgery. The children have been pretending to be doctors and patients, writing medical notes, learning basic first aid skills and knowing what to do in an emergency.


Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated items for our new outdoor space. As we continue to develop our resources we would be extremely grateful for any donations of the items listed below:

  • Plants, bulbs, compost
  • Old bags and purses
  • Pots and pans
  • Plant pots

As winter is fast approaching, please could we ask that each child has a water proof coat every day. We have a few spare all in one suits but would be grateful if each child could have a pair of wellies so that we can still make use of our outside space.

2nd November 2018


Welcome back after what we hope was a fun filled half term. We have been busy sharing all of our half term stories and settling back into our school routine. We are extremely excited to start to use our new outdoor area. The children have been exploring our beautiful new resources and making use of our outdoor environment. As we develop our new space, we would be very grateful for any donations of plants, bulbs or compost. From Monday 5th we will be using the outdoor area as our main entrance in and out of Rainbows. As we have had a particularly busy week, we would just like to express how proud we feel of each and every Rainbow as they have demonstrated fantastic engagement, enthusiasm and focus as we settle back into Autumn 2.


Meet our new class pets, Sebastian the Giant African Land Snail and Hank the Gold Fish. This week we have thought about what we need to look after our pets and made signage for their homes. As the week has progressed the children have shown interest in air ambulances, nurses and doctors. Next week we will be focusing on people who help us and learning all about Diwali.


We are looking for parent readers, if you would be interested then we would be very grateful for your help. Feel free to message or let us know!



19th October 2018


As we move closer to October half term we have been reflecting on how amazingly well each and every child has settled into school life at Bishop Bronescombe. This week we have been writing our own version of ‘The Magic Carpet Ride’ and thinking about all the places we would go.


Monday was Bible Stories day, we learnt about the Creation Story and thought about how we can show respect and give thanks for all of God’s creations.


We are very excited to soon be able to use our new outdoor environment. We are looking to enhance our new space with lots of interesting resources, therefore we would be extremely grateful for any donations of the items listed below:

·         Plants, bulbs, compost

·         Old bags and purses

·         Pots and pans

·         Plant pots

·         Tin cans (without the loop)

·         Old cushions and material


Super Sid and Super Stan have been very busy visiting Rainbows children each weekend. They are visiting Miss Oliver and Miss Jane’s homes next week, for a good rest ready to continue their adventures after half term. The children in Rainbows love looking through Super Sid and Super Stan’s diaries and frequently show each other the photographs of what they have done. Check out Super Stan in the video below.


We hope you all have a fun filled half term!




9th October 2018


Towards the end of last week the children started to ask questions about the different countries they could see from the pictures of Earth in Space. So this week we decided to have an adventure. On Monday we took a trip on a magic carpet and thought about all the different places we would like to go, this then led to us learning our new class story ‘The Magic Carpet Ride.’ We have been busy learning the words and actions to this story, see if your child can retell it to you at home! 


We have also been learning about Harvest, the children have been particularly interested in looking at images of combine harvesters and learning about why is it important to be thankful for the food we eat.


This week we have learnt the sounds:

e, l, h


5th October 2018


This week we have been learning all about Space. The children have been busy making their own solar systems and thinking about the names of all the different planets. We have enjoyed lots of stories this week like Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman, Whatever Next by Jill Murphy and How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. The children particularly enjoyed looking at the Hubble Telescope and photos of star constellations. One of the children brought in a story from home about the first dog to go to space, the children found this very interesting and asked lots of questions about other animals that have been to space.


The sounds we have learnt this week are:

K, u, b, f

Don’t forget to activate your class dojo account so that we can keep you updated with class information.




28th September 2018


Our interest led curriculum has begun! In Rainbows we closely follow the children’s interests to tailor our planning and activities. Each Friday we hold a planning meeting with the children, this gives the children the opportunity to choose what they would like to learn about and think of questions linked to their interests. As we had observed lots discussions and interest involving the weather and seasons, this week we have become weather reporters! The children have been thinking about their favourite types of weather and which type of clothing is most suitable.

We have also started Story Scribing. Story Scribing in a special process where each child has the opportunity to tell a story, scribed by an adult. The adult writes down exactly what the child has spoken, modelling correct letter formation and how to segment the sounds in words. Their story is then shared with their peers during Story Scribing time. We turn our classroom into a stage and the children help to bring each story to life through acting. Each child will get a turn at this every term. Initially we might ask the children to find initial sounds in words, or write words, then as the children progress in their writing they will be able to write full sentences and finally their own stories. We love story scribing as not only does it support children to develop their writing skills, it demonstrates their imagination through their detail within the story and their understanding of the world.

The sounds we have learnt so far include:

m a s d t i n p g o c

The children have been asking questions such as..

‘Why can we see the sun in the day and the moon at night?’

‘What is an atmosphere?’

‘What is a star?’

Therefore next week we will be learning all about Space!


14th September 2018


This week was Rainbows first full week at school and what a week it’s been! We have continued learning about our new learning environment, exploring our resources and getting to know each other. We have loved listening to the children share their all about me bags. Again, we would like to thank you for your support and patience with settling the children in and helping with transitions.


This week we have started learning phonics. At Bishop Bronescombe we follow the Read Write Inc phonics programme. We will focus on one sound a day and practise forming the sound in our phonics books. We will then be practising finding the initial sounds and segmenting the sounds in simple words. When your child is starting to segment and blend the sounds, we will start to send home reading books. If you would like to help your child practise at home, this is a really useful video link which will help you to make sure the correct sound is being used.


The sounds we have focused on this week are m a and s.


Don’t forget, book bags are available to purchase from the school office.

We would really appreciate all outstanding home school agreement forms to come back as soon as possible and we will be sending out reminders this week. Thank you to everyone who has already filled it out. 



7th September 2018


Miss Jane and I couldn’t be prouder of how well Rainbows have settled into their first week at school. We have loved getting to know each and every child and we look forward to continuing this in their first full week next week. Thank you for your patience and support with settling them in and helping with transitions.


We have been very busy learning about and exploring our new classrooms. The children have had lots of fun using all of our resources and meeting our class teddies Super Sid and Super Stan. The children especially enjoyed going out onto the big playground to explore today.


We are also very lucky to have Miss Wheeler in Rainbows. Miss Wheeler is completing her teacher training at Bishop Bronescombe and will be in Rainbows this term.


We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and recharge your energy ready for another busy week at school.


Don’t forget we need all forms that have been taken home completed and returned as soon as possible. Book bags are on sale in reception for anyone who hasn’t yet got one.


‘You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!’ – Dr Seuss



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