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General Information
Please ensure that social distancing from other adults is maintained at all times.
Drop off - 8:45 am
Collection - 3:00 pm
We collect in all reading books on a Friday to give your child a new phonics book which they will keep for the week and a new challenge book which they are welcome to change as and when they would like. If you would like your child's book changed, pop it in my basket first thing in the morning. Don't forget to record when they have read in their reading records. 
We set homework via Dojo on a Thursday and expect this to be completed by the following Tuesday
We were very surprised to see a visitor in our classroom on Monday! Kitty the Kindness Elf had left us with an explosion of glitter and a kindness challenge to complete every day. We have been thinking about how we can show thanks to people who help us in school, drawing pictures for friends, making new friends and saying nice things to each other to make our friends smile. We had a go at writing letters for Father Christmas this week and lots of us had a good go at using our phonic knowledge to sound out some words and find the initial sounds. On Friday, we all took part in Silly Santa day! Together, the whole school raised over £3000, so well done to everyone who donated and collected sponsorships. One week to go! Have a lovely weekend. 
This week we have been getting Christmassy! We started the week by having a party for Miss Burr's birthday! We played party games, danced and ate party treats. We then recorded our Christmas songs for our nativity and on Wednesday we got all dressed up in our costumes to record our scenes! The children did fantastically and really persevered through the drizzle to dance to our songs and say their lines. We were a little surprised when there was some mysterious flour and baking equipment all over the floor of our classroom this week. We watched our classroom CCTV and discovered there was a gingerbread man on the loose! We learnt the story of The Gingerbread Man and, after finding some clues and reading the cvc words to help us, we found some gingerbread men and decorations hidden in our classroom and we had lots of fun decorating and eating them. 
We have been continuing to think about space this week with a focus on the planets! We have enjoyed learning their names and different facts about each planet. We had a think about which planet we would choose to fly to in a rocket ship and wrote lists of what we would need to take with us. We have been thinking about the numbers 4 and 5 and how to represent them. We have also used different resources to think about how we can partition numbers into smaller numbers and found all of our number bonds to 5. 
Following our children's interests in everything rocket and moon related, we have spent this week going to space! We were a tad confused when a mysterious box appeared in our outside area with some welly boots and paw prints, but when we watched Andy's CCTV we saw that it was a bear! We have learnt the story of Whatever Next and thought about what we would take to the moon if we went. We also had a go at playing space 'I spy...', thinking about the initial sounds of words to guess our friends' choices. 
In maths, we have been thinking about shapes which have 1 or 3 sides and went on a shape hunt for circles and triangles in our classroom and outside area. We have also been using different shapes to build rockets!
What a busy week! We started the week learning about the Hindu/Sikh festival, Diwali (which is this Saturday). The children made their own Diya lamps out of clay and also had a go at making some Rangoli patterns out of natural resources on our Wild Space day. We celebrated Remembrance day on Wednesday and the children were fantastic at completing a 2 minutes silence at 11am. On Friday we also celebrated Children in Need. The children loved their spots and stripes dress up and we had a fashion show to show off our lovely outfits!  
Welcome back for Autumn 2! 
This week, the children have been settling back in and we have been remembering the rules, routines and expectations learnt last half term. We have continued with our phonics lessons and maths lessons and are getting really good at sharing our ideas and listening to others with our new talk partners! We found some interesting mushrooms growing on our Wild Space day and enjoyed comparing their colours, shapes and sizes. On Thursday, we talked about Bonfire Night and learnt about Guy Fawkes. We also made the playground into a spectacular firework display by using colourful chalks! 
Have a lovely weekend :) 

We have completed our first half term at school! Have a look at our half termly video above to gain a little insight into our first half term at school and see how well we have settled! 
We have continued following our interest of The Three Little Pigs and fairytales this week! We found some long bamboo to take to the Wild Space to build a stick house for the second little pig, which gave us lots of opportunities to use mathematical language to measure and compare. We have also been comparing quantities in our maths lessons by rolling dice and comparing the numbers shown, and finding natural treasures to count out and compare amounts. As well at The Three Little Pigs, we have also shared the fairytales Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks this week. We have had a think about the familiar story structures in each tale and noticed that they all start with 'once upon a time', that wolves tend to be a baddie and that three must be a magical number as there were three bears and three pigs! In phonics, we have learnt the sounds g, o, c and k. 
We have had another fun-filled week of getting to know our class routines, expectations and each other! We are particularly loving our Wild Space days and our P.E/Tracey afternoon on a Thursday!
This week, we have been looking at the changing season (and weather!), and have enjoyed collecting fallen leaves and conkers and talking about the changes we are seeing around us. 
The children also became very excited when a couple of boys built a house in the construction corner and it fell down! They decided it must have been a big, bad wolf and went on a hunt to find him! We read the story of the Three Little Pigs when on the carpet together and have been using the puppets to retell the story ourselves. 
This week in phonics, we have learnt the sounds t, i, n, p. See if your child can practise them at home. 
Here are a couple of youtube links which show our approach to teaching phonics using Read, Write, Inc. and a guide for how to pronounce the sounds we are learning:  
Our first full week at school! The children have been brilliant this week at continuing to learn our school rules and routines. We are sitting together on the carpet for a little longer now and have started phonics! We have learnt the sounds: m, a, s and d! See if your child can tell you this sound or practise writing it at home. There are lots of videos and information on this website about how we teach reading at school using Read, Write, Inc. if you would like to learn more to support your child at home . 
This week, we also went on a very wet adventure to The Secret Garden! The children loved jumping in muddy puddles, climbing trees and finding acorns, however Miss Burr's ipod has sadly broken so we don't have all of our lovely photos and videos taken here at the moment. 
Have a lovely weekend!
Well! After our gradual transition, we have now well and truly settled into school and are now completing full days! Getting to know the children individually, as well as parents, has really helped them to settle into school life and equipped us, as their teachers, with all we need to ensure they have the best start to their school journey. We have been so impressed with how beautifully the children are playing and sharing with each other and there are already new friendships beginning to form! 
This week we have braved the lunch hall and the outside playground, and the children appear to be really enjoying their school packed lunches. We also had a little sneak at our Wild Space, where we will be spending our mornings every Wednesday! The children loved getting stuck in to our mud kitchen and creating obstacle courses for each other. We have also been sharing our All About Me bags this week, and it has been lovely for the children to talk about themselves and their families, and for us all to get to know each other a little better. 
We are very proud of how well the children are adapting to the new routines and expectations of being in school. They are now more confident with how to come in in the mornings, where all of our resources and the different areas of the classroom are, and have even thought about some class rules of how we should behave in school to keep ourselves and each other safe and happy. I am pleased that lots of our children thought that sharing and being kind were some of the most important rules we should have! 
Well done Stars! I look forward to another fun-packed week next week! 
Miss Burr :) 


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