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General Information
If you would like your child's reading book changed please put it in the box on a
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We collect homework books in on a Tuesday and give them back out again on a Thursday


Spring Term!
Happy New Year! 
The children loved sharing their holiday news with all of their friends this week and we all thought about what our new years resolutions would be! 
Your child will be bringing home their Spring 1 home learning grids this week, we will collect home learning books in each Tuesday, ready to return on a Thursday! 
We we have also started weekly gymnastics on a Thursday afternoon with Miss Danks. Please ensure your child has a P.E kit in school. 
Following an interest in animals around the world and looking at our class map, we have been learning the story of Handa’s Surprise!
We have been making up actions to go with the story and practising it using our story map. We have been looking at the similarities and differences between our country and Kenya. We tasted all of the different fruits from the story and thought about words to describe the inside and outside of the pieces of fruit and then voted for which one we liked the best.
In maths, we have been learning how to combine numbers to find the total amount, and in music we have been learning some different African music! We also had a go at using our African, Djembe drums! 
This week, we decided to innovate our class story and change the characters! The children loved acting out sea animals instead of the African animals in the original Handa's surprise! This led to a lot of talk about animals from different habitats and why they live there! 
In maths this week, we have learnt number bonds to 10 and used lots of different resources to show how we can split 10 up in lots of different ways! 
We loved going to the Wild Space this week, and got very muddy! (sorry!) The children planted different flower bulbs, we had hot chocolates and we toasted marshmallows!
Following from the children's interests in sea animals last week, we decided to learn the story 'Sharing a Shell'. The children have been writing about the different characters in the story, and have written lists of what we might find at the beach! The children have also loved playing 'guess the sea animal' and have been showing excellent listening and attention skills to use the clues to infer! We have also thought more about how we use 'talk partners' when on the carpet, and the children had to 'share a shell' to take turns listening to each others ideas! 
We have started thinking about shape this week in maths! The children are getting very good at naming different 2D and 3D shapes. (Challenge them at home and see what shapes they can find in your house or out and about!) 
Wow! This half term has FLOWN by! 
The children were taken to the 'theatre' this week! (We created a stage in our classroom). The children have all taken on the role of actors, and have loved acting out each other's stories, from stomping dinosaurs to puppies smelling flowers! It has encouraged lots of story writing in our classroom! 
We were very excited to spot some frogspawn in the pond this week! We have brought some back to our classroom and Mrs Jackson has worked with some children to build a little pond in our outdoor area! We can't wait to see what they turn into when we come back to school!
Have a wonderful half-term holiday!  

18th November 2019

On Monday, we learnt the story of 'The Mice School' and Moggy the cat in preparation for a lockdown practise on Tuesday. The children were fantastic and enjoyed playing 'mice school' in busy learning afterwards! 

The children have also been very interested in our new class map this week! We have been learning about the world that we live in and the children can now find England on the globe and map! We thought about which other countries we know or have been to on holiday and thought about the types of weather and animals in all of these different places around our world. 

We were very excited to hear about Billy the Bear's travels around South Africa and that he saw penguins! We have been learning about penguins and using them to help us with our counting by feeding them given amounts of fish and working out which penguin has more. We are getting very good at 'proving' our ideas by checking and counting! 


11th November 2019

This week we learnt about Remembrance day and why we wear poppies. We had our 2 minutes silence in the classroom and used a range of media and materials to create our own poppies. It was also Children in Need this week! Well done parents on everyone's amazing, wacky dress ups! We had a great dance for Children in Need and took part in some shared reading with our year 3 and 4 buddies in the afternoon. 

This week we have really been enjoying the story of The Stick Man! We have read it lots and can join in with the repeated refrains and rhyming words! We thought about what our own stick could be and practised using our sounds to write about it using our new tricky word 'my'! 

We also went on a walk around the school to look for the 'family tree' and to collect some sticks to make our own Stick Man! We had to plan how many sticks we would need and what lengths they would need to be for the body, arms and legs. We then made them when back in the classroom. 

4th November 2019

This week we have been celebrating firework night! The children have loved getting creative with firework artwork and have been practising their fine motor skills through copying the firework patterns. After listening to a firework display and thinking about the sounds we could hear, the children explored the sounds of different instruments to re-create the sounds of fireworks and then composed their own firework pieces! We even had composers telling the band when to get quieter and louder. We had a bonfire in our Wild Space to complete the occasion and the children demonstrated some fantastic listening and care for safety to toast their own marshmallows. 

We have learnt the sounds v, y, w and th in phonics this week! See if your child can tell you the sound at home and segment/blend some words! 

On Thursday, it was outdoor learning day across the school. Stars ventured outside for our maths lesson today. The children were challenged to find different amount of sticks and then ordered them from shortest to longest. They then paired with a partner to see how many sticks they had all together and re-ordered their sticks from longest to shortest! 

29th October 2019

This week we welcomed the children back after a busy half term. We have enjoyed listening to everyone’s news. We have been celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights. The children have been exploring how Hindu families prepare to celebrate the festival. They have loved making Diva lamps using clay, Rangoli patterns and making Happy Diwali cards. We also listened to the story of Rama and Sita.

As a fine motor activity this week we have been exploring pumpkins using golf tees. The children have loved exploring the insides of a pumpkin and talking about how it feels. Next week we will continue to explore Autumnal vegetables and plan to make a soup together.

Our tricky word of the week is the word ‘to’. We have been focusing on the sounds sh, r and j.

In maths we have been exploring making different repeated patterns with colour.

Have a lovely weekend.


17th October 2019

I can’t believe how quickly this first half term has flown! We have been so impressed with how well all of the children have settled in to school life and have been eagerly tackling new challenges with such enthusiasm! Well done to everyone and I hope you enjoy this little video of a few things your little ones have been up to while at school.

10th October 2019

We have had quite a busy week this week! 

On Monday we welcomed the Brighter Smiles team into Rainbows and Stars. We met Dylan the Dragon and discussed why it important to look after our teeth and keep them clean. We were impressed by the amount of children who told us ‘You have to brush for two minutes!’  This led on perfectly to a discussion about the different parts of our bodies and how we keep ourselves healthy.

We have been playing lots of games to practise finding the initial sounds of different words and we are also starting to segment the sounds we can hear. In phonics we have learnt the sounds u,b,f,l.

When your child has read at home, don’t forget to record this in their reading record. This then helps us to know if we need to change their book on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

4th October 2019

This week we have been listening to and exploring the story of the Gruffalo!

 We have been thinking about the different characters in the story and how to describe them. The children have been acting out their favourite characters using our Gruffalo puppet set and drawing parts of the story. The children particularly enjoyed exploring the clay, lots of children decided to make Gruffalos or Foxes!

The children have also been discussing the different parts of their bodies and what they are used for.

In phonics we have learnt the new sounds ‘g’ ‘o’ and ‘c’ and have been reviewing the sounds we have learnt so far!

Thank you to all that have donated towards cooking ingredients. We really appreciate it!

26th September 2019 
This week we have been getting ready to celebrate Billy the bear's birthday! We have been counting how many sleeps until his party and brainstorming all the things we might need to celebrate. The children decided that we will need to make some cakes, birthday cards and get lots of decorations ready for his party on Friday afternoon.  
In phonics we have been focusing on the sounds t, i, n, p. 
Your child will have a reading record and a book to explore in their book bag. Lots of the children have been asking for reading books this year so whilst we are learning to segment and blend the sounds we have sent home some picture books for you to explore with your child. Please see details inside their reading records about our new reading reward scheme. When your child has read a certain amount of times they will receive a certificate and be invited to bring a friend to attend a little tea party where they can eat their lunch in the classroom. 
Your child can change their book on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We encourage children to take responsibility for this and remind them that if they would like their book changed, to put it in our book change basket. 

20th September 2019

 This week we have continued exploring our school. The children have been excited to go onto the playground at lunch time and play with their peers and the rest of KS1. On Wednesday we spent the morning in our Wild Tribe Space. We read the story of The Three Little Pigs together as we have been thinking about the number 3 in our maths sessions this week. The children loved working together to see if they could build houses for the little pigs out of all of the resources they could find in the area! 

As the week has progressed, the children have been talking a lot about birthday parties. This led to us decorating the home corner with ribbons and party decorations, ready to throw a birthday party. We made cards, banners, decorations, cakes and presents and finished with a disco after a child asked to listen to Abba!

 We have started phonics! This week we have focused on the sounds m a s d. Each and every child has impressed us with their ‘can do’ attitude and perseverance! We have been practising careful pencil control with a bit of write dance (We put on music and the children are encouraged to move their pen in time to the beat with lots of different movements).

 Don’t forget we are hosting phonics family learning information sessions next Tuesday! If you haven’t yet booked on and would like a little more information, please do not hesitate to ask!

 Finally we must give a big shout out to all of the Rainbows and Stars who have been fantastic during their first week of school with full days. We hope you all have a restful and relaxing weekend!


12th September 2019
First full week of school!
We have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming a lovely new bunch of children into their first year at Bishop Bronescombe School. This week we have been busy learning about our new classroom, getting to know the adults who help us around the school, making new friends and finding out about our daily routine. Mrs Davy and I have been really impressed with how well the children are settling in and we have loved listening to the children share the contents of their all about me bags. This week we have been getting used to going into the lunch hall to eat our school dinners and packed lunches. Next week, we are looking forward to the children coming in for full days and we will be starting our daily phonics. 
Don't forget if you haven't already, book bags are available to purchase from reception! 
Next week pick up will be from our outdoor area on the school playground. A member of the EYFS team will open our gate at 3:05pm and you are welcome to come up and collect your child. 
'You're off to great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!' Dr Seuss
Can you spare a little bit of time each week? We are looking for parent readers! If you are interested please chat to one of the EYFS team. 


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