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Angels - Year 5

Miss Edney


Well where do I begin with talking about The BFG? This book has and always will be a firm favourite of mine! As a child, I would read this book and then pick it up and re-read it to envelop myself in a world of mystery, magic and wonder. From the mysterious yet emotional beginning, where Sophie finds herself in an orphanage to the suspense-filled moment where she is snatched and whisked into a new, alluring and dominating world full of giants and adventure, you simply can’t put it down! Not only this, but I couldn’t help but love this book just that little bit more because the main character shares my name! The connection I had and still have with this book, and the enjoyment I get from this book means it has secured its place in my bookshelf forever more.

Mrs Provis

Support staff

As a child I loved Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree trilogy. The wonderful worlds at the top of the tree were an adventure to read and the characters were fascinating. Even now, as a grown up, I would still love to whizz down Moonface's slippery-slip!

Miss Dwan

1:1 Support staff

My favourite childhood book has to be Matilda. Matilda is a strong female character who is very brave and inspiring as a kid of such a young age!

Hello everybody and welcome to our class page. In Year 5 and 6 for this half term, we will be exploring measurement and statistics for our maths lessons and in addition to this, we will be consolidating our previous learning through daily recap questions as well as weekly arithmetic lessons every Friday.
For our English, we will be focusing on the writing purpose ‘to entertain’. We will be exploring the book ‘Malamander’ by Thomas Taylor and children will be working towards the final writing outcome of writing their own invented chapter for the novel. In Reading, we will be exploring different cultures through the book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo and the children will be focusing on making inferences. This links in with our history learning where we will be studying The Cornish Rebellion and the journey they made to London.
Our focus for science this half term is properties and changes of materials. During this topic, we will be comparing and grouping together everyday materials based on their properties, using our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated and demonstrate and explain the differences between reversible and irreversible changes.
For our RE, we will be exploring the key question ‘What do Christians believe Jesus did to ‘save’ people?’ and children will be exploring the ways in which Jesus’ sacrifice can guide Christian's choices and beliefs today. We cannot wait to share with you all our fantastic learning.
We hope you find the resources below easy to access for supporting your child's learning at home and understanding the key objectives being covered. The list below includes:
-Knowledge Organisers
This explains the key information and facts your child needs to know by the end of their topic unit with some visual aids and key vocabulary we will learn too.
-Calculation Policy 
This provides you with information about the key mathematical concepts and how these are taught during this Key Stage. 


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