Bishop Bronescombe 50 Things

At Bishop Bronescombe, we are committed to offering engaging and exciting learning experiences which develop the whole child. As part of our new curriculum, we have identified 50 things every child at BB will experience during their time school. From toasting marshmallows on a fire to singing carols to the elderly, our 50 experiences will be shared with you here. 


1.            Build a den

2.           Toast marshmallows on a fire

3.           Visit the beach

4.           Go pond dipping

5.           Read your first book

6.           Visit the library

7.           Climb a tree

8.           Make a mud pie

9.           Learn to say hello in another language

10.         Go on a nature walk

11.         Visit a Church

12.         Take part in a letter pick

13.         Jump in muddy puddles

14.         Collect natural treasures

15.         Learn about beach safety

16.         Create outdoor art

17.         Learn to play a board game

18.         Plant a seed and watch it grow

19.         Take part in a school performance

20.         Learn about road safety

21.         Learn how to ride a bike

22.          Learn how to swim

23.          Visit a museum

24.          Make a nature crown

25.          Represent the school

26.          Enter a Blue Peter competition

27.          Take part in Outdoor Learning Day

28.           Make a rain gauge

29.           Make a sandcastle

30.           Go rockpooling

31.         Take part in a school democracy

32.          Find frogspawn

33.          Skim a stone

34.          Hunt for minibeasts

35.          Make and fly a kite

36.         Go carol singing

37.         Make a home for a minibeast

38.         Bake a cake

39.         Read to a child in reception

40.         Make a pasty

41.         Learn to speak Cornish

42.         Visit a care home

43.         Become a Super Six

44.         Fundraise for charity

45.         Learn basic first aid

46.         Learn to use a map and compass

47.         Be a Pen Pal

48.         Spend the night away from home

49.         Become an entrepreneur

50.         Visit an iconic place in Cornwall