Peacocks - Year 3/4

Mr Deadman


My favourite book is George’s Marvellous Medicine. George is a little mischievous and I like to think that’s a bit like me but he is also courageous and inventive which I think is pretty cool! I have lovely memories of being read it as a child by my mum and I love creating those memories for my own children and the children in my class!

Ms Freight

HLTA/ TIS practitioner

I love to read. It takes you to places you may never go and on adventures you may never have. My favourite books are fictional detective style books; reading about all the clues and how they solved the crime. At Christmas, I bought a Kindle which I love as the library is endless! Happy reading!

Miss Bray

1:1 Support Staff

I always remember reading Watership Down as a child as I absolutely love animals.

Autumn 2:

Welcome back to perhaps the best half term of the year – Autumn 2 (Christmas!). Our topic this half term will be Ancient Egypt. We will be spending some time learning about Ancient Egyptian civilisations in history (specifically finding out about Howard Carter, mummification and the Ancient Egyptian writing system) before moving on to a geography unit where we look at famous landmarks within Ancient Egypt and the River Nile.

Our Art will link to our Ancient Egypt topic, and the children will be creating pharaoh self-portraits. These portraits will be created using different grades of pencil before moving onto to use paint and learning how to create a background using a wash.

Our DT unit is based on technological advancements. Children will design and create a lightweight, powered vehicle which drives, flies or floats autonomously from one place to another, using recycled and craft materials.

In Science, our topic is electricity. Children will be challenged with creating their own circuits which include switches and bulbs.

Our key question in RE will be ‘What is the Trinity and why is it important for Christians?’. We will be looking at stories from Gospels in the Bible and offering suggestions about what different texts mean about baptism and the Trinity. As well as this, we will be describing how Christians today can show their beliefs about the Trinity and making links between the Bible and the idea of God in Christianity.

We will be continuing to use Purple Mash for our computing lessons, this time using 2logo. This is a text based coding programme used to control an on-screen marker to create mathematical patterns. Children were introduced to turtle patterns using 2Go in year 1 and this builds on this.

In English, we will be starting a unit based around the book ‘Counting on Katherine’ by Helaine Becker. Our mastery keys will be to use expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials (including the comma!), paragraphs to organise ideas around a theme and to choose nouns or pronouns appropriately for clarity, cohesion and to avoid repetition. Children will be working towards writing a fact file about Katherine Johnson which will include a short biography.

In maths, both Years 3 and 4 will be completing their Place Value unit before moving onto addition and subtraction.

Finally, our PE unit this half term will be delivered by 4Real and will focus on dance and acro!

We hope you find the resources below easy to access for supporting your child's learning at home and understanding the key objectives being covered. The list below includes:
-Knowledge Organisers
This explains the key information and facts your child needs to know by the end of their topic unit with some visual aids and key vocabulary we will learn too.
-Calculation Policy 
This provides you with information about the key mathematical concepts and how these are taught during this Key Stage. 
Autumn 1
Autumn 2