Rainbows and Stars - Year R

Miss Burr

Class Teacher

"Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic…” – Albus Dumbledore.
It will not be a surprise for any child or adult who knows me to hear that there is one series of books that has shaped my life. Yes, the magical world of Harry Potter is not just a set of fictional books for me, but an entire universe, which I have escaped into, lived in and regularly revisit! As JK once said, “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” The characters in the stories do not feel like characters but old friends; when they laugh, I laugh, when they cry, I cry… and that is the true magic of books! I love the series for the fantasy and adventure, but also because of all it teaches about the importance of friendship, facing your fears, and most importantly that love conquers everything!

More recently, I have discovered the author Onjali Q Raúf and have read (and loved!) three of her books this year: The Star Outside my Window, The Night Bus Hero and The Boy at the Back of the Class. They are beautiful stories and I am not ashamed to say that I cried my eyes out when reading two of them! Some other authors I love and will always recommend are Frank Cottrell Boyce (Framed is my favourite!), Jacqueline Wilson (I used to visit St Austell library every week to collect more of her books to devour when I was a child!) and Philippa Pearce (Tom’s Midnight Garden is a must-read!).

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” – Yep, that’s JK Rowling again!

Mrs Hawk-Vango

Rainbows Teacher

My most memorable read as a child was a book called Mr Meddle's Mischief by Enid Blyton. Perhaps I was taken in by the thought of mischief! Mr Meddle is a pixie who can't get anything right. He's always meddling in other people's business and making dreadful muddles. From then on I went to read many of her books but my favourite was the series of The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair. I loved these stories so much I would read them over and over again. They whisked me off to wonderful places of elves, gnomes, talking trees and so many other wonderful things.

Mrs Jackson

Support staff

I absolutely loved reading the Dirty Bertie books by Alan MacDonald and David Roberts with my daughter when she was younger. They're so funny and definitely well worth a read and all about a grubby boy who is a trouble magnet, causing mayhem wherever he goes with his disgusting habits , crazy plans and wild ideas. Every night we used to snuggle down and read the these books .. oh how we giggled and proper belly laughed reading these books. We'd chat for ages about our favourite funniest parts in the story and couldn’t wait until the next one.

Spring 1
In Spring, we will be continuing to work around all areas of the EYFS through responding to children's natural curiosities, ideas, interests and through play! To support children's development in the Prime Areas, Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional development, adults will be introducing our 'problem-solving footprints' and embedding the use of talk partners during carpet sessions this half term! We will also be introducing Story Scribing as part of Literacy, Communication and Language and Expressive Arts and Design.  
In maths, we will be focusing on the units of 'Alive in 5' and 'Growing 6,7,8' from White Rose. In these sessions, we will be introducing children to the concept of 'zero', comparing numbers to 5, the composition of numbers 4 and 5, introducing the numbers 6, 7 and 8, making pairs and combining two groups! As well as all of this work on number, we will be comparing mass and capacity and learning a little about length, height and time.
Autumn 2
This half term, we are going to be thinking about all of the different celebrations which happen at this time of year! We are going to learn about Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day, National Poetry Week, Anti-Bullying Week and Christmas! We are also excited to learn our first school Nativity, which we will hopefully be able to perform to an audience.
We are continuing with our daily RWI phonics sessions, and we will be starting new phonics groups based on teacher's assessments. We will also be continuing with our White Rose Small Steps maths sessions, where we will be mastering numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, as well as learning about height, length, 3D shapes and comparing mass and capacity. This half term, we will also be introducing some of our favourite, research-based strategies: Drawing Club, Play Projects and Dough Disco! 
As usual, adults will always be working on children's individual next steps through their child-initiated play, and following the children's interests to create our bespoke and personal curriculum as the half term unfolds! 
Autumn 1
This half term, we are settling into our new school and new classrooms! We are getting to know each other and our new adults by playing together lots and making conversations, as well as through sharing our 'All About Me' bags and family photos! We have also been learning new school routines and expectations (like how to line up, how to stop when we hear the shaker, how to collect our knives and forks at lunchtime and sit in the hall, how to listen to each other on the carpet), and we have been focusing on learning our school rules: Care for everyone and everything. Show good manners at all time. Follow instructions with thought and care. 
We have started our daily phonics teaching following our school's chosen scheme Read, Write, Inc. Keep an eye on Class Dojo for regular updates about which sounds your child has learnt each week! We have also started our discrete mathematics teaching following White Rose's small steps. This half term, we are focusing on sorting, matching, pairing and comparing, as well as mastering the numbers 1, 2 and 3! 
Following children's interests, we have been learning about Autumn, hedgehogs (after one of our children had a little visitor in their garden!) and plants (after a very good question of, 'Why do plants come from seeds?')
Check out the video snapshot below of what we've been getting up to in Autumn 1! Parents, please check Class Dojo for the full video recap.