Our Maths Champions

Our Maths Champions are Miss Mewton, Mr Hobbs and Mrs Lowe.
Miss Mewton

Maths Lead and Year 6 Class Teacher

When I was at school, I found maths a bit of a tricky subject and had to work really hard at it. Looking back on my childhood experiences, I was so lucky to have been taught by so many wonderful teachers who gave me the confidence and self-belief I needed. I absolutely love teaching Maths now and really want to make the teaching of Maths as engaging and practical as possible. I believe that EVERY child should be given the opportunity to discover the joy of Maths so that they can use the skills acquired in all aspects of real life. I am really passionate about incorporating different learning styles into my teaching and find it so rewarding when a child has that ' light bulb' moment where something just clicks!

Mr Hobbs

KS2 Assistant Head, Maths SLE ( Specialist Leader in Education) and Year 4 Class Teacher

I really believe that a person’s love or hate for maths stems from their own experience of the subject. Whether we remember the experience or not any bad experience is likely to make you a lot less confident and therefore put you off it. My own experiences have always been good and therefore I absolutely love it. But it also means I want everybody else to love it too. My clearest memory of maths was not actually a positive one. My Year 6 teacher was as scary as they come and on a weekly basis we had to stand in front of her desk (and the rest of the class) and recite our times tables within 30 seconds. It was a quite terrifying experience – but it certainly meant that I knew my times tables. My favourite part of teaching maths is helping those children who think that they are “bad” at maths and show them that anything is possible if they let go of the fear of being wrong. When they overcome that fear and you see the confidence start to build is why I love being in the classroom.

Mrs Lowe

Year 2 Class Teacher

When I was at primary school I found maths a little bit tricky but then a fantastic teacher helped me to learn lots of new strategies and grow in confidence. It then became one of my favourite subjects and when I became a teacher I found I love to teach it. I want to help as many children in KS1 as I can to feel confident and enjoy learning maths.