Eco Saviours


Our Eco-Saviours have conducted an environmental review and from this produced an action plan. 


Our Aims:


To reduce single use plastic in our school.


To reduce the amount of waste our school creates.


To make our school a greener, cleaner environment and litter free.


To reduce the schools energy consumption


To reduce amount of work sheets/photocopying


To raise awareness of marine conservation and environmental issues.

Meet our Eco Saviours!

Our Eco-Saviours Committee have worked hard to raise awareness of environmental issues within our school and we have successfully achieved our Eco-Schools Bronze Award. 


Environment Week 2021 


On 7.06.21, to coincide with World Environment Day, we held our very first Environment Week to educate children on environmental topics.  


Themes included waste, recycling and litter, marine conservation, and biodiversity. The teachers have all commented on how impressed they were with their pupil’s engagement and attitudes to these issues. Thank you and well done everyone!


The pupils had a fun filled week connecting with nature and green spaces. They have taken part in assemblies, lessons and workshops on marine pollution and conservation.

Activities have included, growing competitions, litter picks, recycled art, and engaging with eco-cubs and surfers against sewage resources.

 Children have also been reading and exploring true stories from the local Cornish author of the Wild Tribe Series, Ellie Jackson relating to real life environmental issues.

 Pupils also completed the ‘Say No to Plastic Challenge.’ Each class collected the amount of single use plastic they had used in one day. The results were alarming and we hope to drastically reduce this in future.


A highlight from the week was the workshop on Marine Pollution and Environment Workshop from Cornwall Plastic Pollution Coalition CPPC.

 The children met Delia who showed how their company of volunteers protect and rescue local marine and wildlife that have been harmed by plastic pollution. They then worked with Delia to come up with ways they can prevent plastic pollution issues from getting worse.


Thank you so much to your pupils and staff for all the Virtual Visits yesterday and this morning. I was really impressed with the way all the classes engaged so positively with the sessions and we had some excellent questions and answers. “


Delia Webb from Cornwall Plastic Pollution Coalition.


Now it is more important than ever, to raise awareness of environmental issues and instigate simple changes from individuals that can add up to create a significant impact.


Please help us on our journey to becoming a single use plastic free school by refusing single use plastics! You can try alternatives to cling film and foil such as beeswax wrapping or re-useable sandwich bags. An eco-friendly lunch box with compartments is a great idea to reduce single use plastics. You will find that if you purchase large packets of foodstuffs, they are often much better value than multipacks too!