Faith - Year 5/6

Miss Moore


When I was a child, I loved to read. I can remember weekly trips to our local library and borrowing stacks of books to take home. One of the earliest authors I can remember enjoying is Enid Blyton. My grandad let me borrow his collection of Famous Five books and I loved the adventures the children would go on. I also really enjoyed Malory Towers books and I am sure I read the entire collection and even had them as audio books (which I can remember making my whole family listen to when we went on holiday in the car!). As well as Enid Blyton, I loved to read books about animals, in particular Animal Ark and Dolphin Diaries by Lucy Daniels. One final author that sticks in my mind is Michal Morpurgo. We spent lots holidays on the Isle of Scilly, and I think it is this reason that I really enjoyed his books set on the islands (in particular, The Wreck of Zanzibar and Why the Whales Came).

Mrs Warne

Support staff

I love to read! My favourite book of all time is The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame. I remember loving it when it was read to me and I have read it to my own children too.

Spring 1
Welcome back everybody, we hope that you've had a lovely festive Christmas break! We are really looking forward to getting stuck into another fun-filled half term in Faith Class!
For our Maths this half term we will be continuing to look at fractions before moving on to decimals and percentages. We will continue to encourage the children to practise their number recall through weekly 99 Club challenges and TT Rockstars battles as well as daily Flashback4's to encourage retention.
Our topic for this half term is titled ' Stargazers'. During this topic, we will be delving into outer space to find out all about our Solar System including naming, ordering and describing features of the planets, looking at how planets move, explaining how we get night and day as well as describing the movement and the different phases of the Moon. We will be linking our English units of writing to our topic including a newspaper report based on a short Pixar film clip titled ' Lifted', a non-chronological report based on a short 'documentary' about Pandora, the planet from the film Avatar, and finally, a missing persons report based on a film clip called ' The Black Hole'. For our Geography, we will be exploring different biomes and then considering what it would be like to live on Mars. We will then be creating our own ' Mars biomes' which will form our DT learning. There will definitely be lots of opportunities to have fun ( and get messy) with mod roc and also to explore texture and paint combinations to create authentic biomes. 
Our Guided Reading for this half term will be based on themed weeks including New Year, Super Book Series, Modern vs Classic Stories and Mental Health/ Emotions. These daily sessions will continue to follow our Whole Class Reading structure with Friday sessions being independent comprehensions to allow pupils to practise skills being taught in a range of contexts. In addition to this, pupils will have 20 minutes of silent reading each day. During these sessions, adults will listen to pupils read aloud to promote fluency and to check comprehension. AR quizzes will be taken once a child has finished a book to also check for understanding and to ensure that your child is reading an appropriate book at the right level. The children will also have the opportunity to listen to their chosen class book at the end of each day. 
For RE, we will be considering the question, Creation and Science: conflicting or complimentary? During this unit of learning, we will be outlining the importance of creation on the timeline of the ' Big Story' , looking at Genesis 1 and  reflecting on what type of text some Christians believe it is, what it might mean as well as making connections between Genesis 1 and Christian belief about God as Creator. In addition to this, pupils will have an understanding of why many Christians find science and faith go together before weighing up  how far the Genesis 1 creation narrative is in conflict, or is complementary, with a scientific account.
For PE, we will be learning about the basic skills players need to play hockey. The children will learn how to pass, receive and travel with the ball as well as tackle and shoot. They will develop their understanding of the principles of attacking and defending in invasion games. Children will have the opportunity to take part in individual, paired and small group activities as well as to play a range of team games to enable them to practise and improve their skills
For our music lessons, we will be completing our next Charanga unit focused around one song: The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Pupils will be listening and appraising a range of Hip Hop tunes, learning to sing the famous rap, improvising using their voices and instruments as well as composing their own Hip Hop song which we will then perform to their peers.
During our computing unit we will be following our Purple Mash unit ' 3D Modelling'. During this unit, pupils will be introduced to the 2Design and Make tool where they will then explore the different features including different viewpoints and moving points before refining one of their designs to create  a 2D design which they can then print and turn into a 3D model.
In PSHCE, Y5 pupils will be looking at puberty including body changes and reproduction and Y6 pupils will be looking at spending decisions including exploring risk in relation to gambling.
We hope you find the resources below easy to access for supporting your child's learning at home and understanding the key objectives being covered. The list below includes:
-Knowledge Organisers
This explains the key information and facts your child needs to know by the end of their topic unit with some visual aids and key vocabulary we will learn too.
-Calculation Policy 
This provides you with information about the key mathematical concepts and how these are taught during this Key Stage.