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Our School Parliament

Welcome to Bishop Bronescombe's School Parliament.
The school parliament were voted for by their class peers to represent the pupil voice.  They ensure this happens by meeting after-school on the first term-time Monday of every month.
The lead teacher in the parliament is Miss Burr.
To be a Member of Parliament, the pupils must ensure they are always being the 3 R's:
Role Model
Your Members of Parliament for this year are:  

Little Doves: Demelza Collins and Ami Davies 

Little Fish: Bella Thornton and Joe Sargent 

Little Lambs: Beth Hamten and Emily Hopkins 

Pelicans: Jaxon Hunkin and Millie Richards 

Peacocks: Reuben Mustoe and Lainie-Mai Mansell 

Phoenix: Elouisa Hill and Jowan Crouch 

Angels: Aston Pomeroy and Lucas Dunstan 

Faith: Eva Williams, Toby Ward and Grace Wojick 

Hope: Peter Barker and Talon Miller 

11/11/19 Thank you to everyone who supported us with our Match Attax sale at breaktimes this week! We raised over £40 for future School Parliament projects! 
On Friday 18th October, some of our MPs took all of our Harvest Festival food to the food bank. The staff there were very grateful and said a big well done! They couldn't believe how much food we brought! 
On Friday 11th October, our KS2 MPs visited Bethel Park with Cornwall Councillor, Janine. 
We gave her lots of ideas about what she could do with the space and we fed back what our classes had suggested to us in our Class Voice time. She agreed that it needed a path and more equipment and liked the idea of new goal posts with an AstroTurf pitch!  
Minutes from Meetings!
 This week we were discussing about what we could improve and change about our school we were thinking about making money to get football post in the 3rd playground near the secret garden.We were also discussing about what we are going to ask Steve Double since he is coming to the school soon.
This week we were talking about our new lanyards and what we want to add in the playground. We were also discussing about our school's future success so each department created an action plan of what we want to achieve and how we will do it. We will be asking our classes' opinions soon with our class voice sheets and bringing them back to the next meeting. 
4/11 /19
This week we voted for our Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Treasurer and Secretary. 
Congratulations to Roxy who is our school's Prime Minister, Koby - Deputy Prime Minister, Merryn - Secretary and Jake and Talon who are both Treasurers. 
We have been organising a sale of Match Attax in the hall on Monday 11th November to raise money for parliament projects, and we started to think about some targets each department wants to achieve this year. 
We had a lot to discuss in our first meeting! We thought about the different departments we may need over this year and have split ourselves into: a curriculum team, a healthy schools team, a health and safety team, a communications team and a youngminds team! 
Our older parliament members have all buddied up with our younger members so we can be mentors and make sure everyone has their voices heard. 
We did an audit of the playtime equipment we use at lunchtimes and thought of some new equipment which we may enjoy and might encourage more active lunchtimes. 


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