World religion day

World religion day!
On Monday 22nd January, we celebrated World religion day. This is a day that is celebrated on the third Sunday of January each year. 
First of all we looked at different world faiths, we looked at their key beliefs and their key teachings, we also spent some time looking at different artefacts from each faith. 
Then we focused on the similarities between each of the faiths, the main one being 'The golden rule' which focuses on how people should treat each other. 
Here is 'The golden rule' for some of the main world faiths:
Christianity: In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you.
Judaism: What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man.
Hindu Dharma: What is the sum of duty; do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you.
Buddhism: Treat not others in ways that you would find hurtful.
Islam: Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others what you wish for yourself.
Sikhism: I am a stranger to no-one and no-one is a stranger to me, I am a friend to all.


After spending time thinking about this shared belief and teaching, we created posters to remind ourselves and others of 'The golden rule'.