Here at BB, we are proud of all our pupils and their achievements; from academic excellence to superb sportsmen, amazing artists to melodious musicians. We attend many events and trips and have lots of visitors in school too. Whilst we encourage individuality and creative flair in all aspects of our work, we do not want this in our clothing, shoes and hair styles. We want everyone to help the whole school look smart together.

Please ensure your child has all the appropriate clothing, shoes and equipment. Please refer to the link below for a complete list of school uniform. Girls are not permitted to wear tight, ‘short-style’shorts, shoes with heels or any boot above ankle height. Boys are not permitted to wear trainers or have shaved hair with designs cut in (or Mohawks). Hoodies and coloured jeans are also unacceptable. Shoes must be black and filled in to prevent injuries to toes – socks must always be worn. 
Children should come into school in their PE on their designated PE day.
You can also order BB jumpers or cardigans with logo at Tesco Uniform Embroidery Service (please see link below) 
Book bags are available to purchase from school and need to be paid for via ParentPay.  If you child is due to start school with us, you will be given a ParentPay login once the terms starts (they do not need a book bag for their first day!).