Maths in the Early Years

What does Maths look like in the Early Years?

Children in EYFS explore mathematical concepts through active exploration and their everyday play-based learning. Children are taught key concepts and develop number sense using a hands-on practical approach. EYFS practitioners provide opportunities for children to manipulate a variety of objects which support their understanding of quantity and number. Pupils explore the ‘story’ of numbers to twenty through the use of models and images, following White Rose maths.

Pupils explore the five counting principles; the one to one principle, the stable order principle, the cardinal principle, the abstraction principle and the order-irrelevance principle. Teachers use a mastery approach to build a solid foundation for further progress. The CPA approach is used when teaching children key mathematical skills. Practitioners allow children time for exploration and the use of concrete objects help to support children’s mathematical understanding. Mathematics in the early years provides children with a solid foundation that will enable them to develop skills as they progress through their schooling and ensures children are ready for the National Curriculum.