Bishop Bronescombe C of E School

Reading at Bishop Bronescombe

At Bishop Bronescombe we are passionate about helping children to love reading, not just while they are with us, but for the rest of their lives. We ensure that classes have a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books in their classrooms for children to access, which are regularly rotated and replenished; magazine subscriptions provide an alternative to a traditional book. Children vote for their class book which is read daily to the class and also have a small budget each term to choose books for their classroom. KS1 choose a reading-for-pleasure book from their library to share at home. Our reading ambassadors make book recommendations to their peers as do teachers to children and peer-to -peer recommendations are made within the class. Opportunities are given for quiet, independent reading during the school day to enable children to engage with their chosen book as well as time to share books and read 1:1 with an adult.

"Bishop Bronescombe prioritises reading at every level. Investment is apparent in reading for pleasure."

We have developed our own ‘reading spine’ – a selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry – based on recommendations from a variety of reading experts, such as Doug Lemov, Pie Corbett, Ashley Booth and our own class teachers, so that children at Bishop Bronescombe experience a  broad range of high quality books and texts as class readers, as book studies in whole class reading and as independent reading books, thereby helping them develop their love of reading during their time at Bishop Bronescombe.


To develop a love for reading at home, book recommendations for parents are made via the newsletter and parents are signposted to websites such as Books for Topics and Lovereading4kids to help them select reading material for their children. There is an expectation that children read at home at least five times a week to an adult and this is recorded and a reward given as an incentive for parents and children to develop a love of reading.

The celebration of World Book Day, World Read Aloud Day and other opportunities to recognise the importance and pleasure of books are planned for, as we are aware of the enjoyment that focusing on books and reading give to our children.


Here are the thoughts of some of our Reading Ambassadors about why they love reading:

“I love to read because it gives me a new adventure.” Seth (Y5).


“I love reading because it’s fun as you can imagine that you’re in the book. I would love to have been George in ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ because it would be great fun to do that to your Gran, even if it is mean.” Alfie (Y4)


“I love to read because it inspires my imagination.” Talon (Y6)


“I love to read because it takes me away from all the trouble that’s going on, to my own little world.” Morveren (Y6)


“I love reading because it gives me adventures that I would really love to go on. In the story I’m reading, they have to find three magic eggs which will make all the food that they eat taste like chocolate – I wish I could do that in real life!” Ruby  (Y3)


“I love to read because it transports me to another world, where I experience things I wouldn’t usually experience.” Neve (Y6)




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