Courageous advocacy

At Bishop Bronescombe, we are courageous advocates! This means that we speak out whenever we feel there is an injustice. This could be that we speak out against plastic pollution, or speak out against litter being dropped in our local area; but it also means we speak out against anything that we believe to be unfair.
Courageous advocacy isn't just about speaking out, but also acting upon an injustice too. Our children are very passionate about injustices in the world and want to make a difference within their community, but also in the wider world. 
The children have done lots of things to demonstrate that they are courageous advocates, and as a school, we support lots of charities. 
The national Charities that we support are:
  • Comic relief;
  • Sports Relief;
  • Children in Need;
  • Macmillan Hospice care
  • The Children's Society (an annually supported charity as part of our Christingle celebrations with St Luke's church);
  • The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

We are also very passionate about making a difference in our local community. The children have been courageous advocates in their local community by:

  • Raising money for Penhaligon's friends
  • Bringing in food for our Harvest collection for St Austell Foodbank
  • Bringing in presents for the Christmas present appeal for St. Austell Salvation army
  • Performing litter picks in our local area
  • Campaigning against plastic pollution, and reducing the use of single use plastic in school
Examples of courageous advocacy

Our Eco-Saviours Committee are very passionate about caring for our world and have worked hard to raise awareness of environmental issues within our school.

Our hard work has been recognised and we are very pleased that we have been awarded an Eco -School Green Flag!

We meet every Tuesday to discuss ecological issues and promote awareness within our school community!


Our Eco-Saviours have conducted an environmental review and from this, they have produced an action plan. 

 Our Aims:

 To reduce the amount of waste our school creates.

To make our school a greener, cleaner environment and litter free.

To reduce the schools energy consumption.

To reduce amount of work sheets/photocopying. 

To compost all food wastes.