99 Club

At Bishop Bronescombe, we use the 99 Club to continually develop the children's arithmetic and fluency skills. Each week the children are given a set time to complete given questions and when they pass each club, they receive a certificate of recognition during our Friday’s Achievers Collective Worship. Once children have obtained access into the 99 club, they are challenged further with more questions, in less time through the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Clubs! Below is a table to show the end of year expectations for each year group:

 End of year expectations


On track

Greater depth

Year 1

22/33 Club

44 Club +

Year 2

44/55 Club

66 Club +

Year 3

55/66 Club

99 Club +

Year 4

77 Club

Bronze +

Year 5

88 Club

Silver +

Year 6

99 Club +

121 Club +

Quotes from our pupils
" I love being timed doing the 99 Club as I am quite competitive so like to try and beat my previous score."
" The 99 Club helps me to be more accurate with my calculations so that I don't make lots of silly mistakes.'"
" The 99 Club is so much fun and I really like it when I move up a level and get to move my name up on our class board."
" I really enjoy the 99 Club as although it can be frustrating if I get a question wrong, it makes me want to improve the next time I do it."
" I like that it has lots of different levels which you can work your way through."
" I love that we get rewarding a certificate each time we complete a club and this makes me want to do even better."