Our Vision

Our vision
Our vision developed from discussions with the school body and the feeling that we want to nurture and encourage all of the talents that the children have. We want to celebrate the children's diversity and strive to encourage them to share their uniqueness, talents and skills with everyone else.
The bible story that we have that remind us of our vision is 'The feeding of a 5000', in this story, a young boy shares what he has (his lunch) with Jesus, and Jesus was able to create a miracle from what the boy had shared. We encourage the children at Bishop Bronescombe to share what they have and with God's help, it can become something amazing!
The picture shown is of the mural that is painted on the wall at the front of our school hall and a copy of this picture is in each classroom to continually encourage the children to share their talents and skills
Here are some examples of our vision in action!