Nursery - Year N

Mrs Prince

Nursery Teacher

A story that became a childhood favourite of mine was ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton. I visited this series again and again and again, often sneaking to read more past my bed time. I have a particular memory of trying really hard to read the words of the book in the dark, as my dad had turned the lights off and told me to go to sleep! I fell in love with the magic of the story and wished I had my own faraway tree with magical lands at the top which I could adventure into. As an adult I still adore reading, there is nothing better than curling up with a good book at the end of the day! The Harry Potter series will also always have a special place in my reading list as I always seem to go back to these in-between other books!

Beth Herring

Support staff

One of my favourite children's books is Alfie Gets in First by Shirley Hughes. I love all the stories about Alfie and Annie Rose but this is my favourite. It's a simple story about Alfie coming home from the shops with his mum and slamming the door shut with Alfie inside and mum and the keys on the outside. One thing I love about this book is the illustrations. They tell so much of the story not written in the words, like the window cleaner who gradually works his way up the street on each page and the people who come out of their houses to see what is going on. Shirley Hughes is a great author but an even better illustrator because her pictures tell so much more of the story.

Amy Giles
Daisy Middleton

Support staff

When I was a child, I loved the Goosebumps books. I found them so exciting yet very scary! Each story was a different mystery and adventure and I'd never be able to predict what would happen next...

Chloe Attis

Support staff

My favourite story is ‘Guess How Much I Love You’. This is my favourite book to read to my children. Every bedtime we snuggle down and share this story together. We all find that this is the perfect way to end the day.

Summer 1
This half term, as well as exploring lots and lots of stories in nursery, we will exploring the key texts Each Peach Pear Plum and Hairy McLary from our reading spine. 
In Maths we will be continuing to consolidate our recognition of numerals and counting using one to one correspondence. We will be embedding the skill of subitising and practising recognising and talking about 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be exploring shape, space and measure, comparing the height of different objects.
Check back in at the end of the term to find out where our interest led learning has taken us! 

Spring 2


We started the term with a keen dinosaur interest! We decided to make dinosaur fossils, learn dinosaur facts and find out different dinosaurs names. With Spring being the perfect time of year to observe changes in the environment around us, we have been focusing on the theme of growing with lot's of planting in our nursery garden, exploring the signs of Spring and after the discovery of frogspawn in our school pond, we have been watching the frogspawn and some little caterpillars grow and change in nursery. We have learnt stories based around interests such as the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Jack and the Beanstalk. 


This half term we have been exploring different quantities and making comparisons using the language more and fewer. We have been having a go at splitting groups into different amounts and exploring sharing. We have continued to practise our subitising skills using dice and exploring the different names of 2D and 3D shapes, introducing vocabulary to describe them such as ‘straight’ ‘round’ ‘flat.’


We explore lots of stories and rhymes daily in nursery though daily story time and rhyme time, but in addition to this we have been sharing the stories ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’ ‘Daisy Duck’ ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’ and ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar,’ from our reading spine.


Spring 1


We started the term with an icy discovery in our outside area. This led to lots of discussion and interest in places around our world that has snow. We learnt about the Arctic and Antarctica and the differences between the animals we will find there. After this, the children’s interests led us to learn about the Solar System. We learnt the names of different planets and thought about what it would be like to be an astronaut. We enjoyed lots of stories about space and aliens.   


We had a focus on learning about and exploring different colours. We listened to the story of Elmer and The Colour Monster. The children resonated with linking the different colours to our feelings and made their own artistic representation.


This half term we have been exploring the numbers 4 and 5 and starting to simple number problems in every day practical situations. We have been practising representing quantities and making different quantities. We have been continuing to practise sorting and grouping objects as well as making and noticing different patterns in our environment.


We explore lots of stories and rhymes daily in nursery though daily story time and rhyme time, but in addition to this we will be sharing the stories ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’ ‘Daisy Duck’ ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’ and ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar,’ from our reading spine.

Autumn 2


We started our term learning about different celebrations such as bonfire night and Diwali. We engaged in imaginary small world play, discussed fire safety and how to stay safe during bonfire night and listened to the sounds of different fireworks. We also explored moving our bodies and making firework dances. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made Diva Lamps for Diwali. This half term we also collected for Harvest and donated many items to Cornwall Foodbank, we are so grateful to all of our families that donated. After observing all of the seasonal changes happening around us we made a collection of natural treasures. This led to lots of sorting, exploring and counting and exploring new vocabulary. We listened to the story ‘We are going on a Leaf Hunt’ and re-enacted it around our school grounds.


This half term we followed an emergent interest of animals which led to us learning and sharing the story of Dear Zoo. Our class teddy Tom wanted to find the perfect pet for himself so the children set to work making him a pet using clay.


We have continued exploring sounds and practising segmenting and blending the sounds we can hear. On top of this we have introduced a few sounds which we have focused on for a week at a time. This term we have learnt the phonics sounds ‘m’ ‘a’ ‘s’ and ‘d’. We have been impressed with how many children have been practising mark making these sounds during play and having a go at reading and recognising their own names.


In Maths we have been learning about and practising the number three, as well as consolidating the previous numerals we have learnt. We have been developing our understanding of shape space and measure including prepositional language.


We ended the term with lots of Christmas festivities! The children have been enjoying listening to and singing Christmas Carols, decorating the classroom, sharing Christmas stories and learning about the Birth of baby Jesus. The children made lots of Christmas craft to take home ahead of the holidays.

Autumn 1


At the beginning of the term we welcomed lots of new little ones to our Bbeebies family. Whilst we explored our new classroom environment, our main priority was settling in the children after a summer break, building positive relationships and getting to know each other. We enjoyed bringing in and sharing our family photos and adding them to our home corners family display.


A few emergent interests this half term has been learning all about insects and farm animals. We embarked on lots of bug hunts, marvelling at all of the wonderful minibeasts we could find including grasshoppers, worms and lots of spiders. We particularly enjoyed looking at the spiderwebs covered in dew each morning and collecting worms for our classroom wormery. Following an interest in animals that live on the farm and tractors we decided to learn the story of the Little Red Hen. We have been engaging in imaginary role play using the farm animals and retelling the story to our friends.


This half term our focus has been listening to and differentiating different sounds and environmental noises. We have been playing sound games and exploring rhyme and developing our listening and attention skills by playing games such as what can you hear?


In Maths we have been exploring the numbers 1 and 2 by counting, finding, manipulating and collecting. The children have been practising subitising and recognising the numerals. We have also been exploring sorting, colours and size differences in our daily maths chats.