Phoenix - Year 4

Miss Rachael Cunningham

Teacher (maternity cover)

When I was a child I loved to read and write stories. My favourite books were Nancy Drew books and The Famous Five mysteries. I used to visit our local library and borrow as many books as I was allowed to take. I used to love reading comics too and was allowed to choose a new comic every Monday after school. I still love reading and I read everyday. I love mystery books and crime novels.

Miss Moore

Teacher (currently on maternity leave)

When I was a child, I loved to read. I can remember weekly trips to our local library and borrowing stacks of books to take home. One of the earliest authors I can remember enjoying is Enid Blyton. My grandad let me borrow his collection of Famous Five books and I loved the adventures the children would go on. I also really enjoyed Malory Towers books and I am sure I read the entire collection and even had them as audio books (which I can remember making my whole family listen to when we went on holiday in the car!). As well as Enid Blyton, I loved to read books about animals, in particular Animal Ark and Dolphin Diaries by Lucy Daniels. One final author that sticks in my mind is Michal Morpurgo. We spent lots holidays on the Isle of Scilly, and I think it is this reason that I really enjoyed his books set on the islands (in particular, The Wreck of Zanzibar and Why the Whales Came).

Mr Jordan Rogers

Support Staff

One of my favourite books since a young age has to be The Twits by Roald Dahl. I still find it funny to this day! Books written by Michael Morpurgo I have enjoyed as well, in particular Born to Run!

Summer 1:

Welcome back everyone, we hope you’ve all had a great Easter and have been able to spend some quality time with your families and friends. We are really looking forward to all the exciting learning for the Summer term, hopefully with lots of sunshine and warmer weather.

Our geography topic this half term will be focusing on the rainforests. We will be able to say where the rainforests are located around the world. We will be able to explain the difference between weather and climate. We will understand the importance of the rainforests and learn about different eco-systems and the different layers of the rainforest. We will explore the impact the human race has had, and; is making to the rainforests today. We will investigate what a diorama is and create our own. We plan to visit the Eden Project where we will experience and learn about life in the Amazon in their Biodomes. We will take part in workshops, becoming a rainforest ranger and investigate the essential survival of plants in the rainforest. We will learn to identify some peculiar plants and discover the reason for their puzzling behaviours.

In DT project this half term we will design and create a hand-sewn textile product by upcycling some unwanted clothing or donated scrap material. We will discuss why people design different types of clothing and investigate the different types of yarns and fabrics used to make clothing products. We will think about the processes used to make clothing products, how machines help people make clothes and how  clothing products are designed to meet people’s needs and wants.

In Science, we shall  be investigating the three states of matter. We will find out what we understand about gases and what makes materials change state. We shall explore the process of evaporation and condensation and consider how to carry out a fair test when conducting a scientific investigation.

For RE this half term, we will be asking the question, what is it like to follow God? We will learn about the story of Noah and the Great Flood and why it is still important to Christians today. We will explore what is meant by God’s covenant and why it is so important to Christians. We shall think about how Christians create a partnership between themselves and God and discuss what is like to follow God?.

 In ICT we will looking at different ways of representing data and make cross curricula links with our science topic. We shall consider the best ways to present data and learn how to enter data onto graphs.

In English, we will be starting the Pathways to Write unit based around the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. We shall also be reading ‘Tilly Mint Tales by Berlie Doherty. Our final outcome will be to write an adventure story based on the ‘Journey’ using the language of Berlie Doherty. We will plan our own sequence of events to follow the structure of the model story and include a setting to create atmosphere. We will use small details to describe characters and create dialogue between characters that shows their relationship with each other. We will explore the use of prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs to express time, place and cause. We will investigate spelling rules such as whether to use a or an according to whether the next word begins with a vowel or a consonant. We will write in the 3rd person consistently and use tenses appropriately. We will edit and publish our work, grouping related ideas into paragraphs.

In maths, both Years 3 and 4 will be following the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning starting with fractions and then going on to measures.

In this Year 4 fractions block we shall consolidate our understanding of the whole. We will recap the part-whole relationship of fractions. We will be able to use diagrams to identify how many equal parts a shape has been split into and move on to thinking about how many more parts are needed to make the whole. We will use the denominator to identify how many equal parts a whole has been divided into. For example, for the fraction 3 7, the whole has been split into 7 equal parts because the denominator is 7. We will be able to explain whether a fraction is a small (for example, 1 10) or large (for example, 9 10) part of the whole.

This term in French we will be learning the words for the months of the year. We shall also be revising numbers and family members so we can understand and give birthdays. We will be able to say our birthdays and say our  families’ ages and birthday months. We will cover the numbers 0-31.

This half term we shall learning some track and field events and athletics. In this unit, we will have the opportunity to develop our existing running, jumping and throwing skills. We will be learning about an effective sprint technique, including sprinting over obstacles. We will practise a variety of throwing techniques, including the underarm and overarm throws, to throw for distance and for accuracy. We will learn the technique for throwing the shot-put (push throw) and how to execute the standing long jump. Throughout this unit, we will be encouraged to try and achieve our personal best and will be working independently, in pairs and working collaboratively within a group.

In PHSE this term year 3 will focus on Relationships. We shall identify the roles and responsibilities of each member of our families. We will brainstorm and put into practice some of the skills of friendship. We will revisit our learning and strategies for keeping ourselves safe online. We will be able to explain how some of the actions and work of people around the world help and influence our lives. We will show our understanding of how our needs and rights are shared by children around the world. We will discuss how to express our appreciation to our friends and families.

Spring 2:

Welcome back everyone, we hope you’ve all been able to recharge your batteries and have all had a relaxing break. We are really looking forward to the rest of the Spring term and welcoming the longer days and brighter weather.

Our topic this half term will be focusing on local area. For history, we will research and investigate Cornwall’s tin and copper mining history and discover why it was a most valuable asset. We will learn about the famous Cornish inventor and scientist Humphry Davy and his achievements and discoveries. For geography, we will complete a local history study. We will look at land use in both urban and rural areas, we will learn about different types of maps and how to read them and create our own sketch maps. We will learn about different types of farming and make comparisons to the past. Farming or mining: Which land use do you think is the most beneficial or profitable? We have also planned a trip to Wheal Martyn during the

Our DT project this half term is food, cooking and nutrition. We will be finding out about healthy foods and designing and making a healthy packed lunch. We will also link this to our Cornwall topic, and for the end product children will be making and baking their own pasties.

In Science, our topic is Rocks. We will be learning about different types, how they are formed and where they are found. We will learn about the properties of these materials and how they are suited for different purposes.

For RE this half term, we will be studying Judaism. We shall learn about Jewish ways of life, beliefs and traditions. We shall explore how Jews observe important festivals celebrating forgiveness, salvation and freedom. We will discover how Jews show their beliefs through worship, both at home and in wider communities.

 In ICT we will looking at different form of communication. We shall use the Purple Mash programs 2Email, 2Connect, 2DIY. We will learn how to compose emails, add attachments and send and receive them using email simulations. We will be learning about the importance of staying save on line and always ask is this a trusted contact. We will discuss passwords and consider how to best keep our personal information private.

In English, we will be starting the Pathways to Write unit based around the book ‘Leon and the Place Between.’ We shall be focusing on improving our writing by using small details to describe characters and evoke a response, using small details for time, place and mood. We shall be practising using the 1st person consistently and writing in consistent past tense. We shall present our work in chronological order with an opening paragraph to share thoughts and feelings and to summarise the day. We shall finish with a personal comment about hopes or concerns for the future

In maths, both Years 3 and 4 will be following the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning and completing their measures unit. Children will practise measuring in metres, centimetres and millimetres accurately, we will look at equivalent lengths and adding and subtracting lengths. We will be able to calculate perimeters. Towards the end of term, we will moving on to fractions.

This term in  French we will be learning how to build sentences involving number and age, pets, and family members. We will also discover a bit about French culture and how they celebrate on 1st April.

In PE this half term for Phoenix and Peacocks classes the unit is gymnastics. 

In PHSE this half term we will continue to focus on our dreams and aspirations, thinking about how we can achieve our goals and understand the emotions that can go with this. We will learn about being healthy and keeping safe and the importance of making healthy choices and eating a balanced diet. We will discuss how we can keep others safe too. We will explore healthy friendships and learn strategies on how to keep calm and deal with difficult situations.

Spring 1

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas. We are all excited and looking forward to the year of learning ahead.

Our topic this half term will be the Romans. For history, we will learn about the Roman Empire and their invasions and discover how the Roman army conquered and expanded so successfully across the world. We will become knowledgeable about their way of life and how the impact of their rule is still evident in our surroundings today. We will investigate how their houses were built and were very different according to the wealth of their inhabitants. We will find out about the coliseum and why it was so important to the Romans. We will also learn about the Boudican revolt and the Celtic Britons who were against the Roman Empire and tried to stop the Roman conquest of Britain albeit unsuccessfully.

Our Art will link to our Roman topic, and for the end product children will be creating a printed mosaic picture with a geometric border. This will involve researching and discovering lots of information about Roman mosaics. We will describe and compare these to other types of art. We will then generate a repeating mosaic style pattern of coloured squares on a grid using a stick printing method before designing a central motif for our picture.

In Science, our topic is Forces and Friction. We will be able to explain what a force is and shall be exploring how different surfaces can significantly effect movement. We will also be investigating magnetism and discovering which materials are magnetic and which are not. We will experiment with various magnets and observe how they behave around other magnets. (Repel and attract their poles)

For RE this half term we will be studying the Islam religion. We will discover where and when the Muslim faith first began and how it came to be the second most widely practised religion of the world next to Christianity. We will learn about the Prophet Mohammed and his teachings and the Muslim beliefs about Allah. We will also learn about the key features in a Muslim’s place of worship and key Muslim festivals that are celebrated. We will investigate the Muslim holy book the Qur'an and how is it used in prayer. We will become familiar with the main symbols and images associated with Islam.

 We will be continuing to use Purple Mash and 2Code to investigate coding during our computing lessons, we will learn how to create a simple computer program and what is meant by the term ‘IF’ statement. We will learn how to use coordinates in computing, what the ‘repeat until’ function does and what a variable involves in programming. We will then go on to create our own simple computer game using codes to make them work.

In English, we will be starting a unit based around the book ‘Winter’s Child” by Angela McAllister. Our mastery keys will be to use conjunctions and adverbs to express, time, place and cause, to use a or an according to whether the next word begins with a vowel or consonant, when writing narratives, create characters, settings and plot, and to use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech. Children will plan, write and publish their own story based on the plot of Winter’s Child section by section creating characters, setting and plot.

In maths, both Years 3 and 4 will be following the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning and completing their multiplication and division unit before moving on to measures, focusing on length and perimeter.

Finally, our PE unit this half term will be Hockey. We will be learning how to keep a hockey ball under control, how to pass accurately in hockey while travelling with the ball and how to receive the ball. We will learn the rules of the game and develop tactical teamwork skills associated with attacking and defending.

We hope you find the resources below easy to access for supporting your child's learning at home and understanding the key objectives being covered. The list below includes:
-Knowledge Organisers
This explains the key information and facts your child needs to know by the end of their topic unit with some visual aids and key vocabulary we will learn too.
-Calculation Policy 
This provides you with information about the key mathematical concepts and how these are taught during this Key Stage. 
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Autumn 2
Spring 1
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